Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Climate lies

    The level of carbon dioxide in the air is determined by the efficiency of photosynthesis. In a temperate period like we are coming out of, it is two parts per 1,000,000. A global level that has not changed in the last 200 years.

    Harvard University has confirmed; plant life has increased since the industrial revolution. That is where man is carbon dioxide went to. And this is known to every science academic on the planet.

    Some of whom have generated income from manmade global warming and climate change: both of which are based on the global increase in carbon dioxide. This was not possible. What we have seen is transient, local, fictitious rise is in this gas.

    So every academic paper on this subject area written over the last quarter of a century is the composition of a dangerous fantasist who should not be in education: carbon dioxide is the gas of life.

    Nature uses carbon dioxide to do biological molecular nuclear fusion: Google it. I have published volumes about how nature does nuclear fusion on the web.

    It is free, cheap and safe. Unfortunately it generates no carbon dioxide. But it turns water into a whiff of inert helium and the oxygen you breathe in. Manmade global warming was the fabrication of nuclear power, its stooges and the stupid.

    No we know her to do nuclear fusion from water, why would anyone be not certifiable do nuclear fission. Obviously a serious death wish for life on earth.

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