Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Life takes in CO2

down to 0.0002% every night. More available carbon dioxide more life on earth. But no more free carbon dioxide in the air. So no possible effect on the climate.

    Locally you can see transitory higher levels of carbon dioxide. The winners ensure the global level is two PPM. It is this number which determines the world climate. Carbon dioxide levels in the air can only rise in an ice-age.

    They are a climate follower. If CO2 did warm the climate, there would never have been an ice-age in earth history. The last one was in the 18th century. So we are due another minor glaciation now.

    Man made global warming and climate change were PR by the paid stooges to nuclear power. The ideas were evolved to try and get more uneconomic, lethal, polluting and toxic plants built; after Chernobyl killed and polluted a third of Asia.

Plants sink CO2!

By JonThm9@aol.com

Due to green plants taking in carbon dioxide the level of free CO2 in the air, has remained constant at 0 0002% for the last 200 years.

Crop yields have gone up by 15% though. So man's carbon dioxide has increased life on earth but have no conceivable effect on the weather. That is a nuclear lie -phantom science, total fatal fiction. Put out by paid stooges.

The only way for carbon dioxide level to rise, is if we have an ice-age. So it follows global cooling! The shills to nuclear power devised global warming as a concept after Chernobyl. When nuclear power realised it had to be seen as 'green', to get new plants!

But nuclear power is uneconomic, toxic, polluting and fatal. But most importantly uneconomic and fatal. You don't want it going on within a continent of you.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Free 3D

From JonThm9@aol.com

I have double vision, so my brain stitches together three dimensional images from vision taken from one climate. It uses there are relative motions, colours intensities, brightnesses … –five of the six tricks at our brain usually uses to produce 3D vision.

This means I get 3D images from HD video. So it does need to be higher resolution imput, but he does not need for three dimensional. I was in the TV shop today looking at 3D TVs. Not expecting it to work. I tried on the glasses, and nearly fell over!

Just like when I as viewing the NASA footage of the Moon it snapped into three dimensional images. And so staggered I glanced at the HD TV's next door. They were three dimensional too. No dearer media and no special SKY subscription. Incidentally NASA never sent a 3D camera and film crew to the Moon. Hmm. Don't mention area 51!

So for the cost of a high definition television, and the three dimensional classes you get 3D TV for free. So let's buy some glasses. 'sorry sir, with no TV we can't sell you any glasses'. 'but I told a 3D laptop in the air a month ago!' I protested. 'sorry sir. No TV. No glasses'

How curious! Sense to me like that trick would work for everybody! So before you buy a 3DTV for £1500, try a HDTV for £700 with £100 glasses'!

thje Climate is safe

For the last six months I have posted my ideas out on carbon dioxide to do is concerning the DECC, IPCC, and Columbia. So in other words I have to sort out the people whose income depends on climate change.

In 2008 I sent a video on CO2 to Harvard. Stating that green plants sink this gas, so supporting all life on earth. This is an O level idea we were all told age of 14.

August 2010 Harvard published the results of a world wide survey are minerals. They found there have been no increase in CO2 for 200 years: his have been higher in the little ice-age when there were fewer plants around.

So this means man-made global warming was devise without the ever being a data set on increasing CO2 levels. Climate change was just a holding theory why nuclear power tried it, with a new idea.

They failed: they are a fatal, uneconomic, toxic and polluting industry. It thus shows its toxic nature, being developed from the atomic bomb.

Its lack of intellectual rigour shows, in that it succumbs to O level biology. The only reason the world took it at all seriously was the quarter of $1,000,000,000 nuclear power invested in two academics.

Who really have not given by you for money. Can't blame them –this industry has no redeeming features. Biggest problem, it is toxic, fatal, polluting and just kills.

In 2003 I had the idea of MNF, the most important scientific ideas ever. Since when the Professor has belittled it. Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into helium, oxygen, low power gamma waves and heat.

It is how nature is powered. Man's steam and chemical engines all do it –and I learned in 1986! It is so easy to confirm –you of all the Geiger counter next to a boiling kettle. MNF proved.

Such a better idea than toxic nuclear fission from uranium or plutonium. Your own blood system does it as you heart beats. So back to biology eh!

A steam plasma tube does it. My videos on this subject on CERN site. So world breaking important. What did I get? My PhD ended early for no reason.


Sunday, 28 November 2010


    Nuclear power assumed man is emissions of carbon dioxide since the little ice-age had increased the amount of CO2 in the air. This was in 1983, by nuclear power was desperately trying to reinvent itself as green after Chernobyl.

    But they didn't in five any biologists. They would had told nuclear power that green plants have sunk all man is carbon dioxide since the warm period after the little ice-age.

    This means that global warming was devised an idea with no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air. The weather has short term are periods of 28 years. This predicted the warm period of weather would end in 2005. 2005 the climate started cooling.

    Isn't it nice when real science is so precise. Since 1985 'global warming' pundits have based or were scare stories are local CO2 levels in towns and cities. Then it was pointed out to them that the weather was only affected by global carbon dioxide levels. Hence the name – 'Global Warming'.

    This was a problem. For the last 200 years green plants have ensured carbon dioxide levels were pegged at two parts per 1,000,000. This level was so very tiny. And constant. No possible effect on the weather.

    In 2005 nuclear power started pushing 'man made climate change' and global warming have been such a PR success.

    Only trouble was the natural climate was unaffected by man. In particular carbon dioxide could have no conceivable effect on the weather. It was at the same levels as during the cold snap of the 1950s.

    The hall global warming and climate change idea is just wrong. Carbon dioxide has not changed its level in the free air for 200 years. Nuclear power will have to try harder.

    Something factual, which negates the polluting, toxic, fatal, nature the industry is required. Nuclear fission makes good bombs, but toxic, uneconomic power.


Jonathan Thomason    JonThm9@aol.com

HD Moon!

By JonThm9@aol.com

The NASA Moon landing film was shot in high definition. In 1969 this can be done at the Hollywood, not by the camera there went up in the Apollo missions.

So a rocket did it go up and around the Moon, but he was not manned. The footage was mocked up in area 51. The high definition of the footage testifies to this.

    You see I have double vision. So the only way I can see in 3D is a objects are moving or in high definition footage. Then my brain stitches together the three dimensional image.

    I have been to Cape Kenedy twice and most recently I use the Moon landing film. I was staggered to see it in 3D. I read in the last couple years that the footage allegedly shot on Moon was in HD. I routinely shoot this for my video blog. It is easy now. But in the sixties' this was only possible using a high specification film camera.

    That weighed more than a standard definition one, and was wasteful of silver halide film: so the Apollo missions would not have packed such a camera. It would have been stupid to have done so.

    Almost as stupid as to release high definition footage of the Moon landings. For PR purposes it makes perfect sense in the footage was knocked up on land. On the earth. So we tracked the rocket going up and looping the Moon. Their whole Apollo programme was a PR exercise at the interception of the cold war. It was a fake.

    No we could design a jet aircraft to use water injection was started. We can then turn our the fuel oil and we don't need air or oxygen. So we can get up to the Moon now, in a modified commercial jet aircraft.

    A separate issue is protecting against solar radiation beyond the Van Allen belt. I know her to do this –I learned it through my PhD studies into the climate. I found out that green plants have sunk all man is CO2 so its level in the air has not changed for 200 years.

    Man made global warming and climate change were always fiction funded by nuclear power.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Plasmas do fusion

By JonThm9@aol.com

    In 2000 scientists announced gas plasmas were the four states of matter. This is because the chaotic collisions of nuclear line causes atomic fusion and fusion. And fusion of electrons with nuclei causes an electron and own proton to form a neutron. So we decrease the atomic number by one, and make the nuclei radioactive so decays quickly their rating nuclear radiation and surplus neutrons.

    This all sounds very complicated: it isn't. It means garage scientists can investigate nuclear fusion and fusion from low atomic numbers. This isn't dangerous –on the nuclear fission from uranium. It really converts matter into heat and low powered gamma radiation –as boiling water liberates in your kitchen today.

    The linear flow of hygiene gas around the large torous is about the only way of not doing nuclear fusion from H. If they give the hydrogen ions spin as they travel round the torous they will get nuclear fusion. Turning hydrogen into helium and heat like the deep sea does. The deep sea also liberates oxygen gas: it does molecular nuclear fusion.

    We take the electrics from a fluorescent light, but replace the tube will warm filled with steam: charging up from the paint stripper will accomplish this. We then fire up the tube, as it sits in a coffin with one each think concrete walls. It sits there burning all the water into heat and light, and again low power radiation –hence the use of a concrete surround.

    Once started, if we have charged that you up to two bars, the plasma will self sustaining –like for lightening does in the atmosphere. It converts all the matter into heat. With no toxic, radioactive, fusion waste.

    Man is to extremes of lightening suggest a 1 m long two will 12 and 20 megawatts of power. No carbon dioxide. Once started, no mains power. Safe clean and free power. JT M.Eng.

Lightning does fusion

By JonThm9@aol.com

    And the electrical discharge through a steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion. This turns water into helium, oxygen and heat. It is power with no carbon dioxide or radioactive waste.

    The deep see does it from the turbulent flow of high pressure water. Your heart does it from pressure waves in the blood. All of nature does it. It is the dominant Energy System on earth.

    And all animal blood systems do it. As do green plants in the light, or growing bacteria. The most important places we see it is in the deep. This is why we see the creation of helium and low power gamma rays from the turbulent flow of deep water.

    We have wasted hundreds of billions of parents by getting scientists to look at the linear flow of of hydrogen gas. If they gave the hygiene gas in the tourous spin we would observe nuclear fusion is simple.

    Of the best way for man to do it is from eight turbulent tourous of steam. Lightning shows the way. 5000 volts and 100 amps will initiate a 1.5 km steam plasma. It mast for 3 seconds, is two centimetres wide and liberates 1.2 x 1020 Watts. This is 12 MWatts per metre.

More life

By JonThm9@aol.com

    When the dinosaurs died, so did 60% of life on earth. There carbohydrates went into the deep, and in time became hydrocarbons –the fossil fuels. Man is are burning these releasing their organic carbon as carbon dioxide.

    That day plants take in this gas, to form new life on earth. In time the extra plants are eaten by animals, so get more animal and plant life. So there is no more carbon dioxide left in the air. No possible effect on the weather.

    This is why 'climate change' pundits have to resort to calculating CO2 emissions. Plants take it all in, so there has been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. So no man-made global warming or climate change.

    Climate change is just the latest fiction of PR from nuclear power, who are desperate for new plants. As legally their plants have to be replaced every 25 years. Though in the U.S. We are still going after 30 years.

    The wake up by regulators, you have a nasant Chernobyl on your soil.

Ball Lightning

By JonThm9@aol.com

    Here an electric charge sets up a ball of diluted steam plasma, from moist air. The ball skits around, using out nuclear radiation, heat and light itself sustains. After a period of the plasma pressure drops and a lightning effect ceases.

    My ideas are to use an electric field to strike up a steam plasma in the two. It will be a pure steam plasma, so we get off more heat and low power radiation well be maintain the steam pressure. The plasma will be contained by the glass tube.

    So nature does molecular nuclear fusion from a steam plasma, and lightening years as how. We liberate no carbon dioxide and make no toxic radioactive waste. We kill nobody. Safe, clean, free and the natural power!

Thursday, 25 November 2010


    There is a massive overabundance of green plants on the earth. The limit to life is the availability of carbon dioxide. From the 18th century man has started emitting more CO2 than he exhales.

    So all man's carbon dioxide has been converted into plant and animal life. The amount of carbon dioxide left in the air is a product of the efficiency of photosynthesis to excrete O.

    All man is machines have has increased life on earth but not increased carbon dioxide in the air. Thus there is no man-made global warming or climate change –that was only ever again by nuclear power.

    They wanted to get more nuclear plants. That is so not funny. Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting and fatal. And a massive vote loser. Nobody in their right mind will build a nuclear power plant if they did not have a desire to make nuclear weapons. And kill.


Jonathan Thomason JonThm9@aol.com

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

More life!

Man's carbon dioxide has boosted life on earth

Basic biology

By JonThm9@aol.com

My PhD supervisor is a professor of Chemical Engineering. I was meant to be working on global warming. This was in 2001, and in 2005 the world started noticeably cooling –hence the academic invention all man made climate change. This says carbon dioxide is in some way related to change in the world weather. Exact details to be formulated depending on what the weather does.

1978 my high school biology teacher tells me that green plants sink all the available carbon dioxide to support plant life on earth. More plants more animals, just more life on earth.

This is the wrong answer for proponents of man-made climate change. It means there has been no change in atmospheric carbon dioxide due to man. I did the obvious, I sent a video on this idea to Harvard University. They spent the next two years checking out, and published their findings in August in New Scientist.

They found that carbon dioxide has been pegged at two parts per 1,000,000 fall last 200 years. My supervisor was livid. He could argue Harvard, but he could not argue with basic O level biology.

It means that man-made global warming and climate change were phantom science by and for nuclear power. Which I said in 2001. And my PhD suddenly got ended. I was totally are right though. Still is true for every day in the last two centuries.

The death of global warming

    The warmest year was 1938. The warmest to my memory 1976. Global warming was devised by nuclear power in 1983 after Chernobyl: trying to make her fatal, and polluting industry 'green'.

    The earth's climate was in a 28 year warming.. That was due to end in 2005. It did. Despite the quarter of a billion invested in global warming, nuclear power moved on to climate change.

    Same lie, saying carbon dioxide affected the weather in some unknown way, for some unknown reason at sensation future. Really saying nothing. But trying to protect the jobs of 100,000 people.

    Basic O level biology: plants sink carbon dioxide to the lower limit for photosynthesis –which is two parts per 1,000,000 outside an ice-age.

    I this out on the Internet. The biggest objection I have received in a month is it is 'too simple'. Yes. The although clever professors in the world working on the problem failed to notice that green plants take in carbon dioxide to support life on earth.

    A build up of carbon dioxide in the global air is impossible. Yet, Sheffield University don't dane this idea to be worth a PhD. The idea of the disproves man-made global warming and climate change.


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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


By JonThm9@aol.com

    Between ice-ages carbon dioxide is pegged at today's level of two parts per 1,000,000. In ice-ages carbon dioxide levels in the air rise. Historically CO2 has no effect on the weather. That is all lie from nuclear power.

    Man's carbon dioxide has increased life on earth.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Planet fusion

By JonThm9@aol.com

On earth we see molecular nuclear fusion going on in the deep, in that turbulent flow of high pressure sea currents, and two a tiny extent in that turbulent flow of moist air.

On Venus, in contrast, we see massive amounts going on in that turbulent flow of steam in the air.

On Mars we are limited to geothermal molecular nuclear fusion. So if we drill down to underground magma chambers there are massive ecosystems.

On Jupiter the red spot is supported by molecular nuclear fusion going on the tornado of hydrogen gas.

On IO we have ecosystems supported by molecular nuclear fusion occurring the turbulent flow of high pressure water.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Nature does fusion

Jy JonThm9@aol.com

    This is all from a stuff I learned mostly at Sheffield University's department of Engineering Materials. Or stuff I read in New Scientist magazine over the years.

    Where ever nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion from water, we see the creation of gamma wave radiation, helium, ozone(O3) and heat. They serve as oxygen radical bonds with the oxygen molecule(O2) in the air.

    We cannot detect the helium easily. A Geiger counter will detect the γ waves, and own noses will detect the ozone! When we smell ozone with no electric fields, nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion.

    If we do have electric fields then man's engines are doing molecular nuclear fusion. More so if we have a lot the water molecules in the air.

Nature does it at waterfalls, with fields of green crops, in animal blood systems and or breaking waves. So this means your heart and arteries do MNF as you heart beats.

    Man's steam cycle does so much of it. It turns water into heat and power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste. It is the way life on earth powers itself. Simples. It requires turbulence, temperatures of above 3 C, and pressures over two bars.

The mixed plasma

By JonThm9@aol.com

    Here we are concerned with compounds of hydrogen. At hydrogen plasma does

H++e- -> n0    so if converts hydrogen of gas into neutrons. This is what we and see them as be ready giant star goes nova

    On earth we are mostly concerned with molecular nuclear fusion from water. So we have the additional problem of what happens to the oxygen ions. This is quite complicated, and we need to look and see. There are two options:

    He though we can do a progressive matter burn thus

18O2++2n0 -> 20O2++2no -> 212Be++E1

Or 18O+2n0 -> 16N+4n0

    If an free electron passes through the shell electron we get the following

18O2++e- -> 19N-

    I am sorry that this level and physics is that the limit on my knowledge. It sea is likely that a steam plasma will turn water into heat and electromagnetic radiation. Power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.

    Carbon dioxide is converted into life by green plants. So for the last 200 years CO2 has been pegged at two parts per 1,000,000 –it can only ever rise in an ice-age. There never has been any increase in global carbon dioxide to affect the weather.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Only idiots

By JonThm9@aol.com

    Would base their whole career was 30 years on science that depended on the carbon dioxide level the air rising. Why do I say this? Because green plants taking it in. Outside of an ice-age the global carbon dioxide level is pegged at two parts per 1,000,000.

    In an ice-age it can double. So there is no way his carbon dioxide could cause global warming or ice-ages would be impossible. The amount of carbon dioxide available limits the life on earth. So more carbon dioxide, more oxygen and more plant life. So we also get more animal life, as plants and animals are in a dynamic balance.

    I got this checked out by Harvard University. They found global carbon dioxide had remained at 2 PPM for the last 200 years. So where did the phantom science of global warming come from?

    1983 we had the Chernobyl accident. Nuclear power then realised to get more plants it had to be seen as green on the side of life. So picked on carbon dioxide, the gas of life. Their power plants and ore processing means there are headed producers of carbon dioxide. But they don't have the intelligence to notice this.

    In 2005 the natural climate moved from their 28 year warming, Into the natural cooling. So nuclear power call this 'climate change' as even though they realise that carbon dioxide; saying global cooling wasn't intellectual leap to far.

    Historically carbon dioxide tracks the weather -as put on TV by Channel Four TV in the UK in 2006. There is an income squeeze on media due to digital television, so nuclear power used their chequebook to shut up Channel Four.

    So every biology teacher in the world goes into spasms when they hear the words 'global warming' or 'climate change'. There is a biology sinks carbon dioxide in the natural carbon cycle.

    In contrast nature does not do toxic nuclear fission: it is toxic to life. It sea is also uneconomic compounds to burning fossil fuels. This releases fossilised life from the deep into the ecosphere. To where life hangs out.

    So all the climate pundits are paid shills to nuclear power. Not green. More deadly scarlet. I repeat, there has been no increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide for 200 years: date source Harvard University.

No change

No was only two parts per 1,000,000 -0.0002% carbon dioxide in the air a start of the industrial revolution after the little ice-age has finished.

But all the data on the infra red propertie for carbon dioxide ended at 2%. So 10,000 times less. CO 2 is not super potent. I read that in new scientist three years ago. But by the next week the circumstances the same carbon dioxide was some potent.

So I spent eight years looking for the date are on rising atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide. Never did find it. As it does not exist. No rising levels of this gas no man-made global warming or climate change.

You don't need any global temperature measurements here: no man induced rise in free CO 2 no possible mechanism for man to have affected the weather.

Man made global warming and climate change were devised by nuclear power. Who did not realise there were significant producers of carbon dioxide. By their plant building, mining, purifying and shipping ore, and worker personal transportation.

A did nothing to address the toxic nature of nuclear power. Even without a plant blowing up it produces toxic waste which is lethal for hundreds of thousands of years. It makes bombs but he is uneconomic way, so power generation.

Green plants take in carbon dioxide, excrete oxygen and make plant bulk, and so support all life on earth -including yours.

Plants take in CO2 down to the lower limit of for photosynthesis to take in this gas. All around the temperate regions of the power carbon dioxide is sunk to two PPM every night.

Air move around the planet so this means the global carbon dioxide level is pegged at two PPM. This is high school biology and so obvious. Luckily Harvard University checked it out for me.

They analyse the minerals from around the world, and hopefully looked at ice core records from the south pole: I get emails from their, were there for other scientists do not believe in global warming. And Apparently my videos are compulsory viewing down there.

Harvard found there have been no increase in free CO2 in the air. But there had been a 15% increase in crop yields.

Releasing additional CO2 is the best thing man has ever done for life on Earth. Everyperson working on 'Climate Change' is a nuclear stooge. Including some very eminent people.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Global fiction

    The theories of global warming came out, that said rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air was given to warm the climate. Item one, all academics should have passed for the date are on rising carbon dioxide.

    August 2008 Harvard University published in new scientist that carbon dioxide haven't risen since the end of the little ice-age. It is hoped and at two PPM. In the little ice-age itself CO2 was at four PPM.

    It is a climate follower. It's the wax and wane of plants. So for 25 years hundreds of thousands of people do a good living so nuclear PR.

    Them the world started cooling. Rather than the others process 'global cooling' nuclear power christened it 'climate change' though they failed to elaborate on how this differs from normal weather.

    Of light Jurassic there was 60% more life on earth, four PPM CO 2 in and the air and sea levels were 65 metres lower. So this flatly contradicts global warming.

    There was some initial stuff about 'climate change' causing the seas to rise. As global warming has failed to deliver. Academics builder think the reason why has he contradicted the last quarter century's work. So the idea was dropped.

    Both man-made global warming and climate change are based on a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air. That green plants take in CO2, so outside of an ice-age carbon dioxide is pegged at the lower limit for photosynthesis to work –two PPM.

    So man-made global warming and climate change are impossible fiction by nuclear power. Everybody working positively in the area is a paid stooge to nuclear power.


Jonathan Thomason

No Global Warming

By JonThm9@aol.com

    In 2005 the natural climate moved into a cooling phase – right on schedule! So nuclear power renamed their climate fiction as 'Climate Change'. Really this is nuclear speak for 'Global Cooling'

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Basic Biology

By JonThm9@aol.com

Says green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago in an interglacial spell photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide in the air to two parts per 1,000,000. Man-made climate change and global warming are thus impossible.

CO2 is life

By JonThm9@aol.com

    Says green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago are they had taken in carbon dioxide, build plant bulk and excreted oxygen. At the end of the cretaceous plants hit a brick wall to growth as there was insufficient carbon dioxide.

    So animals evolved. To council plant bulk taken waste gas of plants, oxygen and excrete more carbon dioxide as they got at energy. So plants and animals are in a dynamic balance. In 2007 Harvard University began analysing minerals from around the world –as I told them green plants talking carbon dioxide.

    They found that global carbon dioxide in the air had not changed in 200 years. So the climate people began calculating emissions, as free carbon dioxide haven't shifted.

    So Harvard found that crop yields had increased 15% but carbon dioxide in the air had not changed in 200 years. So man is carbon dioxide had increased life on earth, but have no conceivable effect on the weather.

    Any real scientist who want aware of this science would tell the world. Why would they not? Because nuclear power had arranged it so as massive money to research CO2's effect on the weather. There never was any.

    Any person who disagrees of this has no place in education. Columbia University in New York have sent me one e-mail saying the local CO2 level there had increased, but then shut up as they realized any weather effect would only follow a global increase in carbon dioxide.

    Presently then they check the date and found that global warming was PR by nuclear power with no basis in fact. I told my supervisor this in 2001 and got my PhD ended for no reason. Or rather no reason yet!

    Man's effects on the climate through his emission of carbon dioxide is non-existent, due to green plants.

The killer argument

From JonThm9@aol.com

    Was not for the world was cooling: academics could argue around that.

    The killer argument was that biology have sunk all man's carbon dioxide. So is no conceivable way that CO2 could affect the weather. There was no more carbon dioxide in the air than 200 years ago.

    This idea is whorth 8000 PhD. Sheffield University in England did not give me one.


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ

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Life is fusion

Saturday, 13 November 2010

You do fusion

By JonThm9@aol.com

    As you heart beats your blood system does carbon dioxide and water into methane, helium and oxygen. So you arteries and heart give off gamma wave radiation. We can be sure there is no nuclear fission going on –as it is toxic. Of so your heart system does nuclear fusion from water in your blood.

    You breathe out their helium and methane. You can take your pulse with a Geiger counter –as told to me by an engineer who worked for British nuclear fuels limited.

Helena facies thnousand fecere carinae
though not at Salford film festival!
etsi non Salford Film Festival!

Nature does fusion

By JonThm9@aol.com

Take a lightning bolt. It does 1.2 x 1020 Watts of heat and power in three sections. This is why we get a light flash and a thunderclap.

The gentle coalition of rain drops causes molecular nuclear fusion. This forms He+2 and 2 x OH- charged particles to form. The hydroxyl molecule falls to the ground. The alpha particle rises to above the clouds. So we build up an electrical potentials. When this reaches 5000 volts and 100 amps we get a lightning strike.

This is through a partial steam plasma. Which is so energetic. It creates no carbon dioxide and no radioactive waste. If we fire up a steam plasma in a tube we get 6 megawatts of power continuously. While we top the plasma up with regular water. Dr. Zimmerman has said he is unwilling to try this out: as he does not do physics.

He does however have an interest in clean, safe power.

Reducing fuel burn

By JonThmn9@aol.com

    This one goes back to 2001 as on earth history at Sheffield University. I suggested using a Carnot heat pump in place of a cooling tower. The then Dr. Zimmerman suggested using a double helical turbulence heat exchanger –basically an efficient Carnot heat pump.

    Rather than throw 90% of the system heat away to the air, we recover 85% of this by passing the heat into the Carnot gas and returning the heat at higher temperature into the boiler room water. The amount of molecular nuclear fusion the steam cycle already does mean is we reduce fossil fuel burn by a factor of nine.

    This massively reduces the oil or gas we burn to generate power. So electricity history ¼ today's price: using 18th century science. Professor Zimmerman has never told anybody about this idea.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Body Fusion

    As a plant courses through your arteries and passes through the heart the pressure waves that constitute your pulse cools molecular nuclear fusion within the body.

    It creates and 3He which forms no compounds and he is a excreted via the lungs. So like all nature we do biological molecular nuclear fusion. The gamma wave radiation that is produced is totally harmless: it is emitted whenever we boil off liquid water.

    This was never taught to me. It was considered that to get nuclear fusion you needed in excess of 10,000,000° C, plus high pressure.

    Never be tell the deep seas that! They do turbulence molecular nuclear fusion at 3° C. Without this energy source there would be no life on earth.

    A novel, totally unresearch area, which is totally vital for life on earth. Prof Zimmerman says MNF was not important. He was wrong.

    It is the most important Energy System on earth. Nontoxic, non polluting and free. And a very very exothermic. It goes off from regular water. We do not need deuterium.

    The 3He produced by the deep sea is lost to space. Man has done it since he first used the steam cycle in the 18th century. Will said I could only be entitled to my PhD if I have published important work globally.

    He also said my nearly 1000 posts on blogger constitutes such a body of work.


Jonathan Thomason



Monday, 8 November 2010

Plants take in CO2

By JonThm9@aol.com

    Plants take in carbon dioxide by the day, down to two parts per 1,000,000. They have since the little ice-age, when free carbon dioxide there was twice its level today. Man-made global warming and climate change are paid fiction by nuclear power, from its stooges.

    These people should not be allowed in education.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

No increase in carbon dioxide

By JonTmh9@aol.com

It is a powerful idea, that man is carbon dioxide could affect the weather. Just happens to totally factious. The two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air could not have any effect. History shows this. Fact.

To life years ago I made a video on the fact that plants take in carbon dioxide. I sent it to Harvard. They analyse the minerals around the world, and the little ice core records. They published the results in August.

In the last 200 years there carbon dioxide in the air has not increased at all. But crop yields have gone up by 15%. That is where man is carbon dioxide has gone: into more life on earth.

So who invented global warming and later climate change? Nuclear power. After Chernobyl they are desperate for a future. That plants have to be replaced after 25 years –though in the U.S. the regulator has allowed 30% of the nuclear plants to operate after their licence has expired –totally legally!

Nature does more than just a sink carbon dioxide. Where ever we have steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow we get helium, oxygen, low power gamma wave radiation and loads of heat. Welcome to molecular nuclear fusion.

The gamma waves are totally harmless –your heart generate some every time it beats, as it does MNF. Waterfalls, breaking waves, green plants in the light plus growing bacteria all do MNF. It is the most important Energy System on earth.

Totally non hazardous and free. Nuclear fission is toxic, dangerous, polluting and uneconomic. It is not hard to do MNF. A steam plasma tube will do it very simply. The only reason to do nuclear fission is if you are addicted to death.

Our Power is safe

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    Most of the electricity in England is generated from gas. Some from coal, but most are from gas piped in from Europe. The pirates in Somalia are hijacking oil tankers bound for America. They tragic, but America will sort it out.

    How interesting that Harvard has put on record carbon dioxide has remained static because of green plants the last 200 years: so plant yields had increased due to man is carbon dioxide, but there is no more of this gas in the air to affect the weather.

    So man-made global warming and climate change were always nuclear fiction. But nuclear fission is a very very toxic. Man does not know how to do nuclear fusion, but nature does. Has done for 650,000,000 years.

    Where we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow we see the creation of helium gas and gamma rays. We also get released the spare oxygen from the water molecules.

    We get off 3He and low power gamma rays like being produced in the deep see all whenever we boil water. So we convert water into heat plus oxygen and he knows helium.

    We lose the helium to space, game hydrogen and at lightning strikes get back our water. So molecular nuclear fusion from water will last longer than the earth will. Totally harmless, and we get our inert helium which is lost to space.

    No possible effect on the weather. And basically free, safe, and you did as you heart beats! Which is why you breathe out helium and emits gamma wave radiation –though very low powered. In my O levels I was taught low power gamma rays are as penetratve as Alpha particles. So they can't fight their way out of brown paper died.

    In contrast nuclear fission is fatal, toxic, uneconomic, and creating waste which is toxic for hundreds of thousands of years. Basically it kills. And despite all the money they spend trying to improve their PR, they should not be allowed to exist.

Academic fraud

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    For climate change to be true carbon dioxide in the air would have had to change recently. In the 1950s we had bad, bad winters and were headed into now the ice-age. However green plants take in carbon dioxide to the lower limit of photosynthesis: which is two parts per 1,000,000.

    Harvard checked this out for me. By looking her minerals around the earth and the ice core records they found carbon dioxide has not increased in the last 200 years. So the mechanism by which carbon dioxide might have affected the weather is irrelevant.

    Carbon dioxide had not changed in 200 years. Harvard did find that crop yields have gone up by 15% -exactly what you would have expected from high school biology. Which means all papers and media produced on climate change are erroneous. And should be deleted whenever possible. Otherwise they should be ignored.

    The people producing them are doing so for money, which in the end comes from nuclear power. There are far more important, factual things we should concerned with. The people who have accepted this money should not be near academia.

Isling Nov

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Global Warming impossible

By JonThm9@aol.com

It always troubled me that my PhD on global warming got ended in 2001 for nothing I did. I have done loads of useful work since, but it has never resumed. My best bit of work history as a steam plasma turns water into heat.

We can years since heat to drive a steam process to generate power. The power to drive the plasma is tiny. So we create a system that generates power from water. It creates is a whiff of oxygen and helium –like the deep sea does.

This means the seas produce 3He. We can capture the bubbles of gas that the leave the seas and we get hold of a gas which decays to 2He in the day. Again we can use this as a heat source to drive a steam cycle. It produces they were all helium and oxygen again.

We capture the residual nuclear fusion heat. Nature does so much molecular nuclear fusion, safe, cheap power for and frees power. Green plants in the light, waterfalls, deep water, breaking waves, animal blood systems and growing bacteria all do MNF.

Man is steam cycle also does MNF so the industrial revolution was fusion driven. Power with no carbon dioxide or radioactive, toxic, fission waste. Let's get at power that nature does –by doing nuclear fusion from high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.

Green plants have taken in all man's carbon dioxide to create more life on earth. At the end of the Jurassic 60% of life on earth died with the dinosaurs. In the deep the carbohydrates converted into hydrocarbons –the fossil fuels we are burning.

Like ties up water so sea levels were 65 metres lower. As he than the fossil fuels plants take in of the carbon dioxide to support more life on earth. There is no more CO2 in the air so there is no possible effect on the climate. There never was any man made global warming or climate change. This explains the sudden ending of my PhD.

My supervisor realised global warming was phantom science. I was going to the same conclusion; it was self-serving fiction from nuclear power. At the time there was no climate change as the weather was still in a natural warming phase.

I concluded this would end in 2005. It did. Hence nuclear power started pushing man-made climate change. Which is really nuclear speak for global cooling. Both man-made global warming and climate change require a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air.

Ask any biologists. With green plants the amount of carbon dioxide left in the air every night is a function of the efficiency of photosynthesis to take in CO2. So its level has not changed in 200 years.

I repeat: man made global warming and climate change are phantom fiction from nuclear power. They could never happen. Nuclear power means, study high school biology –or really firstly, shut down all its toxic plants of death.

30% of which are operating in the US past the end or their legal licence –so illegally. Look out an American Chernobyl.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Nuclear stooges!

    Green plants in the light take in CO2, down to the lower limit for photosynthesis. Which is 2 parts per 1,000,000. In an ice-age free carbon dioxide rises to four parts per 1,000,000. So as Harvard University has noted fall last 200 years carbon dioxide has been at a preindustrial two PPM.

    So where did the phantom science of man-made global warming and climate change come from? Nuclear power. After Chernobyl have it was desperate to make itself be green. It is fatal toxic and uneconomic and produces waste which is toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

    It got its paid stooges to write articles on how the increasing carbon dioxide in the air was warming stuff. They obviously want high school biology. There has been no such increase in free carbon dioxide.

    The world cooled in the natural cycle which is due to around 2005. 2005 nuclear power shifted into 'climate change'. It is shooting Mr. This looks back at global warming but the world is in a cooling phase. Naturally.

    No more free carbon dioxide. But nuclear power still kills big time: to get the Youtube videos on Chernobyl. It is so hazardous. So sinister. So toxic and totally uneconomic –this of I said in my university essay on subject in 1983. Nothing has changed. Except its stooges having invented the phantom science connected carbon dioxide.

    Which is humourous. As nuclear power turns over their plants every 25 years a massive source of carbon dioxide. It mining was purifies and ships uranium ore. Which means sea releases them as much CO2 as if it burned fossil fuels.

    But let's not lose focus here: green plants had taken in all man is carbon dioxide. So the fiction of man-made global warming and climate change were devise without a data set on rising carbon dioxide levels.

    But it is a major emissions: free CO2 has remained stubbornly at two PPM since the 18th century. Nuclear power kills big time. It story is about carbon dioxide in the weather for the first hurdle. Man is carbon dioxide has led to more life on earth no possible effect on the weather, unless you our brain dead.

    Luckily applicants of nuclear power are.

Nuclear lies

Global warming died

    In 2005. It was fiction from nuclear power who then started pushing climate change: after investing have quarter of a million UK pounds in their fiction. He, saying climate change through global warming, and global words of the world will become drier and more arid in hotter.

    Not more plant of plants with hurricanes a lot more snow. People have tried to pretend they are the same our brain dead. The last place they should be working in academia.

    Nuclear power are key later the funding agencies, and Oliver out to academics to research global warming and climate change. This is such a vested interest. And funding agency is lecture academics about their ethics. However declaring how much nuclear money they got out?

    Both man-made global warming and climate change are based on there being a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air. In free biologist on this planet knows that we green plants this is not going to happen.

    You get more life on earth, but we don't get more carbon dioxide in the air. Harvard University found it thus still answer preindustrial two parts per 1,000,000.

    So all 'climate change' research is phantom science being researched by paid stooges to nuclear power. So on green.

    Green plants have ensured that man is carbon dioxide has ended up as more life on earth


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My PhD

The interesting thing about academics is that they often publish stuff which is not in their own best interests, at this happens to be true.

In 1983 in the first year of my degree irate a sissons analysis essay for prof Argent. I argued that nuclear power only seen to be economic national governments decommissioned that plants. Nuclear fission is also are toxic polluting and fatal. It creates toxic waste which remains toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

In 2000 and back in this area for my PhD, having pause briefly to work in IT and have 30% brain damage: as Dr. Matzinger noted I was smart but damaged property.

I was looking into global warming. I found it thus PR by nuclear power. Who would still toxic polluting and fatal. I further observed that nature talking carbon dioxide.

Back in Manchester I made a video on the subject in 2008. Harvard spent 2 ½ years checking my ideas out. They did the mineral analysis Sheffield is so adept at. They agreed with me.

They concluded carbon dioxide levels in the free air has not increased for 200 years. In 2005 even nuclear power had to let the world was cooling so changed tack from global warming to man-made climate change.

So the or making they were wrong and there carbon dioxide, that muddied the waters so nobody noticed. But Harvard findings are a bit of a killer.

There has been no increase in free carbon dioxide for 200 years. But the man-made global warming and climate change are based on the rising level of carbon dioxide.

No told to biology. With green plants around the only way to increase free carbon dioxide in the air is arrange an ice-age. The and which we are headed into now.

So there never was any data set of increasing carbon dioxide in the air. This is the sort of finding that academics are famous for publicising: not in their own best interests, the true.

During my time in IT nuclear power has started funding academia through the funding agencies. So this is the biggest vested interest over.

Academics talk about global warming and climate change, and so get more research money to look into the phantom science of nuclear power.

This is what makes he also dangerous: nuclear power stands to kill hundreds of millions of us if they are allowed to build new power plants. Economics may save us here.

Even with a 60,000,000 UK pounds bribe from the outgoing labour government Sheffield Forgemasters had failed to find any commercial partners to build new nuclear plants.

When those plants exploded killing a third of Europe the commercial backers would have been sued for a third of a trillion UK pounds.

So nuclear power is toxic, polluting, fatal and are massively uneconomic.

Jonathan Thomason


No more CO2

Since the industrial revolution green plants have taken in all man is carbon dioxide. So crop yields have gone up by 15% but there is no more carbon dioxide in the air that after the little ice-age.

During ice-ages there are fewer plants, so historically free carbon dioxide levels have double. So carbon dioxide follows ice-ages.

Nuclear power is still uneconomic, lethal and polluting. The bomb technology that threatens to kill us all.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Speak out

All chemists and physicists the world over have made he could living for 30 years on the phantom science of nuclear power. Personally man-made global warming and then climate change.

Though there is confusion here. The world started cooling from 2005, which are appals some academics who have constructed for careers around global warming –and are reduced to arguing with reality. Carbon dioxide levels have risen 'the world must have warned'. Trouble is the world climate is governed by 28 years cycles and you into a cooling phase.

Global warming was never based on reality. Why no surprise? The fact there nuclear power give them money tried papers on global warming did not make it true.

Green plants take in carbon dioxide, so no carbon dioxide level in the free air is fixed by green plants. Life on earth has increased. Free CO 2 in the air has not.

So man-made global warming and climate change are fiction by nuclear power. Never years and the figured out by the world climate change is any way! This as the whole idea. It can never be disproved by reality.

So nuclear power gives money to the funding agencies, and they could be out to anywhere we can all work on climate change. But no increase in free carbon dioxide means climate change is all due to solar cycles have.

Climate change is in no way affected by man is production of carbon dioxide – that use produces more life on earth. This is a wrong answer for nuclear power. They wanted new plants been built. That isn't going to happen. People heat nuclear power. Man-made global warming and climate change have been relegated to academics fictions.

Can nuclear power figures out how a non-changing level of carbon dioxide, which follows the wax and wane of green plants can also the weather in any way. There are real problem is out there. Problems which require fixing.

We need to figure out how to dismantle all the nuclear power plants on earth before they kill all life on earth.


By JonThm9@aol.com

    I argued that people's voice media were acting as nuclear stooges by pushing climate change when they had no idea of the science, are the they have been told him a summing to the carbon dioxide.

    Life is about carbon dioxide. Nuclear power has the problem of life, and so makes carbon dioxide. In the its plant building programme, mining purifying and shipping ore releases as much carbon dioxide as if they burned fossil fuels themselves.

    So what can be sure of is a climate change is intended to kill. Carbon dioxide in the air hasn't changed in 200 years, as green plants take it in to support all life on earth.

    I raised these points with PVM over the last 18 months. No reply. This time the banned me so I couldn't go on making PR videos to fulfil the paid contract they had.

    PVM are not nice. Their knowledge of the climate does not exist. Harvard University saying climate change is rubbish, who are you going to believe? If you feel like employing PVM, why do you need help! They work for education in Salford.

    So they are teaching pupils in Salford nuclear fiction. And being paid for it.

Global lies

    After Chernobyl nuclear power nature global warming to say that carbon dioxide, for the first time in recorded history, warm the weather. They paid their academic stooges to write Scientific Papers about their PR.

    At Copenhagen the first question the world asked was where is your date are on global CO2 rises? The only trouble years green plants had taken in all man is carbon dioxide. So there has been no change since the little ice-age.

    Then it was at four parts per 1,000,000 as there are fewer plants around. Since then it is been at two parts per 1,000,000. Nuclear power turns over their power plants every 25 years, so there is a massive producers of carbon dioxide. They ignore this fact.

    Their stooges have never suggested a carbon tax. Are no scientific basis. Free carbon dioxide in the air follows the natural climate. The wax and wane of green plants.

    So a European Union carbon tax would be illegal: as the lisburn treaty prohibits taxes which war and market for one party. With no scientific benefit of all.

    The only people the only people who would benefit are uneconomic, fatal, toxic and polluting nuclear power.

    Nature doesn do nuclear fission too toxic. The deep seas to do molecular nuclear fusion, turning water into heat as is the water into helium and oxygen.

    The 3He bubbles to the surface of the seas, and has residual fusion energy in. If we collect this gas, it is an endless, regenerating source of heat. That produces no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.

    And is free. In the seas near you today!





As the seas do molecular nuclear fusion they produce 3He which bubbles to the surface. If we come out this gas and pass it into a concrete cylinder it will decay into 2He –turning a neutron into heat. With no carbon dioxide and no radioactive waste.

We vent the helium from the base of the tower, where it is 2He. This is totally inert and will be lost to space. We came hydrogen from space, and at lightning strikes get back our water.

This is what happens naturally today. By aligning the helium to vent from the seas we are missing out on the free energy. Clean safe and free.

Jonathan Thomason JonThm9@aol.com

The seas do fusion

As cold water flows back from the poles to the equator it is under high pressure. This does molecular nuclear fusion –producing loads of 3He. This does not react with anything, but decays to 2He as it leaves the earth's atmosphere.

This is a totally inert, free fuel. That produces no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste. As it decays it, that's one neutron into heat. Same process goes on as your kettle boils in your kitchen or you heart beats.

So collecting their helium gas as it bubbles from the seas is a free way to get at heat. Watch Sea fusion

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Carbon dates

By JonThm9@aol.com

Plants do


So all life is driven by doing molecular nuclear fusion from water. He takes in regular carbon dioxide, but produces carbon 14. So all the carbohydrates are produced from radioactive carbon. This as a half-life of 5000 years, there was the plant has died this decays into carbon 12 at a predictable rate.

This is the basis for carbon dates. All the plant matter eaten by animals have the same radioactive signature so we get the same carbon date. CERN can't do nuclear fusion from an atomic hydrogen.

But grass does nuclear fusion from water. Taking in carbon dioxide, and powering life on earth. Not do this grass, or green plants do the same! Safe, clean, and free power. That takes in carbon dioxide, and produces no toxic fission waste.

Nature power

By JonThm9@aol.com

Nature is driven by the heat release from molecular nuclear fusion. At geothermal vents, in fields of green crops in the light, with growing bacteria, with animal blood systems –including your own beating hearts.

This turns H2O into helium and oxygen gases plus a load of heat. No carbon dioxide, and no toxic and radioactive waste. Cheap, safe, and free power. Nature does not do nuclear fission as it is too dangerous, dear and toxic.

This is known to every academic on the planet. It does not stop some criminals researching fictitious global warming and climate change. These guys should not be in education.