Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Climate debate

Scientists have loads of trouble getting the weather right tomorrow. Yet they tell us they can predict the weather in years. It is all down to you driving a car, they say.
But through history carbon dioxide has acted in tension with the weather. In the warm middle ages man produced very little carbon dioxide, and it was warmer than today.
1930s again little carbon dioxide produce by man – the we were in the depression. The hottest days on record. In 1938. I have told them I was not alive there.
The 1950s were the post war boom. Loads of carbon dioxide. And scientists were easy predicting the next little ice-age. As the snowfalls every winter was excessive.
1976, hottest year since 38: this time we were in resession.
1986: Chernobyl-. Nuclear power straps round the discredited climate theories for an idea they could adopt to buy themselves a future. Scientists were predicting man made councils were going to call the earth. Ignoring the natural aerosols we call waterfalls.
2004: the world stopped warming naturally. Enter ‘climate change’; without ever admitting global warming was wrong. There has been no increase in free carbon dioxide for 200 years, as plants have converted all man is additional carbon dioxide into new life on earth.
It is beyond the powers all man to affect the level of carbon dioxide in the air. That is controlled solely by natural photosynthesis.
2010 Tokyo nuclear Fukushima: game over for nuclear power and this climate myths. The technology is dangerous, toxic, polluting and uneconomic. Cumbria has accumulated the biggest pile of man made plutonium in the world, hiding the are uneconomic nature of nuclear power.

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