Monday, 3 January 2011

Terrestrial nuclear fusion

When a proton and electron collide, they do not an annihilate. A positron and electron would. They form the composite particles, the neutron. Interestingly enough, when gamma wave radiation interacts two and gamma waves can also yield a neutron.

Matter consists of closed loops of electro magnetic radiation. Like consists of free waves of electro magnetic radiation. So in her outer space like waves bond together to form protons and electrons. These bond to form hydrogen.

These are sucked into a stars, where nuclear fusion turns hydrogen back into light. As it goes around again. No beginning or end to time. Just energy cycling to and from matter.

Einstein was nearly right. He said that local time was produced by the interaction of a gravitational field with universal time. He was right. Scientists called the effect of gravity the local permeativity of free space.

So as gravity approaches that of a neutron star, time slows down to zero. It never plants over to negative time, the permeativity decreases from one towards zero. It never reverse is in direction.

We see neutrons stars, but that is the limit. When all electrons are bonded to protons, that is the densest form of matter. Black holes do not exist. We see a massive none radiant stars. Which have large gravity that produce no radiation.

In time the super massive brown stars go nova. It is the end of a star's life.

Albert Einstein suggested that it is a very dense form of energy. C2 being equal to 1.5 x 1024. Neutrons causeause an atom to release its energy. He never considered gas plasmas, containing a partial pressure of hydrogen.

We get a constant amalgamation of protons and electrons, forming neutrons. Hydrogen nuclei are basically protons, being always feared by a single electron.

In a lightning does strike the gradual drift of electoral holes sets up a partial steam plasma in the air. The gentle coalition of rain drops does molecular nuclear fusion. This forms Alpha particles, and hydroxyl molecules.

The hydroxyl molecules carry the negative charge to the ground. The Alpha particles carrying the positive charge to above the clouds. When we link these two charge fields with a steam plasma, we get molecular nuclear fusion as the electrons flow up the plasma to above the clouds.

A lightning bolt releases 1.2 x1020 Watts for three sections. It isn't as energetic as a volcanic eruption. Weather turbulent flow of steam does molecular nuclear fusion. It probably sets up a steam plasma again.

Certainly hot-smokers bubble steam through high pressure water and do produce a steam plasma. And this supports massive ecosystems away from solar radiation.

On suns a partial hydrogen plasma does nuclear fusion. On earth the turbulence of boiling also does nuclear fusion –but this time from molecular hydrogen. Life is powered by molecular nuclear fusion. Unexpected, but true!

Lightening is totally unpredictable. Though we can strike up a steam plasma in a tube. Once established itself sustains. Turning water into 6 MW of power, per metre are two while we top up the water level.

Power with no carbon dioxide. And no toxic fission waste. It produces 3He and 22O, like the deep sea does. Molecular nuclear fusion is the most important Energy System on earth. But totally unstudied.

As nuclear power refuses to fund work into nuclear fusion, as it requires light engineering and he is 1000 times cheaper than toxic nuclear fission from uranium. It is the mass 500 times cheaper than burning fossil fuels.

With no production of carbon dioxide. But plants had taken in all man's carbon dioxide to support more life on earth. There is no more carbon dioxide in the air than there was 200 years ago. So there is no possible effect on the climate.

The climate change are mob have only analysed carbon dioxide in cities. But cities are a vanishing this small area of the earth's surface. Plants sink all the available carbon dioxide. So globally, carbon dioxide is at a preindustrial the2 ppm. Man made global warming and climate change are fiction from toxic nuclear fission. And its paid stooges.

Why are these people are allowed in education I do not know.

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