Sunday, 9 January 2011

Better desalination

    In 2000 I started working on this idea, as a way to fix man-made global warming. In 2010 Harvard University published their results of a worldwide minerals side. This had been initiated by my video and on green plants sinking carbon dioxide.

    They found there is a massive excess of photosynthetic plants. So there has been no increase in carbon dioxide since then after the little ice-age. In the ice-age itself, carbon dioxide has been higher. Since then he's has been static at two parts per 1,000,000.

    So man-made global warming was devised with no increase in carbon dioxide in the air. The world climate is controlled by solar cycles. In periods of high silence falls on some, we get loads of cosmic rays hitting the stratosphere. This nucleates high clouds.

    This prevents solar radiation warming the air. It shuttles solar heat towards the poles. So we cool the hot regions, and a warm the cool ones. Photosynthesis occurs as UV light hits green plants. This goes straight through clouds.

    The factor controlling plant growth is rain. So clouds even out the temperature around the earth, and also increase plant growth. In 2000, I suggested using a star powering heat pump, to take heat from the hotter and plant it in the seas. In the cold countries we reverse the cycle and take the heat from the seas and putting in the air.

    Cooling hot air condenses out water. So this idea would have produced fresh water as a by-product. It would have irrigated the dry lands and sorted out global warming. This PhD was ended, for no explained reason. But academia enjoys the money for climate research, and did not want the problem solving.

    I continued to work on the area, and found that solar cycles predicted the world climate would turn in 2005. And it did. So we are now in for another little ice-age.

    There is 40 times the amount of green crops to sink all man is carbon dioxide. As he releases more carbon dioxide, green plants expand so take the gas in. The great shortage on earth is available carbon dioxide. More carbon dioxide; more life on earth. Not more carbon dioxide in the air, so there is no effect on the world climate.

    We want to increase the cloud around the earth to make them more temperate climates all earlier. Reverse osmosis is energy intensive. So my heat pump idea is five times cheaper than pump room sea water at higher pressure through a semi permeable membrane.

    But we can do better. We erect a tower in the seas. So it is open to the lower sea level, but extends for 6 feet above the sea. We install a vacuum pump to evacuate the gas from the top of the tower. As we decrease the pressure and suck the see water up, the pressure on the sea water decreases.

    At 30 C, the water boils at 4 ½ feet head. So the gas we are evacuating is pure water vapour, as the see water boils under reduced pressure. So this is 20 times better than high pressure desalination.

    The steam cycle works by causing super-heated water to boil as we reduce the pressure. Here from four to 3.8 bars. To create fresh water we boil of sea water at 0.2 bars.

    Low pressures are a lot cheaper to create than high pressure. The heat pump idea is self-powering, once started. That is quite a complicated plant to design. A 6 foot tower is trivial to build. The vacuum pumping does not use a lot of money.

    We get an endless source of fresh water. The heat is supplied by nature. We pump the fresh water to irrigate the deserts. The great shortage on earth is then available carbon dioxide to have plants grown. This has been the situation fall last 200 years.

    But it is easier even than this. We do not depend on solo cosmic rays to nuclear power. We set up a manmade cosmic ray emitter: cosmic rays are just very high frequency radio waves. Somebody has done this, and found it is 1000 times cheaper than high pressure deceleration.

    The cosmic rays interact with the earth's magnetic field, to spray out muons and electrons. Muons are just positively charged electrons. So the electrons travel towards the north pole, and the muons towards the serve one.

    These subatomic particles nucleate high cloud in the stratosphere. Once initiated these close grow. They take the solar radiation from the heartlands and take it to the poles. They increase global rainfall. So for the price of one radio transmitter we create the rain equivalent of the water from 1000 desalination plants.

    We also hold off the up coming ice-age that is upon us. We turn Saudi Arabia back into the lush area it was in the days of the Roman empire. We hold off a worldwide shortage of food.

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