Sunday, 19 June 2011

Climate Change is controlled by the sun

    Plants breathe in carbon dioxide, combine it with water to form carbohydrates and oxygen: the oxygen they excrete.

    At the end of the Permian 90% of life on earth died, as those two little carbon dioxide in the air. Animals evolved to take in oxygen, combine it with carbohydrates and breathe out carbon dioxide. Life on earth only recovered when the balance between plants and animals was restored. And there was enough carbon dioxide for plants to flourish.

    At the end of the 18th century we were in the little ice-age. Man started releasing more carbon dioxide. Gradually the ice-age lifted. But for the next 200 years plants converted all mankind's additional carbon dioxide into new life on earth: this is high school biology, confirmed by my contact at Harvard University.

    By releasing carbon dioxide run his machines man has increased life on earth, but not had any affect on the weather. As there is no more carbon dioxide in the global air.

    Any increase over cities is transient and local, and as soon as the air flows over the countryside we are back to two parts per 1,000,000: its level for last 200 years. Since the ending of the little ice-age. These are predictable and former solar cycles.

    I don't wish to worry but the next one is overdue. Carbon dioxide the essential to biology and life. It is irrelevant to the climate: that was a lie from nuclear power, the stupid, or paid and the brain dead.

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