Saturday, 15 January 2011

What is lightning?

    We know a lot about lightning. But we have not engaged our brains. So what do we know?

    The gentle coalition of rain drops in a rain storm causes a positive charge to form above the clouds and a negative one, the ground. Heavy rain storms give off nuclear radiation and lead to the formation of ozone and helium. There helium carers of positive charge

    The formation of helium is very interesting. As is no chemical source of helium anywhere. We actually see the formation of Alpha particles. These are helium nuclei which as they lack their electrons are the source of the positive charge.

    To my mind the formation of ozone interesting. Because it implies that something is falling free radical oxygen. So we are seeing


    Welcome to molecular nuclear fusion. Two raindrops collide at above the strong atomic force for hydrogen. And adjacent water molecules donate a hydrogen so get nuclear fusion and form helium. The residual is called a hydroxyl ion. Two hydroxyl molecules bond together to you as fact water and the charged oxygen molecule.

    So this is why we get nuclear radiation. We are doing nuclear fusion, from molecular hydrogen –here water. We also see this with ammonia, ethanol, water and hydrocarbon refineries. OK water again but we get the idea.

    In plant photoblasts


    We also see this biological, molecular, nuclear fusion in animal blood systems. So all life is driven by nuclear fusion. But not from hydrogen gas. From water.

    The physical world gets in on the act. At waterfalls and breaking waves


    Man is steam cycle also does this type of molecular nuclear fusion. It produces helium and oxygen. And loads of power. For free. Nuclear fission creates death. Nuclear fusion from water is life.

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