Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bacteria do fusion

    I was told in 1982. That growing bacteria give off radiation. I was incredulous. But it was right. Bacterial mitochondria do biological molecular nuclear fusion:

CO2+3H2O->CH4+He+γ+3O+E1    E1=3x1023 Watts per gram of hydrogen

    All forms of MNF contribute 6x1028 Watts of heat to nature. I know this number may be run by a factor of 1000. But I am away folk singing and writing modern poetry. This means it may only be 10 times as important as direct solar radiation.

    There is no radioactive isotope which could undergo decay and emit nuclear radiation. MNF is the only possible source of such a radiation. It is responsible for the production of ozone above fields, at waterfalls with breaking waves. You breathe out methane and ozone as your heart does MNF.

    This process occurs at ten bars pressure and 3° C. The deep sea is the most important site for MNF in the world.

    To get the correct an issue number use E=mc2. Where m is a mass difference between two items of hydrogen and more atom of helium. c2 is 1 the.5x1025 Watts.

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