Monday, 20 June 2011

Fix the climate

    The first six months of any PhD is taken up with deciding on your title and what you're going to study. I got as far as use it I would do 'better deceleration methods', and my PhD got pulled.

    The best reason you have given me is for studentship. Yet in last decade I have told the world how to do molecular nuclear fusion from water. Strangely enough, you have never commented on this idea. The validity an importance of the most important Energy System on earth. Which generates no carbon dioxide.

    On a totally separate track Harvard University has confirmed that terrestrial plants around the world have converted all man is additional carbon dioxide into new life on earth.

    This happens to be a basic tenant of life: you said in 2010 that scientists were quite prepared to study subjects they knew to be intellectually invalid. Providing them is available research funding.

    Global warming and later the contradictory climate change; are both based on a fictitious rise in carbon dioxide. That has never happened.

    Only a local, transient, fictitious rise over cities. Which has no importance for the world weather system. So it is already know that the weather farmers short term warming and cooling cycles of 28 years.

    This predicted the world was stop warming 2004: it did. Exactly on the natural schedule. With no change in global carbon dioxide levels for 200 years.

    Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion. Since a for the idea out there three years ago, the only reaction I have had from nuclear fission is to say that nuclear fusion is better.

    And that man does not yet know her to do it. But man has done the expansive steam cycle since the 18th century: and this does MNF.

    I was never taught this. I began working on it 2003. In 2008 professor argent suggested the name: as molecular fusion was two ambiguous. Of

    To date I have pumped out on the Internet the details of vacuum distillation: which has been known to science for nearly 200 years.

    People doing high pressure desalination had better adapt or they are out of a job. All the academics studying man-made climate change were too well to renounce it, although percent but employment.

    Useful work would be to investigate molecular nuclear fusion: the Energy System that will drive our futures.

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