Monday, 17 January 2011


    After Chernobyl nuclear power realised to get new plants it would have to be green. They chose to differentiate themselves from conventional power by carbon dioxide.

    Very stupid. They did not realise there mining, purifying and shipping uranium ore is masses of carbon dioxide. There turnover of plants every 25 years means they produce as much carbon dioxide as if they burned or oil.

    So EDF is now seeking to extend the life of the nuclear plants they bought. This is very dangerous. I used to forge carbon by nuclear power: which is why I left heavy metals forging so as I could.

    Components in a nuclear power plant show increased metal creep. So components change shape with time. The last thing you should do is run a nuclear power plant after its 25 year design life.

    Unless you the plant down, and it cool you can't actively made to the dimensions of the metal forgings. Unless you want another Chernobyl you have to shut the plant down.

    Nuclear power thus produces masses of carbon dioxide.

    They prophesied that there rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air would affect the weather. This shows their stooges were biologically ignorant.

    Green plants sink all the carbon dioxide from the air to support life on earth. Harvard University spent two years looking into this. They found that in the last 200 years free carbon dioxide in the air was at two parts per 1,000,000.

    This was the lower limit set by photosynthesis. They also found that crop yields have gone up by 15%. There is no way that a static level of carbon dioxide could affect the weather. It follows the natural climate.

    So it goes up in an ice-age. When there is less life on earth. The more life their ears on earth the more water gets tidied up rather morning back into the see. So no effect on the weather, but more life on earth. And lower sea levels.

    Releasing carbon dioxide is the best thing man has ever done for life on earth.

    This leaves Greenpeace with a problem. They have been actively publicising fiction from nuclear power. Which is antilife, and he is against plant growth.

    Which is why last year, with no publicity, both Greenpeace and the WWF stopped publicising global warming.

    Bit late really. The natural weather started cooling in 2005. As predicted by natural solar cycles. 'Nuclear power's' climate change says that carbon dioxide, in some way of not yet decided, will affect the weather in some bad way.

    Welcome to natural weather on earth. Carbon dioxide is a climate follower, as it follows the natural wax and wane of green plants.

    The stooges to nuclear power badly needs to study biology is carbon cycle. They would find out that the available carbon dioxide is a limit to life on earth.

    In late Jurassic there was 60 percent more life on earth. When that life died with the dinosaurs it formed the fossil fuels we are no burning. So we are now increasing life slowly back to hire was in the time of the dinosaurs.

    Life itself uses carbon dioxide to initiate biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. That is real science. Google it the, I have for loads of stuff out on blogger about it.

    MNF is important as man is steam cycle does it. It is possible to keep such a system running, by burning no fossil fuels. Just consuming very, very, very little regular water.

    You would have thought MNF was worth a PhD. No. It is too far in advance of present thinking. And it totally destroys climate change, the big cash cow of academia.

    What about nuclear fission? They are toxic death.

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