Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gas of life

    Outside of an ice-age biology converts all the carbon dioxide from the air into carbohydrates. The excess oxygen is excreted-oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history.

    The little ice age CO2 was at 4 ppm. Since then he's has remained at 2 ppm. Why do you think it is the global warming gas then?

    Because every time a scientist who first to this here erroneous fact nuclear power pays their money. Every time a newspaper publishes that erroneous date they also receive cash.

    Biology metabolises all the carbon dioxide. So in a warm period like it is today, carbon dioxide stays at 2 ppm. And the climate is controlled by regular solar emission cycles.

    Nuclear power did Chernobyl in 1986. Then last year it did Fukushima which may well turn out to be a worse nuclear incident: so they haven't learned. And the developed world is rejecting nuclear power.

    Which obviously exclude France.

Gas of life

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