Sunday, 23 January 2011

Plants do fusion

On earth we see loads of nuclear fusion going on in nature. The turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam produces helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat. Some chemical reactions free use X-rays rather than gamma waves.

The biggest biological source is photosynthesis. My thanks here to Dr. MatZinger he told me, eight months ago, at the semi permeable membrane around plants photoblasts are those plants to trickle in heavy water to do photosynthesis with.

Plants in the light produce helium and the other markers for molecular nuclear fusion. Physicists think they understand nuclear fusion, biologists are sure they do not. I used to work in heavy engineering side you understand the machines used by nuclear industry, and not so good at biology though. Thanks again to Dr. MatZinger.

Plants in the light take in UV light and years that turbulent flow of heavy water in the photosynthetic organ to do molecular nuclear fusion. The turn CO 2 and water into helium, free radical oxygen plus methane and heat. The emission of helium or nuclear radiation from plants I got from papers published by professional biologists. We all write up interesting stuff we do not fully understand. So other people can work on the ideas. My thanks here goes to Professor Zimmerman.

Most of the methane is combined with more water to build carbohydrates. Only a little is vented to the air. It means plants need access to a lot of water. Three water molecules to do photosynthesis with, more Chernobyl the carbohydrates.

To do nuclear fusion we do not need temperatures of 1,000,000 Celsius. The deep sea does molecular nuclear fusion at 3 C. In that turbulent flow of sea water returning to the equator from being cooled at the poles.

All through nature we get the helium, free radical oxygen, gamma waves and heat. The gamma waves are easiest to detect, requiring only a simple Geiger counter. So medics delighted in telling me that the heart and arteries give off radiation as you are alive.

So we see molecular nuclear fusion going on in all animal bodies. Animals do MNF in their mitochondria –doing biological MNF from carbon dioxide and the blood as it flows around the body. Here we are doing nuclear fusion at 30 C.

To assume that higher temperatures were required for nuclear fusion is sloppy thinking from the fifties. High temperatures results from the high levels of higher atomic nuclear fusion going on, on suns. Where it is created by the boiling mass of high pressure hydrogen gas on the surface of suns,

In 2007 NASA put on record that a boiling mass of liquid water gave off nuclear radiation. The turbulent flow of water, at one bar, does molecular nuclear fusion. This is a large part of have I got the idea. The rest was from a paper penned by three professors –which is still on the Internet the last time I looked.

Entitled 'Nuclear Fusion in molecular systems'. We see the production of the fusion markers in all refineries of molecular hydrogen: including ammonia, hydrocarbon, water, and ethanol.

I was back at Sheffield University doing a PhD about Global Warming. I did not realise there is a massive over sufficiency of photosynthetic plants to sink man is carbon dioxide. Over the last 200 years life on earth had increased by over 15%. But free carbon dioxide in the air is pegged by photosynthesis going on naturally.

Carbon credits are a con. The developed world should be charging the third world but all the extra carbon dioxide, and so life we supply to them. For free –as air circulates around the earth.

The simplest way to produce fresh water is to have an open ended turn for tower with a vacuum pump at the top, sitting in the see. As the water rises up the tower it boils. Leaving its salt behind. The remaining water is cooled, and flows out of the base of the tower as cold brine.

We pump out pure steam. Which we play against a finned metal surface. We produce an endless amount of pure water. We then used another little pump to pump the water to high storage. Or into a canal system. As was down in the myth of Atlantis.

There the Greek fiction writer was interested in easy transport, not water production. So for the cost of running two little pumps we produce an endless supply of pure water. High pressure deceleration is very expensive.

The tower idea is nearly free. We then irrigate the deserts. And then grow plants. Waves do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. Removing carbon dioxide from the air. But carbon dioxide limits life on earth. It has no conceivable effect on the weather.

Plants take all the CO 2 from the air. So over last 200 years there has been no increase in free carbon dioxide. There has been an increase in free life. Man-made global warming and climate change were fiction from nuclear power, who is good fiction relations. But they are fatal.

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