Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Climate gibberish

    The biggest problem with man-made global warming is at eight was formulated around a phantom rise in global carbon dioxide in the air. But photosynthesis pegs CO2 at two PPM today. Any additional carbon dioxide ends up as additional life. So there never walls any rise in carbon dioxide levels in the global air.

    The natural warming phase of the weather was due to end 2004. 2005 it was apparent to all world but the global climate was cooling-exactly what nature predicted. The climate is controlled by a predictable solar cycles, which have ½ wavelength of 28 years.

    So the world will next warm in 2032: book your holidays today.

    Global warming was inspired by Chernobyl. In 2005 nuclear power started pushing climate change. Which says that carbon dioxide must be doing something to the weather. No.

    A static level of carbon dioxide is self evidently doing nothing to the weather. All the academics who have written papers on global warming or climate change are dangerous fantasists; and should not be in education.

    Climate change is nuclear power are making global warming is wrong. Academics are still trying to make a case out for global warming. It never had anything to do with man. If they knew any science at all that would be evident.

    All the climate pundits should be nowhere near education. Somewhere there is a padded cell waiting for them.

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