Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nature uses a steam plasma to do fusion

    In a lightning strike we see the release of an estimated 1.2 x 1020 Watts of heat over 3 sections. In 1986 I got an M.Eng. In 2000 as back at Sheffield University doing a PhD about the climate. Nuclear fusion generates power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste. We generate 3He and 22O.

    We lose the helium to space, and breathe in the oxygen. Green crops in light produce 22O, and it makes up 25% of the oxygen we breathe. Our own hearts do molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why we breathe out helium –though we do not breathe it in.

    So of course I am going to study this aren't I? No. Academia gets too much money from its climate research. To allow somebody to give the world nuclear fusion. Oxford University are investigating have a hydrogen plasma does nuclear fusion.

    Or really, two years ago they got four billion UK pounds to research it. Since when we have heard nothing. Lightning strikes liberate so much power, nobody without any difficulty in believing they do nuclear fusion. They do molecular nuclear fusion:

H2O->He+O+E+γ        where E is 3.6 x 1020 Joules

    Setting up a discharge tube filled with steam, and striking up a plasma is trivial. Within five years all burning of fossil fuels will have stopped. Mankind will fire up a steam plasma to turn regular water into heat. Its consumption of water is negligible.

    A cup full of water will power a car for three years. With no petrol.

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