Sunday, 30 January 2011

A water jet

    If you turn the working Geiger counter on your own chest, you can take your pulse. As the human heart does molecular nuclear fusion every time it beats. Two seconds to confirm the greatest discovery in history.

    This was taught to me by an engineer at BNFL. But it has been known to medics for 20 years. You get gamma wave radiation arming and arteries, but the pressure waves do not reach their veins; so they do no MNF.

    We can take a toy jet engine and modify it. So we have a loop of metal hose around the exhaust. We years is a metal as exhaust is made of, to prevent expansion problems. So promptly stainless steel.

    We start the engine up using aviation fuel. Was running we turn on the water from. This pumps water to the exhaust loop. We get a stream of super heated steam. We feed this into the space after the combustion chamber.

    Turning the aviation fuel off, we have at hypersonic jet that the owners of water. Jet engines are fusion devices. As demonstrated by use of a Geiger counter.

    The aviation fuel is weakly radioactive, the turbine is massively radioactive. More so if it is titanium plated.

    You have to be very lazy not confirm the human heart does MNF.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Life does fusion

    Or around and in us nature is turning water into helium, oxygen, low power gamma wave radiation and heat. The gamma rays are stops by even the side of the kettle.

    Green plants in the light of produce helium and gamma rays: they do light induced molecular nuclear fusion. This is why water supports life. Life needs the energy from MNF.

    Waterfalls and deep lakes do MNF. Here it is at turbulence of high pressure water, or interaction with dropping water onto river water which does MNF.

    Growing bacteria do it. As I was told by a biologist in 1982. She told me that growing bacteria give off nuclear radiation. I laughed with incredulity.

    Animal blood systems give out gamma rays as the heartbeats. We see MNF in the heart and arteries. Biological systems used MNF to turn carbon dioxide into methane.

    This is why you breathe out helium and methane. And is the source of free radical oxygen. Unless you're a green plant there is no help benefit in taking antioxidants.

    Photosynthesis produces so much free radical oxygen, because of the high levels of MNF we see with plants.

    It is ironic that nuclear power has waged a war against carbon dioxide. Nature is powered by MNF induced by carbon dioxide. Nuclear power from uranium is toxic, polluting and fatal. It creates toxic waste which kills for hundreds of thousands of years.

    A steam plasma tube copy is lightning. You guessed it, lightning gives off gamma wave radiation as it forms helium, and it's free radical oxygen forms ozone.

    The countryside, waterfalls and animal respiration all form ozone. The equations are

CO2+3H2O -> He+CH4+3O.+γ+E        Where E= 1.5 x 1024 Watts per g of he.

H2O ->He+O.+ γ+E

    I told Sheffield University the genesis of this in 2001. They ended my PhD for no reason. This is 2011, they have not lacked the world no only about it. So I thought I would tell you direct.

Bacteria Gas

    All life takes in carbon dioxide and water. And uses it to build bacteria and plant the bulk. It gives out gamma wave radiation and produces helium and oxygen as it does so. Oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history. The chemical equation is:

CO2+3H2O ->He+CH4+E1    E1=1.5 x 1024 Watts/g    or 9.5 x 1022 Watts/gram CO2

    There is no argument that by releasing more carbon dioxide than just by breathing out, man has done more for life on earth than by any other means. The global level of carbon dioxide in the air has not changed in 200 years. Though Harvard University found crop yields have gone up by 15%.

    So man-made global warming and climate change were fiction from nuclear power. Who have and cells are toxic death. Unless fatal technology we allow on earth today. Cyanide manufacture or their biological creation of nerve agents is so safe in comparison.

    In the light green plants do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. According to the above equation. My thanks to Professor Zimmerman for getting me to balance this nuclear equation. This is outside the science taught to me on my master's degree in engineering and metallurgy.

    I was sponsored on my degree by Inco. After graduation I left the company because of my hatred of working for nuclear power. As you may gather, I regard nuclear power as a biggest threat to life on earth however. They invented the phantom science of global warming. But there has been no increase in carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. So it GW is total fiction.

    For all recorded time, about 3.6 billion years, bacteria in the sea have converted carbon dioxide into carbohydrates: the methane produced by MNF is bonded with more water molecules to form the carbohydrates of life.

    Life converts all the carbon dioxide in the air into new life. Down to two parts per 1,000,000. In a breath test was that sensitive, a pint of cider two weeks ago would reindeer unfit to drive.

    Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Both bacteria and plants release some of this gas into the air of the sea. It is release to the sea where he bombs with more water molecules. To form the metastable methyl hydrate:

CH4+n(H2O) -> CH5(H2O)nOH

    This white solid collects on the sea floor. When we have a tectonic adjustment this abducts down to the mantel where, and collects in mantle pockets. In their ears exposed platinum metal this polymer rise is to form oil.

m(CH5(H2O)nOH -> Cm(H2O)n

    This is the generic equation for all fossil oil on earth. If we do not have exposed platinum metal, the mantle pocket fills with methane gas, and water.

    The formation of the fossil oil coincides with a death of the dinosaurs 65,000,000 years ago. When the comet crashed into Mexico and caused global tectonic adjustment. But bacteria are still converting carbon dioxide into methyl hydrate.

    Today this solid is collecting on sea beds. If we robot mind the dust from the Irish State way only bring it up to the surface and reduce the pressure to one bar, we will get bubbles of methane gas coming off. This is natural gas.

    There as we burn it, deep sea bacteria will convert it back into methyl hydrate. There will be no possible effect on the weather. Life on earth ensures there can never be an increase in free carbon dioxide, outside of an ice-age.

    That's interesting. Carbon dioxide levels only rise in ice-ages. Man has no effect on the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Releasing more carbon dioxide increases life on earth. Having new nuclear plants massively decreases life on earth. Chernobyl shows that one. nuclear plant can spraying radioactive waste over a third of a continent.

    Robot mining methyl hydrate will give the UK and endless supply of biologically regenerated methane.

Carbon dioxide level

    Due to green plants the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been constant since the little ice-age. Man additional CO2 has led to more life on earth. No possible effect on the weather.

Global warming fixed

    The contention was that man is out part carbon dioxide from his machines have affected the weather. This would have gone back two hundred years.

    The prewar years had little production of carbon dioxide. Yet 1938 was the warmest year on record. The newspapers of the time do not record a five fold increase in sea levels. Another major prediction of global warming.

    Global Warming was evolved as idea in 1983 after Chernobyl. Then in 2005 the weather started cooling. Which was exactly the natural weather process.

    So nuclear power changed over to man-made climate change. Saying, in some way as yet unknown, for reasons as yet unknown, the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air would affect the climate. They had invested ¼ billion dollars in the the the the carbon dioxide stories over 30 years.

    For biologists around the planet knew about the carbon cycle. They knew that plants took in carbon dioxide to the lower limit for photosynthesis to occur.

    This predicted that there would have been no increase in carbon dioxide in the air since the little ice-age. It also predicted carbon dioxide had risen in ice-ages. Ice cores from Antarctica shows this was the case.

    Harvard did mineral analysis from around the world. They found there have been no in free carbon dioxide over last 200 years. So carbon dioxide was a static vector.

    By definition his can of water had nothing. Professor Zimmerman is a mathematician so there is only too aware that man-made climate change is an impossibility.

    Telling the world this did not get me my PhD. The title to which was 'Sorting Out Global Warming'. I think he is no person on the planet who would contest that demolishing man-made global warming as a theoretical idea was not sorting it out.

    Man made climate change has never happened. Could never happen. Was nothing to with man is carbon dioxide. That has increased life on earth.

    Coincidentally nuclear power kills life on earth.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Global warming was a fraud

    You were taught, when you were 11, that plants took in carbon dioxide, and build plant bulk with it. They excreted oxygen. Animals actually evolved to convert the oxygen of plant bulk back into carbon dioxide, and life hit a brick wall in the cretaceous when there wasn't enough carbon dioxide in the air.

    In 1983 nuclear power he is the Chernobyl. This sprayed radioactive waste over a third of Asia. Surely after this there would be no more nuclear plants. Margret Thatcher approved Sizewell B, but this took over a decade to begin operation: the environmental protests were so large.

    Nuclear power realised they must be seen as green. They used their money to buy academics. Over the years has cost them over ¼ billion pound. That has been the cost of getting science professors to ignore their high school biology.

    They had eaten up by Harvard University. In 2008 they did the mineral analysis from around the world. They dated the rocks using radioactive phosphorus dating, as radiocarbon dating doesn't work with rocks: you may gather here, I am a metallurgist who knows about radioactivity.

    August 2010 they published their results in New Scientist. There had been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. There had been a 15% increase in crop yields.

    That's interesting: nuclear power proposed that the increasing carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution have affected the weather. So from 1880 to the present day.

    In the little ice-age free carbon dioxide was at four parts per 1,000,000. But for last 200 years it has been at two parts per 1,000,000. So it was highly in an ice-age, there has fallen and remained static at a lower level.

    As biology predicted life on earth has increased. The weather is eternal result of solar cycles. They predicted that 1983 was a in a natural warming phase. Which would end in 2005.

    Says 2005 the world has been cooling. Since then nuclear power has pushed 'climate change': which is her name for global cooling. All the academics who wrote papers for nuclear power now looks very stupid.

    These are the people that should not be involved at any level in education. Global warming was phantom science to scare the stupid. Nuclear power used amenable academics to write fiction. Real free to e-mail me their names.

    I am More nuclear plants will cost the earth, and kill us all. Greenpeace used to promote global warming. No they don't. They just keep totally silent on the subject.

Simple fusion

    To prove molecular nuclear fusion, boil water with a Geiger counter handy. The turbulence of boiling converts some of the water into helium, oxygen and heat. This is why a pan of water goes crazy as it reaches the boil.

    We see MNF at waterfalls, breaking waves, with green crops in light, animal blood systems at the heart and arteries and with growing bacteria. A working steam engine does MNF.

    So the industrial revolution was fusion driven: we just never realized. We need the kinetic interaction of water or steam molecules to exceed the strong atomic force for hydrogen atoms in the molecules of water.

    This is not rocket science. There rockets do produce MNF as the rocket fuel is burned. From


    I think I had my injuring properties lectures in the first time, 1983, Thursday afternoons at 2.00 PM. A may be wrong here.

    Titanium metal capitalises the hydrogenation of animal and plant fats. That's doing electrolysis of water at 99 Celsius should do MNF.

    Welcome to the contentious 'cold fusion'. To boast the MNF we are doing, run the system at four bar. It will now operate at 120 C.

    Get a toy steam engine, or borrow a full size engine from Kalum island. Titanium plate the working surfaces of the engine and you will double its power.

    Their whole working IC engines in the mechanical engineering practical laboratories. Spend 10 UK pounds to titanium plate the engine. Convert the engine to a lean burn cycle.

    You will get the same power output for half the fuel burn. Suit double the power for the same fuel, and half the carbon dioxide power plants. All the properties of the engine are on record.

    In a car factory titanium plate the working surfaces of a petrol or diesel engine. Again we want a lean burn comparator.

    We double the performance of the erosion, Halim its emission of carbon dioxide.

    Global Warming and Climate Change were pluralistic science. Plants have taken in all man's carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution. So every science professor on the planet knew that man had no effect on the climate through his engine's emission of carbon dioxide –the gas of life.

    I have been telling Professor Zimmerman this one for four years. He has never commented. The use of titanium metal can are the amount of fossil fuels rumours for them to get out heat and power.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Safe power

    All around and in us nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion from water. We just have no idea how I work yet.

    As the human heart beats, we get the release of gamma wave radiation at the heart and along the arteries. The mitochondria also metabolise carbon dioxide and water, like plants do. But we breathe out helium and methane.

    Green plants in the light do this form of biological molecular nuclear fusion. Producing power gamma wave radiation and helium: neither of which has a chemical source. It has to come from nuclear fusion, as there are no radioactive isotopes around.

    Nuclear fission is toxic to all life on earth. And lower sea is the technology man should not do. Plants enrich water bypassing it through a semi permeable membrane. So they do photosynthesis using heavy water.

    As I said in 2002, man is steam cycle does MNF. And yet we have never studied it this Engineering System doing nuclear fusion.

    Man is engine's do physical MNF. Like waterfalls and breaking waves. Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion. This does

CO2+3H2O ->He+CH4+3O.+E+γ    here E≤1.5 x 1024 Watts

    MNF is integral to life on earth. But is responsible in part, for the formation of cancer.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A steam plasma

    Is really a mixed hydrogen and oxygen plasma. The hydrogen one is easy to understand.

    Is really a mixed hydrogen and oxygen plasma. The hydrogen one is easy to understand.

1H++1/2n0 -> 2/3H+ -> E1+L+γ    where L is light

    The oxygen plasma is less definite. The simplest equation is

20O2-+1/2n0+0/1γ- ->22O2- -> 45/6Be2+->16(1/2/3H+-> E1+L+γ)

The plasma burns the water molecules to heat, light and radiation. There is no net electrical change. Even though the fissions create different ions, as we go from oxygen to light we consume all the matter with its electron.

    Doing fusion from water source a lot of our practical problems. Water is abundant and easy to handle. Hydrogen gas is not. As we have had energy production on site, we can easily produced power hydrogen on different.

    To run a hydrogen plasma. As an engineer, a steam plasma is easy to produce and maintain. Nature is powered by MNF, in the deep, at waterfalls, with green plants and light, in animal blood systems and growing bacteria. It is omnipresent. Which is probably why to be overlooked so far.

    Lightning uses a 2 cm thick, 1.5 kilometre long, mixed the air and steam plasma, to produce 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power. This equates to 12 MW per metre. This is a massive amount of power. It equates to over a decade of power used by the U.S..

    A pure steam plasma should produce 30 MW per metre. Lightning suggests a pressure of four bars will produce a self sustaining plasma. Once initiated, the plasma supports itself as it turns water into heat. With no external power source.

    A steam plasma is us the most exothermic structure on the earth. It will produce power with no carbon dioxide, and no toxic radioactive waste. In contrast nuclear fission from uranium is uneconomic, toxic death.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The world cools

    For 650,000,000 years plants have converted all the available carbon dioxide in the air into life. You are never commented on this point. It means that for the last 200 years carbon dioxide has been at two ppm: a static level. No effect on the climate possible.

    The hottest year of my lifetime was 1976. I have no recollection about 1998 even being unusual in the UK. 2005, we had a week's summer. For lose more than usual. Totally unexceptional.

    This year so far is called as 1963. They say he 2010 was as warm as 2005 or 1998. We have three years summer, so not only UK.

    Remember, global warming was meant to shift the base temperature of the climate around the world. So all countries would have been warmer. Every year for last 200. If not the last three billion.

    The 1950s, we had narrowly avoided another little ice-age. Just as the post war film was happening, an carbon dioxide was at its maximum ever. Create history lurched between ice-ages, when there was four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air. Learn your earth sciences.

    1998 to 2005 is seven years. That was colder the 1998. Global warming was meant to warm every year.

    2010 was the coldest December on record. Global warming was meant to warm every day in the year. In the 1980s, snow would be a folk memory in the 21st century.

    Wrong. It was colder in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and myself all have a record sea ice formation –it in as from a scientist there.

    So basically all the world was colder. All the locals commented upon it, even in India. I found it warm, not incredibly hot as it usually is.

    I holiday in Tenerife. When we were there, we have three days rain. First time in 25 years. I took this holiday in 2000.

    So carbon dioxide is pegged by photosynthesis. Global warming thus moves from 'A vague possibility' two a 'by totally impossibility'

    Professor Zimmerman e-mailed me to say he had published no papers on Global Warming, but it was possible science. It is impossible fiction from nuclear power.

    It was opportunistic phantom science after Chernobyl, and the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Russia, China and India do the buy into global warming.

    This next year should see China overtake the U.S. for emitting carbon dioxide. Luckily they are massive forests. But biology across the world can sink 40 times the carbon dioxide we give them.

    The all the fossil fuels represent the 60% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs. The years then were quite warm. Life was teeming.

    It was the earth's golden time. So much better are bound down today. By burning the fossil fuels we are going to get that life back into the ecosphere the.

    Provided we don't get any new nuclear plants. The world out there does not buy Global Warming. Life on earth is so much safer without any new nuclear plants.

    As a person alive on earth, you should be interested in the way nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Safe, non-polluting, free and meters gone on for three billion years.


Global impossible

    Green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago. Be talking in carbon dioxide, building plant bulk, and excreting oxygen. At the end of the cretaceous life hit a brick wall because plants could only take in during the day the carbon dioxide they excreted at night. At night plants take in oxygen and combine it with plant bulk to produce energy. Then they excrete carbon dioxide.

    Life I only got so this hole when animals evolved to do planned night time metabolism and, taking oxygen, all day. Animals are thus parasitic on plants. Plants need animals to produce more carbon dioxide.

    At the end of the Jurassic 60% of life on earth died with the dinosaurs. They are dusted down to mantle pockets and formed the fossil fuels. Coal forms in the deep from my carbohydrates of life. All the extracts from the deep carbon date to 2650 million years ago, when the dinosaurs died.

    Or the oil formed at the time of the massive tectonic adjustment after the comic heat in Mexico. So often the oil has shills in. Hence the name of the big oil company, 'Shell Oil'.

    When we combine the fossil fuels we have oxygen we produce a flame of carbon dioxide and steam in turbulent flow. The steam does molecular nuclear fusion. This is why flames give out heat. Just oxidising oil would take in heat.

    Diesel oil will not burn in the air. It is only when we pressurise the oil that it will ignite. When we are doing enough MNF for the processes to be exothermic. Steam engines do most MNF, but they take a long time to start or. Petrol is the most energy dense form oil, but does less MNF than the diesel cycle.

    So a steam engine as well for a diesel engine and, which in turn will out for a petrol engine.

    By releasing additional carbon dioxide fossil fuel flames returning the organic carbon back into the ecosphere. So plants convert all of the additional carbon dioxide back into life.

    Since the end of the little ice-age free carbon dioxide in the air has remained static at two parts per 1,000,000. Nuclear power, and its paid stooges, maintain the free carbon dioxide has increased. They obviously failed their basic high school biology. There has been no increase in free carbon dioxide.

    There has been an increase in life on earth. Harvard University says crop yields had increased by 15%. If you are mentally retarded the enough not to believe this basic science, go measure the free carbon dioxide 10 kilometres away from a time.

    Harvard has analysed the minerals from around the world. And found there has been no global increase in carbon dioxide for 200 years. The only possible increase is a local one in cities.

    But cities are such a small area they have no effect on the weather. They release massive amounts of heat anyway, so they are globally abnormal but insignificant. The air moves, so there carbon dioxide will end up as extra life within two days.

    For 27 years bad scientists have maintained that man is burning of fossil fuels has increased the free carbon dioxide in the air. No. Green plants have converted all the extra carbon dioxide into extra life.

    The free, global carbon dioxide level is determined by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take in this gas. So it has remained at two parts per 1,000,000 since the little ice-age. When it was at four ppm, as there were fewer plants to take it in.

    Carbon dioxide is a climate follower. Which I'm sure even nuclear power realised after Chernobyl. They hoped to pull the wool over the eyes of all the people and universities in the world to get new nuclear plants.

    Since 2005 the world has been cooling. Global warming was meant to warm the whole earth. In India, Hong Kong, California, Washington, Florida and Mauritius, in my experience, the globe is cooling.

    Carbon dioxide hasn't risen in 200 years. The pundits for manmade climate change are paid stooges to nuclear power. Who obviously have mental health problems. They are very, very, stupid. Some of them are hiding out in education. Do we have problems!

Global Warming was just silly

    High school biology teaches that sings green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago extra carbon dioxide ended up as extra life on earth. Not more carbon dioxide in the air.

    I was taught that in 1975. Man-made global warming and climate change could never have had anything to do with burning fossil fuels. That was just lies from nuclear power and the stupid, mentally deficient stooges.

    What are those morons doing working in education?

The IPCC are nuclear

    Nuclear power realised they were unpopular after Chernobyl. So they gave money to the funding agencies. They set up the 'independent panel on climate change'. I pointed out 18 months ago they were not independent. So they are now the 'the international panel on climate change'

    They are staffed with people amenable to nuclear power. Economists, statisticians but no climatologists that I know about. Their brief in 1983 was to make up stories why nuclear fission should be legal around the world. It is polluting, toxic and produces waste which is lethal for hundreds of thousands of years. So this was a tap brief.

    We have just come out of a period when scientists have been predicting the next ice-age for 20 years. Then we had 1976. The warmest summer since 1938 -as you will remember (joke). We work into a 28 year long period of natural climate warming.

    It is all determined by solar cycles, and the weather was due to cool from 2005. Right on the nose, it did so. The

    Nuclear power reckoned by then it would have secured a new generation of nuclear plants. That hope expired with Kyoto. That was or high water mark of global warming. 95% of academic professionals disputed global warming. The other 5% were funded by nuclear power.

    Nuclear did a thorough job. They paid monies to the papers every time they use the words 'global warming'. All the academic stooges were wrong footed when the world began to cool. So nuclear power invented the fiction of man-made climate-change.

    We now have the serious situation when we have 'global warming by global cooling'. I think nuclear power needs to invest in a new dictionary. Or any factual reading matter. All the academic stooges have no place in education.

    Nuclear power phase massive amounts of money for people to do their PR. Academics have sold themselves cheaply. The IPCC forecast the world would warm by 4.5, 5.8 and 6° C. For no reason.

    But the idea of global warming, was it would affect the whole world. I have been to Asia, Europe, America and a number I am in South America. Australia has experienced 50 year plants. Nuclear power was having a big push to get nuclear power plant in this nuclear power free country. The UK in 2010 had the coldest December on record. The U.S. have there's 2008.

    That one just went down the plughole. Or it would do if you can swim 10 feet below the surface of the water to the plug in the floods at Queensland. The world climate will next warm 2032, by which time there will be no nuclear power from uranium on earth.

    Nature does loads of molecular nuclear fusion. This is safe, clean, and free. Producing helium and oxygen. No enrichment required. No buying metal ore from politically unstable countries in Africa. Regular water from any river will do.

Abnormal heat

    Green plants have converted all man is carbon dioxide into more life on earth. Is none left in the air to affect the climate. That every biologist in the world will realise. Every chemist will realise A global warming must be coals by other agents.

    The idea of global warming is that all the world will be warmer all the time. The UK has just had the coldest December on record. So the globe is not warming is it. In the 1980s the global warming mob told us that snow would be a folk memory in the July 1 century. They were wrong.

    Green plants have taken in all man is carbon dioxide, down to two parts per 1,000,000. A level which has remained static for 200 years. Therefore we must look elsewhere for a we have normal heating.

    Nature does not do nuclear fusion from plutonium and uranium. It is too toxic –it kills all life on earth. But it is an abnormal heat source. Only man is stupid enough to do nuclear fusion.

    So this is our abnormal heat source. Which is ironic, as nuclear power has invested ¼ billion dollars getting there tame academics to write papers on them for coming global warming. Which isn't happening. But certainly isn't due to man is carbon dioxide.

    It is colder in African, Euro, the Americas and Australia has just had 50 year plants. Antarctica has had suffered record sea ice formation this year: the scientists down there don't believe in man-made global warming. Mind you, and the paid stooges do!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Rational science

    Since green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has been pegged by photosynthesis. In the little ice-age this is four parts per 1,000,000. A low number.

    There after the little ice-age there were more plants and this fell to two parts per 1,000,000. Where to stay at ever since. Harvard University published in New Scientist August 2010: the magazine which uses the fictitious science of Global Warming to sell copies.

    So before last 200 years the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been static. The life on earth has increased by 20% -a fact confirmed by Harvard University again. This is basic high school biology. Non-controversial fact.

    So where did the phantom science of Global Warming come from? Nuclear power seized on some discredited science after Chernobyl. And invested ¼ billion pounds getting academic stooges to write papers on total fiction.

    There has never been a data set on increasing carbon dioxide in the air. Because it isn't possible. Go ask your high school biology teacher if you doubt this.

    2005 the world starts noticeably cooling. Nuclear power junked global warming, and pushed climate change. To save increasing level of carbon dioxide affects the weather. Back to that erroneous idea again. It now says the' global warming through climate change'. That means the 'global warming through global cooling. The whole idea was nonsense from the start.

    Carbon dioxide increases life on earth. It reacts to the natural wax and wane of green plants. Which reacts to the natural weather. During this period nuclear power has distracted everybody from are fatal nature of nuclear fusion.

    This pollutes, kills, is a massive target for terrorism and produces waste which is toxic for hundreds of thousands of years. And it is under economic. If he has already killed us all. They want a new generation of plants. And their hope is on their PR –global warming. They are rather proud of that bit of nonsense.

    In 2000 and this was my PhD. The applied pressure to Sheffield University to get it ended. I had been rather vocal about global warming being fiction by nuclear power.

    All the time nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to produce helium, oxygen, analyser heat.

    The most exothermic event is a lightning strike. That turns under a gram of water into 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power for three sections. The initial charge is set up by molecular nuclear fusion are going in a rain storm. The helium ions carry the positive charge to above the clouds, and the rest of the water molecule carry the negative charge to the ground.

    When we have 5000 volts we get a down strike from the gentle drift of electoral holes falling on the ground setting up a steam plasma. We then get an up strike of the power above. This exceeds the total power usage of America since the British arrived there.

    For free. The helium is lost to space. Like the helium for the sea as it does MNF. Waterfalls, breaking waves, green plants in the light, and animal blood systems all do MNF. And produce helium, oxygen, and gamma wave radiation: the signature of molecular nuclear fusion.

    Safe, clean and no toxic waste. For free. No fossil fuel burns. Burning fossil fuels sets up steam in turbulent flow, so gives out gamma wave radiation as it does molecular nuclear fusion.

    Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion from water. Somebody tell Greenpeace.

The universe is fusion driven

    Suns do loads of nuclear fusion, turning hydrogen and helium into the heavier elements. And releases massive amounts of heat. They do little nuclear fission. Which is so toxic to all life in the universe.

    Mankind developed nuclear fission from uranium at the end of the second world war. Nuclear reactors were originally designed to brew up plutonium for bombs. They produce uneconomic, toxic and polluting power.

    Around us nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Producing helium, oxygen, low power gamma waves and heat. The most exothermic events ocurrs from rainstorms.

    Here the gentle buffeting of water drops does molecular nuclear fusion. This is why rainstorms produce helium and gamma wave radiation. And they also produce an electric effect.

    So the helium is created as He2+, and we get hydroxyl molecules -2 x OH-. Physicists turm helium nuclei, Alpha particles. They rise to above the clouds an sit there as a field of positive charge. The hydroxyl ions carry the surplus electrons to the ground.

    When we have a potential of 5000 volts, and 100 amps we get a weak drift of electoral holes setting up a steam plasma between the ground and the clouds. We turm this lightening. The down stroke is ½ MW in power.

    We then get the flow of electrons up through the steam plasma. This releases 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power for three seconds. This is a guesstimate. I think the true figure should be 8 x 1023 Watts for three seconds. It does not matter.

    In the figure is more than the total power usage of man since he evolved. Lightning fixes the organic nitrogen as nitrous and nitric acid. This fertilises the ground, and without it there would be no life on earth. We are fusion driven.

    We also see a steam plasma at hot-smokers in the deep sea. These are created by the venting of geothermal steam into high pressure water. They support massive ecosystems away from solar radiation.

    We have not explored the deep, as we thought it was devoid of life. It should be teeming with life supported by molecular nuclear fusion. We should send an robotic probes which are unaffected by the pressure but can send video back to the surface. Or store the images for later downloading at the surface.

    Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into heat with no toxic radioactive isotopes. The 22O is produced by green crops in light. Along with 3He which we lose to space. A steam plasma turns the free hydrogen nuclei, with the chaotic flowing electrons into neutrons:

H++e- ->n0

    These bond with their helium and oxygen, causing them to repeatedly fission into hydrogen. We then get

2/3H+ ->E1

    The energy is as light and heat. So a steam plasma tube would convert water into heat and light with no toxic radioactive isotope. The gamma waves are so low powered they are of no concern.

    Power with no carbon dioxide and no radioactive waste. To me this has to be worth the wait it would take to investigate. Molecular nuclear fusion will generate nearly free power, and save life on earth.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Limit to life

    Well as 11 I was taught at the limit to life on earth was available carbon dioxide in the air. That is ¼ century year. Darwin the would have taught you the same things there. At the end of the Jurassic 60% of all life on earth died, and went down into the deep and formed the fossil fuels.

    They are fossilised life. By burning the fossil fuels we are releasing that life from the steep stranglehold back to active life on earth. Harvard University found that the free carbon dioxide in the air hasn't changed in 200 years.

    Since the evolution of green plants, how could it. They found that crop yields have gone up by 15%. I would have expected the total life on earth to have gone up by 20%. But we get more plants, and more animals that eat them. So we would have expected plant life to increase by 15%.

    The thing which has not changed is the free carbon dioxide in the air. It is pegged at two parts per 1,000,000: 0.0002%. There static level for last two centuries. There is no evidence that carbon dioxide has never affected the weather. The weather affects it, via the wax and wane of green plants. So carbon dioxide rises and falls for years after the climate.

    It goes up in an ice-age, so in the 17th century it went up to four parts per 1,000,000. We are headed into another ice-age now, so maybe he carbon dioxide will rise. This will reflect the cooling climate. It will not warm the air.

    Man made global warming was devised by nuclear power to distract people from Chernobyl. In 2005, Global Warming was so obviously wrong, they changed to man-made climate change.

    Which wrong footed all the academic stooges. So know we have 'global warming through climate change'. Climate change was meant to be that the weather will be more violent. No we have whether that is more tranquil, wetter, and cooler.

    Global warming was meant to warm all of the world's climate all the time. Not an average figure. All the world's climate. It is so obviously wrong. All the university's that her generated an income from studying man-made global warming or climate change should return money as the science is rubbish.

    An increase in carbon dioxide is biological rubbish. An 11 year old child would tell you that. Nuclear power obviously failed O level biology. They are toxic death. Their plants kill, pollute and produce toxic waste which remains toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

    They are the primary target for all acts of terrorism. They are uneconomic. We now know that nature gets at power by doing molecular nuclear fusion on water. This produces helium, oxygen, and heat.

    Your own beating heart does it. As does a flame of fossil fuels. Or a working steam cycle. So man can easily generate all his power by using very little water. We gain hydrogen from space, and at lightning strikes get back our water. We lose the helium to space, so there is no build up of the C no gas in the air.

    Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Nuclear fission from uranium is the technology of death. Watch the videos on Chernobyl if you need a reminder.

Plants do fusion

On earth we see loads of nuclear fusion going on in nature. The turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam produces helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat. Some chemical reactions free use X-rays rather than gamma waves.

The biggest biological source is photosynthesis. My thanks here to Dr. MatZinger he told me, eight months ago, at the semi permeable membrane around plants photoblasts are those plants to trickle in heavy water to do photosynthesis with.

Plants in the light produce helium and the other markers for molecular nuclear fusion. Physicists think they understand nuclear fusion, biologists are sure they do not. I used to work in heavy engineering side you understand the machines used by nuclear industry, and not so good at biology though. Thanks again to Dr. MatZinger.

Plants in the light take in UV light and years that turbulent flow of heavy water in the photosynthetic organ to do molecular nuclear fusion. The turn CO 2 and water into helium, free radical oxygen plus methane and heat. The emission of helium or nuclear radiation from plants I got from papers published by professional biologists. We all write up interesting stuff we do not fully understand. So other people can work on the ideas. My thanks here goes to Professor Zimmerman.

Most of the methane is combined with more water to build carbohydrates. Only a little is vented to the air. It means plants need access to a lot of water. Three water molecules to do photosynthesis with, more Chernobyl the carbohydrates.

To do nuclear fusion we do not need temperatures of 1,000,000 Celsius. The deep sea does molecular nuclear fusion at 3 C. In that turbulent flow of sea water returning to the equator from being cooled at the poles.

All through nature we get the helium, free radical oxygen, gamma waves and heat. The gamma waves are easiest to detect, requiring only a simple Geiger counter. So medics delighted in telling me that the heart and arteries give off radiation as you are alive.

So we see molecular nuclear fusion going on in all animal bodies. Animals do MNF in their mitochondria –doing biological MNF from carbon dioxide and the blood as it flows around the body. Here we are doing nuclear fusion at 30 C.

To assume that higher temperatures were required for nuclear fusion is sloppy thinking from the fifties. High temperatures results from the high levels of higher atomic nuclear fusion going on, on suns. Where it is created by the boiling mass of high pressure hydrogen gas on the surface of suns,

In 2007 NASA put on record that a boiling mass of liquid water gave off nuclear radiation. The turbulent flow of water, at one bar, does molecular nuclear fusion. This is a large part of have I got the idea. The rest was from a paper penned by three professors –which is still on the Internet the last time I looked.

Entitled 'Nuclear Fusion in molecular systems'. We see the production of the fusion markers in all refineries of molecular hydrogen: including ammonia, hydrocarbon, water, and ethanol.

I was back at Sheffield University doing a PhD about Global Warming. I did not realise there is a massive over sufficiency of photosynthetic plants to sink man is carbon dioxide. Over the last 200 years life on earth had increased by over 15%. But free carbon dioxide in the air is pegged by photosynthesis going on naturally.

Carbon credits are a con. The developed world should be charging the third world but all the extra carbon dioxide, and so life we supply to them. For free –as air circulates around the earth.

The simplest way to produce fresh water is to have an open ended turn for tower with a vacuum pump at the top, sitting in the see. As the water rises up the tower it boils. Leaving its salt behind. The remaining water is cooled, and flows out of the base of the tower as cold brine.

We pump out pure steam. Which we play against a finned metal surface. We produce an endless amount of pure water. We then used another little pump to pump the water to high storage. Or into a canal system. As was down in the myth of Atlantis.

There the Greek fiction writer was interested in easy transport, not water production. So for the cost of running two little pumps we produce an endless supply of pure water. High pressure deceleration is very expensive.

The tower idea is nearly free. We then irrigate the deserts. And then grow plants. Waves do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. Removing carbon dioxide from the air. But carbon dioxide limits life on earth. It has no conceivable effect on the weather.

Plants take all the CO 2 from the air. So over last 200 years there has been no increase in free carbon dioxide. There has been an increase in free life. Man-made global warming and climate change were fiction from nuclear power, who is good fiction relations. But they are fatal.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Safe power

As I said in 2003 a steam engine give off the of helium and gamma wave radiation as they work. This is why even nuclear fission drives a steam process.

They are doing molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why he they generates too much power for the mass they burn: using E= mc2. The equation balances if you consider the working fluid thar is turned into helium and oxygen. That is the missing mass.

The polymerisation of the margarine is catalysed by an Face Centred Cubic metal –like titanium. This forms weak bonds with hydrogen so it capitalises all hydrogen reactions, like MNF (molecular nuclear fusion).

Thus to halve the fuel burn to run a steam process we titanium plate the working surfaces of the engine. This gives us the same power output for half the fossil fuel burn.

If we use steam injection we also increase the the MNF down by the engine. Carbon dioxide is not the problem today -as green plants sink it. The cost of the fossil fuels is the problem.

Combining these two ideas totally changes the equation for power production. We also prove that MNF is a real, important process.

Researching this real science will improve the reputation of Sheffield University. Continuing to allow the phantom science of climate change to be seen as having more than pluralistic PR will destroy tertiary education.

The problem here, isn't Sheffield University ended my PhD there no award. When I said global warming was fiction from nuclear power. They applied pressure to give my PhD ended. So they proved that man right.

Nuclear power is the enemy of life on earth. It is the technology we should not allow. Molecular nuclear fusion produces no toxic radioactive waste. It produces safe, clean, cheap power. Now that is a sort of technology Sheffield University wants to promote.

Not the toxic death of nuclear fission.

Every year

    For man-made global warming to be true, the carbon dioxide level in the free air would have to be higher every year. Man made emit 20% of the carbon dioxide, but green plants sink 100%. They convert CO2 into more life on earth. I think you see the problem here.

    As Harvard University has noted, free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased over the last two centuries. In the little ice-age it was at 4 ppm, since then he's has been at 2 ppm. The late 18th century was the coldest time holiday history. So obviously carbon dioxide doesn't warm the air. All there never would have been an ice-age.

    Instead it reacts to the amount of plant life their ears on earth. Man is carbon dioxide has increase the life on earth, but have no conceivable effect on the weather. So where did Global Warming come from? It was unsubstatiated fiction from nuclear power. All people making money from an made global warming or climate change are there paid stooges to nuclear power.

    Global Warming was meant to affect all the world, all the time. It was not proposed that the average temperature should rise. Rather than all the world temperatures would rise. So the hot countries would be hotter, as warms the cold ones.

    The average temperature idea was introduced in 2005 as the world temperatures began to drop. I have been to India, Asia, Africa, Europe and at the end of every an insert the maker. Every country I have been to, the levels have complained that things are colder.

    Not that the average of more temperature has fallen. The countries of the world of the older. I have not mean to Antarctic. If Antarctic was warmer, this would be so good.

2008 the U.S. Have a record breaking winter. 2010 the UK had one. Do you see a pattern here? The world is demonstrably cooling, as carbon dioxide has been fixed at 2 ppm for two centuries. Nuclear power got to global warming wrong.

    2005, they renamed their fiction 'climate change'. What they meant was 'global cooling'. Nothing to do with carbon dioxide or man.

Friday, 21 January 2011

My PhD

    In 2000 I told Sheffield University that global warming appears to the phantom science. There was two little carbon dioxide in the air, though I can find any Harvard date are on it. It seen to be in the interests of nuclear power, and suddenly evolved as idea after Chernobyl. This seemed too convenient.

    Sheffield ended my PhD for no reason and with no award. I continued working climate, and forecast in 2003 that the world would leave its natural warming phase in 2005: it was all down to the natural solar cycles. Hence we have also signed the fifties. And the warmest year on record was 1938.

    Global warming was meant to affect the entire planet, all the time. In the UK we have not had a summer for four years. 2010 was the coldest December on record. 2008 sort the heaviest snowfalls in the U.S. on record.

    2005, the world started cooling. I can't be bothered to say I told you so. That I did: the world will next warm in 2032. Put it in your diaries. Carbon dioxide follows the wax and wane of plants. This follows the climate. So historically carbon dioxide likes four years between the natural warming and cooling of the air.

    There it goes up in an ice-age, when there are fewer plants. So in the little ice-age it was at four parts per 1,000,000. I made a video on the subject 2007. 2010 Harvard University published the results of mineral analysis from around the world. For the last 200 years carbon dioxide has been fixed at two parts per 1,000,000 every night around the temperate zone.

    This is the minimum level for photosynthesis to take in carbon dioxide. Air moves, so there is an annual variation around the two PPM level. The scientists at the South Pole are in e-mail content than me.

    Apparently my videos are required viewing at the start pole. Al Gore misused the ice core records. None of the frontline scientists down there think that global warming is the anything more than phantom science.

    2005 nuclear power have the problem: the climate had turned, but global warming was any essay got to building new plants soon as Chernobyl sprayed radioactive death across a third of Asia. So they gave the world climate change. To say carbon dioxide summer has only to do with the weather.

    It does. It follows the natural weather. Or the other nuclear power meant: tough, that is how nature works.

    Plants take in carbon dioxide to 2 ppm. A level which has not changed for 200 years.

    Nature is powered by doing molecular nuclear fusion on water. Man is steam cycle produces gamma wave radiation and helium, plus water and heat as it does it. Power with no CO2.

    Now we know this we can design nuclear fusion plants that man of regular water, and produce no radioactive waste. There only product is heat. Not the toxic death on nuclear fusion: which are not being allowed on this planet.

    I thought of this in 2008. However Sheffield University reward this novel thinking. By saying it is not important. Excuse me, the single biggest science idea ever been told to me revolutionise the energy business. And will improve life for everybody on earth.

    That produces safe, clean, nearly free power. Is not important. Sheffield is said confirm to do their PR by nuclear power. Presumably for a lot of money. That is not the act of a good university.

    Can I have my PhD now. And then you can get on an research MNF. Or are you doing there any way, and he is got near to loop. After all I only thought of it. There is loads about evidence of nature doing it. There is even evidence of man is steam engines doing it. How can he had been nine this is a vital process, which will change the future!

Oh by the way, the world cooled by more in 2007 than he'd have warmed in the whole of the 28th century. CO2 was at a pre-industrial two PPM though, the level it have been out since the little ice-age.

Academic deceit

    After a serious car accident in 1988, professor argent urged me to return to the old university in 2000. I have bought a respect for professor argent, so I went back.

    In 2001 I started talking about the impossibility of carbon dioxide affecting the climate. My PhD got ended.

    2003 I said Harvard University or a video I have made. About how green plants take in carbon dioxide to support all life on earth. My contact in medicine totally agreed with me, but spent the next two years analysing minerals from around the world.

    There he published the results in New Scientist in 2010. There have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years, and they did find that crop yields have gone up by 15%. Man's carbon dioxide had increased life on earth, but have no conceivable affect on the climate.

    Nuclear power had made up the phantom science of global warming: based on a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air. Total fabrication. Interestingly enough, they had never been an increasing carbon dioxide in the air. So all the editor was rubbish.

    2008 I found the main Energy System for life on earth was molecular nuclear fusion from water: power with no carbon dioxide or toxic radioactive waste. The greatest idea ever. Sheffield and the response is to say that it is 'not important'.

    Sorry, telling people how nature does nuclear fusion on earth is an important? But global warming, tale fiction, was fact? Who ever is responsible for this rubbish at Sheffield University should not be in education.

    2005 the climate started cooling naturally, a exactly as predicted by solar cycles. It will next warm in 2032. Book your holidays now. Don't study climate at Sheffield University. It was a gr thereeat Univ the theersity. I still like to think there are good academics there.

    The science professor argent retired, there are so the stooges to nuclear power there now.

Letter to Sheffield University. UK

Gas analysis

    I was doing a PhD at the old university which has a world wide reputation for gas analysis. Since the phantom science of global warming was made he has to Chernobyl in 1983, on the second year of my undergraduate degree Sheffield University has taken many samples of the air from the countryside.

    This shows carbon dioxide was that a free industrial two parts per 1,000,000. How do I know? My cancer a contact at Harvard University checked minerals from around the world.

    In city centres, basically at diesel exhausts, carbon dioxide in the free air is at a higher level. But in the countryside green plants sink all the available carbon dioxide. That was the sort of thinking which professor argent instilled in me.

    OK, I waited for my ideas to be confirmed –because I am not a biologist. And it was her to my area. I made a video to this effect in 2007.

    In 2010 in the August edition of New Scientist they published their results. Cities are such a small area of the world's surface they have no importance for the world climate.

    Through history carbon dioxide in the free air has reacted to the natural climate swings, which are totally dependent on predictable solar cycles. Never has carbon dioxide forced the world climate.

    For last 200 years carbon dioxide has been fixed at two ppm. There can be no possible effect on the world climate. Check your records. That was what my PhD was about.

    OK, Dr. Matzinger asked me to fix man-made global warming. Nature made into a cooling phase in 2005. So nuclear power started pushing climate change. To explain why the climate was not getting warmer, though there seemed carbon dioxide levels are rising.

    Nuclear power was wrong. They obviously flunked high school biology. Carbon dioxide is pegged by green plants.

    While he was my PhD ended? I deserve it. I have sold the biggest problem out there.

    I went further, nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. In fields of green crops, growing bacteria, breaking waves, animal blood systems. Mankind does it via the steam cycle.

    Hot-smokers do it by the venting of geothermal steam into high pressure sea water. And support massive ecosystems. The number of students this would occur at Sheffield University is off the ground.

    Instead I am writing drama for the radio. Explain. I dictate my vote is known to my computer. I think the computer has tight it correctly, apologies if it has made errors.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Simple science

    When the dinosaurs died at the end of the Jurassic so do 60% of life on earth. There carbohydrates formed the fossil fuels.

    So even if it burned or fossil fuels life on earth would take in the carbohydrates. Green plants sink the available carbon dioxide by the day.

    To suggest man's carbon dioxide emissions would increase their free carbon dioxide in the air is to be biologically stupid.

    At the end of every day the free carbon dioxide in the air above the countryside is two parts per 1,000,000. This is governed by the efficiency of photosynthesis.

    The the the the as Harvard have pointed out we could tweak the genome for photosynthesis to improve the excretion of free radical oxygen, which turns out to the polluting factor here. I would not recommend this. The nature as it is.

    So man made global warming and climate change are impossible. This would not be important if nuclear power was not trying to use Global Warming and as excuse to build more fatal plant.

    This is the reason I left heavy engineering: nuclear power are toxic death.

    Burning the fossil fuels is increasing life on earth. But not increasing free carbon dioxide in the air. So they can be no effect on the weather. All academics earning money from this phantom science have no right to be in academia.

    They should be off writing snuff fiction.

Curing HIV

    When a person has an infection they are subject to the carbon pathogen genome –I had term of pathogen base. This is common to all infections out there.

    There are also a series of pathogen specific pathogen leaders. These damp down the host immune system and gave me section its specific characteristics.

    Giant apes have endemic SIV: Simean infectious virus is a non fatal viral infection of the giant apes. When Africans started hunting primates for the faint, one of the font is have open wounds on their homes and SIV enters the human infection arena.

    The SIV acquired the trick of making three human chemokines as pathogen leaders. It was her HIV, a weak human virus which doing uses the host's immune system. It worked rather too well, and let's to AIDs.

    The person then dies through another, usually non fatal infection life pneumonia.

    If we gave a person with pneumonia a drip of interleukin two and four, their own immune system would make an action the active human antibody to this infection.

    This trick also works for the common cold and other infections.

    The IL-4 seeks out none human genome and makes the active antibody to it. Usually the Union System makes IL-4 in response to four infections doing cell damage, from rapid body it cell budding –a pathogen characteristic.

    A multi celled organism only plants from the stem cells, except in the womb. Like childbirth is a viral addition to our reptilian nature.

    In the adult the drip of interleukin two and four will make and action the active antibody to all foreign genome in the body. The body plays host to empathic bacteria in the gut. The human body is a reptilian, pathogen symbiot.

    The drip of interleukin two and four will make an action the active antibody to HIV. The virus makes this antibody at a lower level, to serve press the immune action we would normally expect.

    Antibodies below the level to initiate an immune action desensitise the immune system to the antibody. It shows the hemeostsis.

    Once we have the antibody by can produce it in pill form. They only take the course of pills we get the sudden spike of the antibody at above the level required to initiate the immune system.

    The body thus removes the week virus. The IL-2 actions the antibody, and activates the NK cells to clear pathogen altered T cells.

    We play the immune system at its own game. It makes the antibody at a lower level to suppress the immune action to clear HIV. We despite the antibody to clear the HIV.

    I have a master's degree in Engineering Systems. It is pleasing to find the immune system obeys the same roles of positive and negative feedback.

    One big inside the mine is that there is a threshold of the antibody to clear an infection. I make videos on this to share my ideas with the world.

    Yesterday I got a message to say I killed her HIV. 85% are my video views are about my heater the videos. I have found 200,000 hits, which I think he's a record for a private individual for no commercial links.

    I am in touch with the NIH, Harvard a Cambridge –about immunology. Medics from around the world view my videos and do not correct them.

    The immunology is from Riott et al 'Immunology' vr4. One of the tragedies of her HIV is as it does no cell damage. So if we cure that the virus, but do not change our behaviour, a person will contract it again.

    Another course of our antibody pills will clear the infection again. Even if it shifs genome enough of the genome will be common, and pills will still work.

    From my imput from the NIH it appears the same idea will also work for cancer and MS.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Making water

    I am an engineer so did not realise there is an over sufficiency of green plants on earth. As you release more carbon dioxide on that day you get more green plants to take it in,

    These produce oxygen, and support more animals. The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide in the air. This means man-made global warming and climate change as the bastard children of nuclear power.

    In 2000 I was looking at better deceleration methods. The simplest way he to decelerate water he's are back in power attached to an open ended ten feet high tower in the sea.

    As you pump out the water, and around 6 feet of pressure head, the water begins to boil. The remaining water the use the plant is cold brine: drawing in new warm water.

    The gas we pump out is pure, desalinated, water. An endless supply of pure water. We use to irrigate the hot dry lands of the earth. We import soil from the sea bed. We need to wash the salt out of it.

    We can turn the deserts of the world back into the lush rainforest. This is so worth doing. Though only three per cent of the area of the globe rainforest support 60% of all life on earth.

    With no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air fall last 200 years, something else controls the climate: my money is on solar cycles. Which are predictable.

    They predicted the world would cool from 2005. It did. No sensible question ever has the answer 'nuclear fission'.


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416


    After Chernobyl nuclear power realised to get new plants it would have to be green. They chose to differentiate themselves from conventional power by carbon dioxide.

    Very stupid. They did not realise there mining, purifying and shipping uranium ore is masses of carbon dioxide. There turnover of plants every 25 years means they produce as much carbon dioxide as if they burned or oil.

    So EDF is now seeking to extend the life of the nuclear plants they bought. This is very dangerous. I used to forge carbon by nuclear power: which is why I left heavy metals forging so as I could.

    Components in a nuclear power plant show increased metal creep. So components change shape with time. The last thing you should do is run a nuclear power plant after its 25 year design life.

    Unless you the plant down, and it cool you can't actively made to the dimensions of the metal forgings. Unless you want another Chernobyl you have to shut the plant down.

    Nuclear power thus produces masses of carbon dioxide.

    They prophesied that there rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air would affect the weather. This shows their stooges were biologically ignorant.

    Green plants sink all the carbon dioxide from the air to support life on earth. Harvard University spent two years looking into this. They found that in the last 200 years free carbon dioxide in the air was at two parts per 1,000,000.

    This was the lower limit set by photosynthesis. They also found that crop yields have gone up by 15%. There is no way that a static level of carbon dioxide could affect the weather. It follows the natural climate.

    So it goes up in an ice-age. When there is less life on earth. The more life their ears on earth the more water gets tidied up rather morning back into the see. So no effect on the weather, but more life on earth. And lower sea levels.

    Releasing carbon dioxide is the best thing man has ever done for life on earth.

    This leaves Greenpeace with a problem. They have been actively publicising fiction from nuclear power. Which is antilife, and he is against plant growth.

    Which is why last year, with no publicity, both Greenpeace and the WWF stopped publicising global warming.

    Bit late really. The natural weather started cooling in 2005. As predicted by natural solar cycles. 'Nuclear power's' climate change says that carbon dioxide, in some way of not yet decided, will affect the weather in some bad way.

    Welcome to natural weather on earth. Carbon dioxide is a climate follower, as it follows the natural wax and wane of green plants.

    The stooges to nuclear power badly needs to study biology is carbon cycle. They would find out that the available carbon dioxide is a limit to life on earth.

    In late Jurassic there was 60 percent more life on earth. When that life died with the dinosaurs it formed the fossil fuels we are no burning. So we are now increasing life slowly back to hire was in the time of the dinosaurs.

    Life itself uses carbon dioxide to initiate biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. That is real science. Google it the, I have for loads of stuff out on blogger about it.

    MNF is important as man is steam cycle does it. It is possible to keep such a system running, by burning no fossil fuels. Just consuming very, very, very little regular water.

    You would have thought MNF was worth a PhD. No. It is too far in advance of present thinking. And it totally destroys climate change, the big cash cow of academia.

    What about nuclear fission? They are toxic death.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Nature burns water

    Professor Zimmerman pointed out to me that the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas to give nuclear fusion: where the kinetic interaction exceeds the strong atomic force for hydrogen. A helical turbulence heat exchanger, where one of the lakes is hydrogen gas would do nuclear fusion. Professor Zimmerman also expressed interest in helical turbulence.

    My PhD got ended in 2001 as I started talking about a working steam engine giving off nuclear radiation: this was data are told to me on my degree in 1984. It means the industrial revolution was powered by nuclear fusion; was he started using the expansive steam cycle.

    2003, a web document entitled 'Nuclear Fusion In Molecular Systems' got me thinking about molecular nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen, life water. It turns out nature is driven by it.

    In the deep sea, fields of green crops, growing bacteria, animal blood systems, waterfalls, the moist air and breaking waves. So your own beating heart and arteries do it as the blood flows around the body.

    MNF gives out gamma rays and helium. Biological systems also turn carbon dioxide into methane. So you breathe out helium and methane. Your body emits gamma wave radiation and your arteries, heart and mitochondria produced free radical oxygen.

    Nature produces ozone from free radical oxygen and molecular oxygen. In the countryside, waterfalls, deep water and in the see. We see most MNF over the deep see currents of high pressure, cold water at 3 C, as it flows back to the equator. 60% of the heat the earth gets is from MNF.

    Magma chambers do it. It is as if they had a miniature, no longer radiant sun. At hot-smokers geothermal steam vents into high pressure water. The turbulence gives us MNF. But this down sets up a free steam plasma. This does loads of MNF.

    So supporting the growth of bacterial Colonies. And these in turn support a massive ecosystem away from all solar radiation. They are not supported by the high temperatures. They are supported by the MNF.

    We can prove this he easily using a submersible Geiger counter. All through nature we get are expected gamma wave radiation releases. Some chemical reactions go further, and emit X rays. Even gamma rays are beyond the enthalpy release of chemical reactions.

    Diesel and petrol engines emit nuclear radiation, as they produce helium. As I was told at Sheffield University in 1983. I was also told steam engines do more than a diesel. This is because a steam engine does most MNF.

    To increase the MNF with engines, we should titanium plate them. As I was taught in Engineering Systems on my degree. We can use some science from the 1950s. Have a boiler we loop back 20% of the higher pressure steam. This alone will keep the boiler in a state of boiling. And produce 80% of it steam to drive engines.

    We can use Professor Zimmerman's idea here. We pass the use steam through a helical turbulence heat exchanger. And return 85% of the system heat to the boiler room. As this includes 20% MNF heat from all the nuclear fusion we are doing in the steam engine, we get back 100% of the system heat.

    So need to loop back no steam. For my money we go in for a steam plasma tubes to super heat the steam. While we top them up with water the plasma for self-sustain ones started.

    A lightning bolt shows us the idea. We do not need to do expensive, toxic, polluting and fatal nuclear fission from uranium. Molecular nuclear fusion from water is nontoxic, clean, safe and free. Power with no carbon dioxide, or toxic radioactive waste. From regular, non-enriched water.

    Interestingly enough plant photosynthetic organs enrich water using a semi permeable membrane: as Dr. MatZinger told me 2008.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

What is lightning?

    We know a lot about lightning. But we have not engaged our brains. So what do we know?

    The gentle coalition of rain drops in a rain storm causes a positive charge to form above the clouds and a negative one, the ground. Heavy rain storms give off nuclear radiation and lead to the formation of ozone and helium. There helium carers of positive charge

    The formation of helium is very interesting. As is no chemical source of helium anywhere. We actually see the formation of Alpha particles. These are helium nuclei which as they lack their electrons are the source of the positive charge.

    To my mind the formation of ozone interesting. Because it implies that something is falling free radical oxygen. So we are seeing


    Welcome to molecular nuclear fusion. Two raindrops collide at above the strong atomic force for hydrogen. And adjacent water molecules donate a hydrogen so get nuclear fusion and form helium. The residual is called a hydroxyl ion. Two hydroxyl molecules bond together to you as fact water and the charged oxygen molecule.

    So this is why we get nuclear radiation. We are doing nuclear fusion, from molecular hydrogen –here water. We also see this with ammonia, ethanol, water and hydrocarbon refineries. OK water again but we get the idea.

    In plant photoblasts


    We also see this biological, molecular, nuclear fusion in animal blood systems. So all life is driven by nuclear fusion. But not from hydrogen gas. From water.

    The physical world gets in on the act. At waterfalls and breaking waves


    Man is steam cycle also does this type of molecular nuclear fusion. It produces helium and oxygen. And loads of power. For free. Nuclear fission creates death. Nuclear fusion from water is life.

Clean Power

The gentle buffeting of rain drops in a heavy rainstorm does molecular nuclear fusion. The Alpha particles carrying the positive charge to above the clouds. The hydroxyl ions carrying the negative charge to the ground.

    When we have a 5000 volts potential we get ½ MW down strike. This is coals by the gentle drift of electoral holes in the moist air. We then get a 1.2 x 1020 megawatts up strike for three sections. This produces helium, ozone, gamma wave radiation and heat. The ozone results from free radical oxygen bonding with molecular oxygen in the air.

    No carbon dioxide. No toxic fission waste. Free. Around the earth there is one lightning strike every three seconds. This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is life. Without lightening there would be no life on earth.

    If you do the maths this equates to 6 MW of heat, per metre from a CM two diameter, for a steam plasma two. One such tube would power and heat a house for free. With no carbon dioxide or toxic radioactive waste.

    And lightening goes off for free from regular water: An end to man's energy problem

Friday, 14 January 2011

Nuclear fusion is all around us

    Where nature has high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow we see the creation of helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat. It does molecular nuclear fusion. My thanks go to professor Argent who have the year with the name.

    Man's steam cycle does the same. So the industrial revolution occurred as man first started doing nuclear fusion. On earth it goes off from molecular hydrogen, life water. We C it also are from ammonia, ethanol, hydrocarbon refineries.

    For two long has physics said 'nuclear fusion is our'. As suns do nuclear fusion. But physicists have no idea how to go about doing it. I should have passed an engineer. Or a biologist. The turbulence of fluid boiling gives us nuclear fusion.

    On suns the boiling of high pressure hydrogen gas creates the temperature of 10,000,000 C. On earth where we have 10M C we can be sure we are doing nuclear fusion. That temperature does not give us nuclear fusion, it means we are doing nuclear fusion.

    In the deep seas the turbulent flow of sea water at 3 C, as cold polar water flows back to the equator produces helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and is responsible for the evaporation of sea water to form close. Yes, the deep seas do MNF. At 3 C. Their heat of the nuclear fusion here is transferred into the evaporation of water so we don't see the 10M C the.

    As ice sheets slip on boundary layers of liquid water under pressure, we get an avalanche. Which forms nuclear radiation and the other fusion products. Nobody has ever being caught in an avalanche would be surprised the ice is doing MNF.

    Before we have a volcanic eruption we get the emission of steam through a vent. A steam is in turbulent flow. And forms the fusion product. The volcanic eruption is us fusion driven by MNF.

    The way to stop eruptions is to drill down into the magma chamber of dormant volcanoes, and slowly vent the geothermal steam. Are you listening Greenland? Get some drilling rates, you have six volcanoes to vent. And stop eruptions in your country.

    Life is a major fusion system. Green plants in the light, animal blood systems and growing bacteria all produce the fusion products.

    With plants UV light capitalises MNF at the photoblasts, the photosynthetic organ. Where we have the turbulent flow of water, around biological catalysts. And we produce helium, free radical oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat.

    So all these years professors of biology actually had to nuclear fusion going on in their laboratories. Professors of physics knew this, they knew about the emission of gamma waves, but thought not to tell biologists what was going on. That way physics got the money, biology did not.

    The human heart produces gamma wave radiation. Your blood stream for of free radical oxygen because of the MNF going on in your heart, arteries and a new mitochondria. The heart and arteries do the old trick of pressure waves on aqueous solution. Mitochondria evolved from photoblasts, and years biological catalysts.

    Growing bacteria are like raindrops in electric fields. We get off gamma waves from both. Lightning is set up by the gentle coalition of rain drops in a storm, doing MNF. Where we have a potential of 5000 volts we get a down strike, which sets up a steam plasma. This is driven by this lower drift of electoral holes in the charged particles of the rain storm.

    We then get a massive up strike of an estimated 1.2 x 1020 Watts for three seconds. We then get the search of electrons from the OH—hydroxyl molecules which have fallen to the ground, linking up with the He2+ = Alpha particles which collect above the clouds.

    Lightning creates NOx, which falls to the ground fertilising plant growth. Without it, there would be no life on earth. Animal life produces compounds of ammonia. By doing MNF. But with no plants, there would be no animals.

    Plants take in all the available carbon dioxide. So for 30 years biology is the world over have formed over in amusement, at the nuclear idea that man is production of carbon dioxide would increase their free CO2 in the air. It doesn't. It just increases life on earth.

    Nuclear power is still toxic death. Watch the videos out there on Chernobyl and he'll get the idea. Nuclear power invented the phantom science of global warming to try and get new plants. Nature did not play along.

    In 2007 the world climate cooled by 0.7 C. In the 28th century it warmed by 0.6 C. All through history the world climate has lurched naturally, between ice-ages and warm periods. It could never have anything to do with man's carbon dioxide. As it happened before man even evolved.

    It must really annoyed physicists, that nature does molecular nuclear fusion around and in us. Producing a whiff of helium and oxygen gases. The gamma waves are so low powered they cannot from the kettle as you boil water.

    Cooking food boils water. And this does molecular nuclear fusion. I have struggling to find an Energy System that does not use MNF. A flame of fossil fuels does it. As does the steam cycle used by nuclear power.

    We do not need to use toxic metal fission rods. We can bubble steam through water, and get 10 times the amount a steam. So we loop back down percent of it. After we have pass the steam through a turbine we pass the spent steam through fire rockets in the boiler.

    Then on to a helical turbulence heat exchanger: the idea of Professor Zimmerman. We years the Carnot system to milk the last of the heat out of the steam. We then produced water and 110 C. Which we return to the boiler room, at four bars pressure –so liquid water.

    The MNF that that goes in the boiler room and turbine hall offsets our efficiency losses. So we get back 100% of the system heat. I told Sheffield University this in 2001. They ended my PhD. For no reason.

    Except man-made global warming was their big cash cow of academia. 2005, they now push man-made climate change. Which is another name for the natural weather. Meanwhile nature gets on with doing molecular nuclear fusion.

    Which is how man has his future, and reaches the stars.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nature uses a steam plasma to do fusion

    In a lightning strike we see the release of an estimated 1.2 x 1020 Watts of heat over 3 sections. In 1986 I got an M.Eng. In 2000 as back at Sheffield University doing a PhD about the climate. Nuclear fusion generates power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste. We generate 3He and 22O.

    We lose the helium to space, and breathe in the oxygen. Green crops in light produce 22O, and it makes up 25% of the oxygen we breathe. Our own hearts do molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why we breathe out helium –though we do not breathe it in.

    So of course I am going to study this aren't I? No. Academia gets too much money from its climate research. To allow somebody to give the world nuclear fusion. Oxford University are investigating have a hydrogen plasma does nuclear fusion.

    Or really, two years ago they got four billion UK pounds to research it. Since when we have heard nothing. Lightning strikes liberate so much power, nobody without any difficulty in believing they do nuclear fusion. They do molecular nuclear fusion:

H2O->He+O+E+γ        where E is 3.6 x 1020 Joules

    Setting up a discharge tube filled with steam, and striking up a plasma is trivial. Within five years all burning of fossil fuels will have stopped. Mankind will fire up a steam plasma to turn regular water into heat. Its consumption of water is negligible.

    A cup full of water will power a car for three years. With no petrol.

Nature power

    When nature wants to get at energy, it does not mess around with the carbon cycle: that is about life. Yes it does provide energy, but nature can do a lot lot better.

    Albert Einstein postulated    E=mC2

    Now C2 is about 1.5 x 1024. That is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That is the biggest number I have even written. A lightning bolt only produces 1.2 x 1020 Watts for three seconds: but hey, it is only a partial steam plasma.

    Steam plasmas are interesting because the water breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen. And the atoms collide at above the strong atomic force for hydrogen. So the hydrogen ions fuse to form helium. The hydrogen chances off the oxygen shell electrons.

    But the hydrogen is stripped down into protons and electrons. And when they collide they form a neutron. There neutrons: bond with more protons, to form deuterium or tritium ions. They have a higher tendency for nuclear fission.

    But the 20O forms 21/22O., and that fissions into Be, B, He and then H. We do a matter burn and. So 1 g of water releases our the1.5 x 1024 Watts of power. With no toxic end product. No carbon dioxide –which boosts life. And no fission waste –which kills it.

    Fossil fuels are nowhere. A one metre steam plasma tube will release 6 MW of power continuously. And once started draws no current from an external sources.

    Hot smokers in the see output steam bubbles into high pressure water. This does molecular nuclear fusion. In this instance we set up a free steam plasma. Think of it as a miniature sun. We support a massive ecosystem away from solar radiation.

    Is supports bacteria are doing biological MNF. Which in turn supports the ecosystem. No matter drifting down from above. It is water powered. As we should be. My thanks to Dr. MatZinger who got me thinking about nuclear fusion: I have the training, but I was busy.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Steam engine’s do fusion

    It is why the things I was told on my injuring degree in 1983. I got my M.Eng., And actually did very well at it. It so well I moved into IT, I was only doing a PhD in 2000 after an RTA.

    A working steam engine gives out gamma wave radiation, and produces helium. I only figured it out in 2000. Professor Zimmerman told me that the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas did nuclear fusion: Oxford University got four billion UK pounds to look at this in 2008, but haven't reported what they found. Presumably because a working system that does nuclear fusion destroys global warming, they made a cash cow of universities.

    This was renamed 'climate change' in 2005, as the world began calling. Totally expected from the natural solar cycles. The world will next warm the in 2032. Put it in your diary now.

    In 2003 I postulated that the turbulent flow of steam should do molecular nuclear fusion. Maybe I half remembered being told stuff about his steam engine in 1983.

    As steam flows in that turbulent fashion we get loads of hydrogen on hydrogen events, from the molecules of water. These exceed the strong atomic force. And we get nuclear fusion, producing helium, the radiation, and loads of heat.

    So the industrial revolution was fusion driven. IC engines also do it: diesels more and petrol. That steam engines do most of all. An area totally overlooked for 200 years by academics.

    There are other ways are producing a steam in turbulent flow. A working steam engine is just one way. If we titanium plate the working surfaces of the engine, we will double the amount of nuclear fusion we do.

    Einstein said E= m C2. Now C2 is 1.5 x 1024. So 1 g of hydrogen will produce more power than America has used in its history. That is 9 g of water. No carbon dioxide. No toxic fission waste.

    As done by a waterfall, breaking waves, green crops in the light and your own beating heart: how safe do you want it to be!