Friday, 31 December 2010

Global Warming is antieducation fiction

Green plants convert carbon dioxide from the air into life on earth. So man's carbon dioxide has increased life on earth. But not increased free carbon dioxide in the air.

There is no possible effect on the weather. Man-made global warming and climate change are phantom science from nuclear power.

Who are desperately trying to invent a reason that this uneconomic, toxic, fatal and polluting technology should be allowed to continue on earth.

All the professors in higher education, who have written papers about increasing global carbon dioxide levels, have no place in education. They are paid stooges.

Ask any biology teacher

Green plants take in all the available carbon dioxide. And convert it to life on earth, while they excrete the surplus oxygen.

    So there has been no increase in free CO2 for the last 200 years, according to Harvard University. There is no possible mechanism for man made climate change.

    That is fatal fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power, or the plain stupid.


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Rain does fusion

    Around the earth the gentle buffeting of water drops in a rain storm does molecular nuclear fusion. This builds up a potential of 5000 volts, 100 amps current. This is produced by the positively charged helium nuclei floating to above the clouds, whereas the negatively charged hydroxyl molecules fall to the ground.

    We get a down strike from the gradual drift of electoral holes to the ground. This fires up a partial steam plasma. We then get a massive up strike. The down strike is 1/2 a megawatt in power. The up strike releases 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power for three seconds

    This release of power is accompanied by helium and ozone gases. With the release of gamma wave radiation -like you get from a boiling kettle. And a massive release of heat and light.

    Power with no carbon dioxide and no toxic fission waste. Totally safe. And free.

    It produces all the organic nitrogen that fertilise is life on earth. Without it, there will be no life on earth. Man can do it simply. As I told Sheffield University Chemical Engineering department in 2008 we can do it via a steam plasma tube.

    Continuous power. That releases massively more power than it takes to initiate. No use of uranium. No protection or plutonium on strontium. No toxic death. And free.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

How arrogant

    In the 1970s nuclear power dreamed up that carbon dioxide would affect the weather: which was about to enter a warming phase.

    Then in 1983 we got Chernobyl. Which show the true toxic nature of nuclear power. So they bunged ¼ billion dollars into their PR.

    Amenable academics wrote papers on this. In 1990 they found the infrared properties of air would be different at 2% carbon dioxide in it.

    They never bother measuring the actual level of carbon dioxide in the global air. Photosynthesis pegs this at 0.0002% - it might even be in 10 times worse and this. So only two parts per 1,000,000 is a small number.

    There tame academics were professors of physics and engineering. Be a problem. The most important biochemical system on earth involves sinking carbon dioxide to support life on earth.

    This is why Harvard spent the last two years halftime free carbon dioxide had not changed in the last 200 years. Life on earth had increased by 15%.

    Carbon dioxide tracks the wax and wane of green plants. So it reacts two other. Somebody should have told Al Gore that it goes up in an ice-age. Carbon dioxide is a climate follower.

    I was doing a PhD within Chemical Engineering. This ended when my supervisor confessed he had no knowledge of metrology or the carbon cycle.

    All he underside was a Chemical Machines produce carbon dioxide. He wasn't at all worries at the point where is gun had increased in his lifetime.

    No gardener is often have cages of rodents in their greenhouses, to supplement the carbon dioxide in the air.

    The anti technology rent of global warming is shared by the it manifesto of the uniboiler, and comes from the film Soylent Green.

    Carbon dioxide has not changed in 200 years. The winter so far is the worst for 120 years. It may yet be the worst for 1000 years.

    Climate change is summer of global warming: it is over and from nuclear power that other back at me as matzinger some way affect the climate.

    No. Nuclear power is unique in being toxic death. Uneconomic, toxic, fatal, polluting. Conventional power increases life on earth.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


    A lightning bolt has a small down stroke of ½ MB. The electrical potential here is built up from the gentle coalition of rain drops turning water into helium, oxygen, and heat. The helium nuclei carrying the positive charge to above the clouds.

    The hydroxyl molecules carry the negative charge to the ground. The down strike is created by the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground. This sets up a partial steam plasma linking the ground and the clouds.

    We then get a massive up strike of 1.2 x 1020 Watts for three sections. This is the most energetic event outside of a volcanic eruption. Which is driven by molecular nuclear fusion again, as steam vents from a volcanic vent in that turbulent fashion.

    Molecular nuclear fusion produces helium three and heat from water: with only a moderate electrical discharge involved. Power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.

Curing infection

    If we give people a drip of interleukin two and four, they will get better from the infection. Their own immune systems will produce the active antibody to that year's infection.

    In each year we will require a new antibody. Once we have it, we can produce it in pill form and cure the world.

Monday, 27 December 2010

The lies of nuclear power

In 1970 the naisant environmental movement sort the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. They concluded free carbon dioxide in the air would arise as we cut down the trains. The don't consider that grassland and Savannah are better sinks that carbon dioxide.

At the time we have been in a cooling phase of the world climate. Some work had been published on this being linked to the predictable cycle of solar spots. So Paul Enrich and others attributed the expected warming, with the expected increase in free carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide levels follow the natural warming or cooling of the environment. It is a climate follower and always has been.

The work on the infrared properties of carbon dioxide was 20 years away. And this applies only to carbon dioxide levels are at 2%, not the 0.0002% we actually have. It is a scientific and smoke screen. That was used to try and justify the phantom science already out there.

In 1983 Chernobyl happened. And nuclear power became desperate to try get new plants before use of plants were taking as a service. They include a literature search. Nobody had heard of global warming until the 1990s.

This is only ever massive injection of funds from nuclear power. So they are using discredit is science from the environmental movement to justify new nuclear power plants. They bunged a lot of money at the environmentalists.

To suggest they were environmentally concerned. They are not. They are fatal, toxic, polluting and are massively and economic wave to make power. They were developed purely as a way of producing fissionable material for bombs.

Nature does loads of molecular nuclear fusion. Which is four times as energetic, safe, clean and free. It produces a whiff of helium and oxygen like the deep sea does. As it does molecular nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of high pressure sea water.

The world's climate started cooling again, naturally, in 2005. Carbon dioxide levels are fixed by green plants doing photosynthesis. Both trees and grasses. And algae and bacteria – basically life.

So global warming never had anything to do with man. The environmental movement told a theme from Soylent Green. Which has a whole and heat technology bias. So global warming was never science. And then he got hydrate by nuclear power.

Free carbon dioxide in the air has not changed for 200 years, as printed in New Scientist at the beginning of August, from some work by Harvard University.

I think the environmental movement needs to look carefully at how they have been hijacked by nuclear power: a technology which could end human life on this planet.

Nuclear power turns over a major incident every 20 years. The last one was 3 Mile Island, they are so overdue a tragedy.

They are allowed to build a new generation of plants it will likely end up in the gas of half of humanity. For power which is uneconomic, from technology which is toxic and polluting.

Are they really the people environmentalists want to help? I don't. And I have been environmentalist since 1982. The world weather is now moving into a cooling phase. That is a lot more serious than non existent warming.

It is not a serious avenue set of fatal nuclear power plants.

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The weather is the sun’s

Carbon dioxide follows the natural oscillations of the weather with a four year lag. This is because plants take in carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis.

Plant growth cycles tracks the natural weather. Which tracks solar cycles. So carbon dioxide is a climate follower. It has never seen or recorded time forced the natural weather. How could it?

The limit to life on earth is a free carbon dioxide in the air. When green plants evolved there was 40% carbon dioxide in the air. In the late Jurassic there was 60% more life on earth than there used today.

That life died with the dinosaurs and formed the fossil fuels. By burning that oil we are releasing that life back into the ecosphere –where life hangs out.

Free carbon dioxide levels to rise in ice-ages. As demonstrated in the 19th century. In the 1970s academics were convinced we'll are due another little ice-age. It is problem here nor.

Then nuclear power started funding climate research to make themselves 'green'. The summer of 1976 had been exceptionally warm. That was still in the public mind as Chernobyl happened in 1983.

Hence the genesis of 'global warming'. Nuclear power assumed they are getting new generation of plants before the natural weather turned at the end of its 28 year whole cycle.

They bargained without the public hatred of the toxic industry. When was at 28 year period them and? 2005. When did the weather turn? 2005. Exactly on the natural schedule. No effect of man evident.

Man is a small Minnow. Nature is the fleet of great white sharks. Life has not even noticed man has evolved. It barely notices the dinosaurs died 65,000,000 years ago.

Today there is a massive excess of green plants. The carbon dioxide on the day is used to grow plant bulk. So at the end of their day there is two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide left in the air.

More carbon dioxide, more life on earth. But, and he is the critical thing, no more carbon dioxide in the air. Nuclear power does not do biology. And biology is went talk to them. As there are so heated by people studying life on earth.

The idea that carbon dioxide might affect the weather was so risible to professor at Harvard he did not even take the concept seriously. He need to think it through. We were all taught in high school biology that plants take in all the available carbon dioxide from the air.

That is true. You knew it when you were 14. What the hell have you done with your brain? Green plants sink all carbon dioxide. 80% of which is from animals breathing out.

Life was in a hole in the Cretaceous, and there was too little carbon dioxide in the air. It is like animals evolved to breathe in oxygen, combine it with it and plant bulk and breathe out carbon dioxide. It is called the carbon cycle. All life on earth depends on it.

Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission: it is fatal to all life. We do it in the engineering plants, and it is the only sometimes fatal –like Chernobyl.

Or the leaks from Windscale, now Sellafield, and 3 Mile Island. It was developed from bomb technology. And kills hundreds of thousands of people in peace,

By increased cancer rates. That is why we restrict radioactivity from man. Like Australia, we should have reactors for medical use, but she generate at power using molecular nuclear fusion.

Like nature does. Google it. I have published loads of documents on the Internet about it. I told my old University about it for so many years. They don't consider the most important Energy System on earth worth mentioning to anybody.

And certainly they don't consider the idea worthy of a PhD from them. This says a whole lot about the calibre of the work you have to dear to get a PhD.

Basically you can't knock nuclear power. They are not interested in truth or important. They are interested in money from nuclear power. I had a lot of attachment to Sheffield University due to professor Argent. He has retired, and the university has gone wrong.

Jonathan Thomason

Fluids do fusion

    When we have chaotic flow of the gas, atoms collide with great force. If we have a plasma the hydrogen atoms in tracked so strongly, they can fuse together to form helium.

    On sun's Coronas mostly hydrogen collides to form helium. There may get the massive release of nuclear radiation and heat. So every sun in the universe uses a hydrogen plasma to do atomic nuclear fusion.

    The obstacle to nuclear fusion is the force to been atoms apart: this is the called the strong atomic force. The radiation from two fusion and events interact, taking in heat, to form hydrogen gas.

    So we get a flux of energy to and from matter. In outer space radiation molecules also bond together to form hydrogen nuclear. This picks up a loose electoral to form gas. This drifts back into a star, and we go round the circuit again.

    Energy toggles between radiation and latter. We don't need a big bang. Luckily, there never was one. Universal time is constant. It interacts with a penetrating of free space to produce local time. So Einstein was nearly right.

    But we never see infinite gravity. Time can never run backwards.

    I was told the idea about fluid turbulence setting off nuclear fusion man is doing my PhD research into global warming. I thought about it, while busy becoming a video reporter.

    Why does this effect only work for hydrogen gas? It doesn't. We eight C the release of helium, gamma wave radiation and heat from molecular hydrogen –compounds of hydrogen.

    We also see the release of compound fragments. The easiest one is from water. We needed high pressure liquid water, or steam in turbulent flow.

    At waterfalls. At breaking waves. With green plants doing photosynthesis. In animal blood systems. In moist air in the light. And with chemical reactions –though here we need very tight sets of regents.

    So biology is driven by molecular nuclear fusion from water.

    Man kind and got in on the act when he started using the steam cycle. So the industrial revolution was fusion driven. Nuclear fission muddied the water.

    It goes off from heavy metal oxides in a bath of boiling water. Or high pressure heated gas. So it uses molecular nuclear fusion. But it is massively toxic, lethal and polluting. And very very expensive.

    The deep sea does molecular nuclear fusion from high pressure water in turbulent flow in the seas. It is totally nontoxic, safe and free.

    The easiest way for mankind to do it is via a steam plasma tube. A lightning bolt releases 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power for three sections. Initiated by the build-up of charge caused by rain drops colliding and doing a little MNF.

    So nature out there does loads of MNF. So does man, without realizing. Totally safe, clean, free power from water.


Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Terrestrial Nuclear Fusion

The only place we have atomic hydrogen in turbulent flow near the earth, is in its core. There we have massive pressure and higher temperatures. If not carefully we were ceiling of 10,000,000° C. Caused by the nuclear fusion occurring, not initiating nuclear fusion.

On the surface of the earth we have no atomic hydrogen. But we do have compounds of hydrogen gas and liquid form, in turbulent flow. Creating high energy hydrogen on the hydrogen interactions.

We get the formation of helium and gamma wave radiation: because yes, molecular nuclear fusion does go on around the earth. There would be no life on earth if it was not for MNF. The most important sorts are in the deep sea and green fields or green crops. Which I called 'deep' and 'green' MNF.

Animal blood systems also do biological MNF. Here 'blood' MNF. Man is engines also do big time. Man first found at her to do it via a steam cycle. So MNF initiated the industrial revolution. Nature is not worried that the hydrogen was being compounds. We do get molecular fragments. From water we must get helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat. Power with no carbon dioxide.

Nuclear power has spent the years since Chernobyl trying to invent science to give carbon dioxide a bad name. Only trouble is, as man is machines emit extra carbon dioxide, green plants taking in to do more photosynthesis.

So we end up with more life on earth. But no more free carbon dioxide in the air. So they can't be any effect on the weather. Nuclear power is away trying to think up new roles for no increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air. To make out the case that this uneconomic, toxic, fatal, and polluting technology as the saviour of life on earth.

No it isn't. It is the death of life on earth. There has been no increase in carbon dioxide in the air since the little ice-age. Nuclear power can make better use of the money they paid stooges. There has been no increase in carbon dioxide!!!!

So all the papers written about man-made global warming and climate change were happenstance fiction about nothing. Nuclear power itself is a massive research carbon dioxide. Through its plant building programme.

It mining and shipping of uranium ore. Its transport or this personal around this planet. There may get the problem the toxic fission waste. Nuclear power causes an accelerated rate of death.

At massively uneconomic rates. Nuclear power was devised to make bombs. The power it makes costs the air. If it gets a new generation of plants, it will probably kill a ¼ humanity, and leave the rest living in the third of the earth devoid of life at late night.

Until tell carbon dioxide will have boosted life on earth.

All life on earth does molecular nuclear fusion. It is driven by nuclear fusion locally. A simple steam plasma will convert all water into heat. With no waste product. I used Albert Einstein's equation two days ago.

I found the man's total energy use since evolved is equivalent to the energy released by a cup full of water during plasma MNF. They deep sea does MNF for free. A steam plasma tube will heat and power our house for hundred years from the thimble full of water, costing £2 50 to initiate

Once running it draws no external power or fuel. No gas, no oil or coal, and certainly no toxic fission material. It generates no carbon dioxide. Life will be a bit upset about that. We will be limited to just more life as easy as today.

So we may choose to burned or oil and gas to abuse life on earth. We will obviously shut down and decommission all nuclear power plants. This will make more life on earth so much better.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Nuclear death wish

    Since Chernobyl nuclear power's future depends on no inventing a reason why this fatal, toxic, polluting, uneconomic and horrible industry should be allowed to continue to exist. Life would be better without it.

    So in 1983 they fell on two carbon dioxide. This gas is taken in by plants and combined with water in photosynthesis. This build carbohydrates are produces all the oxygen in earth's atmosphere today.

    Oxygen is the greatest pollutions story here is history. But then, at the end of the cretaceous, we have a mass extinction caused by two little carbon dioxide in the air.

    Life could only take in during the day, plants had released at night metabolising carbohydrates with the oxygen they excreted during the day. It all over this, by the evolution of animals. To metabolise the waste gas of plants, the oxygen, and combine it with plant material they had eaten.

    So in the Jurassic they got to be 10 times as much life on earth as was the cretaceous. There was even 60% more life on earth are various today. There were some reach more carbon dioxide left in the air, as photosynthesis was a as efficient as is today.

    The only way carbon dioxide to rise today, the and we have an ice-age –like in the 18th century. Which is all written up in books. So free carbon dioxide follows the natural weather.

    Beginning of August I read in New Scientist that Harvard University has found no increase in free carbon dioxide fall last 200 years. People ask me for this reference. I despair of the education system in the world.

    This is basic high school biology: plants sink all the available carbon dioxide. So since the 18th century crop yields are gone up 15%. But the level of carbon dioxide in the air has not risen as all.

    So obviously no man made global warming or climate change due to CO2. But not the answer nuclear power wanted. It makes all the tame scientists who have written papers on these areas stupid. Paid stooges.

    Now everybody in the world does the weather is cooling. Ages are getting more than. It is not getting more violent. It is getting colder. Carbon dioxide is not causing this. It is a climate follower.

    The sun is causing this. Nothing to do with man. Carbon dioxide causes life. More available CO2. Oh and we see more life. Oxygen you need to breathe is excreted by plants from their metabolism from taking in carbon dioxide.

    No CO2 and you are dead. Same result if you allow a new generation of toxic nuclear fission plants. You have a brain. Try using it. In

Gas of life

In photosynthesis plants take in water and carbon dioxide. And in the light produce sugars and oxygen. Carbon dioxide there supports all life on earth.

This means the level of free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased for the last 200 years. Harvard found there crop yields had increased by 15% though.

Man-made global warming and climate change are nuclear fiction by scientists who are biologically ignorant.

Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Without it, you have he does. More carbon dioxide, more life. More nuclear power –more death.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Man’s power

    Scaling down from a lightning bolt a one metre long steam plasma tube will generate 300 MW: as we know lightning bolts give off gamma wave radiation and release helium as they do molecular nuclear fusion.

    We get off2.7 x 1022 Joules of energy for every gram of water the plasma consumes. This means since man first evolved he has used 100 cc of water, energy equivalent.

    No carbon dioxide, and more importantly no toxic death from nuclear fission. Referring back to Albert Einstein. I also have the year taught your book on Einstein back.

    I will have to buy a new one tomorrow. It is a puzzle: Oxford University has been doing expanse on hydrogen plasmas for two years.

    Every star in the universe uses a hydrogen plasma to do nuclear fusion. Strangely enough, Oxford haven't published any results. I am sad that that I had to and develop these idea with no help from new.

    Steam plasmas of the clean, safe, cheap way to generate power. Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting, dangerous, and massively expensive. The deep sea does MNF. How hard is that? Not.

    I dedicate this idea to Dr. MatZinger. She encouraged me. Thanks Polly: the world owes you a debt of gratitude.

Jonathan Thomason T/F 0161 848-0416


Steam plasma energy

Molar mass of water molecule =0 018016 kg

C2 = 1.5 x 1024 in SI units

    If we fire up a steam plasma, we get a matter burn! As ther protons and electrons combine to form neutrons and. These bond with the head of the atomic numbers, leading to radioactive fission.

    So an for four weeks we get, using E=mC2

2.7 x 1022 Joules of energy released. The molar burn rate linked to the applied plasma pressure.

A lightning bolt liberates 6 MW per metre, for up to one cm wide plasma. We are the air for 2 cm, so we are looking at 36 MW.

A bolt is not pure water vapour. It is 10 per cent. Caused by the rain drops, and the steam released by the ½ MW up strike.

The steam plasma tube will release 400 MW power metre. We should fire one up and get some real date. Power with no carbon dioxide or toxic death.

It's only out products are heat and light. It will be 10,000 times cheaper than nuclear fission. 5000 times cheaper than burning oil or gas.


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Old Plants

    I used to make the metal forgings used in heavy industry. I found out they are used to nuclear power, and left to work in IT.

    They are made two tolerances measured in microns: thousands of a mm. Once in a nuclear reactor we get the influx of neutrons. Which bond with a metal and change the time excise. Over 25 years this will cause the forging to be so tolerance.

    Without constructing the plant, letting it cool down and using a year micrometre on the components we will not know.

    That is why plants are licensed for 25 years. EDF has now got their ageing plants given a five year extension on this by a 'technical inspection'.

    I am sorry, present non destructive testing systems detect cracks or forging errors of the. At INCO we were used to using NDT. There is no way you can use it on the operating plant.

    What EDF has ensured is that the UK will have its own Chernobyl within the next three years.

    The Americans are interested in building new plants here. They cannot build them in the U.S., but the UK is far enough away that when a plant goes China syndrome, they will not care.

    They declare themselves bankrupt, and the employees vanish. Nuclear power bomb technology to generates toxic death and uneconomic power.

    They you want the tax payer money to build new nuclear plants here. As even California is not stupid enough to allow them to build them their.

    They are pumping billions of dollars into Berkeley to try and get the world to believe in global warming. Green plants convert free CO2 into life on earth.

    For the last 200 years CO2 has been pagged at two parts per 1,000,000. Basic high school biology and disproves man-made global warming and climate change.

    Which tells us there are a lot of academics around the world who should not be involved in higher education. They owe the world a big appology. They obviously failed high school biology.

    There has been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air due to man, though Harvard University did find a 15% increase in crop yields.

Monday, 20 December 2010

$3.2 trillion dollars

    That is what the world has given CERN to develop nuclear fusion. They are also funded by nuclear fission, so the have not succeeded.

    I was looking at the Youtube site two weeks ago and four other top five videos were mine: telling them about nature doing molecular nuclear fusion.

    Biology is driven by it. So are man's engine's. The wind, agriculture, and it sea currents and water falls all do it. It is the single most important Energy System on earth.

    You said 'it's not important'. Sorry, you are wrong. There would be no life on earth without doing nuclear fusion from water.

    The idea was never taught to me. The nearest we got water production of gamma wave radiation and helium by steam engines.

    And green crops in the light, and animal blood systems. How about a response? To the most important science idea ever. It explains why steam engines work so well.

    Or rather expansive steam engines.


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416


Biology wins

Ask any biology teacher in the world. Says green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago, the amount of carbon dioxide left in the evening air is a function of plant growth cycles.

So in an ice-age there is four parts per 1,000,000 left in the air. For the last 200 years there he's only been two PPM.

Man made global warming and climate change were thus devised with no increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air. Professors of physics and assumed this will be the case. Professors of biology have desperately tried to tell them, 'man's carbon dioxide has resulted in more life on earth.'

The world weather is in for 28 years spell of cooling. If only global warming was true, I would say we needed more carbon dioxide. But it is nuclear fiction. Nuclear power is toxic death and so last thing we want is more nuclear plants.

Nuclear plants have accelerated rates of metal creep and strain: it did a biology degree in 1982. The last thing we should do is try to extend the working life of nuclear plants. The forties will distort and will have the UK Chernobyl.

Flaming fusion

    Where we have a flame of hydrocarbons all carbohydrates, we have steam in turbulent flow: which does molecular nuclear fusion. No we go back to my Engineering Materials lectures in 1983. Titanium metal forms weak bonds with hydrogen.

    So it capitalises hydrogen reaction. This means, it capitalises molecular nuclear fusion. So we want to titanium plate the working surfaces of the steam engine. We also want to TI plate the boiler plate.

    In theory this would give us four times the power for the same fossil fuel burn. This is real life solar only get together 3.8. So the same power of the quarter of the oil or gas, generating ¼ carbon dioxide/

    Plants take in carbon dioxide, o its level in the free air has not changed for 200 years. Reducing it just reduces the extra life on earth we create. So using ¼ fossil fuels is the important thing.

    Nuclear power still generates toxic death. EDF has got the life of its nuclear plants extended by five years. So any time now Britain is going to have its own Chernobyl. Nuclear plants coals the inference rates of metal creep or metal fatigue.

    This does not show up on the NDT. That is why such plants were built with a 25 year life expectancy. The country's external life. Without the basic rewrite of the laws of motion a chain. Running old plants will kill. You actually.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Out of the loop

Even with a 60,000,000 pound bribe from the outgoing labour administration Sheffield Forge Master's could find no partners to build a new generation of nuclear plants.

Man made global warming and climate change were PR by nuclear power designed to ensure this happened. Green plants have ensured there has been no increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide for 200 years. So no man-made Global Warming or Climate Change.

No EDF have a large presence in this country. Their expertise is in fast breeder reactors. Which are never going to be allowed in the UK. They are probably given up on the nuclear dream now.

The only people still interested in new nuclear power plants are Americans. They are not being allowed to build new plants in the U.S.: Just too expensive and toxic. So they are looking at the UK.

They will not build compounds in England: they will show that in from America. They are life on earth gets on with molecular nuclear fusion.

It is free, safe and totally clean. It produces a whiff of helium and ozone: in the countryside, at waterfalls, or breaking waves, and in animal blood systems.

The area is the most important Energy System on earth. It is totally natural and non toxic. Your own beating heart does it.

Jonathan Thomason

The ultimate vote loser

Margret Thatcher approved Sizewell B when she had 100 seat majority. She he was never that popular ever again. Nuclear power is toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic. It relies on uranium ore mined and processed in politically unstable countries.

The only reason to do nuclear fission is to brew up plutonium. America no prefers to buy in plutonium from Russia. American will never site another nuclear fission plant on it's shores. The companies are instead trying to build plants in the UK: at a safe distance.

The natural world is instead, powered by molecular nuclear fusion. This converts water into helium and oxygen with a lot of surplus heat. It does not do toxic nuclear fission.

Man should not either, as it is toxic death. It is also a very, very, expensive. One Chernobyl could wipe out even national governments economically. Labour gave a six million pound bribe to Sheffield forge masters. Even that was not enough to tempt him financial partners.

Molecular nuclear fusion is basically free. It goes off from regular water, producing a whiff of helium and ozone. This sea air show you the way. Also the air have of fields or green crops.

This is why you breathe out helium and methane. This is produced from the water and carbon dioxide in your body.

The waste gas can safely be amended into the air: nature does so much of MNF. It does not produce plutonium. It is safe and cheap.

Watch Man's machines

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Clean power

    Nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to do nuclear fusion. This produces helium, oxygen, and heat.

    No carbon dioxide, no toxic radioactive waste. Nuclear fission from uranium produces toxic death and he is under economic.

    They invented global warming. Which is not true. They are still uneconomic though. They want money from the coalition government.

    If they get it conservatives and liberals will never be in power over again.


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416


Global Warming disproved

    In 2000I was back at Sheffield University, where I got my initial in 1986. Dr. Polly MatZinger asked me to fix global warming for her. So I got happily settle doing a basic literature search. I was a little perturbed as I can find any documents on an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air.

    There was no doubt that man is emissions of carbon dioxide has kicked in after the little ice-age. I did find out that carbon dioxide rose in ice-ages. When there were fewer plants about. So my idea was to make fresh water to irrigate the fields of growing crops.

    The world uses high pressure deceleration. Which is very expensive and wasteful. Instead they produce are brains. You have a ten metre high tower. You attach a vacuum pump at the top. The bottom you in mass in the sea, but leave open. You pump out the water vapour.

    You see water boils at reduce pressure. Water at turn degrees C will boil at six metres. So once we have pumped out all the air you will get 100% water vapour. You play the extracted gas against a metal plate with a tank below. You will get water condensing out.

    So for a 20th of the power for height pressure detonation you will get pure water from sea water. You then part this water to the high ground on the gravity distributed over the deserts. To get more green plants growing.

    At this stage I was a bit two vocal about saying Global Warming was fiction by nuclear power. The funding agencies gets a lot of money from nuclear power, and suddenly, for no reason, My PhD got ended and.

    So I moved to Salford and making a video reporter. This week I have just been told I can recall is a solo album. My folk group has just recorded their first album of our original songs. But I am still interested in the climate.

    The weather started cooling totally are naturally, in 2005. So nuclear power pushes climate change. No theoretical anything about it. Just nobody was buying global warming in a cooling world. It was still based on a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air.

    2008 I made a video on plants sinking carbon dioxide, which I copied to my medical contact at Harvard: I am also interested in medicine. It gives me a fall life. One day I have to do something useful with my life. In 1988 I nearly died in the car accident. But there is another story.

    Harvard spent the next two years checking the idea out. They did mineral analysis from around the world. It would have been easier to have analysed the ice cores from the Antarctic. I get emails from there, as my climate videos are required viewing. The scientist out there down by global warming.

    Harvard University found that green plants sink free carbon dioxide down to the lower limit for photosynthesis: from my master's degree I know this is two parts per 1,000,000. Outside of an ice-age.

    They found that since the ending of the little ice-age free carbon dioxide in the air had remained static at two PPM. You don't even references here. That is what you are taught in high school biology: OK with that the two PPM stuff. You are taught that green plants sink all available carbon dioxide.

    Very nearly true. Two PPM is 0.0002%. A level which has remained static despite man is industrial revolution. So man has increased life on earth: Harvard found crop yields had increased by 15%. But the level of carbon dioxide in the air had not changed.

    So no man made global warming or climate change: but there again, the world has figured that one out for themselves. I do know in carbon dioxide could affect the weather. Certainly the weather affects the free carbon dioxide in the air.

    It is a climate follower. So who made up the fiction of global warming? Take a bow nuclear power. As I said in 2001. Sheffield University did not give me the PhD. But have never explained why.

    Dr. MatZinger will be happy. There is no so global of man-made global warming which is not self-serving fiction from nuclear power. So we can use all the research money for real science. As I said above, 1/4 of $1,000,000,000,000.

Global Lies

    After Chernobyl nuclear power was desperate to make itself 'green' and get new plants. It figured this would take under a decade. The weather has short term half cycles of 28 years. So it seized on their fiction that carbon dioxide warmed the weather.

    No theory or historical basis: it did not need them, it had money. Over ¼ of a billion pounds and counting. Used voice academic stooges to write papers, for which there will well paid. National governments came in side, so were PR has no powers ¼ trillion dollars spent on it.

    Trouble is, the warming period was due to end in 2005. Right on the money it. So now all the tame academics are scratching around trying to explain how global warming could make the weather cool. Last year in the northern hemisphere was the coldest in a century.

    This year looks like he'll be a lot lot colder. All the academics who made a good living for 25 years and so man made global warming should not be in higher education. Climate change has even less theory than global warming. Advocating it shows you have mental health problems.

    We now have the highest carbon dioxide emissions in 200 years. But green plants have taken in all man's carbon dioxide to support more life on earth. Harvard University spent two years looking at the minerals from around the world and found that free carbon dioxide in the air had not changed in 200 years.

    This is high school biology: plants sink carbon dioxide down to two parts per 1,000,000 to do photosynthesis. Emissions are rubbish. The thing which would affect the weather is free carbon dioxide.

    I very much doubt that it ever walked. But we'll never know, as green plants had taken in all man is carbon dioxide. Academics abrogating global warming or climate change have no place in education. They should not be paid to be anywhere near learning.

Man’s carbon dioxide

    Has all been taken in by green plants. And used to build carbohydrates and excrete oxygen. In other words, create more life on earth.

    There has been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air so no climate effect is possible. That's the the line from nuclear power. Who are quite keen on creating more death on earth.


Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Space jet

I have decided to use serious about my singing. I will use some of the money allocated for my speech therapy to go into the air recording studio for the day and records my own CD.

I can then go around the music agents in Manchester and get a distribution deal. The Odsoccs CD has got such a deal with Salford council. There are thus serious questions about whether I should give out any more time to my academic interests.

But my singing the 5 free days a week. And people have for a lot of money into of rain previously. The idea today is the one I gave Will Zimmerman in 2007.

If you pass combustion products over a titanium turbine it does molecular nuclear fusion. Not as much as a steam turbine does. So it generates loads of surplus heat.

We replace the outlet manifold with a porous structure. We pump water into it, and when the turbine is running get steam out.

We introduce this into the space after the combustion chamber. It enters the turbine and does more MNF. So we can turn off the aviation fuel and fly the jet at hypersonic speed into space.

The jet body needs to be a lot more rigid. Titanium alloy sheet is called for. But we running a jet aeroplane with no carbon dioxide once started.

At hypersonic speed into space. We do not need air ones started so we can fly in the soft vacuum of space with zero air resistance.

I repeat because it is important: with no carbon dioxide. As Harvard have pointed out plants sink all man is carbon dioxide, so his chemical engines have led to more life on earth, with no effect on the world climate.

That theory was advocated by the brain dead. Who have no place in higher education.

Jonathan Thomason

Neutron Plant

Before I get on to today's idea I must refer back to my one of 2000. If we replace a cooling tower with a helical turbulence heat exchanger we decrease the fossil fuel burn by a factor of nine to produce the same power with 10% of the carbon dioxide. My thanks here to Professor Zimmerman.

To date you can buy a generator from laboratory spares. We drop one such probe into a boiler room of water. Then we convert the water into heavy water.

This decays almost instantly into more water and heat. We raise the temperature of the water using a fossil fuels burn in the boiling point.

We then turn on the neutrons and turn of the gas. We generate power. And loop back 0.02% of the power to generate the neutrons.

We continue running the plant, with no carbon dioxide. With no fossil fuel or fission rods use. In time we convert the water into helium and oxygen plus the heat. So a very small volume of water runs the plant.

With no carbon dioxide at all. No nuclear fission –which is toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic. Today the UK is experiencing the coldest winter for a century. If only global warming was true this would have been the hottest year ever.

So obviously man-made global warming and climate change is total fiction in the world should be saying. Instead they are doing the PR for nuclear power. The most polluting and uneconomic technology that has not been made illegal on earth.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The cost of nuclear power

Einstein had devised his famous equation e=mc2 without ever believing that the energy and could be released. After the atomic bomb he mused that he had not considered the effect of neutrons. The guy was only a genius he was not omnicogniscant.
He was not alone. Even the Americans working on a nuclear bomb expected the explosion to the survival if you were in a Western build house.
They developed the ideas of enriching uranium in of a nuclear reactor. On route they discovered the substance plutonium. Which is so unstable it does not exist in nature.
After Nagasaki and Hiroshima they sent scientists to determine the destruction level. Which it turned out to be total.
At this stage they realized a lower level of nuclear fission would create useful power. Such power plants would offset the cost of making weapons grade fissionable fuel.
No nuclear bomb had been used in anger since 1945. Because the levels of damage and destruction it produces is an absolute.
In the 1950s it was found that nuclear fission was unexpectedly toxic. Only the French uses plutonium to generate power. They considered the danger worth taking, as they were invaded by Germany twice in the 20th century.
Now even the U.S. chooses to buy is plutonium from Russia. It has now changed its nuclear plants not to produce plutonium.
The U.S. has tight licensing laws for nuclear plants. Nuclear power invented in its fiction of ‘global warming’ after Chernobyl sprayed toxic waste over a third of Asian.
30% of nuclear plants in the U.S. are now operating after their licences have expired. The world started cooling in 2005. But nuclear power has use its money to distract the world on its phantom stories about carbon dioxide affecting the weather.
When the world started cooling they are changed their fiction to ‘climate change’. To say that in some way carbon dioxide would affect the weather in a bad way.
Not which way –global warming has taught them not to be so specific. For no reason. They had money –they do need to give a reason.
With no historical precedent. This is nuclear power. They grasp on the basic laws on feasibility and possibility have never existed. They are toxic, polluting, fatal, and uneconomic.
And don’t see why that should stop them getting new plants. That last word was the focus of my undergraduate essay in 1983.
While nuclear plants were doing nuclear fission for radioactive material, national governments would pay to decommission their plants. Now have only just their heads generate power they had to set aside four billion dollars to decommission the plant, and 100 billion to safely store their waste for 250,000 years.
This is why Sheffield Forge Masters could find no partners to build nuclear plants. Even with a 60,000,000 pound bribe by the outgoing labour government. Which the coalition rescinded.
How interesting that the labour government gave a financial promise. The incoming government, though they’re nominally in favour of nuclear power, took back that money back.
No government without 100 clear seat majority, like Marbret Thstcher has when she approved Sizewell B, will ever approved a new nuclear power plant in the UK.
Same applies to the U.S.. Nuclear plants have a lifespan of 25 years. Sizewell B has 20 years to go. After that there’ll be no nuclear power in the UK.
We will take the Australian option, they only run nuclear plants to produce medical supplies of radioactive isotopes. And there is trouble enough trying to replace the ageing plants in the UK here.
Man made global warming and climate change totally ignored basic biology. Green plants take in carbon dioxide to support all life on earth. Their waste gas is a oxygen.
Animals only evolved to turn their waste gas back into their food. For the last 200 years carbon dioxide have been pegged at two parts per 1,000,000. The lower limit of photosynthesis.
Free carbon dioxide in the air can only rise during an ice-age. More carbon dioxide has led to a 15% increase in crop yields since the industrial revolution.
That’s why the climate people talk about emissions. They are guesstimates. If you measure carbon dioxide out of town, you get to two parts per 1,000,000.
Towns and cities make up a vanishingly small amount of the land surface of the earth. So biology has sunk man’s carbon dioxide.
And with it nuclear power. They will keep running kicking and screaming toxic rubbish and until the last fuel rods are pulled out of the last nuclear plant on earth.
Mining, purifying and shipping uranium ore from countries with no nuclear infrastructure liberates as much carbon dioxide as burning fossil fuels. This carbon dioxide is released in the third world, but the UN’s own emission guides give this as much weight as carbon dioxide produced by conventional power plants in the first world.
Then we get to the massive production of carbon dioxide to build a nuclear power plant. That is ‘replaced’ every 25 years. Or really, just shut down for ever.
These two factors mean that nuclear power is of the 5th biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. If you want to reduce carbon dioxide by 15%, shut down nuclear power.
Luckily biology even takes in their carbon dioxide. So man made global warming and climate change were evolved without the ever having been a data set on increasing carbon dioxide levels in the air.
All the academics writing climate papers are paid nuclear stooges. Who have no place in tertiary education. The climate is controlled solely by the sun.
Conversely nuclear power have an active franchise on death.

Jonathan Thomason Oct 1983

Monday, 13 December 2010

Man lives with the climate

There are some deserts around the earth. There are poles at the north and south. The rest of the land is covered by green plants.

They take in carbon dioxide. There are 40 times the required number of green plants to sink the circulating carbon dioxide. The great shortage on earth is units producing carbon dioxide.

That is for all is where animals evolved in the first place.

A trace more carbon dioxide, and you get more plants. So there is two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide left in the evening air. In white cretaceous there was four PPM, as green plants are more efficient than the plants in the cretaceous.

Every day. They cannot be a day on day increase. That is impossible with green plants. The individuals who devised the idea of global warming were physics professors.

Which meant they had O level biology. And a clever guys. They knew that an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide due to man was an oxymoron: a total physical impossibility. Carbon dioxide is the gas of life.

The great shortage in the air in the air is available carbon dioxide. By burning the fossil fuels we are releasing that fossilised life back into the ecosphere. We are increasing life on earth.

But we are not increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the air. They can't have been any effect on the weather.

Through history anyway carbon dioxide has been a climate follower, it has never made the weather. It likes four years behind the natural solar cycles.

Every academic professionals who has written papers or supervised PhDs into man-made global warming knew it was all life. There has never been a data set on increasing carbon dioxide levels in the global air.

There have been local measurements in city centres near diesel exhaust. Local levels have no importance. It is the global level than affects the weather.

Cities are such a minute area. Fuels and forest are the bulk of the land around the earth. All the professors were very aware of this. They were also aware they are getting money from nuclear power, so the onus was on them to invent a reason for new power plants.

But nuclear power is toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic. In a commercial concern has to dismantle the plant after there is 25 year life the whole process is uneconomic.

Nuclear power only seen to eight good idea if national governments paid to decommission use plants: which I said in my essay for professor argent in 1983.

Bernard said it was the best undergraduate essay he had ever received. I didn't realise just how insightful he was.

Nuclear power makes massive, very toxic bombs. Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission. Every biological cell does molecular nuclear fusion. Safe clean and free. The science year derided as of no importance.

The most important Energy System on earth. Man's steam cycle does it. My seminal idea. Which will be taught at universities and years.

Global warming died in 2005 as the world cooled. Its successor, climate change, died in 2010 as the world learned carbon dioxide levels in the air had not changed for 200 years.

Another of my ideas Professor Zimmerman has not even commented on. Harvard University has. They spent two years checking out the mineral history of the globe. And said I was right.

Jonathan Thomason

Life does fusion

In the light plants produce helium, oxygen and give out gamma wave radiation and; as they turn water into heat. This allows them to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates. It powers all life on earth.

Animal and bacterial mitochondria do the same. So all life on earth powers by doing nuclear fusion from water. It does what CERN cannot. It does not go from hydrogen gas. As most hydrogen on earth is bound up with oxygen.

In the 18th century man has started using the steam cycle. This takes high pressure water, and turns it into steam. Guess what? We get helium, oxygen and gamma wave radiation. Or steam travel stand pipes and powers the pension it does more molecular nuclear fusion.

Today nuclear power uses PWR's. These use toxic metal oxide fission tubes to generate steam. So they then ran a steam cycle. So they are tapping in to the way man found to do nuclear fusion.

Using fission rods is stupid. A steam plasma tube does molecular nuclear fusion direct. It generates no toxic waste, and the gamma waves are the same low powered one we get from the council in your kitchen. It does not cause toxic death!

We generate no waste at all. As the oxygen fissions away into more light and heat. This uses a hydrogen plasma to convert hydrogen gas into neutrons: which are composite particles of a proton bonded to an electron. These neutrons bond with the oxygen, fissioning it into barium, boron, helium, hydrogen, and then light and heat.

Nature is powered by nuclear fusion. Man is power stations today do molecular nuclear fusion –though we hadn't realized. We replace gas and oil flames with a steam plasma tube we turn the water into heat with no toxic end product.

Fission kills. Nature does not do fusion. Neither should we if we wish to live!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Nuclear life

After Chernobyl nuclear power were desperate to buy a future. Their plants are turned over every 25 years if they do not explode. Spraying death and toxic waste over a third of a continent.

All there paid stooges could come up with was the carbon dioxide warmed the weather. This is facile and stupid. Green plants take in carbon dioxide so extra carbon dioxide was converted into extra life on earth. No more carbon dioxide in the air to affect the weather.

Nuclear power heard about this example years ago from me, though they knew about it since the mid eighties. Their answer? Ignore it. An spent ¼ billion pounds on their fiction of global warming.

The weather has short term weather cycles we have ½ wavelength of 28 years. This meant the global climate would call from 2005 naturally. So what happened now? It cool from 2005. The climate is controlled by solar cycles, and man just lives with it.

The world leaders know this. So why did they sign a Cancum treaty? Because Nuclear Power paid tham to the. They are the ultimate vote loser. Nobody now believe in global warming or its successor climate change. Any government the embraces nuclear power will be out of power for ever.

Nuclear power will use its billions to try and signed treaties against carbon dioxide and told a vast metal fission two is extracted from last nuclear fission power plant. I think that use about 10 years.

Now Sheffield University know that a steam plasma tube will convert regular water into heat with no carbon dioxide or toxic waste product. Clean safe and free power. Here lightning bolt uses a steam plasma to liberate the1.2 x 1020 Watts of power for free.

And we have all seen this. It is safe. It is clean. It is the most exothermic structure on the earth's surface. On suns uses a hydrogen plasma to do nuclear fusion and powers the universe.

No new science. The study of lightening goes back to faraday. They give off heat polite and nuclear radiation –so obviously they are doing nuclear fusion from water. Goodbye nuclear fusion we your obsession that carbon dioxide, the gas of life.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Molecular nuclear fusion for ethanol etc

The refining of hydrocarbons produces nuclear radiation. And results in helium gas and lower chairman of the hydrocarbon. Some of the water present with he and refined oil ends up as oxygen.

The refining of ethanol is more interesting:

C2H5OH->He+CH4+CO+γ and CH4+2O2->CO2+H2O

Whisky stills give off carbon monoxide. This is interesting as the is a testable.

So refinery gases are highly explosive. Which is what we find! Stills and have a habit of bursting into flames!

The MNF we get at ammonia refineries is marginally more gentle:


Hydrogen gas did cause the Hindenburg and Twin Towers disasters. The Titanic did scrape along an ice Berg, which did molecular nuclear fusion.

The release of heat and undid the riveting and this steel plates sprang off. Which is why the ship sank. We now know the wreck site. And the half-life of 60iron is 2.6 million years!

So if we go down to the wreckage site of the radioactive signature of MNF will be there on the steel plates.

Still production and processing does results in some 60Fe, but the amount of this isotopes on the titanic wreck for the greater than other steel of the same age.

Melting down iron and steel does produce steam in turbulent flow. This is the source on the unexpected release of radiation from steel production. We don't tend to act fissile material to iron for get the massive release of nuclear radiation.

And this from my degree in 1982(sic).

Fluorescent sodium lights do produce a carbon deposit. This I was told at Doncasters in 1982 also!

Swamp gas is as explosive as ethanol refinery gases:


This is why we tend to get spontaneous ignition of the air above swamps. And also why they give out nuclear radiation.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fluid Turbulence and fusion

    In 2001 Dr Zimmerman proposed to me, that fluid turbulence could give us nuclear fusion. He was right. On suns we see

The2H+->He2+ + E1

And on the earth we see


    Throughout nature on earth we see molecular nuclear fusion. This is a logical extension of Dr. Zimmerman is ideas. We see it at waterfalls, breaking waves but also throughout biology.

    It is the most prevalent sort of energy release on earth. The extra oxygen forms ozone. Like converts carbon dioxide and water into methane and oxygen, helium gamma wave radiation and heat.

    Since the industrial revolution man's carbon dioxide has led to more life on earth. But no more carbon dioxide in the air. So man's machines can have had no effect on the weather.

    That is a lie nuclear power has spent ¼ billion pounds publicising.

On suns we a hydrogen plasma in a boiling mass of mostly hydrogen. This turbulent flow does nuclear fusion. At helium plasma does less. When the sun has burn all its helium it shrinks into a brown giant.
We then get the enough for our interstellar antimatter which annihilates with the matter of thus tower, liberating X rays. The start gets less attractive and swells. In time this star will be are nova or supernova.
This is why we see so many nova is in the universe. It is the end of a star’s life. It’s matter is converted into a free electro magnetic radiation. In outer space this radiation combines two for more hydrogen gas.
This is sucked into a star and convert it back into light. Matter is a ½ stage between light and hydrogen gas.
In a heavy rainstorm water droplets collide to do molecular nuclear fusion this turns H2O into He2+ and 2 x that theOH-. The Alpha particles rise to above the clouds taking is positive charge with it.
The hydroxyl molecules carry the negative charge to the ground, at the same time turning molecular oxygen into ozone. Thus heavy rain gives off nuclear radiation and produces an electric charge and ozone.
For when we have built up 8000 volts of electrical potential we get a down stroke: by the gradual drift of electoral holes to the ground through the moist air.
We then get a 1.2 x 1020 Watt up strike. This is the power usage of the U.S. for a decade. No carbon dioxide and no toxic radioactive waste.
A whiff of 3He and ozone. As produced by the deep sea and green fields in the light as they do molecular nuclear fusion.
All of this did not get me my PhD. That got ended stubbornly in 2001 for no reason. 2006 Oxford University England, got four billion UK pounds to look at a hydrogen plasma doing nuclear fusion.
I gave them Dr. Zimmerman’s ideas. 2008 he is talking about me presume my PhD. But idea also got pulled. Which is why am writing this blog!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

A water bath

    The most important reaction we get comes from the chaotic interaction of exposed hydrogen atoms in the molecular water.

We see 2H2O->4n0+O2 the conversion of water into neutrons and oxygen. So a tank of boiling water acts in the same way as a steam plasma. I still think the latter is the simplest way for man to do molecular nuclear fusion.

    Through PWR's he has the most experience of boiling baths of water. They are a good way to recycle toxic fission waste. We have to run the plant just to recycle fission waste, and not worry about the power generation. We can charge for this, so making money while improving life on earth.

    Nuclear power started feeding toxic fuel rods into PWR's to cause or plutonium on strontium to fission into savour elements -I heard about this in 2000. It would thus be possible to make all the fission waste safe, though it is obviously better not to generate any.

    For molecular nuclear fusion is four times as exothermic as fission weight for weight, and only generates 3He which decays before it has left the plant.

    The deep seas do so much of this, which is why we see the generation of helium, oxygen, low power gamma waves and heat from the deep. The same our occurs with green plants in the light. Therefore biology is driven by molecular nuclear fusion.

    The production of helium and oxygen from the deep is on record. There is no chemical source of helium. And Alpha particle production by the deep ground could not produce the terms of helium we see.

    It can only be explained by molecular nuclear fusion. The

Friday, 3 December 2010

CO2 boosts life


Says that green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago, they had taken in carbon dioxide in the light, and excreted oxygen. Animals only evolved to use up their waste gas – oxygen, and excrete their food carbon dioxide!

In ice-ages carbon dioxide can rise in the air. In warm periods like today it is fixed at two parts per 1,000,000. More CO2 more life on earth. But no more free carbon dioxide to affect the world climate.

That is a lie from nuclear power. Who want us all dead. If we allow our new nuclear plants they will get their wish. All the academics for two papers on global warming and climate change are there paid stooges.

Climate change came in, in 2005 as the natural weather enter a cooling phase. Hence the snow outside the door.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Life fusion

As the heartbeats it does the animal form of molecular nuclear fusion:


So we see a rhythmic production of gamma wave radiation! So we know it is not fission or radioactive decay. We know that pressure waves catalyse MNF. We see this in steam engines. MNF is also the source of free radical oxygen –though there are other possible biological sources.

There is no source of helium other than nuclear fusion from water.QED

We need the hands guillotine: eliminate the impossible and water ever we are left with, no matter how improbable, is true.

Nature is powered by MNF: safe clean and free. Nuclear fission is uneconomic, toxic, and fatal. Nature has been doing MNF for 650,000,000 years.

Only an idiot would fail to grasp the importance of MNF –or its prevalence!

Jonathan Thomason

No truth in Global Warming!


Global warming was devise by nuclear power in 1983 to try and extract people from Chernobyl and the toxic nature of nuclear power. Nuclear power is uneconomic, toxic, polluting and kills on a continental scale.

    They chose to take on carbon dioxide as they fought they did not produce any. So wrong. That mining purifying and shipping uranium ore is a massive producers of carbon dioxide. Their plant building programme is an unavoidable producer of carbon dioxide.

    Were still they did not know their biology. Green plants take the gas in and excrete oxygen. Down to the limit for photosynthesis. So in a you warm period there is a fixed amount of two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.

    A level which has remained constant since the end of the little ice-age 200 years ago. The idea of Global Warming and was it would warm every day the year inexorably. Snow would be a folk memory. By now the seas would have risen 18 feet.

    Last year in the UK was the worst winter for 30 years. In Korea it was the worst winter on record. This year the winter is shaping up to be the worst winter in the UK this century.

    Carbon dioxide is still at two parts per 1,000,000. In 2005 as the world cooled nuclear power change from global warming to climate change. No theoretical reason. It was just a global warming there was an unsustainable fiction. If you can see is global warming is wrong, says climate change.

    Both rely on a phantom rise in carbon dioxide in the air. That is never happened. It can only happen in an ice-age. Luckily that's what we've got!


There are too many academics earning a living from climate studies funded by nuclear power, to let a little thing like reality stand in the way. Universities run lecture courses on earth have had statistics can lie –so they know exactly how to support an unfounded idea.
If you talk a gas sample from the air in the countryside for the last 200 years you would find carbon dioxide was that the lower limit for photosynthesis –to parts per 1,000,000. This gives a figure of 0.0002%. I think he actually does is 0. 0000 2%, but this does seem to like it produces more number.
That number is no does for research grants. So we have to be careful about where we take gas samples from. Preferably we want an enclosed engine exhaust emission of the city, at the end of the working week with little wind.
Then we can get a figure of 300 PPM. We don’t quite this number has a percentage. As it turns out to be 0.003%. Not an impressive figure. Quote it as parts per 1,000,000. Own established engineering way of presenting minute figures.
The general population don’t have a humble and her small PPMs are. Good –we are going for as less transparency as possible.
Published that date without location, date or condition information. OK it’s a total statistical lie –we are showing the drug companies her to do it properly.
Only trouble years, Harvard University take a global average from country locations around the world. They come up with two PPM, the preindustrial level! If they had just asked us we could have told them the number, without the trouble of doing gas analysis themselves.
One the ideal university is to Sheffield University. This has a world-wide reputation for gas analysis. Only one problem, they receive a lot of money from nuclear power.
We can fix that. We just want a malleable academic we can work with.

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


    You don't know anything about biology sinking carbon dioxide: this is the gas of life, and oxygen is the waste gas of green plants.

CC of letter to my old professor

    In the Jurassic there was 60% more life on earth. That life died with the dinosaurs and formed the oil we are now burning. Magma chambers filled with gas also date back to 65,000,000 years ago.

    By burning the fossil fuels we are releasing that life. The level of carbon dioxide in the air does not change, that is determined solely by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take carbon dioxide in.

    Says man started releasing extra carbon dioxide at the end of the 18th century free carbon dioxide in the air has remained at two parts per 1,000,000. There is now 20% more life on earth though.

    Man-made global warming and climate change were PR fiction by nuclear power –both based on a mythical increase in free carbon dioxide. Which is never happened. All people talking as if these ideas had merit obviously have mental health problems.

    Engineering is full of molecular nuclear fusion: and engineering is the subject on which you have some knowledge. Unlike biology or climatology.

    Steam travelling along a pipe gives off gamma wave radiation as it rounds a bend. There is no fissionable material about. Just regular steam. So a nuclear process involving H2O.

    If we plated steam around a helix for a year we get are loads of gamma rays and also find out we were producing helium, and free radical oxygen: the latter would form ozone.

    This is the source of ozone from natural sources: by water walls, breaking waves, the countryside and animal blood systems. Biology does so much MNF, but this is a outside your field. Engineering also does massive amounts it though.

    My favourite area is steam engine's – particularly steam turbines. They produce loads of gamma rays. The source of nuclear fission is limited to the diesel oil by burn. This does not explain the massive release of nuclear radiation we get in the boiler room.

    It so does not explain the nuclear radiation we get in the turbine hall: particularly with titanium turbine blades.

    We also get out X and gamma ray from chemical reactions. Another area of your expertise. From conventional or chemical reactions with no nuclear fission: no radioactive isotopes.

You know that no chemical reaction is energetic enough to produce X of gamma rays. You just accept that they do. They are doing molecular nuclear fusion. No argument. Absolute proof. An area that you have tried never to comment on.

    You do that with inconvenient truths: you just ignore them. This is not the act of are real scientist. These are the areas of great discoveries. So here. Playing chemical reactions tell you that nature does MNF from water. Your reaction?

    In 1984 I was told internal combustion engines give off gamma wave radiation and produce helium. There is no source of helium. Which is why I was incredulous.

    Only if you consider molecular nuclear fusion from water does it make total silence. This explains why steam engines out perform diesel ones, and they outperform petrol was would run at lower pressure.

    No so I have given you the greatest science discovery ever. Which you ignore. Preferring to run with the fiction of nuclear power. Which contradicts the whole world biology give up over last 300 years.

    You know nothing about the climate. There has been no increase in carbon dioxide for 200 years. Shut up about global warming and climate change.

    Your totally ignorant about sciences involved. They also are impossible fiction. Molecular nuclear fusion is real, going on throughout nature and engineering. And years and he popped changing concept.

    There you have never deigned even to comment on. You complain when I talk to other professors about reality. You should give it a try.


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Life sinks carbon dioxide


    Any date of the year green plants grow until they leave two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air. More CO2 though more life on earth three years. There is however no more CO2 left in the air.

    Man is carbon dioxide has increased life on earth by 15%. Even the terminally stupid would concede there is no possible effect on the weather. That is all lie from nuclear power and its paid stooges, after Chernobyl in 1983.