Thursday, 31 March 2011


    Professor Zimmerman tried to give himself the right to research science which in know to be wrong, but have funding for. Very humourous. But he do not have the right.

    He is an academic professor, and you must always be on the side of truth. Researching science on the periphery you might be able to sneak through, but is wrong.

    He can't contradict a basic tenant of biology: it teaches Xi year Olds that plants take in carbon dioxide. The fine detail is down to two parts per 1,000,000 outside of an ice-age.

    In an ice-age it can rise to between four and 10 ppm. So for after the climate changes CO2 reacts to this. It rises when there are fewer plants and exposed sea to sink for carbon dioxide.

    Sea bacteria metabolise carbon dioxide. They build bacterial bulk and excrete oxygen. They use fluid turbulence in place of light to initiate the process.

    Professor Zimmerman's comments on fluid turbulence initiating nuclear fusion were correct. Green plants in the light do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion.

    Life is powered by MNF. It turns water into helium and oxygen plus a lot of heat! When I calculate it it came about that 6x1028 Watts per gram of the hydrogen turned into helium. Or a a 80 Watts per molecule of water used for MNF.

    Waterfalls and deep lakes do it. As does a beating human heart. Every life form on earth does it. Reacting oxygen with carbohydrates also does it.

    Thus burning fossil fuels does it. Oxidising carbohydrates should take in energy if you look at the enthalpy balance. The extract energy from MNF makes burning fossil fuels very exothermic.

    MNF also makes diesel engines out-perform petrol ones. If we titanium plate a petrol engine we doubleperformance. Or halve it's carbon emissions output. But plants have ensured that carbon dioxide has no effect on the climate anyway. But fossil fuels are expensive.

    In 2000 I told Professor Zimmerman that replacing a cooling tower with a double helical heat exchanger would return 90% of the system heat to a turbine. So we will need to burn 1/9 the volume of fossil fuels to generate the same power.

    This leaves nuclear power as fantastically toxic, dangerous and expensive. Fukushima gives you the idea. Although as even longer memories Chernobyl or even Windscale. They happen every 25 years, with worse and worse outcomes.

    In contrast molecular nuclear fusion generates power with no carbon dioxide. No toxic waste. And is four times as exothermic as nuclear fusion. It is totally safe. It would not have trashed Japan.

    England, take note. Build new nuclear power plants and spray plutonium over our green countryside. And make England unhabitable for 2000 years. For 10 billion UK pounds: what a bargain, not.

    The cool thing is, nature shows us how to do molecular nuclear fusion. You do it for the every beat of your heart. At 30° C. And four bars pressure. Argument settled.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Impossible climate change

    As I told Dr. Matzinger 10 years ago, ice expands as it freezes. The maximum density of water is at 3° C, and it is liquid. It flows back to the equator to pick up more heat, and pushes the warm water back towards the poles.

    This distributes solar heat around the planet. If you warm the air, more ice melts and sea levels fall. Every physics academics in the world learned this age of 12. Every Chemical Engineering professor has done lectures on this, including herself.

    Global warming was never going to make sea levels rise. Global warming would actually increase plant growth on the earth. Which ties up rein in plant bulk so depressing sea levels more

    Biology gives lecture courses on the carbon cycle. This teaches that biology ties up carbon dioxide is life on earth. Down to the limit of two parts per 1,000,000 between ice-ages.

    So there has been no increase in free carbon dioxide fall last 200 years, no matter how mentally defective you were. Man made global warming and climate change were impossible fiction on behalf of nuclear power.

    The most a fatal technology allowed on earth today. It is toxic, fatal, polluting and uneconomic. In contrast nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water.

    All times as energetic, and producing no toxic death: your own heart does it as it beats. Man is steam cycle does it. So the industrial revolution came in with man doing nuclear fusion.

    Any academic who says man made climate change has any theoretical credit has no place in any level of education. It is a basic biological impossibility.

    Nuclear power paid their stooges after Chernobyl. After Fukushima nuclear power is dead. Which we would be if we allowed nuclear power to continue.

Daily Stupid


    Green plants have converted all man is carbon dioxide emissions, into more life on earth: after all the fossil fuels formed from fossilised life at the end of the Jurassic age.

    There has thus been no increase in free carbon dioxide since the end of the little ice-age. During ice-ages there are fewer plants, so lose more free carbon dioxide in the air. CO2 follows natural global cooling.

    Man has no effect on the natural climate: that is all lie from the base stooges to nuclear power and the stupid. The Daily Mirror published an article today about man made global warming. Which now everybody agrees is an scientific impossibility.

    The question is, how much money was the Daily Mirror paid! And why would anyone be in their right mind by this news sheet to nuclear power.

Bad ‘Scientists’

    We are unsure what to year the world started cooling: in North America it was 1998. In Europe it was 2005. In the rest of the world it is totally unsure if the world was actually warming. 'Global Warming' was fiction from nuclear power, designed to get new nuclear plants in North America or Europe.

    After Chernobyl nuclear power for the threat of rising seas and warming temperatures would be more important than a radioactive death. The seas did not rise and the air did not warm. They were physicists, so I should have realized there when ice melts into cold water, it contracts.

    So melting the north myself poles would actually lower sea levels. 2008 was a record year for sea ice formation at the South Pole: I got a personal e-mail from a scientist there, who says my videos are compulsory viewing. We get back to paragraph one; there was no evidence of global warming around the globe.

    Now we have Fukushima. This shows that nuclear power will create a bigger, more radioactive deserve the death every 25 years. This is so much more important than the fiction about climate from nuclear power.

    Is the most technologically rays on this planet, the Japanese, can't do nuclear fission safely; nobody can. It is science mankind should not be messing with.

    Nature is driven by molecular nuclear fusion. Turning water into helium, oxygen, low power gamma waves. And heat. Your heart does it every time it beats. This is why you breathe out helium and methane. Though you do not breathe in helium.

    All life on earth creates helium and low power gamma waves. This is the province of nuclear reactions. Chemical reactions are just not energetic enough.

    All the helium is lost to space every day. You call the level of helium in the air. Multiply it by C2, and you find that the earth gets 6x1028 Watts of heat every day from molecular nuclear fusion. Man's steam cycle does MNF. This is why it is so energetic, and produces helium and gamma waves. And this was taught to me on my master's degree in 1983.

    The emission of gamma wave radiation from a steam cycle has been no more about since the 1950s. That nobody had ever explained why. It is because the turbulent flow of steam does molecular nuclear fusion from water.

    Totally nontoxic, free and produces no radioactive waste. The helium decays before it has left the plant, and green plants produce 18O, which we breathe in and the healthy walks in the countryside. Or when we sit at waterfalls.

    Nature is powered by it. It does not do toxic nuclear fission: that kills all life on earth. It is very expensive, toxic and polluting.

    Molecular nuclear fusion is safe, clean and free. And done by all creation around and in you.

Dirty Bomb

    If you are a terrorist wanting to cause an outrage, target a nuclear plant. The best plants are aged plants that have accumulated toxic waste.

    With age the crucial forgings of a nuclear power plant warp and distort. Thus the nuclear plant has no value.

    EDF has just extended the life time of its plants by five years. After an engineering inspection. Sorry, unless you crawl into the core of the reactor with a micrometre measuring gauge you have no way of knowing how much the components have warped.

    So the only way you are know the plant should have been taken out of service, is after it has done a Fukushima. This was a Japanese nuclear plant at the end of its working life.

    Natural disasters are important, but nuclear plants will spontaneously fail: this I learned on my Metallurgy degree in the 1980s at Sheffield University.

    But there is no way that even a brand new plant can survive a terrorist attack with a jet plane. The Empire State Building survived being hit by a turbo prop. The twin towers could not survive impact by a jet aeroplane.

    Nuclear plants cannot even survive a tsunami. EDF have guaranteed a Chernoby on UK soil within five years.

Monday, 28 March 2011


    Biology converts all the available the carbon dioxide into life on earth. Plants and bacteria excrete oxygen, and animals combine this with plant bulk to get at energy, and provide life with more carbon dioxide.

    Harvard University has found no increase in carbon dioxide in the free air for last 200 years, as a result. Carbon dioxide does not affect the weather, it increases life on earth.

    In contrast Fukushima is the worst nuclear accident in history. It is looking increasingly likely to fund will go critical and expired. Trashing Tokyo and making the north of Japan toxic to live in for 2000 years.

    All the academics who have written papers on man-made global warming or climate change have acted as paid stooges to nuclear power. There has been no global increase in free carbon dioxide in the air.

    Only local increases over cities, which has no effect on the global climate. Nuclear power is the most toxic, polluting and uneconomic way A man has found to generate power.

    Before a nuclear power plant the the the the explodes. Which eight in two every 25 years, with increasingly awfull outcomes.

    Carbon fuels boosts life on earth. Nuclear power boosts death.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Oxygen is the greatest pollutant

    25,000,000,000 years ago there was 40% carbon dioxide in the air. Then cyanobacteria got busy, converting it into bacterial bulk and excrete in surplus oxygen.

    There at the end of the cretaceous life on earth hit a brick wall, as plants could only take in during the day the carbon dioxide they released by years at night.

    Then some plants evolved to metabolise carbohydrates and oxygen all day. They plant matter and breathe in oxygen. They breathe out carbon dioxide-the gas of life.

    650,000,000 years ago green plants evolved photosynthesis. Where they used light to induce the conversion of carbon dioxide into carbohydrates.

    It is all called the carbon cycle: biologists show that all life on earth is a result of plants and bacteria metabolising carbon dioxide.

    In ice-ages there are fewer plants, so free carbon dioxide in the air can rise. Since the ending of the little ice-age of the 18th century free carbon dioxide has remained static at two parts per 1,000,000.

    All man is additional carbon dioxide has resulted in more life on earth. Not more carbon dioxide in the air. He's has been static at 2ppm for the last 200 years. As confirmed by Harvard University when they checked out the global mineral record from 2008 to 2010. They published the results in New Scientist.

    This magazine still publishes articles on global warming. Despite the world how being cooled from 2005. Man made climate change is a holding strategy by nuclear power as even a they have to concede man-made global warming was fiction.

    Then the world gets Fukushima. Where a stroken nuclear plant is taking two weeks to meltdown and spray radioactivity over Tokyo: A leading world metropolis.

    Nuclear power is dead. They are meant on past Chernobyl because of the scientific fiction of 'global warming'. This is a scientific impossibility.

    Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. He's has no effect on the weather. As its level in the free air has remained static for the last 200 years.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Steam plasma tubes

    Metal fission tubes are very toxic. They produce plutonium and strontium. There in the U.S. Have tuned that plants not to produce plutonium.

    In Japan the toxic nature of plutonium has been laid bare. Even after 10 days of the plant not operating the spent fuel rods are threatening to go critical.

    Even without this Fukushima is spraying radioactive waste over the largest metropolis in the world.

    Nuclear power using uranium forms plutonium. But will not release the power of a fast breeder reactor. It is an uneconomic way to generate power.

    Since the 1950s (so many years before the Windscale) disaster we have known that gas plasmas, was nuclear interaction.

    An atomic or molecular hydrogen, converts the matter into heat and light plus low power gamma wave radiation.

    Lightning generates 6x1028 Watts for three seconds. The initial motive voltage is produced by the kinetic interaction of rain drops doing molecular nuclear fusion. This one, Is easy to study in the laboratory. We need a drop over 10 feet tall. We emit a stream of water drops.

    Lightning shows us that a steam plasma is a very effective way to do molecular nuclear fusion. We need to: tame the plasma in a glass tube. It their own will liberate four times the heat of a metal fission tube.

    It generates 3He and 18O, like the deep water does; green plants; water falls; animal blood systems; growing bacteria and man is steam cycle. This is why 14C dating works.

    There is no reason to do nuclear fission, unless you want to die and take us all with you.


Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 25 March 2011

Lake Vostock

    Is the greatest body of fresh water in the world. It exists as A fresh lake within the ice of the south pole. So it uses below 0° C.

    It is maintained by the heat generated by biological molecular nuclear fusion. Bacteria years carbon dioxide and the high pressure turbulence of the water in the lake to do MNF.

    It generates helium and oxygen. We can sample for these gases. There are other terrestrial sources of oxygen.

    But there are no none nuclear sources of helium. There is no radioactive decay at the south pole. As there is no rock base supporting the floating block of ice.

    This is quite neat. As a body of fresh water at the south pole is impossible. Any pressure would be released from the ice. It mass proves all my ideas.

    And there is no other possible explanation lake Vostock.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

No place in education

    Biology teaches that plants and bacteria take in carbon dioxide from the air, two and build plant and bacterial bulk: they excrete oxygen, and animals only evolved to combine the oxygen they carbohydrates and so produced more carbon dioxide.

    At the end of the cretaceous life on earth hit a brick wall due to insufficient carbon dioxide in the air. Harvard University has shown that global carbon dioxide levels have not risen in the last 200 years. Crop yields have increased by 15% though.

    So there is no more carbon dioxide in the air than at the end of the little ice-age: during the ice-age there was twice the free carbon dioxide in the air, as I was lesser biology taking in.

    Man-made global warming and climate change are fiction by nuclear power: and its paid stooges. Who obviously have remedial biology and have no place in education at any level.

    The climate is controlled solely by solar cycles. In 2005 we moved into a natural cooling phase. This will continue to 2032. Nothing at all to do with man. It should be remembered that nuclear power are toxic, polluting and uneconomic.

    They produce waste which is a biohazard for hundreds of thousands of years: Fukushima shows you the idea. It is ironic the atomic age came in with Japan, and goes out as Tokyo is converted into radioactive waste land.

Censuring truth

    In 2001 I said that global warming was PR fiction by nuclear power. I was right: but for my pains my PhD got ended, for no reason.

    Biology is carbon cycle teaches that plants sink all the available carbon dioxide from the air to support life on earth. Harvard University has found no evidence that carbon dioxide build-up in the air over last 200 years.

    Rather CO2 has halved since the little ice-age had ended.

    2003 I formulated all my work into the idea 'molecular nuclear fusion'. The work I have been doing in 2001.

    Nature gets 6x1028 Watts of power a day from this heat source. It is the most important Energy System on earth.

    Professor Zimmerman says this is not important. He is obviously wrong. But still I have not received my PhD. Itself is Sheffield University is science trying of to censure that the truth.


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The life booster

    High school biology teaches that green plants take in all the available carbon dioxide from the air to grow. And so support all life on earth. Down to two parts per 1,000,000.

    Does the organic carbon affect the weather? Obviously not. Look outside the door. That was PR by nuclear power after Chernobyl. Now Fukushima is threatening to go critical in Japan, it is obvious even to idiots, that nuclear power is the greatest threat to life that has ever existed.

    Harvard University analysing minerals from around the world and found there have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air since the end of the little ice-age: that backs up basic biology.

    No increase in CO2, no possible effect on the world climate. Only local increases are possible during the working day over cities. At night but there are troubles to above fields of green plants, and is converted into life and oxygen.

    Professors of physics hypothesised that there have been an increase in free carbon dioxide due to man. This shows their biology is remedial. There has been no change in carbon dioxide due to man.

    Still nuclear plants kill and pollute. That is important thing to note here. Carbon dioxide boosts life, nuclear power kills it!

Monday, 21 March 2011

No increase

    In 2007 I made a video on plants sinking CO2: biology is calling it the carbon cycle. They excrete oxygen, and build plant bulk as a result. The limit to life on earth it's available carbon dioxide in the air.

    I cultivate their video here Harvard University and in 2010 they published the results in New Scientist. After a worldwide survey are minerals from around the globe, they have used radioactive phosphorus dating to show there have been no change in carbon dioxide levels in the air since the end of the little ice-age 200 years ago.

    I told Sheffield University this. I also told them that nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Not one syllable has issued from healer New Scientist or Sheffield University that man-made global warming and climate change are fiction: invented by nuclear power, the most a fatal technology existing on earth today.

    For last three years I have been making videos on molecular nuclear fusion. Nature liberates 6x1028 Watts of heat daily from doing MNF: man can generate all his power from this heat source. Producing no carbon dioxide.

    So as stated of power carbon dioxide boosts life and has no conceivable effect on the weather. None of this has made it into the media. Who prefer the money from nuclear power about their fiction concerning the climate.

    Fiction which will kill us all. So much for fourth estate.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Biology fixes CO2

    Biology teaches that plants and bacteria take in CO2.

CO2+(3+p)H2O->He+CH4(H2O)p+3O+E1+γ        where Einstein predicted E1=1.5x1025 Watts

    The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide. By the day biology converts the free carbon dioxide into life on earth. The more carbon dioxide there is, the more life we get. But the level of carbon dioxide left in the air is controlled solely by the efficiency of photosynthesis.

    In August 2010 Harvard University published in new scientist that the world wide survey are minerals have failed to show any increase in free carbon dioxide since the end of the little ice-age. Totally in accordance with high school biology.

    Both man-made global warming and climate change were fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power. Who have no place in higher education or the media. They want to justify a new generation of nuclear plants around the world.

    Fukushima shows that such plants pollute and kill. And in this instance, spraying radioactive waste over Tokyo. We are waiting to see if of plant will meltdown and make the whole or Japan uinhabitable.

    The world started cooling 2005. Man-made climate alteration through releasing additional carbon dioxide is a stupid idea. It just increases life on earth. Scientists who abandon living out of global warming are obviously not scientist. That should not be in higher education.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Photosynthesis does fusion

    Plants take in carbon dioxide to support all life on earth.

CO2+(3+p)H2O->He+CH4(H2O)p+3O+E+γ        where E=1,5x1025 Watts and CH4(H2O)p are carbohydrates. This is biological molecular nuclear fusion.

    After Chernobyl nuclear power knew this. And went into overdrive to suggest carbon dioxide affecting the weather. This is silly. Free carbon dioxide in the air is determined by the amount of plant growth on earth. So in an ice-age it goes up.

    CO2 has no causative effect on or climate. Which is why in the world has cooled since 2005.

    Waterfalls and breaking waves do physical molecular nuclear fusion.

H2O->He+O+ E+γ

    Each day all the helium from MNF is lost to space. It did the calculations and the earth receives6x1028 Watts of power each day from MNF. Photosynthesis is just one form of this process.

    This is why plants and light produce oxygen, helium, intracellular free methane, gamma wave radiation and E. MNF is the most important Energy System on earth. Unwittingly man's steam cycle does physical MNF. The industrial revolution was fusion driven.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Molecular nuclear fusion in lightning

    If you explode an A bomb in a tank of water, you get a H bomb: you are doing nuclear fusion on earth. Not from an atomic hydrogen, as on stars, but from molecular hydrogen.

    I had told this to Sheffield University in 2001, the ended my PhD into the climate. We see and the release of gamma wave radiation and production of helium where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow: my thanks here to Professor Zimmerman for pointing out the importance of turbulent flow in nuclear fusion.

    All suns have a boiling mass of hydrogen all of helium gas in turbulent flow, and do nuclear fusion. But on earth and atomic hydrogen is scarce, but molecular hydrogen, covers 60% of the planet-H2O! And

    Where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow we see the emission of gamma wave radiation, production of helium and release of massive amounts of heat: as I learned on my M.Eng. In 1982 (sic)!

    Biology uses catalysts to do it in plant photoblasts, or bacteria and animal mitochondria: this year's biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. Nature also does massive amounts of physical MNF.

    There should be no helium in the air. As radioactive decay releases so little helium, and all this is lost to space within 24 firms. There is more helium in the air than there he's carbon dioxide.

    For when you do the calculations you find out the earth receives 6x1028 Watts of heat a day from the MNF going on around the earth.

    Lightning bolts are very interesting. The gentle coalition of rain drops builds up by electric charge of ½ MW: by doing physical MNF in rainstorms. This releases an estimate of 1.2x1020 Watts of power.

    However if you slot the mass of helium produced by lightning bolt into E=mc2 you get a much bigger number. So lightning bolts use a pressurise steam plasma to do MNF. The self sustain for three sections, and the collapse. Is the thunder wave week get.

    This suggests below four bars a steam plasma tube will do MNF: releasing 30 MW of heat. And only taking 0.001 amps to sustain. We turn off the current, and that you shuts down. So they are totally safe. Any problem, to round of the tube.

    They produce no plutonium or strontium: no fissile material at all. It is the way nature is driven. Nontoxic, non polluting, free and going on with every beat all your heart: you do biological MNF.

    No nuclear power plant on earth should be doing nuclear fission from uranium: Asian or by using steam plasma tubes filled with regular water. Four times as energetic as metal fission tubes, and totally safe and non toxic.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fukushima did fusion

    When the Japanese poured sea water over the core of plant three in Fukushima they were condemning the nuclear plant to an early death. Here is the curious thing; there was a massive release of nuclear radiation, with no breach of the containment. So there was no release of fissionable material.

    When you boil water NASA has shown that you do molecular nuclear fusion: producing nuclear radiation, helium, oxygen and a lot of heat. So the Fukushima plant was doing nuclear fusion.

    This is interesting as nature around and in us does molecular nuclear fusion. This is four times as energetic as nuclear fission, and goes on from regular water not enriched uranium. It produces a whiff of 3He and 18O. It produces no plutonium though waterfalls do produce radioactive strontium. This is caused by the kinetic interaction of high pressure water molecules.

    So nature does nuclear fusion. It does no toxic nuclear fission. That is stupid, fatal, toxic, polluting and expensive. It is a bomb technology we should left behind at the end of WorldWarII.

    Chernobyl lasted 2 ½ days. Fukumshima has so far lasted five days. And it is still getting worse. It ocurred 30 miles from Tokyo, a major population centre in the world. It is the worst nuclear power accident ever.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Terrestrial fusion

    My thanks go to Professor Zimmerman in 2001: while doing a PhD in global warming, he told me that the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas does nuclear fusion. I was stunned into silence. This was the most original piece of thinking I've ever heard.

    Oxford University started doing experiments on the a hydrogen plasma doing nuclear fusion in 2007. I have already decided a gas plasma gave us levels of turbulence. The pressure of the gas has to be sufficient to overcome the strong atomic force for hydrogen. There is too much academic money tied up in man-made climate change for them ever to tell the world they can now do nuclear fusion on a routine basis.

    The nuclear fusion produces low power gamma waves, heat and 3He. The matter decays in 0.04 sections, so usefully decayed to 2He had before it leaves the plant. The gamma waves and are low powered. So are stopped by two millimetres of concrete made with iron oxide rather than sand.

    In 2001 it was looking like I would be doing a medical PhD at the NIH. So my PhD into Chemical Engineering got ended. However the NIH wanted me with the science PhD: hence I am working as a video reporter and folk singer.

    2003 I asked Dr. Zimmerman why we did not see nuclear fusion from compounds of hydrogen. 2001 I had received a copy of a web document entitled 'nuclear fusion in molecular systems'. I then started examining my memory and reading up on earth sciences.

    Waterfalls, breaking waves, growing green plants bacteria animals plus working steam engines all release gamma wave radiation and produce Alpha particles. Lightning is powered by the gentle collision of rain drops also doing molecular nuclear fusion from water.

    We get a weak down strike linking the Alpha particles above the clouds with the negative charge carry by a hydroxyl ions to the ground. This sets up A steam plasma. We then get an up strike of 1 the.2x1020 Watts as the electrons flow are a steam plasma.

    Steam plasmas are interesting, as a support massive ecosystems has hot-smokers: where the gentle emission of steam bubbles into high pressure water sets up a steam plasma, as rain drops do in a heavy rainstorm.

    So that is the answer! Steam plasmas do nuclear fusion. But Dr. Zimmerman told me more. The turbulent flow of hydrogen gas as it flows up a helix should do nuclear fusion –once we pass the turbulence threshold.

    Passing steam up a helix will do molecular nuclear fusion. Heating up the steam. If we drip high pressure water to the top of the helix, by the time it emerges at the base it will be trying steam. We can then take our to run a steam cycle, and then cool it to just condensed water.

    I would opt to collect on the cold end of a Carnot cycle, and introduce the hot pressurise Carnot gas at the base of the helix: producing Professor Zimmerman's double helix. He has been doing expanse on these for 20 years.

    This means he has been doing experiments into nuclear fusion for 20 years. But never published his results. Shame. Producing a helix and introducing water into it is not hard. To try it out we want a small pump to recycle the water. There are more details, but you can work these out for yourself.

    If you know a chemistry funding body, get them to find year to look at molecular nuclear fusion. And change the world. And make a lot of money.


    Metal oxide fission tubes are expensive to produce. You have to mine uranium ore, purify it and ship it around this planet. In countries with no indigenous nuclear industries. So this releases as much carbon dioxide as if nuclear power just burned fossil fuels.

    Was used the fuel rods must be reprocess. This is very expensive and polluting. In the end the toxic rod must be stored for hundreds of thousands of years. This is expensive. So nuclear power is uneconomic and so price of oil and gas is increased. This has happened of late. It suggests somebody is distorting the oil and gas markets in the home of getting new nuclear fission plants.

    But life has done nuclear fusion from water since the seas were over 10 feet deep. In fact earlier, as the turbulent flow of moist air also does molecular nuclear fusion. That is why Venus is so hot, but only receives 25% more sun light than the Earth.

    It also means there is life in the deep around Mars: future missions to Mars should be equipped with ground sonar. There is life in the deep around the earth. We can drill down and studied here. Hot smokers show that MNF can replace solar radiation to support ecosystems. Hot smokers use steam bubbles passing into high pressure water to do MNF.

    This sets up steam plasmas in the deep, which act as little suns

    We can replace all fission rods with steam plasma tubes. These do molecular nuclear fusion: as the deep sea, or fields of green crops do. Or your blood system as you heart beats. So totally nontoxic, safe and free.

    Once started a steam plasma tube will self-sustain. Turning regular water into heat. The oxygen atoms fission away to more hydrogen, converting its mass into heat. So Einstein's equation applies here:

E1=mc2        where E1 equals 1.5x1024 per gram of water.

    Light is free electromagnetic radiation. So E= Light

    Matter is a closed loop of electromagnetic radiation. So E= Light3

    So when you converts matter into light you are wrong when the energy, which is incumbent to releasing c2. Einstein did not get lucky; he just considered that matter was light folded into three dimensions. Clever guy.

    Steam plasma tubes are four times as exothermic as fission tubes. Water is so much lighter than uranium we are also backing in a lot of water molecules rather than uranium oxide ones.

    There really important point is the failure to produce strontium or plutonium. So nontoxic and you can't make bombs of it. The only way man has found to do so, is to explode a fission device in a water tank. In the 1950s mankind found out her to do nuclear fusion on earth. Of

    There is no good reason to do nuclear fission any more. It is a fatal technology which should be consigned to the history books. Jet engines do molecular nuclear fusion from combustion products: as to IC engines.

    If we make a porous exhaust we can boil off water and feed this through the engine in place of the combustion products. There is no carbon dioxide. And no fossil fuel burn. So very cheap, and more effective than burning aviation fuel.

    Such an engine can power space rockets into space, as they only need oxygen to start the engine off. Setting up a Manning a Moon colony is a simple therefore. Flying through space needs a very little water burn. So we can design spaceships to rattle around the solar system.