Wednesday, 29 September 2010

CO2 is growth

To boost production from a greenhouse we add additional carbon dioxide. This does not mean all the more carbon dioxide in the air, as a plants turn it into a plant bulk and oxygen.
The same happens in the free air of the earth. Mike and his have had the additional carbon dioxide for the last 200 years. As Harvard University has confirmed this is not affected the level of carbon dioxide in the free air.
Rather it has increased plant production by 15%. There is no more carbon dioxide in the air than there was 200 years ago. This you were taught in high school biology. No University learning, but the stuff you work for when you 11 years of age.
So all the AGW and ACC fiction was produced by the stooges to nuclear power who knew no high school biology. They talk a flee in from ‘Solent green’ and mesmerising the world with their public relations for 30 years.
So there is more life on earth due to mans’ carbon dioxide, though there is no more free CO2 in the air. So man engine’s don’t affect the weather on the earth. But nuclear fusion is still toxic death and kills life.
CO2 increases for life on earth.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

CO2 makes life!


Around the early earth the air has 40% carbon dioxide in. Then green plants got busy. Be talking in carbon dioxide combined it with water and released helium, methane, oxygen and released heat and low powered gamma radiation. This is ½ of the carbon cycle that plants do.

At the end of the cretaceous this carbon dioxide in the air has reduced from 40% to parts per 1,000,000. And this time we have a massive extinction of the early work, was fined two little carbon dioxide in the air. So animals evolved to metabolise oxygen and combine it with the carbohydrates animals obtained by eating plants.

They released carbon dioxide as they combine oxygen with carbohydrates. But they also produce helium and methane because the other half of the carbon cycle also does molecular nuclear fusion. So the halves of the carbon cycle do molecular nuclear fusion. So all life is powered by doing nuclear fusion from water. Life obtains more energy from this source five the seas from solar radiation.

After Chernobyl nuclear power was desperate to get new plants of death built before their plants were decommission after 25 years' service. So two differentiate themselves from burning fossil fuels they picked on the release of carbon dioxide. They neglected their own production of CO2. But they ignore their rapid turnover of plants, and use of engines powered by petrol or diesel.

Be released as much carbon dioxide as a conventional source of power. They totally ignored the nuclear fusion life does from water. Producing helium and oxygen. Clean, safe, and free. And no carbon dioxide and no toxic death. Nuclear fusion thus produces four times as much power with no toxic death. It is the way life is powered.

It is the way humanity will power its futures. There is 4 hundred times the water this or use up, before the earth is followed by the sun in four billion years time. It is 40 times as cheap as burning fossil fuels, and 100 times as cheap as doing toxic nuclear fission.

To see molecular nuclear fusion in action we need to boil liquid water, or stand by a waterfall, or watch waves breaking on a sea shore. Our own blood systems also do it with the animal half on the carbon cycle. This is why we breathe out helium and leaving the weekend breathe it in.

CO2 is the trace gas in the air that life uses to do nuclear fusion from water. It is integral to life, and not a waste gas. Nuclear power is toxic death expensive, polluting and toxic to all life on earth -even if done correctly. If not, it kills by the continent. It is without doubt the most toxic expensive and undesirable technology and money uses today.

The easiest way for man to do molecular nuclear fusion is via a steam plasma tube. I have told the old university this but they are too busy making money from nuclear power at research global warming to work on useful for life. So I have produced loads of videos on this science on Youtube for you to enjoy.

To Prof

Plants save the world

As we were taught in O level biology plants, take in carbon dioxide to support all life on earth. So there could never be a build up of carbon dioxide in the air in the air’
This has been confirmed by Harvard University. There is no more for CO 2 in the air than 200 years ago. But there is 15% more life on earth.
So there could never be any effect of CO2 on the weather. So means-made means global warming and climate change were public relations by nuclear power. After Chernobyl they wanted new plants of death building -with your consent.
Man has never had any effect on the weather –and couldn’t if you wanted to. Nuclear power are toxic death!
AGW and ACC were phantom science devised by people who knew no science. But professors of any discipline are meant to understand basic science.
You are a well educated, power and knowledge based and man. You are well aware that plants take in carbon dioxide.
You will also accept the science that Harvard University has done. They found, from mineral analysis, that CO2 levels in the free air had not changed for 200 years. Meanwhile crop yields have gone up 15%.
It is technically impossible for carbon dioxide levels to rise vehicles by green plants: you knew this and yet said nothing. This has turned her to be the case.
AGW and ACC are thus impossible. You knew this and so do all the academic professionals working in area. But none of you said anything. This is academics duplicity of the highest order.
Please explain.
Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416

Sunday, 26 September 2010

No change


    CO2 levels in the global air were at 2 ppm before man: Though they did rise in ice-ages. That is 0.0002%. This is 5000 times below the level to have any effect on the air. But all animals would be dead by then.

    So it follows the wax and wane of plants, and is too minute a trace gas to have any effect on the air. But nuclear power had invested ¼ UK pounds in their fiction, so took to measuring CO2 in cities, at diesel exhausts. Cities make up 1/100,000 of the Earth's surface. And diesel exhausts make up 1/10th of a millionth of the air in a city.

    So nuclear power got a CO2 reading of 0.00037%, then 0.00127%, and then 0.00327%. All still just too low. So I got Harvard to check it out!

    The amount of life on Earth is limited by the available CO2, and plants sink this to the minimum for photosynthesis – our 0.0002%. After 2 years of mineral analysis they published the fact there had been 0.0002% CO2 in the air for the last 200 years: Before that we had the little ice-age, so from natural emission, free CO2 in the air was higher.

    Excuse me, but if CO2 warmed the air, there would never be an ice age. So CO2 is stuck at 2 ppm, and since 2005 the world has been cooling. Last winter was the coldest winter in the Northern hemisphere for 100 years!

    And this winter will be cooler! Though 1982 was a bad winter, so this predicted 2009 would be bad – it is a natural cycle. Nothing to do with man! The 50s were bad winters, so it is due to get very cold!

    In fact academics were making a lot of money from predicting the next ice-age, before 1976, and nuclear power opened its cheque book for any scientist who would write bad stuff about burning fossil fuels.

    It turns out releasing CO2 creates more life on Earth, and green plants ensure that there is no rise of CO2 in the air.

    So any scientist who has ever written about Global Warming or Climate Change has a good career waiting for them in writing fatal fiction.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Nuclear Weapons


    Nuclear weapons use the most purified uranium fuel (Mostly 236U). Fuel grade U, is less purified (60% 236). So if you want weapons, you want fuel grade U! Put it through a couple of centrifuges – and job done!

    Fuel grade U goes through 18 centrifuges – so most of eh purifying work is done. The US is talking about exporting fuel grade U. This is like giving a loaded fire arm to a kid, and being surprised when they blow your head off!

    We are never going to get any nuclear fission plants in the world. Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water is safe, clean and nearly free! Turing water into power – like nature does.

    Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting and very, very expensive. And ends up being fatal.

Friday, 24 September 2010

No expansion


There are no black holes, only non-radiant stars that are brown giants. They become X-ray sources then go nova. They tend to suck in antimatter at the poles, so we see jets of X-rays, as this annihilates with matter in the star. They are Fe stars, no nuclear fusion then takes in energy, until we get up to U – so the star sits there, and then goes nova.

So no big bang – as there are no singularities out there. And the universe is not expanding from the BB. After 14 billion years 'scientists' tell us the rate of expansion is speeding up – so they have stuff wrong!

The red shift we see from distant light is red shifted, but not by the star moving away! That Doppler idea is from the 1950s, and so last century. As the light travels through interstellar space, it interacts with antimatter.

The last doesn't group together like stars, it exists as a fine mist on ant hydrogen, in interstellar space. It is driven back by light, so keeps its distance from a radiant star.

But then we come to a brown giant, sitting there, not emitting light. So we get an in fall of antimatter at the Poles. So gradually as the star gets more and more antimatter into its fabric. It is repulsive, and trapped between attractions to adjacent matter atoms.

So we get an emission of X-rays as we get annihilations, but the star is getting less and less attractive. Then suddenly it explodes in a nova! Returning its energy to the cosmos, and scattering heavy atoms through space. That is where all the atoms in your body came from: Except the H.

This is formed as light particles combine in outer space, and are drawn into a star. So no Big Bang, no Black Holes, and no expanding universe. Time for some new thinking from the clever idiots.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Nuclear Power causes GW


As man has emitted more CO2, plants have taken it in, to create more life on Earth. There has been no more CO2 left in the air for 200 years! So what causes Global Warming and Climate Change? My money is on nature, but other people say man must be involved.

The only abnormal heat source is nuclear power! That turn U ore, into heat, and toxic waste. And occasionally torch half a continent, and kill the life there. So THEY are the source of Global Warming!

Since 2005 the world climate is in a natural cooling phase. If there is any warming, nuclear fission is the source. The agents of lethal death.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fusion on Earth

In 2001 I was told that fluid turbulence does Nuclear Fusion. But there is an energy barrier to get over.
The evidence from nature is that we need at least 2 bars of pressure: We see the emission of nuclear radiation from water falls, rain and the deep. We also observe biological systems do it via turbulence in water.
Biology does it so cleverly, it uses biological catalysts. So we do not see atomic Nuclear Fusion in nature – as we lack H gas on Earth! All the H gas bonds with O2 to form H2O: So on Earth we see loads of Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water.
The most vigorous sort is via a steam plasma! A lightning bolt strikes up a 1.2 x 1020 Watts plasma bolt for 3 seconds. It thus creates NOx – which is essential to life! Thus we get molecular Nitrogen fall to Earth in lightening storms.
This fertilizes the ground! And all this goes back to my school days when I was 14! Except for knowing how vigorous lightening is.
If we scale this down to a 1 m, 2cm tube, we get 6 MWatts! How much current will induce the plasma I do not know.
For lightening we want 5,000 V, 100 Amps. Scaling this down, we get to around the charge which sets up a fluorescent tube. Sheffield will have experts in this field.
Once set up, it will generate turbulence, heat and current. What pressure will give us a self-sustaining plasma? Nature does so at around my 2 bars again.
In the deep sea, a hot-smoker will set up a steam plasma. And this is the most exothermic device on Earth! Supporting massive ecosystems – which metabolize CO2 they obtain by osmosis.
Polly will find this very interesting! So if we are clever about it, we can drill down to the mantel, and set up artificial hot-smokers. Which will sink CO2.
Mind you, Harvard has shown that free CO2 in the air has not changed in 200 years: So no AGW or ACC! The scientists researching this field use CO2 levels in town and cities, near engine exhausts.
There has been no global change in CO2. Biology has ensured this is not possible! You put out CO2; you get more life on Earth. You do not get more CO2 in the air.
This is why CO2 rises in an ice-age – you get fewer plants. So CO2 is highest when things are coldest. There is a 4 year lag, as CO2 follows the environment.
So if we loop back some of the produced current storm a steam turbine, we can convert H2O into heat! With no toxic waste. The O -> Be -> B ->He –> H. This I due to the action of neutrons causing the low atomic number elements to fission.
We do:
H++e-àn0 and n0+O18/20->2 X Be8/10
So we get out heat, and all the low power Gamma Wave Radiation can’t get out of the plant. No toxic waste. Also no CO2.
Clean, safe power, using science taught to me at school!

Jonathan Thomason T/F 0161 848-0416

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No Nuclear


    In the last six months before Gordon Brown's Labour rabble were voted out, he promised Sheffe4ild ForgeMasters 60 million UKPs. That was the ultimate poison chalice for the new government. Nuclear power is fatal, and a total vote loser.

    The coalition rescinded that money: And ForgeMasters had failed to find any partners! Nuclear fission is too expensive and toxic: And then we get a Chernobyl – which would bankrupt countries!

    After Chernobyl they got their stooges to think up 'Green' reasons to do fatal fission! They came up with Global Warming. Totally unsubstantiated fiction. They said CO2 would warm the weather: The weather has short term cycles of cooling and warming, which lasted 28 years.

    Copenhagen fell in 2005: Why was this year chosen for a final push to get new plants of death built? Copenhagen was 'the last chance to build new nuclear plant'. Correct, that was the year the global climate would start cooling.

    So nuclear power moved their PR over to Climate Change. Saying CO2 would affect the weather in some unknown way. Or in other words we would have cooler weather. So probably more floods.

    They even fund my video people to make films on Climate Change: Despite the fact they admit to knowing nothing about the weather: Is nuclear power scraping the barrels or what!

    In 2008 I made a little video saying green plants took in CO2: This was O level biology. Harvard spent two years checking this out, and the mineral evidence of eh earth says free CO2 in the air had not changed for 200 years. Bit of a killer that one! It is not emissions that affect the weather, it is the free CO2 left in the air. In the 18th century CO2 was higher! It is a climate follower, reacting to the number of plants doing photosynthesis.

    So we are at the bottom limit for photosynthesis, which is 0.0002%. Has been for two hundred years.

    Nuclear power is still toxic, polluting, lethal and uneconomic. So very not 'Green'. It does make you glow in the dark though!

    In 2001 this was my PhD area in Sheffield, but they get too much money from the funding agencies, which get money from nuclear power. And research money is always tight! More so today.

    In 2003 I thought up Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This sees the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam does Nuclear Fusion! We end up with He and O, plus a load of heat. From regular water.

    The steam cycle does it – so nuclear power uses Nuclear Fusion! But there are loads of ways to do it that do not require toxic nuclear fission. My favourite way is via a steam plasma. Oxford University has just got 4 billion UKPs to look at an H plasma doing Nuclear Fusion. This is a good bet.

    As every star in the universe does Nuclear Fusion using an H, or then a He plasma: I would except neutron stars, which get energy by the annihilation of the stars matter with interstellar antimatter: Hence the X-rays we see.

    But a steam plasma is far better for man's uses. Also it is 100 times cheaper than burning fossil fuels. This in turn is a tenth of the price of nuclear fission. So what of nuclear power?

    A slow death. Their plants are licensed for 25 years: It is up to the national regulators to ensure the plants are shut down! Though a year ago the US was running 30 year old plants! Accidents waiting to happen.

    So Copenhagen WAS the last chance to get new fission plants. The world voted. A resounding 'No'.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Pressure cooking


    As you raise water to the boil under pressure, you have a lot of hot water waiting to boil. AS you vent the pressure it does boil – in the food. So explosively, that steam molecules hit together so hard, they exceed the strong atomic force for H.

    So we form He, and give off loads of heat! The food also gets slightly radioactive, but it does as we boil it in water – because of boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion again.

    So if we have a Geiger counter handy, it will go berserk from all the nuclear radiation. If we vent the pressure. In contrast, if we put the unvented pan in water to cool, we will have no Molecular Nuclear Fusion inside the food.

    So when we take it out of the cold pot, it will be undercooked and raw! So a pressure cooker does Molecular Nuclear Fusion inside our food! So we have a devise that does Nuclear Fusion!

    Just boiling a pan does a bit of Molecular Nuclear Fusion, but very little! But a pressure cooker being vented gives us a massive Geiger Counter reading. So boiling water does Nuclear Fusion. So we can design plant to get steam in turbulent flow, and so do Nuclear Fusion.

    We cool the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump, and return 85% of the system heat to the boiler, at the hot end of the heat pump. But as we have done loads of steam Molecular Nuclear Fusion, we started off from 12% of the system heat.

    So we get all the heat to run the system, and generate power, with no CO2. We will turn some of the water to He and O, which we vent, before returning it as liquid, to the boiler room.

    And all this science was from the 1950s. And Nuclear Fusion totally fixes the phantom science of Global Warming – which was only ever fiction from nuclear power: Who want us all dead, or glowing in the dark.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Life uses CO2 to do fusion


Plants TAKE in CO2 and H2O, to do Nuclear Fusion.

CO2+3H2O->He+CH4+O.+γ+E1 This is plant biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion

Then mCH4+nOH->mCn(H2O) Different carbohydrates bond H2Os to the C. But you get the idea! 2Hs->He – Nuclear Fusion!

Animals do

mCn(H2O)+n/2O2->mCO2+n/2H2O↑+(m-n)O.+He↑+E2+γ again loads of equations to balance – you may guess I am a chemist.

So all life does 2HYs->He++E. So life is fusion driven – using CO2! Animals evolved at the end of the Cretaceous, where there was too little CO2 in the air. So at the end of every day, CO2 us at 2 ppm – the bottom limit for photosynthesis. In the Arctics it would be higher, but the wind shifts the air around this planet, so globally 2 ppm.

Only local variations are possible, and they do not matter! As cities and towns are such small areas globally. So Global Warming and Climate Change are fiction from nuclear power who are desperate to get new plants, before the existing plants are taken out of service.

In the US 30% of the nuclear plants are over 30 years old -0 when their working contract is 25 years. This is illegal and dangerous. The world is so mesmerised by their Global Warming PR, they have lost focus! Nuclear power is toxic, dangerous, polluting and uneconomic, and occasionally will kill half a continent! Or at least make them glow at night.

I was at University when Chernobyl happened, and even before then I thought nuclear power made no economic sense! Decommissioning nuclear plants exceeds all the profits of the plant – and then we get the cost of storing used fuel rods for 100,000s of years! Such a bad idea.

But nature does Nuclear Fusion from water! It turns out so does man's steam cycle. We can design it, so it is powered by its own outlet of heat, and produces no CO2. Which plants will hate, as they take in CO2.

Which is why, as confirmed by Harvard, free CO2 in the air has not changed for 200 years. Global Warming and Climate Change are nuclear fiction, designed to kill.

Replacing fusion


The weather started cooling in 2005. This means we will have 28 years of cooling. We will have cooler, calmer and wetter weather.

Don't the floods in Pakistan mean we have more active weather? No Wetter. This means we are also seeing lower sea levels, and more life on Earth.

This is expected. More CO2 and more rain will mean more plant growth. Which history shows decreases sea levels. By 65 metres at the end of the Jurassic, when there was 60% more life on Earth.

But nuclear fission is still toxic, uneconomic and unpopular. Any university seen to be helping with the PR for nuclear power is going to have a real problem getting students.

But the irony is, nature shows us how to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. Green plants in the light, animal blood systems, turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam – for instance our own beating hearts.

Turns H2O into He, O and a lot of heat! This goes on in our blood systems, but also in mitochondria. And it is all written up in the medical pantheon: How else how would I, an engineer learn about it!

One of my stooge to nuclear power complained the sequestration of CO2 was to general for him! He couldn't buy off or discredit – truth!

So green plants today, for free. Take in all man's CO2, and turn it into life on Earth. Both man-made Global Warming and Climate Change are based on an assumption of a rising global CO2 level: Which has not happened.

In our cities man puts out CO2. But that is a really small area! In the countryside plants convert the CO2 into life. And excrete O2 – the waste gas of plants. Animals evolved to metabolise O2, and combine it with plant and animal matter – carbohydrates. And release more CO2 – the gas of life.

Everybody producing copy, or making media on Climate Change is acting as a paid stooge to nuclear power – who pollute, kill, are uneconomic and are basically a bomb waiting to go off.

Releasing CO2 makes more life on Earth. I note one of the recent stooges to nuclear power are the 'Independent'. I would suggest a name change to 'Nuclear Stooge and Death' daily.

But all the time nature is doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion from high pressure water and steam. Producing 4 times as much power weight for weight, for free. YOU do it! It is that safe.

So if nuclear power changed over to steam plasma tubes it would become safe, clean and nearly free! everything it is not today!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Paid fiction


    Harvard University has put into print, that all man's CO2 has been taken in by plants. This is basic O level biology. So there can have been no man-made Global Warming or Climate Change. So where does the idea come from?

    Nuclear power got its paid stooges to write articles on the hazards of CO2 – but they didn't have any biologists at hand, and wallet. So Global Warming and Climate Change are paid fiction FOR nuclear power.

    The nuclear buys funnel money to the media, to write copy on it! It isn't, couldn't be true – but when did that ever stop nuclear power. 'Climate Change' happened as the world cooled from 2005 – did you never wonder why?

    We have seen colder, weather calmer weather. With lower seas. I fail to see what the problem is! Floods have always happened – nothing to do with you driving a car!

    So plants and bacteria do carbon capture for free! So since the industrial revolution crops yields have gone by by 15% - but free CO2 in the air has not changed! It is pegged by photosynthesis.

    I not the 'Independent' is running TV ads on this PR for nuclear power. How much did they charge? May I suggest a name change to 'Nuclear Stooge' or 'Recycled Toilet Roll' to warm buyers of the level of their journalism?

    Also go buy a dictionary and look up the word 'Independent'.

Old science

In 2001 I told you how to replace a cooling tower with an efficient heat exchanger: I actually advocated a helical turbulence tower – which was your idea!
It would have recovered 85% of the system heat from the spent steam – you never did comment on this idea, but my PhD got ended on the Monday. I had told you this idea on the Friday, and then went away for the weekend.
Your big confection to this idea, was it was using 200 year old science. Science taught to me in my 1st year. A good idea, it drove the industrial revolution.
So I went away, but 6 months in, continued to think about the idea. In 2003 I got to the idea of molecular nuclear fusion. I wondered why we did not see Nuclear Fusion from molecular compounds of H.
But we do! So much of it! At waterfalls, breaking waves, deep sea currents, steam engines, animal blood systems, green plants in the light, growing bacteria. So this agrees with the science told me by an engineer who worked for BNFL.
The beating heart gives our Gamma Wave Radiation as it beats. We also get this from the arteries, but not the veins – we have fallen below the activation energy for Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Thus we need a waterfall over 10 feet high! We need the turbulent flow of steam, over 2 bars in intensity. Interestingly enough, you TOLD me that the turbulent flow of high pressure H gas does Nuclear Fusion.
So Oxford University has just got 4 billion UKPs to investigate H plasmas doing Nuclear Fusion! Only two months after I emailed them about the idea.
This suggests sun’s coronas do Nuclear Fusion, but the interior of the star does not! Which is what we see, despite the pressure, sun’s interiors do not have turbulent flow of H gas.
Which suggest that steam plasmas is the best way man can do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This is power with no CO2, and none of the toxic death of nuclear fission.
No radioactive waste, and to avoid a meltdown, we want a handy hammer to shatter the glass plasma tube.
All so simple! But still I was working on Global Warming: Though nuclear power went over to Climate Change in 2005, as the world cooled.
Bad scientists are trying to edit the climate data to suggest Global Warming is true, as their careers depend on it. My advice is, get those CVs out there! AS from this Christmas, you will not be working in education.
I sent my stuff on green plants taking in CO2 to a contact6 at Harvard Medical School. It was an idea from my O level biology 30 years ago.
They spent 2 years checking it out: Surf on ‘ice-cores CO2’ and you will see the data. The temperature is going up, naturally, but CO2 only shows an annual cycle. Harvard says CO2 has remained static for 200 years!
It is limited by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take in the gas! So we see an annual cycle, caused by growth cycles of plants. But the climate was warming, and is now cooling on the 28 year regular, natural, cycle.
So no Global Warming, and no Climate Change: Nuclear power never did figure out what Climate Change would be, which is why academics tried to make a case for Global Warming. But with no increase in CO2 in the free air, both these theories fall at the first sentence.
There has been no change in CO2 in the air caused by man. There has been a 15% increase in crop yield! So releasing CO2 is a good, good, great thing man has done.
No effect on the climate, but more life on Earth. The deep sea does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, so man can generate all his power from water.
Creating no toxic waste. Using a free ingredient. All existing oil and gas plants should replace their cooling towers with one of my heat exchanger towers, and so have to burn an 1/9th of the fuel, and produce less CO2 than man released before the industrial revolution.
So I seem to have my PhD area covered: But Sheffield never did give me my PhD! They were addicted to nuclear money, rather than truth. Or has my PhD just been delayed in the post?

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416

Friday, 17 September 2010

No Climate Change


    In 2001 I told Prof Zimmerman how to reduce CO2 from man's machines by 90%. On the next Monday my PhD got ended for no reason: So I had solved 'the biggest problem out there'. Actually Global Warming and Climate Change are PR by nuclear power, and the biggest cash source for collages: And so far from being real or true, academics will milk it – right up to a new generation of lethal plants being built – with their connivance.

    A month ago New Scientist published an article from Harvard University, saying green plants had pegged free CO2 for the last 200 years: So no Global Warming or Climate Change – but the stooges to nuclear power at New scientist are still publishing articles on organic carbon.

    Though CO2 levels have no increased in recorded history. So I have put my ideas on replacing a cooling tower with an efficient heat exchanger out there. The impotence here is it reduces fossil fuels burn, and so CO2 production by 90%.

    So back to levels last seen before the industrial revolution. So Global Warming and Climate Change are phantom science, which were NEVER true.

2,000 year old science


    The Romans used a sudden rush of water, to wash mountains or gold bearing rocks away. It they had just drilled down to geothermal water, they would have found it came up with heavy metals dissolved in the high pressure water.

    So they were doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion! And using this to abrade rocks. We still have the site of such mining, and the rocks will carry a radioactive signature! It is vital the world now knows Molecular Nuclear Fusion is going off all around us!

    Yes man's steam cycle also does it – and it is vital we are told that! So a turbulent flow of high pressure water c0onvers that water into He, O, heat and nuclear radiation.

    Just boiling water in a kitchen does it! Once we know it, we can devise power machines that burn no fossil fuels, and do no toxic nuclear fission.

    So it may well save life on Earth!

A water Jet

Does Molecular Nuclear Fusion! This is why such a jet will even cut through diamond! As it does so, it gives off nuclear radiation.
So it does not abrade the material it is incident on, it melts it! So the newly cut surface will be warm – though the heating is very local, and so diluted.
This tells us why wet stem is so abrasive – even on Ti metal. It produces He, O, nuclear radiation and heat. So it is quite important to know this!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416

Monday, 13 September 2010



    In 2001 Prof Zimmerman told me that fluid turbulence could give us Nuclear Fusion! He was not sure, but it seemed possible! We need the atomic interactions to overcome the strong atomic force.

    He was talking about for H gas, and here the single electron is out of the way for 20% of the time. In 2003 I wondered why we did not seem Molecular Nuclear Fusion. We do.

    In water falls, breaking waves, animal blood systems and steam engines. Green plants in the light use light to induce Molecular Nuclear Fusion – so photosynthesis is light induced Nuclear Fusion. How do we know?

    Green plants liberate Gamma Wave Radiation – which is a sure sign of nuclear stuff, and there is no nuclear fission! As radioactive isotopes are toxic to life. They also produce O and He: OK, O gas is not uncommon! Mostly from breaking wave and water falls – how interesting.

    But there is no chemical source of He. Plants make it by fusion two Hs from water. They also convert CO2 and water into CH4 and out O. The CH4 forms carbohydrates, the O forms the O3 we smell in fields of green crops, waterfalls and breaking waves – quite obvious really.

    Then I got lateral. We know Na plasmas give off Gamma Wave Radiation as they work. They have to be burned in at high voltage to work! This fissions the Na into He and H. This is nontoxic, and is why a fluorescent tube loses weight, and then stops working! The matter has ended up as heat and light.

    So a thought of steam plasmas, and then went surfing for a couple of years. And I found nature makes steam plasmas.

    In a lightning strike we get a weak down stroke, but the main discharge is an up stroke, through a steam plasma – formed in the moist air. It liberates 1.2 x 1020 Watts. Which is 5 years total power usage by the US, in 3 seconds.

    At hot-smokers, the bubbles of steam through high pressure water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and this forms a steam plasma in the seas, which acts as a miniature sun, supporting a massive ecosystem, away from the sun. Localised around the hot-smoker, so we know it isn't due to the gentle drift down of biological waste: It is created by the hot-smoker.

    By lightening is impossible to predict, and hot-smokers are in the deep. OK, fire up a steam plasma in a tube. A 1 meter steam plasma will liberate 6 MWatts continuously, and once started draws no current to maintain it.

    No CO2, and none of the toxic death of present nuclear power; we convert regular water into heat, and hence power. All of the H and O are gradually fissioned into light and heat. We do get Nuclear Fusion though. But we also bond the protons that are the H nucleus, with the electrons: They do not orbit, but collide chaotically.

    This forms a neutron, which bonds with other nuclei, and causes them to fission down to H, and then light. There is no radioactive end product! We from heat and electromagnetic radiation. If we sit the tube in a water tank, we get steam.

    This we use to generate power, with no fossil fuels burn. No toxic fission rods. Using technology that was sorted out in the 1950s. We get 4 times the power of present nuclear fission, but no U or Pt use, and no toxic end product.

    I will not make bombs or death. The deep sea does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and 60% of the heat the Earth uses comes from this source. All biological systems do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Life is driven by it.

    Doing nuclear fission from U makes death. Doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion is how life works! One more place, your own blood system, as you heart beats. That is why you breathe out He.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Limit to life


    Is CO2! On Earth plants take in CO2, and excrete O2, and make plant bulk. At the end of the Cretaceous life hit a brick wall – as there was very little CO2 about. Life got out of this hole, as animals evolved.

    They took in O2 – the waste gas of plants, and combined it with plant bulk. This gave access to residual photosynthetic energy: Or really it did more biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But that is too much to explain here.

    So CO2 is the3 gas of life, O2 is the greatest polluter in life's history. Go ask a biology student to explain the carbon cycle to you. So where did Global Warming come from?

    The stooges to nuclear power, who did physics, but not biology. They considered CO2 a pollutant: WRONG! It is the basis for all life on Earth. So man's c chemical engines make us a super animals, increasing life on Earth.

    As Harvard university put on record in August 2010, plant yields have gone up 15% since the industrial revolution, but free CO2 in the air is fixed at the bottom limit of photosynthesis. 0.0002%. Fixed for the last 200 years. At the end of every day, CO2 is fixed – it has never increased in human records! Minerals show it is higher in an ice-age though. Global Cooling big time.

    So man-made Global Warming and Climate Change, PR by nuclear power and its stooges. Nuclear power is toxic death! Massively polluting and expensive. Totally uneconomic and toxic to all life on Earth.

    CO2 is the friend of all life on Earth: Go choose!

Global Warming is lies

Biology’s carbon cycles says Global Warming was always lies. Plants take in CO2, excrete O2, and make plant bulk. At the end of the Cretaceous plants hit a brick wall, as they could only process the CO2, they had respired at night.
So animals evolved to breathe in O2, the waste gas of plants, and combine it with plant matter they had eaten, to excrete more CO2. So O2 was the greatest polluter in Earth’s history. CO2 the gas of life.
And plants are still at it – taking in CO2, and excreting O2. The limit to their growth is the available CO2. End of every day, there is only 0.0002% CO2 left in the air, in temperate and warm regions. The Polar air circulates, so globally 2 ppm is all we see.
Harvard medical school checked it out! My contact was about cancer, so I presume I gave them a push to check it out.
They found crop yields have gone up 15%, but CO2 levels had not changed from 2 ppm – the level after CO2 FELL from 4 ppm at the end of the little ice-age.
We can actually tweak the genome of plants to get better at dumping O to the air, when more CO2 will be taken in. I would not advise tampering with nature here though.
So CO2 is the gas of life, man-made Global Warming and Climate Change are lies.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Not CO2


    After Chernobyl the climate was going to get hotter and more arid. Nuclear power thought this up, sure they would get new plants before the weather changed! After all they released no CO2!

    Except by their rapid turnover of plants, mining, purifying and shipping ore – OK so they actually release as much CO2 as if they burned fossil fuels. But they invested ¼ billion UKP in their fiction, so they kicked this fact under the carpet.

    But in 2005 the climate began to get colder and wetter! Ah. Rename it Climate Change! And go on researching Global Warming. We know it is not happening, but the whole of Global Warming was already wrong. People and built their careers on nuclear fiction. Well, they are only paid stooges anyway.

    So now we are seeing more floods! Great, we can label this Climate Change, and go on researching Global Warming. Which it now transpires makes stuff colder and wetter.

    Well, figure nuclear power, people are that stupid! And we have invested ¼ billion on the idea. Even giving money to the UN, who should be against toxic, polluting industry. But want the nuclear cash – as does the world!

Natural Weather


    The weather has short term cycles of 28 years – caused by solar emission cycles. After Chernobyl, nuclear power was desperate to make itself 'green'. It isn't! It is toxic and polluting. And worryingly, accidents come along periodically, and we are due for the next one!

    We had Windscale, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island – and the next one will be a biggey! So if you live with 200 miles of a nuclear facility, move! Unless you want to be irradiated, and have glowing children! I have a problem with death, so I don't mind you dying – just leave me out of it. The way nuclear accidents go around the world, that won't happen!

    I learned about the carbon cycle at school: Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2. Animals breathe in O2, and combine it will plant bulk to release CO2! It is called the carbon cycle and is taught around the world! So CO2 is the gas of life, O2 the great polluter. No CO2, no O2 and no life on Earth.

    One of the big producers of CO2, is building. Nuclear power also mines, purifies and ships U ore. So it releases as much CO2 as burning fossil fuels. So really they should not have picked on CO2 – the gas of life, as the gas that the lack of its production would make them green.

    But with no historical backing, their stooges said CO2 would warm the weather. Then from 2005 the weather moved into a cooling phase: Then is 2009, after nearly 40 years of 'Global Warming', we had the coldest winter in the Northern hemisphere.

    We are getting more floods, and things are cooler, so nuclear power changed tack to give us 'Climate Change'. Really they are saying it is caused by man's CO2 – ignoring the natural weather cycles. Just shows they do not know biology or climatology. I am an engineer, who was doing a PhD in 2001 on Global Warming.

    That PhD got ended by the funding agencies when I started to say Global Warming was PR by nuclear power. AS nuclear power give too much cash to the funding agencies. So really I was being told I was on the right track.

    So I was then busy researching the diseases of age, and had a contact at Harvard Medi8cal School: I was still working on Global Warming, so copied my messages to him. 2 ½ years ago I sent him the above, and they went and checked it out! The article was published in New Scientist three weeks ago.

    Interesting, as New Scientist have been publishing stuff on Global Warming since 1984. One of their predictions was sea levels would rise by 15 feet by now! Luckily they were off base, as NO sea level rise has been detected. This week I read that sea level rises were unstoppable. Probably. But nothing to do with man!

    Harvard has said there has been no change in free CO2 for 200 years. What has happened, is that for the last 200 years more plants have grown, and take in all man's CO2. Down to the 0.0002%, this is the natural limit for photosynthesis.

    So man-made Global Warming and Climate Change are fiction by nuclear power – and stooges like Tim Lenton, of the University of East Anglia, UK – who so should not be involved in education. The sea level rises were fiction based on fiction. An extension of phantom science devised by nuclear power.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

H flame


    Even in the air, an H flame does nuclear fusion! Forming He and O! It gives off gamma radiation – a sure sign that nuclear stuff is going on. This is why we use a rocket of H and O to get into space!

    The Russians found high pressure H did better – as we do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion! So we can sue some of the current produced by a power plant, to turn water into He and O – which when burned will power the station. The press is not interested, as they get paid 9by nuclear power) to write articles on Global Warming and organic carbon!

    Harvard University checked this out, and found CO2 has not changed in 200 years! Global Warming is just fiction from nuclear power – which are toxic death.

    If they changed over to Molecular Nuclear Fusion, they would very very cheap, and produce only he and O, plus Gamma Wave Radiation and heat – like the deep does.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Basic biology

High school biology says green plants fix CO2 a 2 parts per million, outside an ice-age. Then there are fewer plants, and CO2 levels rise, as the temperature falls. So free CO2 FOLLOWS natural global cooling.
The 2 ppm is from the efficiency of photosynthesis to sink O.! And they are working on tweaking the genome of photoblasts here!
So Harvard says CO2 in the air has been at 2 ppm for the last 200 years! And Sheffield University can do the measurements, on air samples away from cities. I will go further; they did the measurements every 10 years for the last 200!
So no Global Warming or Climate Change: As Sheffield University is ethical, they will repay all the cash they got for climate research over the last 30 years!

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

CO2 is life

At high school I was taught that green plants in the light take in CO2, and excrete O2. During the night they take back in a bit of the O2. But the amount of plant life on Earth is linked to available CO2.
Man’s chemical engines take in O2, and release CO2 – it is all down to Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Plants release He because of this – but so do animals – and release gamma wave radiation.
So animal life is in balance with plant life: More plant life, more life on Earth! But man’s engines act as super animals.
So we are burning the Fossil Fuels that formed at the end of the dinosaur age when there was 60% more life on Earth. So plants take in the extra CO2.
At the end of every day, they leave only 0.0002% CO2 in the air. Harvard University has checked! No increase in CO2 ever!
Though it was higher naturally in the ice-age. So man has not affected free CO2 in the air – he has just increased life on Earth.
So no Global Warming or Climate Change possible! There has been no man-made increase in CO2 in the air! Which is why they go on about emissions – there is no increase in free CO2 they can detect in the air! There isn’t one.
So where did Global Warming and Climate Change come from? The stooges to nuclear power. And nuclear power knows everything about killing life on Earth. Nothing about increasing life on Earth.

No more CO2


    Harvard University has confirmed my O level biology study – from 25 years ago!

    Green plants take in CO2. So man's CO2 has resulted in 15% more life on Earth. Though there is no more CO2 in the free air. Which is the CO2 which would, potentially, affect the weather? Though it never has previously, and the 0.0002% CO2 in the air is below all our experiments.

    So there is no possible Global Warming or Climate Change. But all rational people, not in the pay of nuclear power already knew that! So any person who has ever said Global Warming or Climate Change were possible, should not be working in academia. Fiction is their thing.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Helix fusion


    This goes back to 2001, when Prof Zimmerman told me that a double helical heat exchanger gave better heat flow. He was wrong! He had missed out on the fact that he had found out how to do Nuclear Fusion on Earth.

    If you pass steam up a helix, at 2 bars pressure, with a tight helix, we form He, O, and a lot of heat! It took me until 2003 to realise we and stumbled on Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

    Hot-smokers in the sea, green plants in the light, animal blood systems, kinetic water and man's chemical engines all do it! So this explains why H or steam plasmas do Nuclear Fusion! And give out heat and nuclear radiation.

    The cleverest idea ever! And how did the Prof react? With 7 years of disbelief. That he had missed something that important! Though he has now warmed to the idea.

    Though strangely enough, not told the world about Molecular Nuclear Fusion! So we can generate all man's power, with no CO2, only a whiff of he – like we get from the seas – as they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

    The name was coined by Prof Argent – a bright bloke!