Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Global fiction

    The theories of global warming came out, that said rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air was given to warm the climate. Item one, all academics should have passed for the date are on rising carbon dioxide.

    August 2008 Harvard University published in new scientist that carbon dioxide haven't risen since the end of the little ice-age. It is hoped and at two PPM. In the little ice-age itself CO2 was at four PPM.

    It is a climate follower. It's the wax and wane of plants. So for 25 years hundreds of thousands of people do a good living so nuclear PR.

    Them the world started cooling. Rather than the others process 'global cooling' nuclear power christened it 'climate change' though they failed to elaborate on how this differs from normal weather.

    Of light Jurassic there was 60% more life on earth, four PPM CO 2 in and the air and sea levels were 65 metres lower. So this flatly contradicts global warming.

    There was some initial stuff about 'climate change' causing the seas to rise. As global warming has failed to deliver. Academics builder think the reason why has he contradicted the last quarter century's work. So the idea was dropped.

    Both man-made global warming and climate change are based on a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air. That green plants take in CO2, so outside of an ice-age carbon dioxide is pegged at the lower limit for photosynthesis to work –two PPM.

    So man-made global warming and climate change are impossible fiction by nuclear power. Everybody working positively in the area is a paid stooge to nuclear power.


Jonathan Thomason

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