Saturday, 30 April 2011

Rendering nuclear waste safe

    A hydrogen plasma converts hydrogen gas into neutrons:



    Positron is an annihilate with electrons. A proton and electron to form a neutron plus gamma wave radiation and energy. A gas plasma is one way to facilitate the transformation of hydrogen gas into neutrons.

    So we can use a hydrogen plasma as a source of neutron. So all the long half life isotopes produced by nuclear fission are transformed into short half life isotopes. Which fission into savour atoms.

    We can transform the world's biggest store of plutonium, at Sellafield in Cumbria, into safe metal oxides. We don't need to store there used fission tubes for hundreds of thousands of years. Week in render the isotopes safe within six months.

    We can use hydrogen plasma tubes as a way he to convert hydrogen into neutrons and heat. We use the heat to drive a steam process. This is heat with no carbon dioxide or fission waste.

    Basically free power.

Academics liars

    Have all the academics who have made money out of man made global warming over the last 25 years has known that green plants sink all the available carbon dioxide. So a builder of this gas in the global air was impossible.

    Only local increases in city centres was possible. And that has no effect on the weather. But by the next day has boosted life in the countryside. So man's carbon dioxide has increased life on earth.

    He's has had no effect on the weather: that is all lie designed to increase the chances of nuclear power nothing new plants of death. They have got ¼ billion dollars fraudulently from fatal nuclear power.

Friday, 29 April 2011

To do fusion

    The cleverest idea I've ever heard was by Professor Zimmerman at Sheffield University. In 2001 he told me that the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas did nuclear fusion. 2007 Oxford University got four billion pounds to look into this. They have never published their results.

    A self-sustaining hydrogen plasma should take air and two atmospheres pressure. It'll take 5000 volts and 0.01 amps to set up. It then drives itself. Turning hydrogen into helium and heat. The hydrogen atoms amalgamate the proton and electron to form a neutron.

    This bonds with a helium, to form a radioactive isotope. This decays into hydrogen taking in heat. So what have we accomplished? We have turned one hydrogen atom into heat. 1.5x1025 Watts of heat. With no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.

    Are only product is heat. Our only import the regular hydrogen we get from the electrolysis of water.

    We can actually copy nature, which uses a steam plasma to do nuclear fusion. The same idea applies, but we produce oxygen and helium. And a lot of heat. In last decade Sheffield University has got money from nuclear power to research is phantom science of global warming.

    I should not say it is phantom science. It is a spurious idea. Biology converts carbon dioxide into life. So man is carbon emissions have increased life on earth, but as all the professors of biology at Sheffield know, not increased there carbon dioxide in the free air.

    The only increases in this gas we can see are transient, local effects in city centres. Once we travel to the countryside, which makes up the vast bulk of land on earth, carbon dioxide is at home free industrial 2 ppm (parts per 1,000,000).

    So Sheffield University knew that manmade global warming was never try and. And now knows that man-made climate change is PR fiction by nuclear power. But British people will never allow fatal nuclear power to build new plants.

    Not after Fukushima there and Chernobyl. If you go back to the fifties, we have Windscale. So burning carbon fuels boosts life on earth. Nuclear power kills it. Sheffield University are stringing along unpopular nuclear power, to get at spurious research money. This is not ethical.

    But there again, global warming was always fiction by nuclear power.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The plutonium fields

Diable    manager of Sellafield in Cumbria

Sue    investigative journalist. OK, just a reporter

    Interview in Diable's about the new death built roads being offered to the dying and seriously depressed

Scene one

    Interview in the management reception area

Diable    hi, do come in. It is always a pleasure to entertain a journalist from 'Seascales' finest newspaper.

Sue    well really 'Scaley' is the only newspaper in Seascale. 'All the news we are required to print'

D    whatever. It is just nice to see people with only one head and no healthy green sheen to their skin. You have got the usual number fingers and toes I presume?

S    of course! I know I preferred a blue tinge anyway - more classic. Now what are these new holidays you are offering?

D    For far too long people have been obsessed with heath. Then at the end of their life they fly over to Amsterdam to end their lives using Exit. Or catch the death ferry from Hull.

        What I want to know is what is wrong with dying in England! Best country in the world. I want to see Cumbria become the death capital of Europe if not the entire world.

S    so rather than market Cumbria for health, you are going to market it for death. Come to the lakes and fall off a cliff. Can't see them catching on.

D    you couldn't be more wrong. I bet you hadn't realized that Sellafield has the biggest store of plutonium in the world. We used to process the plutonium for Japan. And then they got Fukushima.

        The biggest ever nuclear leak, near a world Metropolis. What's the problem? Typical of the Japanese - no sense of humour or respect for the dead.

S    we are getting side-tracked. So all the nuclear plants in England are busy producing plutonium. Didn't you just think about burying it? Like we do with bad news stories. As far as I know there is no second-hand market for the stuff.

D    we used to bury it in Scotland. Then Cumbria. This is why the ground around Sellafield is 28° C hotter than the soil exposed to the air. But the environmentalists protested about plutonium seeping into the water table.

        What is wrong with these people? Do they object to self-heating water? Do they want to live for ever? I for one don't. Working in this industry you can't get two addicted to life. And living for ever isn't an option.

S    so you want people to buy a train ticket, to come up and wander freely over the new plutonium fuels at Sellafield. I can see the merit. For far too long this signs saying 'danger radioactive wastes' has really discouraged day trips to the reprocessing areas.

D    got it in three. We will station a Red Cross Nurse at the entry point to the plutonium ore fields, to cope with the radiation burns and systemic vomiting. They will also have beds for the dying to lie along.

It being very important to be comfortable as you die. And let's face it, dying is one area of expertise nuclear power knows all about.

S    very thoughtful, but what about the other needs of the dying?

D    yes. Terminal care of the soon to be dead is one area of expertise of nuclear power. There will be outlets for Interflora and WH Smiths. What more does a dying person needs? A good read, and a bunch of wilting lilies.

S    have you thought about a solicitor to draw up those last minute wills. And doctors to confirm they are terminal. Doctors would be very keen on shipping you some of their most challenging cases. The medical negligence problems.

D    may be, though not strictly necessary, not any money making scheme is worthy of our due consideration. Doctors are rich enough as it is. They can cope with a few negligence claims.

But we do have links to some the more interesting brains in the medical world. We are usually talking about the seriously depressed as well as the terminally ill. So an outlet for the Samaritans might be in order.

        I can see is doing a roaring trade in 'soon to be dead' cards.

S    you could offer holidays to the Goth community, and the more impoverished students who would like the free central heating. So you want to transform Cumbria from the county of life, to the county of guaranteed death.

D    with Sellafield and the plutonium store that has already happened. I always thought Hiroshima was a training ground for English nuclear power. But they are really an amateurs when it comes to radiation.

S    I believe you have already done some work on landscaping the plutonium. Sealed vats of metal tubes buried below concrete. Though the 'danger radiation keep out' signs did add some much needed colour to the area.

D    yes, we have now put in place a 6 inch concrete shield-above the plutonium, like they have at Chernobyl. Russian copy cats!

S    why? I would have thought the 'danger keep out' were the height of British design.

D    it is cheaper to seal the pit now, than wait for the next partial meltdown. We have also established a ¼ inch moisture shield. This will guard against radiation release for 100 years.

S    but the plutonium is dangerous for 100,000 years. Only an idiot would design storage pits that will fail before the plutonium has passed 0.002% of it storage life.

D    yes, that is true! But I intend to be dead well before radiation release is a problem. After all, I work in the nuclear industry, so that should be at least 20 years away. 'Nuclear-the industry for people who don't want to live for ever, or even very long'.

S    so you have the same life expectancy as if you lived outside the plant. I thought one of the perks with working at Sellafield, was all the radiation shielding around you.

D    well to be honest, the only people now living in Cumbria of their own volition are employed at Selotape to work here. We just can't afford to sell their houses and move anywhere.

S    not all of those work in nuclear. Some of us do working journalism. And the Service Industries. Light the NHS.

D    sorry, I don't count newspaper people as real people. Though I must say, what a Sterling job you do! We had the partial meltdown at the plutonium store two years ago , nobody even heard about it. Not even after the spate of three heady cats broke out.

S    and of course nobody wail, until enhanced cancer rates start showing in the local area!

D    but by then we will all be dead. But we will all have enjoyed the decreased fuel bills caused by the natural heating off the ground around Sellafield by the plutonium store.

S    so you hope to get new power plants built do you? I cannot see any area that 'enlightened' or desperate for jobs.

D    that is our long term hope. After all, the certified insane are free to wander the streets freely today. Most even get elected to the Houses Of Parliament.

S    and after all, most of us will want to enjoy the benefits of assisted suicide in future years. Nuclear power may get there by early, but at least it is free. I always said, 'live by Sellafield die young'

D    that's the idea! Until we get all those lovely new plants, Sellafield will enjoy the benefits of extra tourism rates. It is wrong today that people are forced to go abroad to die.

        The people of Britain are a proud people, and the streets are lined with people demanding the right to die here.

S    is that true? Certainly that is something a paper should be devoting pages to.

D    sadly no. I think they were queueing to go into X factor. But it makes good copy for your rag to publicise.

S    so that 'death' could become the growth industry for Cumbria of the 21st century?

D    thanks to nuclear power, it already is! We just want to make money out of it. After all, we are the staff of nuclear power. And people would be disappointed if we didn't profit or plutonium we have made.

S    by the way, why 'Diable'?

D    it is not my name. It is the honorary title nuclear power gave me. It is the French for 'life giver'

(sn    alarm goes off)

Raptor    sir quickly, some plutonium got out!

D    Raptor, I have told you before, 'fun metal'!

R    sorry sir. We have an uncontrollable released our 'fun metal'.

D    it has escaped the killing fields?

R    last update. It was at the under five play area!

D    I how best hurry. See that alarm is turned off. The wail does tend to alarm people.

R    yes I saw them all, running for they security pits as if their lies were in danger.

D    very serious. I just make sure they're running quickly, it is good to see people take the regular fire drill so seriously.

R    they are real moving.. I will get them to slow down.

D    no you idiot!
Speed up - we get more 'fire proficiency marks' for the fewer people who suffer fire induced burns. In our regular routine non hazardous drills!

R    Here sir, best put on their special protection suit for the drill! (hands came radiation suits – can be a white cover all for car maintenance, with telescopic light attached to his head)

        Now has Diable got you any coffee?(Addresses Sue)

Just ignore the alarm, it will go off in the next three days. Nothing important. Certainly nothing to die for!

Scene two

    The radiation marshalling room

Raptor    staff member trying to insist

Diablo    manager trying manage

Tina    frantic mother

R    as you can see sir, the under fives play area is hot

D    caused by all our frantic playing?

R    I'm afraid not. Is from the release of plu – fun metal

T    somebody help! Little Edwards is lost. Tina Gosh-Witting - mother.

D    your son's death is a price worth paying. For us to be in the forefront…

R    (Corrects him the)..keeping up the rear

D    of nuclear power. Was your son very badly burned?

T    no! Here he is now. He is playing hide and get lost.

R    he is lucky! With all that fun metal running around, he might have been exposed to too much hilarity.

D    good thinking Raptor! Too much hilarity. Write that one down and using it in the press briefing later.

R    what would you called it sir?

D    'the sudden onset of tiredness and vomiting brought on by too much play'.

R    that is why you are the manager. St Diablo!

D    Now if you can get Edward away from the 'hot' the play area. Get the area cordoned off, and those 'beware of excessive jollity and laughter' signs across the entrance.

T    I never would have thought that Sellafield would have an under five play area.

R    neither would we.

D    but remember, nuclear power is all about having fun! How much fun metal has escaped Raptor?

R    we think about eight tonnes.

T    my, what a lot of fun you have here! Come on Edward. Let's have a cleaning shower and get home.

D    don't forget the Go-Go meters. We don't want you carrying any of our fun home on your shoes.

T    I think tomorrow we will have fun at the fair. Scotland sounds good.

R    I didn't know the funfair had any fun metal.

D    we live and learn. Have a good day now. Any queasy stomach, the vomit tent is over to the left: the under fives do get so over excited.

R    A fun metal release sir.

D    yes. I think we'll have to shut the play area down for a thorough decontamination of fun metal.

R    how long will that take?

D    if the clean air crew get their act together, under 500 years.: Come home to a sell illuminating house, buying a property in Cumbria. T/F 0161 848-0416

The French problem

    The French are the world's second biggest nuclear power. They used the same fast breeder cycle as the Japanese do it. The Japanese have just experienced an earthquake and tsunami trashing Fukushima: A nuclear power facility and the 30 kilometres from Tokyo.

    The exclusion zone was extended from 10 to 20 kilometres last week. The release of plutonium no match is that of Chernobyl that blew the top of its reactor core off. Fukushima has experienced for partial core meltdowns. With its own sewing release of massive amounts of fission waste, including plutonium.

    France should have its own nuclear events this decade. Caused by an earthquake or a terrorist jet plane. Crashing into a nuclear plant. The French experienced a plane crashing into a skyscraper before America did. If terrorists want to cause an outrage, they should go for the nuclear option.

    The biggest store of plutonium in the world is in Cumbria. British nuclear will have to shut down within six months, as there is no way it can ever safely store its waste. The Thorp nuclear reprocessing plant at Sellafield loses massive amounts of money.

    It was built using 1.3 billion UK pounds of tax payer money, and needs to be replaced. It lost £120,000,000 a week, before Fukushima. The Japanese have no stopped shipping fission waste.

    They have are likely gone over to molecular nuclear fusion. This uses a steam plasma to convert water into helium3 and oxygen18, plus loads of heat. With no toxic waste. It is basically free. It is the way nature is powered.

    This is why all life produces helium3 and gamma wave radiation: though there is no fissionable material about. The deep sea does so much of it. As do green plants, animal blood systems, waterfalls, breaking waves and growing bacteria.

    Mankind's steam cycle also does it. Nuclear power uses nuclear fission to run a steam cycle. If they just recycled 20% of the boiler room steam to bubble through the water, they would not need to do any nuclear fission at all.

    I recommend Cumbria erects A concrete sealed over the plutonium beds. They can landscape the area and make it a tourist attraction for people who otherwise would use Exit to commit suicide. They can make Cumbria the county are death.

    Which it is likely to be any way within 20 years as a have been plutonium accident. Molecular nuclear fusion is the way of life. Nuclear fission is the way of death.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Nuclear is death!

    Since Chernobyl nuclear power has tried to convince the world that mankind is emissions of carbon dioxide have altered the climate. Until 2005 carbon dioxide would inexorably warm the world. Says 2005 carbon dioxide will inexorably do something. Exact effect to the broadcast once a trend the natural weather has been tutor.

    From which we can conclude carbon dioxide does not warm the weather. We have had six years of natural climate cooling. After 28 years of natural climate warming. It is a totally predictable cycle based on solar cycles.

    200 years ago there was two ppm carbon dioxide in the air. Then man had the industrial revolution. To date in the countryside there is two ppm carbon dioxide in the air. As Harvard University has confirmed, crop yields have gone up but biology has ensured carbon dioxide levels in the air hasn't increased.

    Which is a real shame for nuclear power. No change in atmospheric carbon dioxide, no possible effect on the world weather. Only morons in the pay of nuclear power talk about man-made global warming and climate change today.

    No reputable scientist could. Any quasi scientists talking about any increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide obviously is a dangerous fantasist who has no place in education.

No increase

    If you go into the countryside anywhere in the world and take a gas sample you will find carbon dioxide is at two parts per 1,000,000. Harvard University spent two years analysing minerals from around the world.

    They found global carbon dioxide have not increased for 200 years. Local levels over cities had, but by the time this earth gets out into the countryside we are back at 2ppm.

    They found crop yields had increased by 15%. That is what carbon emissions does, it increases life on earth. That is basic high school biology. Man made climate change is fiction from nuclear power, who gave the world Fukushima. They invented global warming after Chernobyl.

    Organic carbon boosts life on earth. Nuclear power kills it.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A static nuclear bomb

    Fukushima shows that a minor power outage can transform a plutonium store into a static nuclear bomb. That ends up spraying plutonium and years that nuclear fission material over the environment.

    The British remember Windscale I would never permit a new generation of fast breeder reactors to be built in the UK: not even in Scotland! Warp the Scottish have to say about such plants being cited there I can only imagine.

    So Cumbria no powers the biggest store of power grade plutonium in the world: this compound does not occur naturally, it is produced in a uranium nuclear plant.

    That is why EDF bought Scottish Power. Before Fukushima EDF thought they go site fast breeder reactors on this side of fission. We are not so stupid. And we do not share our land border with Germany: the only possible reason to do nuclear fission.

    If you live in Cumbria I would strongly advise that you knew quickly. A. Fukushima is to their within five years. There is no need to nuclear power. That rock down Margret Thatcher in the end.

    We establish a water bath and bubble steam over used fission tubes. The turbulence of the bubbles to induce the water into helium, oxygen, and a lot of heat: it does molecular nuclear fusion. That is why his steam cycle is used by PWR's.

    We pass the steam over a turbine, and generate enough power to drive the pumps. We then pass the steam into one side of a helical turbulence heat exchanger. This condenses the steam to water.

    The other leg heat a gas up to 110° C. We then pressurise this gas and return the heat at 250° C. So we only a produced half the volume of gas, but hotter.

    This cycle was devised by the Rev. Sterling in the 18th century. A Scottish guy. We run the plant not to produce excess power, but to burn plutonium into safer metals. Our object is to consume the plutonium heep.

    We don't reprocess of fissionable material and use it to generate power. The transform it into savour compounds, and then bury it in granite mines. We make a safer world.

    We can use Rev. Sterling is heat pump to reduce fossil fuel burn by a factor of 9. Already British Gas generates the cheapest power in the United Kingdom.

    The all the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels boosts plant life on earth. Harvard University looked at the mineral record from around the world, and found there was no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years.

    It is free carbon dioxide that the paid stooges to nuclear power is so this changes the weather. They are wrong. They need medical intervention today. An 11 year old school child could tell them that available organic carbon is a limit to life on earth.

    Harvard found there had been a 15% increase in crop yields over last 200 years. Burning fossil fuels increases life on earth, and he is the best thing man kind has ever done for the environment.

    Coincidentally fatal nuclear fusion is the worst: it is fatal, toxic, polluting and uneconomic. And we have just sold British nuclear to the French-who hate us!

    I kid you not, within five years we will have another Windscale afternoon aged nuclear plant, we have just decided to allow the French to continue to operate after its design life is exceeded.

    I am thinking of emigrating. I think Africa is the safest continent to go to.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Nuclear fusion is easy

    You need to bring hydrogen for helium nuclei together at above the strong atomic force for these elements. Above lithium nuclear fusion takes in heat. So red giants which have used all their helium up shrink and become brown giants.

    In time the fluid turbulence in their cores will convert all their nuclei to iron. Which is unstable nucleus possible.

    On earth we see nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen –usually water. The fluid turbulence only needs to be equivalent to one atmosphere pressure. So the deep sea, waterfalls and breaking waves all do it.

    Biological organisms years biological catalysts to do it. So all life on earth gives out nuclear radiation and forms helium and free radical oxygen. Your heart does it as it beats: so you are fusion driven. Via molecular nuclear fusion.

    Styles use a low pressure hydrogen plasma to do nuclear fusion. Oxford University have been doing experiments on hydrogen plasma is a nuclear fusion since 2007. Global warming was such a source of research funds they have never published any results.

    I imagine any pressure above ¼ atmospheric pressure will produce self sustaining nuclear fusion. It will generate 3x1023 Watts per gram of hydrogen: based on the energy liberation of lightning bolts as they do MNF.

    This is an immense amount of power. Greater than the total energy production of mankind's machines since he evolved. Every sun in the universe shows the idea.

    The nuclear radiation produced low powered. A shelter of atomic iron will reflect it into the fusion core. It will produce 3He, which will then form 4Li. We can easily extract them this solid metal and top up the hydrogen level.

    It produces no plutonium. But loads are very cheap power. 200 times cheaper than burning fossil fuels. 500 times cheaper than doing toxic nuclear fission, which produces toxic death.

    Every science academics in the world could set up a working hydrogen plasma power plant in six months. Strangely enough, they are two addicted to the money from man-made climate change to bother.

    Very few would focus. Biology sinks all the available carbon dioxide to form life on earth. Harvard University found that the world mineral record showed no increase in free carbon dioxide for 200 years. So no man made climate change: it is fiction from nuclear power and its paid stooges.

    One glass tube, the electrics from a fluorescent light, a cylinder of hydrogen gas and I give you nuclear fusion on earth. Of

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Safe Power

    In the light plants take in CO2, and excrete O2. In so doing they metabolise methane. This is bonded with more water molecules to form carbohydrates:




    This implies that the air above growing crops is a very flamable. Which is what we see. With water stress plants excrete more methane.

    The limit to life on earth is circulating organic carbon: which implies that whoever thought up man made climate change was aware of the carbon cycle.

    They omitted to mention that plants grown to take up all the carbon dioxide from the air down to the lower limit for photosynthesis; of two parts per 1,000,000.

    So there has been no increase in free carbon dioxide since the end of the little ice-age. Man was industry has increased life on earth, but had no possible effect on the weather: as carbon dioxide has not increased its level in the free air for 200 years. As Harvard University found.

    I came up with this fact first in 2007. Harvard confirmed it in new scientist magazine 2010. This has not stopped new scientist still publishing copy on man made climate change.

    There this theory, like global warming-which ended 2005, he is based on a phantom increase in free carbon dioxide in the air.

    I have been making videos on this subject since then. My most damning replying was from two proponents of global warming, one of whom noted to the other 'we can't spend this one!'

    Other than that the world has given up on man-made climate change. Then I was in Brazil, and Japanese nuclear power did Fukushima. This is even more serious than Chernobyl.

    The nuclear core did not explode, but we are multiple core meltdowns into the underground water around Tokyo. Bottled water is now selling like hot cakes were.

    The Fukushima exclusion zone is now 10 kilometres away from the city. If I was in Japan, I would have caught a plane out of there by now. Japan is an radioactive singer already.

    Hiroshima is nothing in comparison with what nuclear power has done. The same people who wanted to build the same plants around the world. Don't allow it.

    Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion from water. 1.5x1028 Watts of power a day. Producing a whiff of helium and oxygen: like we get on the sea shore, at waterfalls and in the countryside. Where nature does MNF big time.

    Man the does it via his steam cycle. We already in the fusion age. Every time you boil water at home you do MNF. This is why central heating systems tend to use hot water. They are more thermally efficient.

    The simplest way for man to do MNF is via a steam plasma tube. Which can be used in place of or toxic metal oxide fission tube.

    So we stop doing nuclear fission. Power is nearly free. And we all get to live.


Jonathan Thomason

The death of academia

    Since Chernobyl nuclear power has invested serious money in the phantom science of global warming: plants sink all the available carbon dioxide from the air, so Harvard University found there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide for last 200 years.

    Local transient increases of carbon dioxide in the city rush hour traffic has boosted plant life on earth. But have no effect on the global carbon dioxide level in the air. Man's industrial revolution has had no effect on the weather. That has increased life on earth by more than 15%.

    We have had to wait from Chernobyl to Fukushima to see the fatal nature of nuclear power. It is doubtful Japan for ever recover from the nuclear accident 30 kilometres away from Tokyo.

    The new exclusion zone is 20 kilometres. So by next month Turkey or itself will have to be abandoned for 2000 years. Who in their right mind would allow our new nuclear plants?

    EDF has extended the working life of the aged British nuclear plants and so guarantees the UK it's own Chernobyl within the decade. The British plants are toxic, polluting, and uneconomic.

    Cumbria has the biggest pile of reprocessed plutonium waste in the world. If you live in Cumbria, then produce real for the train times out of their.

Friday, 22 April 2011


I used to work in heavy engineering idea ever master's degree in 1982. I was sponsored by INCO, but they earn a lot of money from nuclear power: who I have hated with a vengeance for 20 years. They are FATAL, toxic, polluting and uneconomic.

I was back up in 2000 doing a PhD into the climate: a Dr. from America interested me with sorting out global warming. 2005 thing started cooling, so nature did that anyway. So climate change is an admission that global warming was wrong. The air cools and warms in a 28 year cycle. Totally naturally.

Chernobyl happened 1986, so nuclear power tried to invent fiction about carbon dioxide and the climate them in a warming period. This is due to end 2005. On the money it did so. My thanks here goes to professor argent at Sheffield University, he told me to think. Not just to listen and to read up on the facts and the plying my hair and ideas two problem. Go study there, but be prepared to learn.

I said in 2001 that global warming was fiction from nuclear power. Sheffield University gets a lot of money from heavy engineering, who build nuclear plants, so my PhD got ended.

I went off, and became a folk singer and lyricist. On Tuesday and doing another film: I do tend to do extra work. This year and they get lines, I did last time but they got cut from the edit. We are due to record our second CD this summer. My folk group is called 'OdsOCCs'.

In 2000 biologists were talking about carbon sequestration. I had read up on this, as I am not a biologist. I learned about the carbon cycle. And made a video about this 2007, which I sent to my medical contact at Harvard.

August 2010 they published the fact that free carbon dioxide has not increased in the air since it fell after the little ice-age 200 years ago. The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide.

There is enough life to sink all the available organic carbon, and had extra. So everyday life on earth has increased. And the carbon sinks out there have also increased. What has not changed is free carbon dioxide in the air.

Harvard University found crop yields had increased by 15% in the last 200 years. That is where all man is additional carbon dioxide went: into new life on earth. But there is no more carbon dioxide in the air.

So there is no possible weather effect of organic carbon: plants converted all into additional life. So I thought from 2001 was correct. Global warming was fiction from nuclear power, desperate to be green.

But they picked on carbon dioxide: the gas of life for plants. The green gas and some. Nuclear power is still toxic and polluting and the rest. And I still hate them.

Then when we were in Brazil we had Fukushima. A fast breeder reactor in Japan suffered an earthy event. These are powered by molecular nuclear fusion on water. That is like nature produces helium and gamma wave radiation from steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow.

It destroyed this plant 30 kilometres away from Tokyo. Last week it was announced there was as much radiation leakage after Chernobyl. It blew the top of a nuclear core. Fukushima has suffered multiple core meltdown at of plutonium containing fuel.

If I was in Japan, I would have caught a plane a month ago. Things are only going to get less. The world now is totally convinced carbon dioxide doesn't have any impact on the weather. What we don't realise, is that there has been no increase of free carbon dioxide in the air since the industrial revolution.

So nuclear power invested ¼ billion dollars in phantom science the world no longer, if he ever did believe. Money to try and buy itself a future. A future which is now Fuked, and the money wasted.

But I found out about molecular nuclear fusion. Lightning strikes do it. From an electrical charge set up by rain drops colliding and doing MNF: which is why rainstorms give off nuclear radiation and helium.

Green crops in light do it. As do growing bacteria, and animal blood systems. Even breaking waves and water falls do MNF. Burning fossil fuels also does molecular nuclear fusion. This is why it works so well.

My favourite way is via a steam plasma tube. This is like contained lightning. A modest electrical charge to set up a steam plasma, and while we top up the water level by tube will convert regular water into heat.

The plasma tube enrich years its own water. So we don't have to. Nearly free power from regular water producing no toxic waste. It knocks nuclear fission into a radioactive waste heat: which is where we should leave that bomb technology.

CO2 is life!

    The air of the young was 40% carbon dioxide-like that of Mars. Then biology got busy. At the end of the cretaceous life hit a brick wall, until animals evolved to metabolise oxygen, the waste gas of plants, and carbohydrates.

    The amount of life as today is directly linked to the circulating organic carbon. Harvard University analysing minerals from around the world, and found there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years.

    There had been a 15% increase in crop yields: that is where all man is additional carbon dioxide winter, into new life on earth. Not free carbon dioxide in the air.

    So we have been Fuked by academics. On big contracts from nuclear power to make it seem green after Chernobyl. CO2 is life

at is impossible. Nuclear power is toxic to all life.

    Plants take in carbon dioxide to grow. So emitting additional CO2 is by definition green. There is no climate effect. Extra carbon dioxide boosts life on earth.

    Coincidentally nuclear power kills all life on earth. Look at what is happening with Fukushima. The biggest ore or plutonium on this planet is at Cumbria.

    For when a plane crashes into no plutonium store, England is history. As shown by all the academics who have and he could living for 25 years from man-made global warming.

    As the world has cooled since 2005, man-made climate change: if you listen to the words, you will see their climate change contradicts global warming.

    But he is based on the same erroneous rise in free carbon dioxide, which is impossible since the evolution of green plants, outside of an ice-age.

    So as Fukushima the paid stooges to nuclear power are getting more desperate: carbon dioxide is the gas of life. There has been no build up of this gas in the atmosphere.

    There is more helium in the air, caused by all he molecular nuclear fusion going on in nature. Safe power, with no toxic death.

Jonathan Thomason


Thursday, 21 April 2011

The weather is nature

    Biology's carbon cycle has ensured free carbon dioxide in the air hasn't increased since the little ice-age ended. So man is industrial revolution has increased life on earth, but have no conceivable effect on the weather.

    Man made climate change is the latest fiction from nuclear power; as the world cooled from 2005. Carbon dioxide has increased in 200 years. But every 25 years nuclear power has a Chernobyl or Fukushima.

    Mankind's use of the fast breeder nuclear fission cycle ensures nuclear accidents involve plutonium. And kill by the continent. 10,000,000 cancer related deaths each accident.

    They are not accidents. They are an integral part of mankind doing nuclear fission. Nature doesn't. It does safe molecular nuclear fusion from water. So can we.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Curing MS

    When somebody has an illness the pathogen shows its genome secrets with other infections by handing out strands of RNA. These are picked up by other infections, but also why cessated cells. So if the person is aged or has infection for a long time he may end up picking up bits of RNA: once he has the golden six he gets cancer.

    So treatments which extend the length of time you have a virus, though reduce the intensity of your immune system reaction might well lead to more cancers. This is if the pathogen leaders colonise cells and form a viral rump.

    If they colonise fatty plaques we can see heart disease. Where the calls for real help from the heart are drowned out by erroneous requests from a bacterial rump.

    If the pathogen leaders colonise the myelin sheath they can go unnoticed by the immune system. If such a rump infection makes an under targeted macrophages activating request, no cell damage can results: as Professor Weiner from Harvard told me, this results from inappropriate expression of interleukin two.

    There is no cell damage coals by rapid body it cell budding, so the immune system ignores it. But we can play at the same game. We can give immune drip to start the immune system without there being cell damage. Usually this only interleukin two and four.

    When MS is in remission this would work. In a progression interleukin four will produce the specific antibody to clear the bacterial rump. The interleukin two then activates the macrophages to action the antibody.

    So we clear the MS. We then need to repair the CNS. We can give additional interleukin two and four which will incidentally clear defective cells from the CNS: they are then replaced by the Astrocytes.

Biochemistry does N.Fusion

    Mitochondria use pressure waves in the blood stream to initiate biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. The chemicals in a plant photoblast use visible light to initiate MNF in the turbulence around the organ.

    We can use vats of the same chemicals and add heat. We then bubble air through the vat. This does MNF. And creates a lot of heat: 6 MW per fusion action.

    We can then turn off the heat, and it converts water and CO2 into helium, oxygen, methane, heat and gamma wave radiation. We chill the gases and extract them methane as a liquid at -28° C.

    We vent the other gases to the air. We use some of the methane to run a steam process to generate all the power we need to run the plant for a Carnot system.

    We have 80% of the methane left, to sell as natural gas. We have extracted carbon dioxide from the air, and turned it into a biofuel. We actually use biochemistry, though no biological organism.

    This is why nuclear power is terrified of carbon dioxide. We can use the CO2/methane circuit to do nuclear fusion.

    This generates no plutonium or strontium. The 3He is lost to space, as happens today with the helium produced by natural molecular nuclear fusion.

    Which produces 3x1028 Watts of heat a day. For free.This is why I graduated as a nuclear engineer


Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Water tower

    We tether a 10 foot high steel reinforced concrete tower to the sea shore. Have we not plus a vacuum pump into the top. As we sat get the air the see water rises, until about 5 foot of the sea surface it begins to boil. Now that the gas we are extracting is pure water vapour.

    The sort remains in the tower as sinks two the base as concentrated brine. We allow it to exit the tower. And be replaced by new sea water. Because low pressures are five cheaper to produce power higher pressures, this casts 10% of the expense of high pressure desalination.

    So we have limitless access to cheap, pure water. We use this to irrigate the deserts, and return them to arable use. The problem then is two little carbon dioxide in the global air.

    Free carbon dioxide is a limit to life on earth. So before last 200 years there has been no increase in the free carbon dioxide in the air. So no climate effect: global warming was fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Simple impossibility

    The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide in the air. As man has increased is carbon dioxide emissions biology has converted this into extra life on earth. Not extend carbon dioxide in the air.

    There is no possible weather effect. Globally carbon dioxide is at 2 ppm. In cities it can be higher, on the transient and basis. But cities are such a small area they have no impact on the global weather systems. Who ever made up global warming was biologically stupid.

    Hands up nuclear power. Who came up with the fiction after Chernobyl. After Fukushima there is no way back. Nuclear power is toxic to life on earth. So ungreen it isn't true.

    Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion: where fluid turbulence turns steam or high pressure water into helium, oxygen, low power gamma wave radiation and a lot of heat: 3x1028 Watts for every day. That is more power than money is used since he evolved. Our hearts do it every time they beat. Which is why we breathe out helium and all life produces gamma wave radiation. That is symptomatic of nuclear actions.

    Chemical reactions are not energetic enough. I told Sheffield University this in 2008. Now they have a massive shop for a new students, hopefully they will have plant in global warming and research molecular nuclear fusion.

    It is the Energy System that will power our futures.

Life is fusion driven

    Life on Earth is powered by turning water into He and O gases, and releasing massive amounts of heat! 3x1028 Watts per day. Simple calculation. The earth loses all the helium from its atmosphere every day. So if we take them percentage of helium in the air, multiply it by the speed of light squared, we get the enormous number above. There is more life helium in the air than there is carbon dioxide.

    Carbon dioxide is a limit to life on earth. All mankind's carbon dioxide has been converted into life on earth. There has been no increase in the global carbon dioxide in the air since the end of the little ice-age-data Harvard University via New Scientist. The latter still push global warming, though it is a biological impossibility. Says a lot about the scientific integrity of that magazine.

    Load turbulence in moist air, catalysed by solar radiation does molecular nuclear fusion. This is why care of the equator is so hot, and at the poles so cold. There is less moist year and sun light at the poles. The moisture content of the air is more important than the sun light, and you get very high winds at the poles. So loads of turbulence

    Green plants in the light years biological catalysts to do MNF. This is why photosynthesising plants give off gamma wave radiation. As does man is steam cycle.

    Where ever we have steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow around the earth, we see the creation of helium and gamma wave radiation. MNF is safe, clean, and free. Your beating heart does it! No plutonium; no toxic death.

    Nuclear fission is fatal, toxic, polluting and uneconomic. Molecular nuclear fusion is none of these; it is the way nature is powered. It is the way our futures will be powered. This idea was devised at Sheffield University, who for reasons not explained ended my PhD.

    I think it is because of the monies they get from nuclear power. This is the way the world works.

More life

    All mankind's additional carbon dioxide has been converted by biology into additional life on earth . There is no more carbon dioxide in the air and before the industrial revolution. Which leaves man-made climate change looking wrong.

    After Chernobyl nuclear power seized on the discredited idea of global warming to invent reasons mankind should build more nuclear power plants. But there never was any science behind it. They assumed there was an increasing global level of carbon dioxide in the air.

    They obviously did not do high school biology. There is increasing life on earth, but no more carbon dioxide in the air. Everybody saying there is, should obviously not be involved in education.

    Or magazines or media companys producing output about man made climate change are acting as paid stooges to nuclear power. Which periodically fires up a plant. I note today the Japanese power company are not saying it'll take an additional nine months to bring Fukushima under control.

    Last week it became the most serious nuclear accident ever. Far he could saying Chernobyl, which lasted an hour and ½.

    If you are in Tokyo, go visit friends overseas. The Fukushima plant is going to go critical this month. And trash a major capital of human civilisation in the world. Burning carbon fuels boosts life on earth.

    Doing nuclear fission kills human life on earth. The Fukushima incident will likely cost the power company $8,000,000,000. That is eight billion U.S. dollars. And fatally bankrupt Japan for ever.

Problems with man made climate change

    Biology has ensured that all man is carbon dioxide has resulted in more life on earth. No more carbon dioxide in the air. So no weather effect.

    The date on the infra red promises of carbon dioxide kicked in at 2%. It is at 0.000 37% globally. Local variations have no effect on the weather.

    Towns and cities are such a small proportion of the world's surface. Nature has not even noticed mankind has evolved. We have had 2000 years of civilisation.

    Dinosaurs have had 650 many years. And they don't matter.

    The only world changing technology we have ever developed is toxic nuclear fission. Which is threatening to destroy Tokyo.

    Nature does safe, clean, free molecular nuclear fusion from water. Generating helium, oxygen and heat: no plutonium or toxic death.

    No person on earth has believe in global warming since 2005 when the world started cooling. The seas on rising. Life is expanding.

    But mankind is still doing toxic nuclear fission!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A steam engine does nuclear fusion

A working steam engine gives out helium and gamma wave radiation. From steam in turbulent flow. There is no chemical source of helium. And gamma wave radiation is only a produced by nuclear interactions.

There is no fissionable material about.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fixing the human heart

    Heart disease is the result of pathogen leaders left behind from full infections. Unlike cancer, which is the result of pathogen leaders colonising a cell nucleus as a viral rump, here the pathogen leader colonise is fatty plaques as a bacterial rump.

    Rump infections do not provoke an immune action. So we stimulate the immune system with a drip of interleukin two and four. Interleukin 4 produces the active antibody: here we produce the human antibiotic. Fungal antibiotics only work as a stimulate the production of the human antibody. It is this drug which gets you better from an infection, viral or bacterial.

    So your the immune system produces a HAB: that is a human antibiotic. To avoid confusion I had term A human antibody a HAX: and a antiviral a HAV.

    There are HABs to heart disease, where the bacterial rump colonises fatty plaques. And mortal sclerosis way colonise is the myelin sheath around neurons.

    There are various sorts of heart disease. But there again, there are 200 sorts of cancer. And six common HAVs to all cancers. There should be three common HABs to all types of heart disease.

    I do not yet know enough about the pathology of liver disease. I would expect there to be two common HAVs to liver disease. I expect liver disease to be a group of infections caused by pathogen leaders colonising a fatty deposits in the liver. And


A simple immune drip will produce an action the human antibody against diabetes. Pills of this drug alone will clear the condition. The immune drip of interleukin two and four-as the NIH are investigating. This idea also works for cancer.

Friday, 15 April 2011

No increase in CO2

    Even today 80% of the carbon dioxide in the air is be dead by animals. 100% is breathed in by plants. At the end of the cretaceous there was a mass extinction event, caused by two little carbon dioxide in the air.

    Plants could only take in during the day the carbon dioxide they had released by day at night: in the dark plants take in oxygen and combine it with carbohydrates to get at energy.

    Life I only got out of this hole when animals evolved. To breathe in oxygen, the waste gas of plants, and combine it with plant bulk. Two years plant bulk metabolism all day. And so emit carbon dioxide, which transpires to be the gas of life.

    No carbon dioxide, no oxygen and your are dead. The biologists term it the carbon cycle and give university lectures on it for a year in a undergraduate biology degree. Says green plants evolved 650,000,000 years Indian the level of carbon dioxide in the air is controlled by the efficiency of photosynthesis.

    Harvard University found there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air since the end of the little ice-age. So it is at two ppm, and in the little ice-age it was at four ppm, so obviously it does not cause global warming. Or there never would be an ice-age.

    They further found there have been a 15 percent increase in crop yields over the last 200 years: that is where man's carbon dioxide has gone. To support more plant growth on earth. This is high school biology. You have the and formulated man-made global warming?

    Stand up nuclear power. Who were desperate after Chernobyl to be seen as green. So they picked on the gas of life for plants. 25 years on Bate do a Fukushima. Instantly and doing £0.5 billion worth of paid fiction.

    The academics who wrote papers on global warming have no place in education. The world cooled from 2005, so they or changed to man made climate change. Which does not predict it for longer warm all all cooler, just the weather will get more extreme.

    If you look at the historical record will burn cooling, and the weather is getting wetter them more temperate. All the time there has been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air.

    You want to see what nuclear power does? Going to Tokyo. Fukushima will go critical any day now. A proposed change to the climate was always less important than a Fukushima. But there has been no increase in free carbon dioxide.

    Biology makes this impossible. It has been sinking carbon dioxide for 2.5 1,000,000,000 years. Green plants are just the most efficient organism at doing sir. Nuclear power is toxic, polluting, uneconomic and generates waste which is toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

    Cumbria has the world's biggest heat of plutonium. If you have a house there, sell it. If you live in Japan, Thailand looks good. There is no such thing as safe nuclear power.

    I am A man tightest by the training. I left heavy engineering because like eighties nuclear power in 1986, when we got Chernobyl.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Life fusion

Where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow in nature, we C the release of gamma wave radiation and heat. As oxygen and helium are produced –from H2O.

This is one form of molecular nuclear fusion. The pressures involved are two or three times atmospheric pressure. The turbulence is only that which results from a boiling kettle of water.

Boiling water does MNF. A lightning strike does so much of it. Nature gets 6x1028 Watts of heat a day on this Energy System. We can generate all our power and heat from regular water.

Generating a whiff of helium and oxygen, but far less than the deep sea does anyway. And it is free power.

No increase in carbon dioxide

    Biology has metabolised carbon dioxide to support life on earth for 2,5000,000 years. Since the evolution of green plants 650,000 years ago carbon dioxide levels can only rise in an ice-age.

    Otherwise, more carbon dioxide = more life on earth. 2010 Harvard University confirm this. Man made global warming and climate change were fiction by nuclear power: the agents are death.

    Fukushima is already the most serious nuclear accident ever. And the plant has yet to go critical.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Limit to life!

    The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide. Which is why when Harvard University analysing minerals from around the world they found free carbon dioxide in the air had not changed for 200 years.

    Crop yields had gone up by 15%. 1986 gave us Chernobyl. 2010 gave us Fukushima. The ever worsening nuclear disaster. It is already at level 7. Is has been going on for four weeks or more. In getting worse every day.

    That is what nuclear power does. Trash Tokyo. A leading world metropolis. Radioactive Iodine was detected in the UK two weeks ago.

    There has been no build up of carbon dioxide in the air. Biology makes it impossible. Man-made global warming was a lie from nuclear power.

    In 2005 it was so obviously wrong they renamed it climate change: again based on an erroneous assumption that carbon dioxide had increased in the air. It can't.

    But nuclear power can and does kill.

    Nature gets at power by doing molecular nuclear fusion. Man came get at fusion power using a steam plasma tube. Heat with no carbon dioxide and no plutonium.

    And free. It goes on every time your heart beats. At waterfalls. At lightning strikes. With green crops in light. With growing bacteria. All through biology.

    Your own blood system does it as your heart beats.

Death by plutonium

    The world's biggest stockpile of plutonium is in Cumbria, in the UK. And it is growing. After Fukushima there is no chance that the UK will allow plutonium consuming power stations: they are just too dangerous. I note today that Japan is on a level 7 radioactive warming, the same as in Chernobyl.

    Chernobyl lasted two days. Fukushima is at a month already. It is the world's most serious nuclear incident ever, and the plant has yet to go critical and explode.

    Cumbria has already wasted 1.2 billion pounds on their reprocessing plant, that today's loses 90,000,000 pounds a week. No they want six billion, To loose 400,000,000 a week.

    Nuclear power is a commercial operation. They should pay to handle their own waste. It is wrong to look at bankrupt national governments to subsidise the operation.

    In the reprocessing plant is a commercial operation, it will get commercial backers. With no facility to handle their waste, all nuclear plants in the UK will have to shut down within six months.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Making water

This whole idea works because of mechanical advantage. As lake and sea water acts as a limitless sink for heat. The plant to run the cycle is extracted from the heat we the transfer the.

We draw in hot air through a wind turbine. At one metre radius. This generates a lot of power. The hot air passes over a cold surface in a double helical heat exchanger.

The heat is passed to a cold Carnot gas. It leaves the plant at the base, and a lot of water precipitates out. We collect this water. Which has no salt in.

This water is used to irrigate pills to grow crops. All up to animals and humans to drink.

The hot Carnot gas is an pressurised light the pumps with a 3 cm radius. So we have a massive mechanical advantage here.

This hot pressurise gas is then pumped into a helix in the sea. It enters the sea at 250°C, and leaves the sea at 30° C.

We then vent the pressure on the gas. So it enters the double helical heat exchanger at -20°C. Because the air flow is dynamic no splice forms. And the fresh water leaves the plant at 10°C.

There is loads of moisture in the desert hair, and at night we get this precipitating out. With this devise we have a limitless supply of fresh water all day.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Nuclear plants kill

In the last 10 years all scientists on earth had no conceded that carbon dioxide has no effect on the weather: that is fiction from nuclear power, as I said in 2001-which ended my PhD.

1998 or 2005 the world started cooling. Depending on where you lived. Before this only America or the UK ever believed was global warming. This ended naturally, as I predicted 2002 five solar cycles. The short term composite cycle is 28 years.

In the last decade nuclear power has failed to invent any credible fiction as to why they should exist.

2007 I made a video on green plants sinking carbon dioxide: this is basic carbon cycle. Which the biologist teach with relish.

Harvard spent two years checking my ideas out. August 2010 they published the results in New Scientist. They found from the mineral record around the earth there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide since the ending of the little ice-age: at the start of the 19th century.

They found there have been a 15% increase in crop yields. So plants had taken in all man is carbon emissions and turn them into more life on earth.

So there was no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air: no possible effect on the weather. I have three emails saying it couldn't be that simple.

I had told them 'yes it is' the and never heard back from them.

I was in Brazil for the Rio festival and Fukushima happen. The most serious nuclear accident the ever. And still getting worse. 30 kms away from Tokyo.

That is the game danger. A nuclear accident in the third biggest nuclear power on earth. Franz will be next, as they use the plutonium, fast breeder cycle.

If I was in the U.S., I would be busy researching steam plasma tubes. With a view to placing all metal fission tubes.

Fukushima happened as the geothermal steam caused an earthquake and tsunami. To prevent eruptions around the ring of fire I would drill down to the magma chambers of active volcanoes and vent the steam, gradually, into the sea.

This will stop the ring of fire. But nature does molecular nuclear fusion big time. Lightning strikes produce 1.2x10^20 Watts of heat. Globally MNF contributes 6x10^28 Watts of heat to terrestrial systems.

Mankind should be driven by MNF: after all, it accounts as you heart beats. Or you boil water. Or growing bacteria, all do photosynthesis…

It is omnipresent. Nuclear plants will always encountering it. It will coals breaches in the containment and distribution of the radioactive, toxic material in a 50 km radius from the plant.

So each nuclear incident will be totally kill 10,000,000 people.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Nuclear adverts

    August 2010 Harvard University put on record in New Scientist that carbon dioxide levels have fallen since the little ice-age, but remained constant for last 200 years.

    Biology has converted all man is carbon dioxide into more life on earth. Carbon has no effect on the climate.

    Nuclear power does Chernobyl, and now Fukushima: the most serious nuclear events since Herosima and Nagasaki.

    Man is carbon emissions have increased life on earth. But not affected the global level of this gas in the evening air around the country side all over the world.

    In cities we see a transient rises during the rush hour. But the next morning it is back to two ppm.

    All the column miles on man-made global warming and climate change have be unpaid adverts for nuclear power.


Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nature power

In nature we see loads of instances of the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam. We see H2O turn into He2+, 2xOH- and gamma wave radiation.

    There is no chemical source of gamma wave radiation. It only comes from nuclear reactions. Every day the molecular nuclear fusion going on around the earth provides 6x1028 Watts of heat.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Not possible

    Every scientist on this planet knows carbon emissions serve only to increased life on earth. They can door increase free levels of carbon dioxide in the air. Man-made global warming and climate change were obviously PR fiction from nuclear power.

    The only increases of carbon dioxide we see our local, transient, rises in city centres. These have no effect on the global weather. If you carbon dioxide affected the weather, it would have been warmer and drier in city centres over last 200 years.

    This has never happened. Man-made global warming was total fiction from nuclear power and its paid stooges. Such people have no place in academia.

    Nuclear power should not be done on this planet. Go ask Fukushima why not. Or Chernobyl. Or 3 Mile Island: nuclear accidents happen with frequency an increasing severity.

    I made this point on my PhD in 2001. It got ended abruptly for no reason. For speaking the truth. I am sure the academic institutes involved has a vested interest in the truth: it is amazing what the application of a little money from nuclear power can do.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Basic biology

    It is such a basic role: biology converts the available carbon dioxide in the air into life on earth. The only time free carbon dioxide can rise in the air is during an ice-age.

    Harvard University spent two years from 2008 doing a worldwide mineral analysis. They found there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. This is totally expected.

    So there is no way man-made global warming or climate change could be true. All academics disagree know this should hand in their resignations next week: as they are doing infection rather than science fact.

    A gas sample taken from the countryside anywhere around the world will show carbon dioxide is at two PPM. The level it has been at 4200 years.

    Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting and uneconomic. Nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water and generates 6x1028 Watts of heat from this Energy System every day. It is clean, safe and free.

    Fukumshima shows what nuke nuclear fusion does: it kills.

No extra CO2

    The CO2 readings in cities are transcient and local. They are such a small proportion of the land of the earth they have no bearing on the global climate. In the sea, bacteria sink the CO2. So in sea levels rose, CO2 levels would fall. To suggest increasing CO2 would raise the sea's is just plain crazy. This is why nobody talks about it anymore.

    But biology sinks CO2. So when Harvard University spent two years examined the mineral record, they found CO 2 has been at four ppm in the little ice-age, but then has fallen to two ppm when it ended, and has not increased since.

    Crop yields have increased by 15% since the 18th century. So man is burning of fossil fuels has increased life on earth, but had no effect on the world climate. That is all lies from the paid stooges to nuclear power.

    Who have no place in education and should be sacked tomorrow. They are ignorant of the carbon cycle, a basic tenant of biology. There really are so stupid. I have no place at all in any level of education.

    Such people stopped my PhD. To prevent me telling the world how nature is driven by molecular nuclear fusion from water. It drives 6x1028 Watts of heat every day by turning water into helium and oxygen gases.

    That is important for the world to know. It is also important we are not fed nuclear PR by their stooges. In 2005 the world started cooling. So they renamed their climate studies 'climate change', and carry on as before without admitting global warming was wrong.

    I predicted the world was stop warming in 2004 – it.did. It will next warm naturally in 2032. With carbon dioxide still at its natural level. Even if we go over to generate 100% of our power using molecular nuclear fusion.

    Which is safe, no carbon dioxide or toxic waste and free. Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting and uneconomic. And so so fatal: go ask Fukushima.

Bio consumes CO2

    Biology is carbon cycle predicts that bacteria and plant will take in all the available carbon dioxide from the air. From 2008 Harvard University analysing minerals from around the world. They found there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for two centuries: since the industrial revolution.

    Carbon dioxide does go up in an ice-age. In a warm. It is converted into more life on earth. As every biologist who walks the face of the this planet knows.

    Man made global warming and climate change were fiction devised by the paid stooges to nuclear power: who have no place in academia, and should be sacked on Monday.

    The climate will next warm naturally in 2032. As you asked. It has nothing to do with man or his carbon dioxide.


Bio consomme du CO2

Biologie du cycle du carbone est prédit que les bactéries et les plantes se tiendra dans tout le dioxyde de carbone disponible dans l'air. A partir de 2008 l'Université de Harvard analyse des minéraux du monde entier. Ils ont révélé qu'il n'y pas eu d'augmentation du dioxyde de carbone libre dans l'air depuis deux siècles: depuis la révolution industrielle.
Le dioxyde de carbone ne monte dans une ère glaciaire. Dans un cadre chaleureux. Il est transformé en plus de la vie sur terre. Comme chaque biologiste qui marche le visage de la cette planète sait.
Man fait réchauffement de la planète et le changement climatique ont été fiction imaginée par The Stooges payés à l'énergie nucléaire: qui n'ont pas leur place dans le milieu universitaire, et devrait être limogé lundi.
Le climat sera naturellement chaude suivante en 2032. Comme vous le demande. Il n'a rien à voir avec l'homme ou de son dioxyde de carbone.

Nature does nuclear fusion


    In a heavy rain the gentle buffeting of rain drops does molecular nuclear fusion. Turning water into He2+ and 2xOH-. The Alpha particles collect above the clouds, and the hydroxyl ions fall to the ground. This is accompanied by the release of gamma wave radiation. A sure sign that nuclear processes are underway, as no chemical interaction is energetic enough.

    This carries the negative charge to the ground, and these to the formation of ozone. O3 is an indicator that nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion. We get it at waterfalls, in the countryside and with electrical switchgear.

    For when they have ½ MW of electrical potential we get a lightening down strike. This makes up the areas of charge. And we get a lightening up strike of 3x1023 Watts. Plus the emission of light and gamma wave radiation. And the formation of yet more ozone.

    There is no fissionable material about impression rain. We are doing nuclear fusion from the hydrogen atoms in turbulent flow in the rain drops. Every day nature derives 6x1028 Watts of heat from molecular nuclear fusion.

    Mankind does it via his steam cycle: so conventional power generation does nuclear fusion. Albeit from the burning of fossil fuels. A steam plasma tube will do it with the production of no waste at all.

Nuclear fiction

    For the last 200 years biology has captured all man is organic carbon emissions, for free. Global warming was the paid fiction of nuclear power. Who now are NOT the cheapest electricity in the UK.

    They are without doubt the most lethal electricity generating system in the world. Nature generates heat by doing molecular nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.

    MNF generates no radioactive waste. Your heart does it every time it beats. It converts water into four times as much heat weight per weight, as doing nuclear fission on uranium.

    Plutonium have is the most toxic substance routinely made by nuclear power. Nature does not make it. Fast breeder reactors have trashed Tokyo. It cannot be long before it trashes France.

    A steam plasma tube is the easiest way man can do MNF. A lightning bolt uses a steam plasma to convert water into 1 the.2x1020 Watts of heat for three seconds.

    For free. With no toxic waste. It produces helium and ozone. No strontium or plutonium.        By

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Global False


    There was no way global warming could ever have been true. Every scientist on this planet, and the every person who is being educated past the age of 11, knows that plants take in carbon dioxide to grow. They build carbohydrates and excrete oxygen.

    Animals breathe in the oxygen and heat plant bulk. The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide.

    In the cretaceous there was 60% more life on earth; when photosynthesis was not as efficient. Sea levels were 65 metres lower. Every academic professional on this planet knows about biology is carbon cycle.

    This has the result that in the last 200 years free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased. But crop yields have gone up by 15%, as man is carbon dioxide has been metabolised by plants.

    No change in free carbon dioxide, no possible effect on the weather. 2005 the world started cooling, and everybody alive decided carbon dioxide had nothing to do with the climate. But academics were funded by nuclear power to say it did.

    They came up with climate change. Coal name. That is as far as the science went: the name. Nuclear power has tried to backtrack to global warming, but after six years of global cooling this is rubbish.

    I repeat, there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. All the academics who have published papers on the rising levels of carbon dioxide affecting the weather, should not be involved in education.

    They are fantasist in the pay of nuclear power.

    Meanwhile life has got on with molecular nuclear fusion from water. This turns high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow into helium, oxygen and a lot of heat. 6x1028 Watts of heat every day. With no carbon dioxide.

    Man does MNF via the steam cycle. Or steam, jet and IC engine. It is the most important Energy System on earth. Lightning strikes are set up by the collision of rain drops doing MNF: this is why rainstorms give off gamma wave radiation.

    The Alpha particles carrying the positive charge to above the clouds. The hydroxyl molecules take the negative charge to the ground. When there is ½ MW of charge we get a feeble lightening down strike.

    We then linking up these areas of charges. We get a lightening up strike of 1.2x1020 Watts. I calculated the real figure and got 3x1023 Watts. It is a staggering amount of power.

    Nature gets 10,000 times this power every day from molecular nuclear fusion on water. The helium is lost to space. The oxygen we breathe in safely. There is no carbon dioxide and no toxic radioactive waste. It is free. No fossil fuel burn.

    No trashing a country, like at Fukushim. Where is safe nuclear power show that it is not safe. And it is under economic, even compared to burning gas. If we fire up a steam plasma tube, it does MNF safely.

    Four times as much heat weight per weight, as nuclear fission from uranium. Nuclear fission generates masterly toxic waste. Which remains toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

    MNF generates 3He, which is lost to space. And the same strength of gamma wave radiation as you get from a boiling kettle: which does MNF as the water comes to the boiler.

    Nuclear fission is a technology that should not be allowed on earth. If we replace the toxic metal oxide fission tubes, we have steam plasma tubes; we convert the plants over to doing safe MNF. Which is as close to being free as makes no difference.

    Carbon dioxide supports life on earth. If we burn all the world in the world we will get back the 60% of life which died with the dinosaurs. At the end of the Jurassic the world climate was more temperate than today. The temperature range from the poles to the equator was turn degrees less.

    It is worth repeating: sea levels were 65 metres lower as all the rainfall was tied up in plant growth on earth. It was earth's golden time. And there was no nuclear fission to worry about. That is why Greenpeace kicked global warming into touch six years ago.

    It is PR by nuclear power. All the academics working in this area should be sacked.

CO2 is life on earth for 2,500,000,000 years


    The big problem with global warming, is that it was and the idea about carbon devised by physicist. Any biologist would had told you the carbon cycle is fundamental to Life Systems on earth.

    At the end of the cretaceous the dinosaurs and 60% of life on earth died. The sea levels rose by 65 metres as a result of all the plants and animals are no longer tying up rainfall in their bodies.

    In the 18th century man kind started burning of fossil fuels. This released all that life from its stranglehold: the hydrocarbons had abducted down to the mantel layer and formed the hydrocarbons which we exploited as pockets of oil.

    The fossil fuels date back to 65,000,000 years ago, the time when the dinosaurs died. When physicists heard about the carbon cycle sinking all man is carbon dioxide, they panicked. They decided that biology was being overpowered.

    The fossil fuels only formed from life on earth which died. The cretaceous was Earth's golden time. The temperature range of early earth was turn degrees lower. So the equator was cooler and wetter. And the poles were warmer and wetter. There was more life on earth.

    Since then there has lurched between warm periods and ice-ages. The best thing man kind can do now, is burning the fossil fuels: release the life tripe in the deep.

    What he should not do, is nuclear fission from uranium. Which is toxic to all life on earth, as Japan is finding out. Chernobyl was meant to be the worst nuclear accident ever. Fukushima is 10 times worse: and still going on. Imagine 20 3 Mile Island's back to back.

    To plan generates halve its electricity from nuclear fission. All those plants will have to shut down and replaced. Japan will never recover.

    Life does not do fission. It is powered by doing molecular nuclear fusion from water. Man's steam cycle does MNF. How interesting that nuclear fission uses the steam cycle. Fast breeder reactors use at higher pressure steam cycle, so it does more MNF.

    But we do not need toxic nuclear fission. A steam plasma tube will do molecular nuclear fusion. Once initiated it will self sustain. And generate no radioactive waste. It will turn regular water into heat and power. The gamma waves we get off our the same power as from a boiling kettle in a kitchen.

    So all nuclear power plants can pull out their metal oxide fission tubes and replace them with steam plasma tubes. They are then convert over to clean molecular nuclear fusion: the Energy System life on earth uses.

Sea power

    In the deep sea geothermal steam bubbles up through high pressure water. This does molecular nuclear fusion. Whenever we boil water around the earth we give off radiation, as we do molecular nuclear fusion.

    We can use this to keep a boiler in a state of boiling, and years the excess steam we produce to generate power. We need to loop back 10% of the produced steam. We cool the spent steam down using a Carnot heat pump, so we recover 90% of the system heat from the spent steam.

    So bubbling steam through water does nuclear fusion. No toxic waste. No use of uranium. No enrichment of the water in the boiler. So free power.

    As hot-smokers do nuclear fusion in the deep sea they set up a steam plasma. Which acts like a miniature sun and supports a massive ecosystem away from solar radiation.

    Lightning bolts are created as a small electrical discharge passes through a steam plasma, and liberate a lot of power. The initial electrical current is produced as heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion.

    Every time your heart beats you give out gamma wave radiation: that's right, your own body does nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission from uranium kills all life. And is the technology we should not do. As Japan is finding out    The simplest way for mankind to do molecular nuclear fusion is via a steam plasma in a glass tube. Once started, it will power itself as long had as we top up with more water.

    Every day nature gets 6x1028 Watts of heat from molecular nuclear fusion. For no charge. We can use steam plasma tubes to replace the burning of all fossil fuels an doing toxic nuclear fission.

    Welcome back to the water age: back, as steam power does molecular nuclear fusion.

Impossible climate change

    Animals only evolved to metabolise oxygen, combine it with plant bulk and breathe out carbon dioxide. Man's chemical engines produce more carbon dioxide, and so lead to more life on earth.

    Harvard University found out they have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for last 200 years. There had been a 15% increase in crop yields. Some of this was due to better irrigation and fertilising.

    Both man-made global warming and climate change were based on an erroneous supposition there have been an increase in free carbon dioxide.

    So he's are biology started using the carbon cycle 2.5 billion years ago, the only way he to increase carbon dioxide is to arrange an ice-age. Carbon dioxide is a climate follower. Al:Gore has the science totally wrong: but he is a politician.

    The erroneous PR was designed by nuclear power after Chernobyl: to make themselves green. They lost the WWF and Greenpeace four years ago.

    After Fukushima nuclear power will have to come up with a new, factually correct idea. Humanity stopped believing global warming in 2005, as the world cooled. There was never any increase in free carbon dioxide. So it could never have been true.

    There was never a theory an attached to man made climate change: just the erroneous supposition that carbon dioxide am an affected the weather.

    Last guy who believed that was King Canute.

Friday, 1 April 2011

The carbon cycle does fix things

    In the cretaceous there was 60% more life than there used today. That extra life died with the dinosaurs, and its carbohydrates abducted to deep. And formed the hydrocarbons.

    We are now burning is fossil fuels gradually, and returning that life to the ecosphere. There is no new organic carbon. It is fossilised life. The cretaceous was the earth's golden time: there was so much life.

    Harvard University has found there is no more free carbon dioxide in the air than after the little ice-age. All the extra carbon dioxide is tied up in life. They converse been no effect on the world's climate.

    Man made global warming and climate change were fiction from nuclear power. Who do a Fukushima every 20 years. They are toxic death

Carbon is life

    At the end of the cretaceous there was 60% more life on earth. That life died with the dinosaurs and formed the fossil fuels. So by burning the fossil fuels we are releasing that life back into the ecosphere.

    But the cretaceous saw ice-ages. Carbon dioxide levels rose as is less plant and bacterial life. So we got carbon dioxide up to five times its present level.

    At the end of the 18th century we had the little ice-age. When carbon dioxide rose to twice its present level. Since he ice-age ended carbon dioxide has been pegged at two parts per 1,000,000.

    As man has increased his output of carbon dioxide, crop yields have gone up by 15%; according to Harvard University. The level of free carbon dioxide has not shifted us all.

    As I told Sheffield University in 2001 global warming was fiction from nuclear power. In 2005 the world started cooling. So they invented 'man-made climate change'. Which has no theoretical import at all.

    It just maintains that carbon dioxide is bad. It isn't. The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide. As we are burned the fossil fuels we have increased life on earth. But have no conceivable effect on the world weather.

    As there is no more free carbon dioxide in the air that after the end of the little ice-age. Man-made global warming etc. Is fiction from nuclear power: who want us all dead: Fukushima gives you the idea. Worse even than Chernobyl.

    More nuclear power plants, bigger, the worse nuclear accidents.

Carbon does not affect the weather

    Harvard University checked this out, and published their results in new scientist in August: apparently the reporters there do not read their own copy. They want the money from nuclear power to publish stuff fiction about carbon affecting the weather.

    Harvard found since the industrial revolution up yields had increased by 15%. In the little ice-age CO2 was at 4 ppm. Since then he's has fallen to 2 ppm, and stayed at that level for last 200 years.

    When the dinosaurs died on that Tuesday 65,000,000 years ago, so do 60% of life on earth. There carbohydrates went into the deep where they are formed the hydrocarbons: the fossil fuels we are now burning.

    We are releasing that fossilised life back into new life. This means there has been no possible effect on the weather. As there is no more carbon dioxide left in the air than there was in the 18th century. The level of free carbon dioxide is determined by the efficiency of photosynthesis.

    More organic carbon, more life on earth. To suggest we have seen an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air is the lowest level of journalism out there. Those guys need to take high school biology.

    The carbon cycle has not been overwhelmed, we are restoring the old life. So remember, carbon dioxide was at twice its present level during the little ice-age.

    Scientist quote figures in city centres during the rush hour. They do not quote figures for the carbon dioxide levels in the countryside. Which makes up the vast bulk of land on earth: and so determines the world climate.

    How do I know? Because the global carbon dioxide is unchanged at 2 ppm. City centre concentrations just do not matter. This is using statistics to lie, and he is PR from nuclear power.

    To produce toxic death. Burning fossil fuels releases life, that has no effect on the climate.

    You want to produce power with no carbon dioxide? Do what nature does. Molecular nuclear fusion from water. My favourite way is via a steam plasma.

    2007 Oxford University in England got four billion UK pounds to look at a hydrogen plasma doing nuclear fusion. It will work. Rather too exothermic for me. A steam plasma is a far better idea and will replace all toxic metal fission tubes.

    And would have saved Fukushima. The next big accident will be in France. Sure the second biggest nuclear energy producers in the world, an insist on the fast breeder cycle. Stupid.

    Just bubble steam through liquid water at the boiling point, and creates 10 times as much steam with a 20° C super heat. Years 90% to generate power and loop back down percent to get cycle working.

    No carbon dioxide. No toxic metal fission uses: nuclear fission kills, and lies. And should not be allowed on this planet. If we wish to carry on living here.