Saturday, 29 January 2011

Global warming fixed

    The contention was that man is out part carbon dioxide from his machines have affected the weather. This would have gone back two hundred years.

    The prewar years had little production of carbon dioxide. Yet 1938 was the warmest year on record. The newspapers of the time do not record a five fold increase in sea levels. Another major prediction of global warming.

    Global Warming was evolved as idea in 1983 after Chernobyl. Then in 2005 the weather started cooling. Which was exactly the natural weather process.

    So nuclear power changed over to man-made climate change. Saying, in some way as yet unknown, for reasons as yet unknown, the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air would affect the climate. They had invested ¼ billion dollars in the the the the carbon dioxide stories over 30 years.

    For biologists around the planet knew about the carbon cycle. They knew that plants took in carbon dioxide to the lower limit for photosynthesis to occur.

    This predicted that there would have been no increase in carbon dioxide in the air since the little ice-age. It also predicted carbon dioxide had risen in ice-ages. Ice cores from Antarctica shows this was the case.

    Harvard did mineral analysis from around the world. They found there have been no in free carbon dioxide over last 200 years. So carbon dioxide was a static vector.

    By definition his can of water had nothing. Professor Zimmerman is a mathematician so there is only too aware that man-made climate change is an impossibility.

    Telling the world this did not get me my PhD. The title to which was 'Sorting Out Global Warming'. I think he is no person on the planet who would contest that demolishing man-made global warming as a theoretical idea was not sorting it out.

    Man made climate change has never happened. Could never happen. Was nothing to with man is carbon dioxide. That has increased life on earth.

    Coincidentally nuclear power kills life on earth.

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