Monday, 3 January 2011

Steam does fusion

    Where ever we C steam in turbulent flow we see the creation of ozone, helium and nuclear radiation. The ozone is formed from free radical oxygen bonding with molecular oxygen.

    We also see this where biology metabolises carbon dioxide and water. The release of nuclear radiation is very important, as this tells us nuclear reactions are occurring. No fission or radioactive decay is happening. Molecular nuclear fusion is. This does

H2O->He+O+E1+γ    or CO2+3H2O->He+CH4+O3+E2

    Biology is driven by it. Your own heart gives out nuclear radiation and produces helium, which you breathe out. As it does molecular nuclear fusion. It does a biological form, so you also breathe out methane and ozone.

    It is the most important Energy System on earth.

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