Tuesday, 28 September 2010

CO2 makes life!

By JonThm9@aol.com

Around the early earth the air has 40% carbon dioxide in. Then green plants got busy. Be talking in carbon dioxide combined it with water and released helium, methane, oxygen and released heat and low powered gamma radiation. This is ½ of the carbon cycle that plants do.

At the end of the cretaceous this carbon dioxide in the air has reduced from 40% to parts per 1,000,000. And this time we have a massive extinction of the early work, was fined two little carbon dioxide in the air. So animals evolved to metabolise oxygen and combine it with the carbohydrates animals obtained by eating plants.

They released carbon dioxide as they combine oxygen with carbohydrates. But they also produce helium and methane because the other half of the carbon cycle also does molecular nuclear fusion. So the halves of the carbon cycle do molecular nuclear fusion. So all life is powered by doing nuclear fusion from water. Life obtains more energy from this source five the seas from solar radiation.

After Chernobyl nuclear power was desperate to get new plants of death built before their plants were decommission after 25 years' service. So two differentiate themselves from burning fossil fuels they picked on the release of carbon dioxide. They neglected their own production of CO2. But they ignore their rapid turnover of plants, and use of engines powered by petrol or diesel.

Be released as much carbon dioxide as a conventional source of power. They totally ignored the nuclear fusion life does from water. Producing helium and oxygen. Clean, safe, and free. And no carbon dioxide and no toxic death. Nuclear fusion thus produces four times as much power with no toxic death. It is the way life is powered.

It is the way humanity will power its futures. There is 4 hundred times the water this or use up, before the earth is followed by the sun in four billion years time. It is 40 times as cheap as burning fossil fuels, and 100 times as cheap as doing toxic nuclear fission.

To see molecular nuclear fusion in action we need to boil liquid water, or stand by a waterfall, or watch waves breaking on a sea shore. Our own blood systems also do it with the animal half on the carbon cycle. This is why we breathe out helium and leaving the weekend breathe it in.

CO2 is the trace gas in the air that life uses to do nuclear fusion from water. It is integral to life, and not a waste gas. Nuclear power is toxic death expensive, polluting and toxic to all life on earth -even if done correctly. If not, it kills by the continent. It is without doubt the most toxic expensive and undesirable technology and money uses today.

The easiest way for man to do molecular nuclear fusion is via a steam plasma tube. I have told the old university this but they are too busy making money from nuclear power at research global warming to work on useful for life. So I have produced loads of videos on this science on Youtube for you to enjoy.

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