Sunday, 31 October 2010

Waterfalls do fusion

    As water falls even through cold air, at a water fall, it heats up by 20° C. It forms O3, helium and gives off gamma wave radiation. The importance of the latter is the he is a sign of nuclear processes. We are talking about high mountain river water. As pure as you can get. It has no background count.

    Yes that if you fall of more than 10 feet, is converted into helium and oxygen. This O reacts with O2 from the air to form O3. If the H2O just got broken apart it would reform. No gamma rays, no helium. There is no volcanic vents which is only source of helium outside of nuclear fusion. We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.


    At around 10 to 0° C. This is why the water heats up, and falls give out nuclear radiation. A water fall does what CERN cannot. We get the same process in the countryside, with breaking waves and rain stops. It is the driving force for lightening –the seas are most energetic Energy System on earth.

Life is fusion driven


    Life on earth does nuclear fusion by the turbulent flow of water.

2H2O E-> He+O+H2O    the energy to initiate this reaction came came from many sources

    The final water molecule comes from two hydroxyl molecules, which is why I have not canceled out warm water. The energy can come from solar radiation, fluid turbulence of pressure waves. Using Face Centred Cubic metals of biological catalysts. I am staggered, by a speech recognition software recognized what FCC meant.

    This is more important than solar radiation: this itself initiates air molecular nuclear fusion from water molecules. They are so many sorts. To are mined biological molecular nuclear fusion is very interesting, as one form of this is photosynthesis – without which can be no life on earth.

    Man is chemical engines do physical molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why a working engine gives off gamma wave radiation, and for was helium. Chemistry does a lot of it, which is why reactions free use gamma wave or X-rays and again produces helium.

    Your blood system does it in the arteries and heart as the heartbeats: this is a form of pressure way molecular nuclear fusion.

    To my mind the most important thing about molecular nuclear fusion he's is totally non toxic. It produces 3He and 20O. The helium we lose to space, the oxygen we breathe. The countryside does so much biological fusion that it is lousy with these gases.

    Nuclear fission from uranium is dangerous, toxic, polluting and lethal while being horrendously expensive. It also liberates and the oh quarter of the heat that molecular nuclear fusion produces. Safe clean free nuclear fusion.

    But nature has been doing for 3,800,000,000 years! Man has been doing it since the 18th century when he started using the steam cycle to generate power. No hygiene gas. We go from regular, non enriched water.

Wetting the dry lands


    This goes back to 2001 as a way to irrigate the deserts so that plants were taking carbon dioxide and fix global warming. After about four months I decided Global Warming was PR by nuclear power. The men in black, from the funding agencies, ended my PhD. Explain.

    I sent my work to a medical contact at Harvard University, and at the start of August they published their findings from mineral analysis or rocks around the world. There are already 40 times the amount of green plants growing to deal with mans carbon dioxide emissions. Somebody tell nuclear power, then been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. Also tell their academic stooges.

    But my idea of cooling the air will make each both cooler with water drops in. We compresses a gas and he gets hot. We pass this gas down one helix releases its heat to the air. This hot air rises and we are not concerned with the again.

    When we vent this gas so it gets very very cold. They are funnelled through another helix. Now it cools air, which spilled out from the helix as a cold mist. We arrange these helium one above the other. First we heat the higher, but then we cool the low air. The latter settles over the ground.

    Rather like the sea in San Francisco. Where the air is cool, but the sun is strong. Plants will love it. In countries like Ethiopia we again: as the air to be cooler and wetter. We shall support massive agricultural industries.

    Carbon dioxide was the red herring of nuclear power. But we can use some ideas of an air cooler to end famine in the form of Africa once and for all.

Just silly


    It is no wonder that every professor in biology crack so laughing when somebody suggests carbon dioxide affects the weather. The only way impossibly could watch the year carbon dioxide had increased from 2%. Think we were noticed. No we could ever get within 20% of them underground water ever again.

    As it is plants take in carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis. They produce carbohydrates and oxygen. They also excrete have been methane and helium -but that is to involve to explain here.

    So green plants got busy with free carbon dioxide at 40%. Over 8% is fatal to animal life. That really is the percentage we need to have a minimal effect on the world climate. But we'll are safe -it has been at 0.0002% since last ice-age.

    Loads of biology: data on this number. Harvard University has confirmed this figure has not altered for 200 years. There are so many plants on earth, every night around the world we get back to 0.0002%. The commission poles are and as biologically active by winning currents circulates the air at all over the globe.

    Man-made global warming was devised by the professors of physics who were ignorant of biology. They are still breaking oxygen, the waste gas of plants. They never wondered where all the oxygen came from. Mineral sources are just too insignificant.

    In 2005 any idiot would have noticed the world was cooling. Even though nuclear power did get East Sussex university to edit the world climate data. If you want to study science don't go there. So this is about real fact -real data. So nuclear power gave us climate change.

    Great thing about this is that any weather change is climate change. Nothing to man. Or carbon dioxide. The only source of abnormal heat and death on the planet is nuclear power. Nature doesn't do toxic nuclear fission from uranium. Neither should man.

    Carbon dioxide is about life. Nuclear power with its global warming and climate change fallacies is about death. So very not green. In America 30% of the nuclear power plants are still operating after their operating licences have expired. The year as Chernobyl is overdue. Not long to wait now!

CO2 is life


    Green plants evolved to take in water and carbon dioxide, and in the presence of sunlight do photosynthesis. Liberating helium, methane and oxygen gases but mostly building carbohydrates. Only in an ice ages can free CO2 levels in the air rise: where there is less life on earth.

    Animals evolved to metabolise oxygen and plant bulk, releasing more CO2 there are food gas of plant. So oxygen is the waste gas of plants. All of were a bit shocked when we were taught this at age 11. Carbon dioxide is the gas of life.

    By burning the fossil fuels we are returning the organic carbon to the ecosphere of the earth –where life hangs out. The fossil fuels only formed when the dinosaurs and 60% of all life on earth died at the end of the Jurassic. As fossil fuels that organic carbon to ties up lies carbohydrates in the deep. By burning the fuels we are increasing life on earth.

    Harvard University found the last 200 years by life on earth had increased by 15%, but free carbon dioxide in the air not at all. So this means man-made global warming and climate change were devised assuming a phantom rise in carbon dioxide in the air. The simple biological impossibility.

    Only in an ice-age can carbon dioxide levels rise. As I told Sheffield University in 2001 man-made global warming was PR fiction by nuclear power and its stooges. The world started cooling in 2005, so now they move to the phantom science or climate change.

    Weather happens. It has nothing and two a man. Or correction, 14% of electricity man uses comes from doing our normal nuclear fission. That nature he would not do. It does not enriched uranium ore and suspend it in a nuclear reactor.

    In any case, these are replaced every 25 years –so nuclear power releases as much carbon dioxide themselves, as if they burned fossil fuels. There also are toxic, dangerous, produce polluting waste which is toxic for thousands of years and occasionally kill half a continent. So fatal. As it was debarred from the atomic bomb what do you expect!

    Watch the Greenpeace videos on Chernobyl –these were made before of nuclear power bought Greenpeace. Just after the sank rainbow warrior. They used to be against nuclear power. Now they get gave lip service to the PR of nuclear power about the phantom rise in carbon dioxide levels of backing the weather.

    These guys used to be biologists. They were obviously have had a mass brain bypass.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Biology sinks CO2


    In 1983 after Chernobyl the stooges to nuclear power started talking and there carbon dioxide affecting the weather. It doesn't do: the natural climate affects the free CO2 in the air. If of green plants it made up 40 per cent of the air. Since then green plants take it down to two parts per 1,000,000 in a temperate period.

    In an ice-age when there is less life on land and the seas are covered, so see born bacteria are physically separated from the air, CO2 rises to four parts per 1,000,000 of. To have any effect at all on the infra-red properties of air, we really want carbon dioxide levels to rise to maybe even 20%. Carbon dioxide is toxic to animal life had only eight%.

    So released carbon dioxide levels are seen in ice-ages. Which are caused by solar emission cycles. Nothing to do the carbon dioxide. The latter is to do with the biology or life, those areas foreign two professors of physics and engineering.

    Biologists devote academic terms to the carbon cycle: which controls all life on earth. 2 ½ years ago I made a video for YouTube pointing out that high school biology taught that plants talking carbon dioxide and excreted oxygen. That is why there is 25% oxygen in the air, but only a 0.0002% trace of CO2 left in the free air.

    My medical contact at Harvard University spent two years checking this out and released the results in new scientist at the beginning of August 2010. Due to green plants doing photosynthesis there is the same level of carbon dioxide in the air as there was after the little ice-age of the 18th century.

    In other words, man's emissions of carbon dioxide has not increased its level in the free air, is has increased crop yields by 15%. So more plants and animals alive, in the weather totally determined by the sun.

    There is talk of a Europe wide carbon tax. For no good scientific reason. Shilling for the benefit of nuclear power, which is the toxic and uneconomic. But the Lisbon treaty prohibits eight selective tax designed solely to warp in the market.

    A carbon tax is designed to prevent nuclear power at the expense of conventional power, the conventional power increases life on earth, rose nuclear power is toxic, polluting, uneconomic and are massively unpopular with the voters.

    Such a tax is as illegal under European law. Carbon has no effect on the world climate, just increasing life on earth. In the Jurassic and the dinosaurs died so do 60% of life on earth: this formed the oil and gas that we are no burning.

    Releasing the organic carbon back to life: so we are increasing life on earth. Coincidentally nuclear power is toxic to all life. So new nuclear plants would kill and pollute for hundreds of thousands of years, and decrease life on earth.

    Bottom line: a carbon tax has no merit and he is illegal under European law. I think nuclear fusion from uranium should be legally prohibited on earth now today!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Academic dishonesty


    The seas are massively of the system –primarily because of limestone. Any extra carbon dioxide in the air, get taken into the seas and react with the minerals around the earth. So the PH of the seas remains a 7, and there carbon dioxide in the air is taken back down to two parts per 1,000,000.

    Only in an ice-age can carbon dioxide in the air reach 4 per 1,000,000. Such a small number it does not affect the acidity of sea water. That is the chemical buffer system. But life does better than that.

    Photosynthesis takes carbon dioxide down to two parts per 1,000,000 in a temperate period light today. It has been at this level for 200 years. So man made global warming and climate change were devise by nuclear power with no increasing carbon dioxide level in the air. There were fiction big time.

    The Arctics an equator are less active, but the way and redistribute air around the earth. So the global carbon dioxide level pegged by photosynthesis at 2 ppm. All the climate science about CO2 is spurious – false! Devised by paid stooges to nuclear power.

Biology saves the world


    It is a really simple –high school biology time. Plants take in carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis with. They build carbohydrates, and excrete oxygen helium and methane. As they do this they give off gamma wave radiation. So they have done nuclear stuff. But not nuclear fission, as that is too toxic for life.

    They have converted two hydrogen atoms, obtained from water molecules, and converted them into one helium atom: this is molecular nuclear fusion. Hence the gamma wave radiation we see.

    Plants have sunk all man is carbon dioxide. So Harvard University, through mineral analysis, has found free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased for 200 years. Plant yields have gone up by 15%.

    Releasing extra CO2 has increased life on earth. It is the best thing man can do ever done for life on earth. Where did man-made global warming and climate change come from?

    I told Sheffield University this in 2001 -and they ended my PhD with no reason. Man made global warming was public relations fiction from nuclear power. Who were desperate after Chernobyl for new plants of death. Their plants are turned over every 25 years. Though in the U.S. 30% by nuclear plants are still operating after their licences have been exceeded.

    This you stupid. This, kill the whole enough America. Now I will put it more simply: within 20 years nuclear power will kill most Americans. And if nuclear power have the way, most European.

    Carbon dioxide -great for life. Nuclear power -with today: you choose!

Life is zero carbon!

From 'JonThm' on

So the amount of life on Earth is determined by the CO2 emissions on Earth. We can't even guess at their volume: As green plants take them in!

    Harvard University spent two years checking on this, and found free CO2 levels in the air had remained static for 200 years. That number is important, as it is the one that could affect the weather.

    It doesn't! It is 0.0002%, 1,000 times too small to have any effect. It has been higher, in ice-ages. It follows the wax and wane of plants. Which follows the weather. So it is a climate follower.

    Nuclear power was pinning all its hopes for new plants on their CO2 fiction. This is wrong! Weather affects it, and the free CO2 level in the air has remained stubbornly constant for 200 years.

    So if you work in nuclear power, find another job! As your plants hit 25 years old, they are shut down. And will never e replaced. No national governments will ever risk building a new Chernobyl!

    Plants take in CO2, and build carbohydrates, and excrete oxygen.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Nucler Fiction

From 'JonThm' on

    After Chernobyl, nuclear power realised nobody would take money from them direct, so they channel it through the funding agencies. 1983 we had Chernobyl, so they invented Global Warming to invent a reason why we should allow nuclear fusion to continue on this planet.

    Before then the Windscale, 3 Mile Island and over 100 other nuclear leaks has shown nuclear power is toxic death. Producing toxic waste which is lethal for hundreds of thousands of years.

    Nature doesn't do nuclear fission too toxic –preferring to do nontoxic nuclear fusion from water. In the deep, at waterfalls, in fields of green crops, in animal blood systems, in growing bacteria and I think fungi.

    Man is steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion. But we didn't realise. No we do, we can copy nature. Clean, safe, nontoxic, free power. The easiest way, and the warming of loads of experience in, is via a steam plasma. Volcanoes do molecular nuclear fusion using the steam in turbulent flow. How obvious do you want it?

    Meanwhile nuclear power has contrite a contract with People's Voice Media (I think. A guy from the funding agencies was about, and no pleasing media on the public relations for nuclear power. Even though they admit they don't understand the science) to produce media saying the weather is influenced by carbon dioxide.

    Three or recorded history CO2 follows the wax and wane of plants. Harvard University agree. Surgeries or at the Salford at the end of People's Voice and knows more Harvard. He there are a clever girl, or somebody with serious ego problems.

Natural fusion


Nature fuses water! Producing helium, oxygen, loads of heat and low power gamma wave radiation: as you boil water to make a drink, you do the same. So do all steam engines on the planet. So the water into 3He and the rest.

    Totally harmless, clean, free and safe power. Eruptions are preceded by the release of steam. He's is a venting of this team at over as the power for lava. The rocks is melted in the deep by the sudden release of pressure causing the he did geothermal water to boil.

    This does boiling molecular nuclear fusion. He's is this fusion heat which drives the eruption. So volcanoes do nuclear fusion. No we know her to do nuclear fusion on earth! Cool!!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

The limit to life


If we exclude the deserts and the Arctics the world is covered by two massive temperate regions: where life is limited by the carbon dioxide available for green plants to do photosynthesis.

Since the 18th century man has released more carbon dioxide. But in the 18th century we had the little ice-age when free carbon dioxide in the air was at 4 ppm.

Since then we'll have more plant life on earth and the free carbon dioxide has fallen to 2 ppm.

In the 1980s the stooges to nuclear power decided that carbon dioxide affected the weather much at random. It never had before. Free carbon dioxide flows four years after the wax and wane of green plants: which follows the natural climate.

So this means carbon dioxide follows the weather with a four year lag.

For the last 200 years we have been in a temperate period. When the free carbon dioxide is determined by the efficiency of photosynthesis. It has been fixed at 2 ppm.

This is not the answer for nuclear power wanted after Chernobyl all their plants for new plants of death revolve around their phantom science of global warming.

In 2005 as the world cooled, this metamorphosed into climate change. Does not make any predictions really. Into this air is carbon dioxide will cause nasty weather, for no known reason, at no time, and really 'we don't know the more than that,!

These theories were based on a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air. Green plants are photosynthesis means this has not happened.

I was in contact with the medics as Harvard, and to life years ago I sent them a video I that green plants sinking carbon dioxide. Go at high school biology. They spent two years checking out.

I was right, as any idiot would have known –the factory nuclear power is more than just any idiot! So no rise in carbon dioxide in the air.

No effect possible on the global weather. Though Harvard noted there have been a 15% increase in crop yields. So man is carbon dioxide has led to more life on earth.

Nuclear power is toxic polluting and fatal: years: toxic death. Their plants are designed to be replaced every 25 years. There are never going to be any new plants.

Goodbye nuclear.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Man’s fusion


    Of plants evolved to take in carbon dioxide at the photoblasts, to do photosynthesis. This turns out to be more fallen off biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. There is limited by available carbon dioxide.

    At the end of the cretaceous life on earth hit a brick wall, as plants could only take in during the day that carbon dioxide they released by day and night. Life I only got so this, though animals evolved.

    These breathed in the waste gas of plants –the oxygen they excreted. This is the oxygen left ever from turning water into the helium and oxygen. So this is free radical oxygen –O.

    We also see this from water falls, breaking waves, animal respiration and man is chemical engines. Here and telomere steam diesel and petrol engines. And also gas and steam turbines.

    So animals take in O, combine it with carbohydrates and breathe out carbon dioxide –may do the same respiration as plants do in the dark. They also release gamma wave radiation from the blood stream and their mitochondria. So this is another form of biological MNF.

    And chemical engines combine O with hydrocarbons formed in the dark from carbohydrates in anaerobic conditions. So CO2 is the gas of life. So where did man-made global warming and climate change come from?

    Nuclear power: the agents of death. Who were desperate after Chernobyl to get new plants of death built before the whole plants had taken out of service. Nuclear power is toxic death. Life on earth would be safer in for nuclear plants were shut down today.

    They haven't been, as even though they are uneconomic they have used their money to buy an extension on their lives. They paid stooges to invent stories are that carbon dioxide affecting the weather. But as Harvard University has put on record, free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased for 200 years.

    What has increased is plant yields. Life on earth has increased –as predicted by high school biology. So this means a lot of very overpaid 'academics' have been written phantom science as if it was truth. These are not the people we should allow them in education.

    All the people writing papers, or making videos on man-made climate change should disclose their financial links to nuclear power –even if via the funding agencies. Who lecture other people on academics ethics. Their own ethics are non-existent.

    Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. It has not changed its percentage in the free air since the little ice-age. When there was twice as much in the air as is today: 0.000 4% -it is now at 0.000 2% - despite man emissions it is static. What has increased life on earth.

    Where is the data are showing an increase in global warming? In the deluded minds of nuclear power. Not on this planet. Not in this life.

High School Biology

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fix the weather


    I gave my supervisor this idea in June 2001, and my PhD got mysteriously ended the next week. For stuff that happened as I was home seeing my girlfriend! I was meant to have done a peeping Tom thing 100 miles away, from where I was in bed with my girlfriend.

    The no warmer uses 18th century science devised by the Rev. Sterling before there were any universities on earth. It increases the natural flow of heat in the deep sea currents. This is why there is so much life on earth.

    We pump large volumes of low pressure gas around a helix in the seas. We then double the pressure of this gas, and it goes up from 10 C to over 200 C. We lose this heat to the air via an enclosed helix.

    Of this allows the gas to rise up through a wind turbine, which generates power which drives all power plants. So once started the system is self-powering. The gas which exits into the air has been warmed by over 200°, but driving the turbine has courted by half a degree. We are not aware of this.

    The air mixes with the natural air so we are going to heater the local air by 10 C. We have chambers of these devices on the sea coast and villages and towns on the sea coast. It warns them for no reading cost. The devices themselves cast under a 1000 pounds to make. And all round the no attention for 25 years.

    The see water itself joins the flow of polar cold water as it flows back to the equator. This pushes the warm currents towards the poles. This is a great air conditioning system of the world. It cools the hot lands and warms the cold ones for free.

    Without it only too happy to wall lance 100 miles across, 200 miles of plants around the earth's equator. We are boosting the system. So we will warm the cold lands, and cool the carbon. For free.

    So acting in exactly the opposite direction to the phantom science of global warming. Was once we have constructed by plants, for free. Since 2001, when I thought this idea, Harvard University has put on record that there has been no increase in free CO2 in the air for 200 years.

    Which means man-made global warming and climate change could never have been true: they were lies from nuclear power as I have been saying for the last 10 years.

    I told Sheffield University had to sort out the world's climate for free in 2001. My reward? My PhD got ended early with no award of a degree. At the urging of a man in a black suit. The men in black do exist, but they are the visitors from the funding agencies.

    Who gets some of our money for higher degrees from nuclear power. He is a PhD which cured global warming was not allowed. The funding agencies are not interested in life on earth: the latter anybody else other academics ethics, but there are only interested in the money they can get in from people like nuclear power.

    'Air warmers' the coolest bit of 18th century science which could have saved the 21st century if you had ever been told about it.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Rain does nuclear fusion


    All suns Coronas do nuclear fusion. But the suns interior does not. It is the hydrogen plasma on the surface of the sun that is important here.

    They chaotic collision of rain drops in a rain storm gives out gamma radiation and was ozone as they do molecular nuclear fusion.

    The down stroke of lightening strike their releases 5 MW as we get the gentle drift of holes discharge in the current hell fire here nuclear or at the top of rain clouds –formed by nuclear fusion done by rain drops.

    The upstroke are lightning strike releases 1.2 x 1020 Watts in three sections. The total power usage of America for a decade. As the steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion.

    On earth today. Fixing all the organic nitrogen life uses.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Limit to life


    When the dinosaurs died so do 60% of life on earth. All the organic carbon went to warm the oil and gas we are now burning. So we are returning this fossilised life back into the ecosphere –were life herrings are.

    There is 25% oxygen in the air and only 0.0002% carbon dioxide. As animals breathe out and animals produce the exhaust gases, there carbon dioxide remains in the air for several hours. To affect the climate carbon dioxide will have to remain in the air for several years.

    Instead plants take it in to do photosynthesis with. To convert it back into new life on earth: plants matter and oxygen that are the basis for all life on earth. So who fall of global warming?

    Somebody who did not know their biology, and wanted to enhance the prospects of nuclear power. I sent this in 2001, and my PhD got mysteriously ended within three days.

    Available CO2 is a limit to life on earth. Through history it reacts to the natural weather –going up in an ice-age!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Carbon Dioxide and the world climate

Plants in the light take in carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis. So free CO2 levels track the wax and wane of green plants. So it follows the natural weather with a four year lag. Through history carbon dioxide has never forced the weather.
Man-made global warming and climate change were fiction invented by nuclear power to get new plants built –after the disaster at Chernobyl. Academics writing papers on CO2 and the climate are nuclear stooges.

Green plants first evolved with 40% carbon dioxide in the air. When they had taken down to one part per 1,000,000 life on her earth hit a brick wall. That was at the and are of the Cretaceous.
Life got out of this situation when animals evolved to metabolise plant bulk with the oxygen excreted by plants. So this means that carbon dioxide is planned fluid, and oxygen is the gas they excrete. Their waste.
This is basic first year high school biology. I made a video on the subject 2 1/2 years ago. It was such basic science, out of my field, so I got the medics as Harvard on the case.
They analyse the minerals on the earth’s surface. Although used ice cores –that’s what I would have done as an engineer!
They found that carbon dioxide was higher in the little ice-age of the 18th century. Since then green plants had pegged carbon dioxide at two parts per 1,000,000.
In case you’re wondering what had happened to man is carbon dioxide, crop yields are gone up by 15%. So man’s carbon dioxide has led to more life on earth, but no possible effect on the climate.
So man-made global warming and climate change were phantom science, created by academics on pain contracts to the research bodies. They in turn got the money from nuclear power.
As nuclear power realise that no academic work take any money from nuclear power. So they went via the funding agencies. So I have been on about this for a year. Ever since I read it in New Scientist.
They have been playing an interesting game. Writing articles backing nuclear power stories to the carbon dioxide and the weather, the also writing the contrary.
They the first alerted me to the fact that the planning agencies term money with no conditions, to fund research. Thus the funding agencies have been very big applicants of global warming –ego trips coincided with the natural warming face of the global climate.
Even when the weather turned in 2005 a click name change to ‘climate change’ and the nuclear research carried on an interrupted.
So for 200 years carbon dioxide levels have not risen. And the global weather is weather. After Chernobyl nuclear power is desperate for new plants.
It is still the toxic fatal polluting industry that killed by the continent. I detect a slight change today in the their wish to operate plants past the end of their contracts.
As nobody believes that carbon dioxide affects the weather. And everybody on earth would block more nuclear plants.

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 13 October 2010



    Green plants peg CO2 and a global level of two parts per 1,000,000. Local variations don't matter to the weather. It is the global number which is important. In the little ice-age it went up to four ppm. But for the last 200 years it has been fixed at two ppm.

    Guys at Harvard made this mistake. Of then a biologist there checked with her minerals on the earth's surface. He could have used ice cores from Antarctica. Surf on these. The guy their have put them on line –as far as emailing me direct. So I get mail from Harvard and the South Pole, but doesn't everybody!

    So what has happened to man is carbon dioxide? It has resulted in crop yields going up 15%. In other words, it has formed a new life on earth and not affected the weather. So it has done the exact opposite to what nuclear power lies about it.

    Do I believe in climate change? No. It starts off five presupposing carbon dioxide levels in the free air has grown in recent times. As I have explained, this is untrue. We have seen more plant life on earth. No man made effect on the weather.

    I am a bit worried today a video I have used features a guy from Harvard University. I have taken the sound off, but he has been getting some of the $1,000,000,000 a year the year the US has been sinking into the PR of nuclear power.

    So that he did his work without a data set of increasing global CO2 levels in the air. The base fact behind the nuclear fiction. Harvard is about truth and lack of vested interest. I feel he has let the world scientific community down.

    In the same way Professor Zimmerman has gone on about carbon dioxide emission. These have been calculated as they could not be measured. You see green plants take them in. They are phantom data.

    No professor is a very clever guy, with a double first from Colombia. As in New York last year, I really should have called in says hello to the guys there. They're all turning big incomes from global warming and climate change. I really should have called in and alerted them to the fact nuclear power was making stooges of them.

    But they are not unique. Nuclear power has made shills of higher education. Not the high point of tertiary education in the world is it.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010



    Every person with high school biology knows that green plants take in CO2. All the scientists working in this area known as a result sea or two is pegged at two parts per 1,000,000 globally: only local variations are possible. But before the weather it is the global percentage that could affect the weather.

    Thus man-made global warming and climate change could never be true. All scientists know this. I got Harvard Medical school to check he said in 2008, by 2010 they published the results in New Scientist. CO 2 levels have been fixed at says levels for 200 years. In the little ice-age they were higher.

So CO2 is a climate follower. Global Warming and climate change were fiction from nuclear power. Which I said in 2001 at Sheffield University. The funding agencies got my PhD ended. Naively I thought funding agencies were about truth. Wrong. They get a lot of money from nuclear power are act on their behalf. Did you realise the funding agencies were nuclear stooges? It never occurred to me.

    In 2001 Prof Zimmerman gave me the greatest single idea there has ever been. No turbulent flow of hydrogen gas did nuclear fusion. He know wishes to dissociate himself from the statement. In the same way the academic world has ignored the latter date are on the global increase in carbon dioxide in the air.

    Plants for you hear about emissions, there has never been recorded increase in CIO two levels in the last 200 years: symbol biology makes it impossible. Crop yields have gone up 15% there in the same time. Emitting CO 2 there is more life on earth, but could never have any effect on the weather.

    All the academics who have made research money are so global warming or climate change have been acting disingenuously or but simply been lying. These people of working in higher education! They are not the sort of people do you are working in a second-hand car sales room. They are crocks. Nuclear power is lying this honest toxic cheating –fill in your own negative attitudes here.

    It is what we expect to them. It will go down in the history books though for 30 years they use sold the world on the idea that; the gas of life and decade the weather. Earlier stupid or the criminal ever believed this is true.

    I am sorry that the crocks working in academia misled year. This is out of order. You masses should sack them all 30 years ago.

The hydrogen plasma


    This applies to pure and mixed hydrogen plasmas. Where we have a mixed plasma, the high level of neutron formation from hydrogen plasma, as is nuclear fission of the other element, so it ends up as hydrogen. We do a matter burn, the neutrons causing repeated fission of their heavier elements.

    The most important reaction is a combination of protons and electrons in the chaos of the plasma. These do not an annihilate, as the coalition of a positron and electron would –converting their matter into electromagnetic radiation and heat. With a proton and electron we get;

e-+p+->n0     so neutrons are composite particles of an electron bonded with a proton. They may have in the same sluggish way that protons do. This is why they bond with protons in the nucleus and don't interact with fast moving electrons.

    So protons are a cold and trapped into neutrons, with the charged area on either side of the neutrons. So we get a matter grid of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. As hydrogen plasma burns matter into heat and light.

    We see this at hot-smokers in the deep. Here steam bubbles rising through high pressure water sets of physical, molecular, nuclear fusion. Deeper currents in the sea also do molecular nuclear fusion, which is why the seas produce helium and oxygen gases –plus gamma wave radiation and heat.

    All life produces gamma wave radiation, but this is the province of nuclear reaction. But life does and doing toxic nuclear fission. It does biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. So plants take in carbon dioxide and water, and release helium, methane, oxygen and gamma wave radiation, plus heat again. So all life is driven by nuclear fusion from water.

    Interestingly enough so do all man and chemical engines, which produce steam in turbulent flow. Safe clean power. No carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste. I read in the papers today that the professors in California is saying global warming is a money making scam.

    What turbine so long to realise? The money initially came from nuclear power, but then national governments checked it in their billions. But there has been no increase in CO2 in the air for 200 years. How could man-made global warming and climate change not be a scam?

    Hydrogen plasmas burn matter into heat and light. Safe clean and free. We produce no radioactive end product. Hot smokers in the sea do it for free. Green plants in the light take in carbon dioxide and then do molecular nuclear fusion for free, again!

    Your own blood system does biological, molecular, nuclear fusion as you heart beats. If you see CERN tell him. I repeat, life uses carbon dioxide to do nuclear fusion from water.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Paid Science


    University science is not automatically true; it is the subjects that are funded by the funding agencies. They get their money from governments, and nuclear power. Governments believe the scientist the funding agencies paid for.

    So there is a problem here! We have a group of scientists, who are paid for, and act in the. So at failing a problem to fund tertiary education has given an opening for nuclear power. Funding agencies really should have an ethics committee. This would syphon all commercial money into a blind trust. So commercial body won't have any say a lot research, funding.

    This does not happened today. Nuclear power gives the funding agencies monies for the express purpose of researching global warming. 2005 the world started cooling, so I started pushing climate change.

    Both these phantom science he started off by saying 'the cold of the rising level of carbon dioxide in the air…'. There hasn't been any. Green plants had taken in all man is carbon dioxide, so Harvard found that crop yields have gone up by 15% since the industrial revolution.

    CO2 is the gas of life. No more in in the air than 200 years ago. So no fossil man-made global warming or climate change. Bit of a killer that one. But nuclear power does not found any biologists –they won't take the money anyway. They only for professors in engineering, chemistry and physics. To learn carbon dioxide is a black hole. You burn stuff, and oxygen turns into carbon dioxide, where remains in the air forever.

    Wrong. That day plants turn it back from a gas into plant bulk, excreting the surplus oxygen. At the end of the cretaceous life hit a brick wall until animals evolved to use the waste gas of plants, oxygen, and turn back into the food – carbon dioxide.

    Biologist delight in this: though the term that the carbon cycle, and all life on earth hinges on it. The life that nuclear power kills. So nuclear power is fatal, toxic, polluting and he is also horrendously uneconomic!

    After Chernobyl he realised it had to reinvent itself as 'green'. Despite the fact that it is fatal, toxic and the rest. It realised it can be seen to be giving money to buy chairs in science. But it could gives money to the funding agencies to buy chains. It is our failure to properly fund higher education. Nuclear power its chance.

    But in high school biology a child is taught that plants take in all the available carbon dioxide. So may have a strange position where a child knew more truth than a university professor.

    It simply is not possible for there to be a build-up in carbon dioxide in the air. Man is carbon dioxide has resulted in more life on earth. This does not stop nuclear power being a tile limited industry, which needs to get new plants within 25 years or it ceases to exist. And we all get to live.

    So man-made global warming and climate change were phantom fiction from nuclear power. I am a bit upset, as I told Sheffield University this in 2001. And the funding agencies got my PhD ended. With no award.

    But I continued working in this and in 2008 I sent a video to my contact at Harvard University saying green plants took in carbon dioxide. He was in medicine, but he has friends in biology and other friends who knew her minerals. So they spent two years checking out free carbon dioxide in the air.

    They offended haven't shifted from the preindustrial 2 parts per 1,000,000. So man-made global warming and climate change were baseless fiction. Four and five paid stooges to further your objectives of nuclear power.

    We should not allow nuclear power to you weight to the funding agencies: they need an ethics committee badly: which is ironic as they administer scientific ethics for the world.

    So green plants have save the world: but nuclear power still wants you dead.



    While I accept that there is the squeeze on academic funding today, this has not been the case for years since 1982. The idea that carbon dioxide has any effect on the global climate is a lie nuclear power concocted their fiction of man-made global warming.

    This sort to differentiate themselves from the burning of fossil fuels by the fact they did not emit carbon dioxide. As usual, they were wrong. Their plant building process, with a 25 year turnover of plants, made them a huge emitter of carbon dioxide from the manufacture of concrete.

    The industry use of petrol and diesel engines may them a huge user of petrol and diesel anyway. Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. It is taken in by plants, which then excrete oxygen and build carbohydrates.

    Organic carbon is the root of all life on earth: date in source high school biology. Known to all science professors in the world.

    Plants also do molecular nuclear fusion. This turns out to be the most dominant form of energy release on the planet. This is power with no carbon dioxide and no toxic death.

    So all academics take in research grants to look into man-made global warming or climate change are disingenuous, lying, doing a massive disservice to science research in the world.

    Even 11 year old children knew that carbon dioxide didn't affect the weather. Academic professionals in tertiary education used academic gravitas to overall them.

    They pass off nuclear PR as fact. This is so sinister and wrong. Any academic giving lip service says process should not be in higher education


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416


No more CO2


    High school biology predicted it: Harvard University has confirmed it. The great shortage in the air on earth is carbon dioxide in year. Plants taking in, and do biological molecular nuclear fusion with it.

    Nurse they excrete helium, free radical oxygen, methane and form carbohydrates –and produce gamma wave radiation.

    Nurse the amount of life we see on earth is a to buy CO2 in the air. At the end of the Jurassic the dinosaurs and 60% of life on earth died, and the fossil fuels formed: we are no burning that oil.

    So we are releasing the organic carbon back into the ecosphere, where it forms life. The amount of CO2 left in the air is the water limit of photosynthesis. Globally it has been at two parts per 1,000,000 for the last 200 years.

    There is thus no man-made global warming or climate change. Both of these of PR by nuclear power. Desperate to be seen as 'green' after Chernobyl. It is toxic death: which kills all life on earth.


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Life does fusion


    All life on earth produces helium. Life does not take in fissionable materials as they are toxic to life. It certainly does not eat plants of thorium a day –offal for to cool in meters are rare even in physics.

    Is also emits gamma wave radiation. Which we know is a sure sign of nuclear processes. But as just stated this isn't from nuclear fission. This we use only one possibility, we are doing nuclear fusion from water: This will generate helium and free radical oxygen.

    Both of which we observe in living organisms. So have helium, oxygen and gamma wave radiation. Plus loads and loads of energy to drive biology.

    I reiterate, or biology does molecular nuclear fusion. The greatest science idea ever. And told today and that if you search for Harvard and climate on Youtube you my videos.

    This must mean Harvard are supporting my videos on their of their video servers. If they are objected to a syllable of what I had said they would have told me, and not hosted my videos.

    I sent them a video to life years ago on green plants sinking man's CO2. They you then spent the next two years consorting the mineral record around the earth. Their conclusion agreed with O level biology.

    Green plants have taken in all man's carbon dioxide to support all life on earth. So all the carbon dioxide has been taken up by the ecosphere. Thus there is more life on earth.

    What there isn't, is any more carbon dioxide in the air. This is a killer. There is no possible effect on the world climate: no more free carbon dioxide, no man-made global warming or climate change.

    And you haven't year old school child can tell you that. So all the university professors who have been well paid for 30 years of research have been erroneous, dishonest, misleading and thick.

    Nuclear power has used their money to subvert the science process. And you guys, though very clever, have allowed this.


Green plants evolved to take in carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen. In the process there build carbohydrates. At the end of the cretaceous life on earth hit a brick wall as those two little carbon dioxide in the air.
To curb for in new scientist about 1985 ‘plants could only take in as much carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis, as a excreted at night via a oxygen respiration’. OK manager bit wordy than yours, they do idea.
Animals evolved to take in their waste gas of plants – oxygen. Combine it with plant bulk they had eaten to get at energy.
You missed out the by plants and animals produce helium as he is carbon dioxide to do molecular nuclear fusion from water. This releases 3He, which is lost to space. This is an area of exciting science that studies will be paying to research for next 100 years.
In the industrial revolution man came started releasing more CO2 from his chemical engines. First of all his steam engine’s. Which do physical molecular nuclear fusion –like waterfalls or breaking waves do.
The upshot of this was we got more plant growth, but no more carbon dioxide in the air. It’s levels set by the efficiency of plants to take in carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis with.
Harvard University the water this area for two years. The minerals on the surface of the earth show there has been no increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide for the last 200 years.
But they did find that crop yields have gone up 15%. So high school biology was right. By releasing more carbon dioxide man was a super animal. But he is CO2 led to more life on earth.
Nuclear power contended that the extra CO 2 late to change in the weather. But the weather never saw the carbon dioxide. Green plants ensured that all man is carbon dioxide vanished into the ecosphere.
This was a wrong answer for nuclear power who are burning all their plants for new plants of death on man having an affected the weather by burn fossil fuels.
It transpires that by burning fossil fuels man is returning the organic carbon to be the ecosphere and so increased life on earth. At the end of the Jurassic and the dinosaurs died so do 60% of all life on earth.
So by releasing carbon dioxide man is increasing life on earth. Coincidentally new nuclear power plant would decrease life on earth. Drastically. Starting with yours!

CO2 and life


There are two halves to the carbon cycle. This is the most important Energy System on earth –life is powered by it. It turns out that both of the halves of the carbon cycle are doing nuclear fusion from water. Around the world chemistry departments are closing down, but they've really should be investigated molecular nuclear fusion. And biology should be looking at molecular nuclear fusion from water. That:

CO2+3H2O->He+CH4+3O↑+γ↑+E1 most of the methane here is used to build carbohydrates. Cm(H2O)n which is the basis for all life on earth.

Animals only evolved as plant life hit a brick wall at the end of the cretaceous when there is insufficient carbon dioxide in the air for them to grow significantly. Animals evolved to metabolise their waste gas – oxygen, combine it with plant matter they had eaten to release more CO2 the gas of life.

Cm(H2O)n+mO2->mCO2+nH2O +He++E2    though we also see incomplete ignition producing carbon.

    So carbon dioxide is the main way life on earth does nuclear fusion. There are a few volcanic bacteria that use SO2 and H2S, in much the same way as the carbon circuit above.

    So who devised man-made climate change and global warming which are based around the erroneous prize of increasing carbon dioxide in the air? You see green plants have ensured there has been no increase in CO2 in the global air. Take a power nuclear power.

    They invented the erroneous science, and got academic stooges to write technical learned papers on it though he was a biological impossibility: as they wanted it to justify the building of a new generation of nuclear fission plants, which would kill you! Academic funding has got to such a crisis global that a successful theory is not one latest row but one which brings in a lot of research money.

    So professors of physics chemistry and engineering were happy to study the carbon dioxide fiction, though O level biology disproves it: shares at up to be impossibility on earth. All life is based on green plants taking in CO2.

    I have just shown you that life uses CO2 to do nuclear fusion from water. Man is steam cycle, like waterfalls in nature, use fluid turbulence of liquid water in place of sunlight to capitalise molecular nuclear fusion.

    So we have 300 years' experience of her to do nuclear fusion. It is safe clean and free. No CO2 – leave that to life, and yet biology to sort out how it works. We can now access the power of nuclear fusion from water or other compounds of hydrogen.

    That is a useful area for chemistry departments around the world to research. Nuclear power using nuclear fusion is toxic, polluting, and fatal. In contrast the most hazardous result of molecular nuclear fusion from water is 3He: as produced by the deep and all life on earth.

    Nuclear power to transfer over to steam plasma tubes tomorrow. But they are addicted to death and uranium. All flight engineer found in the world can build steam plasma tubes which use the turbulence of the gas plasma to turn water into heat.

    With no toxic end product. Welcome to the fusion age –my ideas to life. Hello life!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

More life


    At the end of the cretaceous period on earth those 60% more life on earth. As a result sea levels were 65 metres lower. Then the dinosaurs died and the fossil fuels formed: or rather the boiling gas. Coal forms from water and forest life that has died in more recent history.

    All but life goes off water in its bulk. So slightly more carbon dioxide in the air and the sea levels sea levels were 65 m lower. The important number here is 60 percent more life. All life that died and lay in the rocks, not troubling nature.    

    Now we are burning is fossil fuels. Releasing the organic carbon as CO2. So all the green plants on earth are taking in that picture carbon dioxide to make more life on earth: more plants there is more animals –more life.

    What we can see is any more carbon dioxide in the air. It does go up in an ice-age when there are fewer plants –so in the little ice-age it went up to four parts per 1,000,000. Since then, for 200 years, it has been at two parts per 1,000,000.

    So man has not changed for the carbon dioxide in the air, he has increased life on earth. So man-made global warming climate change were public relations by nuclear power – share our physical fiction. A total biological impossibility. Plants take in all available carbon dioxide.

    Man has a lot, could not change their free carbon dioxide in the air. Nuclear power was hoping to get new plants of death built on the back of this phantom science. That isn't going to happen. So may have changed their game plan.

    No they can to be allowed to continue to run nuclear plants after their legal registration has expired: tour and these many Chernobyl's illegally. They hope Sunday to kill you. The academic stooges are helping them.

Not emissions


    Green plants have taken in all man was carbon dioxide. So crop yields have gone up by 15% - source Harvard University. But this is not high level science! We are learned and at age 11 in high school biology that plants take in carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen.

    At the end of the cretaceous plant life hit a brick wall as there has is no more organic carbon to take in during the day than he'd have excreted at night –when there is no life plants change over to animal respiration. And turn back in oxygen and combine it with hydrocarbons to do molecular nuclear fusion.

    Photosynthesis is athlete light induced molecular nuclear fusion. Tell CERN green plants do nuclear fusion from water. And have done says green plants first evolved. They take in carbon dioxide, but emit helium, methane, oxygen and support all life on earth. They are the carbon dioxide sink.

    This is why carbon dioxide levels have not increased in the free air since the little ice-age –when they were higher anyway. So where did the theories of global warming and climate change come from? There has been no recorded increase in free carbon dioxide in the air at all. Take a bow nuclear power.

    They were desperate after Chernobyl to be green. They decided the deference between themselves and conventional power was emission of carbon dioxide –the gas of life. In actual fact that plant building programme mining purifying and shipping uranium and yes transporting stuff to and from power plants been so inept as much CO2 as conventional power.

    So green plants do nuclear fusion. So do animal blood systems, or the flow of high pressure water in the deep. It goes on in the air –it is the main energy imports into life on earth. Life on earth does not do toxic fatal nuclear fission. Neither shore would be.

    All the time nature has been doing molecular nuclear fusion: clean and safe and free. No CO2 and no toxic fission waste. Man has been doing it since he started using the steam cycle. The H bomb explodes a nuclear device in a tank of water.

    Nobody would argue that here we are doing nuclear fusion from water. There is no reason we should use nuclear fission to induce molecular nuclear fusion: after all nature doesn't. It uses steam bubbles into high pressure sea water in the depths, to set up hot-smokers.

    The this supports massive ecosystems away from solar radiation. Did you never wonder? Nature is doing nuclear fusion for us. In a sea new year. I repeat: safe clean and free. There CO2 – the gas of life, or toxic fissile waste. For this from 18th century science –science from before universities even existed.

Friday, 8 October 2010

The warmest


    I have ensured by people who were here that 1938 was the hottest year this century. The fifties were also warm. Then through the 70 years scientists were predicting the next ice-age. Until we got to 1976, which I do remember: three months of sunshine which in the united kingdom is the government to about 10 years summer's but to end to end.

Then the scientists shut up about the next ice-age. In 1983 we have Chernobyl, and the world saw that nuclear fission was toxic death. It makes excellent bombs but he is not good at generating electricity. It uses massively toxic fuel rods. Which he are mined uranium, enriched and ships halfway around the planet. At the end of their lives the fuel rods contain strontium and plutonium.

    These metals are toxic to all life for hundreds of thousands of years: or rather in the case to be turning a very very toxic to life for 5000. Meanwhile nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to turn water molecules into He, oxygen and heat. It does molecular nuclear fusion.

    This is four times as energetic as uranium so it generates more power. It makes 3He, which four was no compounds before it escapes into space taking its radioactivity with it. The half-life of 3He is a 0.04 seconds, so will have decayed before it leaves the field of green crops, the deep sea or has been reader might animals.

    This includes you. So your heart and arteries do molecular nuclear fusion with every beat of our heart. I have told this to CERN, so I hopefully by now they will have stopped messing around with hydrogen torouses. Like Oxford University they should be looking at hydrogen plasmas, though I think steam plasmas are a better match for man is energy needs.

    The world started cooling in 2005 –naturally. Exactly on schedule. The weather has ½ wavelengths of 28 years. This lays nuclear power with a problem. All eat plants are due to be shut down after 25 years. Nobody in the developed world wants to see new nuclear fission plants. See my comment on Chernobyl earlier.

    China has had developed civilisation for 5000 years. Because all the academic stooges to nuclear power saying global warming was a problem, for recover years there thought he might have been. This ended two years ago. China will never build a nuclear plant.

    Now the only game in town is Australia would only have medical isotope reactors sited in its shores. But the Australians are too proud to allow the phantom science of nuclear power to cause them to the build plants of death.

    So nuclear power has a big problem, there are going to have been no more nuclear fission plants. Already 30% of the U.S. plants are operating after their licences have expired. This is a matter for licensing agencies to act on.

    Molecular nuclear fusion has been done by nature for 650 million years. Man has done it since he used the steam cycle to generate power in the 18th century. He just needed telling that he knew her to do nuclear fusion.

    No toxic end products and is dangerous as the radiation given up by of boiling kettle. Nuclear power should celebrate –here is the way to do clean safe nuclear fusion in the same way that nature does.

    Nuclear fusion makes bombs and kills. Man should not be doing it, unless he wants to kill.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Plants save life on Earth


As plants do photosynthesis they combine the water with carbon dioxide. They produce helium, methane, oxygen, heat, and gamma wave radiation: the latter is a very interesting as it means there is nuclear stuff going on. We see 2 hydrogen atoms combine to form one helium atom, and produces gamma wave radiation and heat.

This is molecular nuclear fusion from water. Where fluid turbulence in the molecular hydrogen does nuclear fusion. We also see it with ammonia and hydrocarbon refineries. It also occurs in man's engines. Steam turbines and jet engines do so much of it.

It turns water into heat with no carbon dioxide or toxic nuclear fission waste. It goes on from regular water so basically it is free. The deep see produces 60% of the heat the earth gets from the turbulent flow of high pressure sea currents.

It uses no expensive fossil fuels, or toxic fuel rods. Nature has done it for 605,000,000 years. Nature is a very clever. Your own blood system does molecular nuclear fusion as you heart beats.

This is why we see so little heart cancer it is cathartic. However it is the root of most body cancer. We need some pathogen genome and the cell damage that is produced five molecular nuclear fusion going on in the body.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

O2 is the pollutant

By JonThm on you
On the early Earth, the air was 40% CO2. And there was no life. But then green plants evolved, and the CO2 took a major hit! It went down to one part per million, and plants hit a brick wall!
They could only take in during the daily, what they respired at night! When they combined O2 with carbohydrates. At the end of the cretaceous animals evolved, that metabolised O2 and plant bulk all day.
O2 turns out to be the greatest pollutant life has ever known! And CO2 is the gas of life! We think that O2 is the gas of life. No, it is plant waste. Green plants can take all the CO2 we can give them.
Since the industrial revolution Harvard notes plant yields have gone up 15%, but free CO2 in the air has not changed from the little ice-age when it was higher.
So CO2 goes up in an ice-age. It follows the wax and wane of green plants and sea bacteria. If the seas were to rise, there will be more biology taking in CO2.
So Global Warming is just wrong! It was thought up by nuclear power to get new power plants: But they are toxic death. Chernobyl shows you the idea! Spraying toxic death over half a continent.
Life gets at energy through doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion on water. We want the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.
This turns the H2O into He, O and a lot of heat. With no CO2. But there again, life loves CO2!

Monday, 4 October 2010

CO2 is life


Life on earth revolves around the carbon cycle. There are two halves to this cycle.

    First that plant half, which is the basis for all terrestrial life:


    So we observe here, plants and bacteria are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The creation of methane and oxygen says why swamp gas is just so flammable. The free radical oxygen bonds with molecular oxygen to form ozone.

    Animals do Molecular Nuclear Fusion via oxidising hydrocarbons, again releasing He and Gamma Wave Radiation.