Sunday, 26 June 2011

Carbon lies

    Does carbon affect the climate? Hell no. That is all lie from nuclear power to scare the stupid. Reinforced by academics by a vested interest.

    The warm middle ages, warmest. In history. No man-made carbon dioxide to speak of. Seuls by 20 feet lower.

    1930s, the depression so little economic activity of carbon dioxide production. Warmer than today. 1938 the the the the warmest year on record. There carbon dioxide were being produced by burning coal. But nobody bothered.

    1950s, the post war boom. Lots of carbon dioxide, but the harshest winters this century. 1956 was a bad year. So carbon dioxide has no impact on the weather.

    Rightly so, as high school biology teaches that biology converts all the available carbon dioxide into extra life on earth. Harvard University published in New Scientist August 2010 that there have been no mineral record of a increase in free carbon dioxide for 200 years.

    Emissions have nothing. It is a level of carbon dioxide in the air that my time master. But he has remained static for 200 years. Animals only higher in the little ice-age. Through history carbon dioxide rises in ice-ages when there are fewer green plants are.

    Global warming was invented as idea after Chernobyl. To distract is from the fatal nature of nuclear power. 2010 Tokyo nuclear do Fukushima, showing that nuclear power is toxic, polluting and fatal 25 years after Chernobyl. Basically, it was has been.

    It only appears to make economic sense while they produce plutonium is stored at Sellafield. One decent earth tremor and the north of England is army in habitable for 100,000 years: that is the hidden uneconomic nature of nuclear power.

    By releasing additional carbon dioxide man has increased life on earth. It is quite possibly the best thing man kind has ever done for nature. There is no effect on the weather. No matter how mentally defective you are. There has been no change in the free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years.

    All the academics who have written papers on man-made global warming or climate change should highly not be in education. Nuclear power is wasting its money by backing these people. Because nobody in the world believes them.

    Nuclear power is stuck: it is toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic. It will coals the total depopulation of Tokyo over the next 20 years. That is what nuclear power does. It ended my PhD. It ended my video reporting. It can't change its nature. It is a technology mankind should not allow on earth.

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