Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fusion on Earth

In 2001 I was told that fluid turbulence does Nuclear Fusion. But there is an energy barrier to get over.
The evidence from nature is that we need at least 2 bars of pressure: We see the emission of nuclear radiation from water falls, rain and the deep. We also observe biological systems do it via turbulence in water.
Biology does it so cleverly, it uses biological catalysts. So we do not see atomic Nuclear Fusion in nature – as we lack H gas on Earth! All the H gas bonds with O2 to form H2O: So on Earth we see loads of Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water.
The most vigorous sort is via a steam plasma! A lightning bolt strikes up a 1.2 x 1020 Watts plasma bolt for 3 seconds. It thus creates NOx – which is essential to life! Thus we get molecular Nitrogen fall to Earth in lightening storms.
This fertilizes the ground! And all this goes back to my school days when I was 14! Except for knowing how vigorous lightening is.
If we scale this down to a 1 m, 2cm tube, we get 6 MWatts! How much current will induce the plasma I do not know.
For lightening we want 5,000 V, 100 Amps. Scaling this down, we get to around the charge which sets up a fluorescent tube. Sheffield will have experts in this field.
Once set up, it will generate turbulence, heat and current. What pressure will give us a self-sustaining plasma? Nature does so at around my 2 bars again.
In the deep sea, a hot-smoker will set up a steam plasma. And this is the most exothermic device on Earth! Supporting massive ecosystems – which metabolize CO2 they obtain by osmosis.
Polly will find this very interesting! So if we are clever about it, we can drill down to the mantel, and set up artificial hot-smokers. Which will sink CO2.
Mind you, Harvard has shown that free CO2 in the air has not changed in 200 years: So no AGW or ACC! The scientists researching this field use CO2 levels in town and cities, near engine exhausts.
There has been no global change in CO2. Biology has ensured this is not possible! You put out CO2; you get more life on Earth. You do not get more CO2 in the air.
This is why CO2 rises in an ice-age – you get fewer plants. So CO2 is highest when things are coldest. There is a 4 year lag, as CO2 follows the environment.
So if we loop back some of the produced current storm a steam turbine, we can convert H2O into heat! With no toxic waste. The O -> Be -> B ->He –> H. This I due to the action of neutrons causing the low atomic number elements to fission.
We do:
H++e-àn0 and n0+O18/20->2 X Be8/10
So we get out heat, and all the low power Gamma Wave Radiation can’t get out of the plant. No toxic waste. Also no CO2.
Clean, safe power, using science taught to me at school!

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