Monday, 30 August 2010

Free CO2


    Harvard University has formed the FACTS. Man's CO2 has been taken in by green plants, down to 0.0002% every night.

    So there has been no change in free CO2 for 200 years. That is why the climate change people go on about emissions. There is so little CO2 in the air, they can't really measure it.

    And the level has remained constant! So there is no possible effect on the weather. Global Warming was the PR thought up by nuclear power, and when the world cooled from 2005 they went on to 'Climate Change'.

    But it is wrong science! Designed to get new nuclear plants. Plants which are very expensive to run, pollute and kill, and make toxic waste which lasts for thousands of years.

    More CO2 means more life on Earth. You choose! Nuclear death or more life on Earth.


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Diesel Cycle


    Diesel is interesting, as at atmospheric pressure it does not burn! If we use a Geiger counter, it is weakly radioactive. You would never think it could drive a very powerful engine.

    When you pressurise it, the turbulence of injecting the fuel converts some of the hydrocarbon fuel into molecular fragments, and releases a spark of heat and electromagnetic radiation. Now the rest of the oil spontaneously ignites.

    We get off nuclear radiation and release He gas: There is no source of the he, and chemical reactions do not release nuclear radiation! What we are doing, is smashing together hydrogen atoms, from the molecular hydrogen, to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

    Steam and petrol engines do the same! Though with steam engines we get off He and O gases! With IC engines, we also get CO2 and H2O. So man's chemical engines do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

    Don't get too excited about this! Your heart does it as it beats, and whenever we boil water we do it! As do waterfalls and breaking waves. Nuclear fission produces fatal, high power Gamma Wave Radiation. The Gamma Wave Radiation from Molecular Nuclear Fusion have all their work cut out to get through a paper bag! (Sheffield University, Engineering Material Lectures 1983 – talking about alpha radiation, but the same applies here)

    So nuclear fission is fatal, expensive, toxic and kills! Molecular Nuclear Fusion is safe, cheap, free and powers life. No mystery, our own blood systems do it!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Life in the Deep


Where we have deep sea currents, we have the turbulent flow of high pressure water. This knocks the water molecules together, exposed hydrogens first, strongly enough to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So we turn the water into He, O, heat and nuclear radiation. Nature does the same at waterfalls, with breaking waves – or just in deep water. This is why we tend to find deep life is blind!
We get only occasional light flashes! This is why deep life has extended ‘fake bodies’ to look bigger than they are. So nature does what we think we can’t do! I say think, as man has done Molecular Nuclear Fusion since the industrial revolution.
Steam in turbulent flow does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: So at hot-smokers in the sea, the bubbling of steam through high pressure water supports massive ecosystems: And releases He, O, heat and nuclear radiation.
So all steam engine give off nuclear radiation as they work! Steam turbines do twice the amount, so they have taken over from reciprocating engines.
When man burn fossil fuels in air, he forms CO2 and H2O in turbulent flow. And we get off He and nuclear radiation – never could understand why! We get off much more nuclear radiation than we get from the weakly radioactive fossil fuels.
We have steam in turbulent flow! We are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. Nuts to fusion torouses. Man does Nuclear Fusion using a fossil fuels burn.
Once we know this, we can design self-powering steam engines! Basically a small amount of the produced steam will keep the boiler boiling off water, with no fossil fuels burn: No CO2. I would say no Global Warming or Climate Change. But Harvard has already shown that green plants have sunk all man’s CO2.
So there is no more CO2 in the air, just more life on Earth, with the natural weather. All these scientists making money from Global Warming are selling quack science, and really should not be in academia. A job at Disney beckons!
So nature does Nuclear Fusion from steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow. So can man. They should not do nuclear fission, which is toxic, polluting and dangerous. Nuclear power got my PhD ended in 2001, for no reason.
Other than that phantom science was their only hope for new plants of death. Molecular Nuclear Fusion, as done by nature, is safe, cheap, clean and free: As done by your heart; as it beats!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

CO2 gives life

    Green plants take in CO2, and build plant bulk, while excreting O2: No CO2, no O2 or life on Earth. So man's emissions have led to more plant life on Earth. And more plant life has led to more animal life!

    Animals metabolize O2 and carbohydrates, to give us back our CO2 – the gas of life. I sent this to a medical friend at Harvard.

    They spent the next two years checking it out! Looking at the air samples contained in ice cores from the Poles. There is so little CO2 in the air; they took 24 months to check out this high school biology.

    Their conclusion: No more free CO2 in the air than at the end of the little ice-age: CO2 rises as there are fewer plants to take it in – like in an ice-age.

    Man's emissions have led to more life on Earth, but no possible effect on the weather: That is controlled by solar cycles on the sun.

    So who wasted ¼ billion UKPs on Global Warming fiction? Two groups: The paid stooges to nuclear power, and the terminally stupid – same people really.

    Nuclear power wanted new power plants – but they are toxic death! Look at the videos on Chernobyl here. Nuclear power is angry scarlet – the enemy to life: Who are OK about making money out of our death.

    They turns over plants every 25 years – so they release as much CO2 as if they burned fossil fuels! But really extra CO2 is extra life on Earth!

    Like in the Jurassic, when there was 65% more life on Earth – though again the CO2 in the air was given by the efficiency of photosynthesis on sinking CO2! That life died with the dinosaurs – and formed all the fossil fuels!

    So by burning the fossil fuels, we are increasing life on Earth. Green plants used to take in all the CO2 on the Earth, but now we are releasing some of the CO2, from the fossil reserves of organic carbon.

    So O2 is the greatest polluter ever, CO2 is the gas of life, and nuclear power is the destroyer of life – including yours if you allow it!

    Climate Change is their newest fiction, as the world cooled from 1998 or 2005: Can't tell which – they edited the climate record.


Jonathan Thomason M.Eng.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

CO2 is life

    Green plants in the light do

        CO2+3H2O->He+CH4+3O    The O+O2->O3 – ozone.

    So the limit to life on Earth is available CO2! All the free O2 comes from CO2 and water. Animals evolved to breathe oxygen, combine it with plant bulk, and so turn the waste gas of plants back into their food!

    Man's release of more CO2 via his engines, makes him a super animal. But at the end of every day around the world, we are back to the preindustrial 2 parts per million CO2 in the air.

    Higher levels might be read in towns and cities, but that air flows out into the countryside, and so we get 2 ppm again! CO2 doesn't hang about, and cities are such a small volume of the Earth, life has not even noticed we are here!

    'Thanks for the extra CO2 guys, but you don't matter' says life. Global Warming was devised by physics professors, but as Harvard has put on record, there is no more CO2 in the free air, than there was 200 years ago: There is 15% more life though. So CO2=life.

    But nuclear power=death: And they got their paid stooges to come up with Global Warming! Then in 2005 the world started cooling, so nuclear power gave us Climate Change. Saying CO2 affected the climate. For no reason, only their own PR.

    When there is no more CO2 in the air than 200 years ago, and the weather is cooler and more settled. Tell us again, how does the 0.0002% CO2, a level unchanged for two centuries, suddenly start having an effect on the weather. Why? How x 25.

    There is more life on Earth, but the weather is controlled by than big shining thing in the sky – the sun. Outside man's influence. A nuclear driven fire ball. Oh it IS nuclear! Seems to me that nuclear power should shut the hell up, and leave some basic biology!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Getting Nuclear Fusion

The first thought was not mine! Prof Zimmerman said that fluid turbulence did Nuclear Fusion. This stopped me in my tracks, but it was outside my PhD area. I was looking at correcting for Global Warming – but hadn't thought that Nuclear Fusion did power generation with no CO2.

A lateral thought of mine, 8 years later, was that a gas plasma might give us enough nucleus interaction. It all comes down to the interactions of H atoms – I proposed when bound up in molecules.

By now I was web surfing, and had found that hot-smokers supported massive ecosystems! This was from bubbling steam through high pressure water – which gave us boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

This fired up a steam plasma – which supported massive ecosystems, away from the energy of solar radiation. On the sun, a H plasma gave us Nuclear Fusion! Away from the surface we have no plasma, and no Nuclear Fusion.

So I did more surfing and thinking. I got interested in lightening, which was driven by rain drops doing turbulence Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

When we built up a charge of 5,000 V, and 100 Amps, the charge was discharged! This charge resulted from OH- molecules falling to ground, but He2+ floating to above the clouds.

One guess for the power of a lightning strike was 1.2 x 1020 Watts. Scale this down to a 1 cm wide, 1 m long steam plasma tube, and we get 6 MWatts. This is in the power range man wants.

When we have steam in turbulent flow, we get nuclear radiation, as we produce He! Even our beating hearts do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

All life on Earth does biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Your own beating heart does turbulence Molecular Nuclear Fusion as we see pressure waves in the blood.

It is the most important energy system no Earth. It is very energetic, and free. I did stay at York, with my old girlfriend, a graduate of statistics there.

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stop cancer

When you are ill, pathogens copy out pathogen leaders, so these strips of RNA accumulate in body cells over time. So the immune system gets less vital.
6 of these common pathogen leaders from cancer! So the way to stop cancer is make the human antibody to the pathogen leaders. Such pills will cure all infections out there – and stop cancer and heart disease.
If we give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4 when we feel an illness coming on, we will get better, and our own immune system makes these antibodies!

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hard global

    From its inception, Global Warming was hard science – it was a matter of fact, not opinion: Rising CO2 levels around the globe, would warm the climate.

    Trouble with this idea, is the historical record shows that CO2 peaks during an ice-age – when there are fewer plants to take it in. CO2 levels determine the amount of life we see on Earth. At the end of the cretaceous, animals evolved to metabolise O and plant bulk, to release more CO2 – which plants take in.

    So CO2 is the gas of life. But Global Warming was developed as phantom science by the stooges to nuclear power – trying to invent reason why we need new nuclear fission plants. But we do not.

    Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting and uneconomic. This is why Sheffield Forgemasters could get no takers to build a new generation of the plants of death! One Chernobyl and you are looking at damages of 45 billion UKP. And killing thousands of people, and doing toxic death on a quarter of the planet.

    Nuclear fission is toxic death. But they have tried to put off their demise, by running plants after the licenses have run out: The regulators will have to sort this one out.

    And as I found out in 2003, nature does Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water: Your heart does it with e very beat. The simplest way is via a gas plasma: Oxford University are looking at H plasmas – but I think a steam plasma is a bette4r way to go.

    So Nuclear Fusion is here: None toxic, non-polluting – it is the way the deep powers itself, and all life on Earth, and produces no toxic death. I produces 4 ti8mes as much energy as nuclear fission does – for free!

    So of course my university is busy looking into this. No. They are trying to milk money out of Global Warming.

    But the world started cooling, and the weather got calmer from 2005: You see nuclear power did not do metrology or biology. Why biology?

    Because I sent my work to a contact at Harvard Medical School – as I was also doing work on the diseases of age. They put the work in (2 years) to confirm green plants had taken in all man's CO2.

    Free cO2 had not changed in 200 years. So Global Warming and Climate Change are wrong. Their basic tenet is wrong – there has been no increase in CO2. So editing the climate detail can't help nuclear power. The ideas linking weather and CO2 are wrong. Global Warming was meant to be hard science – not a matter of opinion – that is soft science.

    Global Warming was wrong, and now we are given Climate Change, which is soft science. But still based on an invalid tenant. No increasing CO2 levels in the air.

    Nuclear power funds a lot of academics through SERC. This needs stopping, and those academics sacking. Hard – but we are talking about science here – real science. And Global Warming and Climate Change are just nuclear fiction.

The BIG lie

After Chernobyl, nuclear power was desperate to make themselves green. They did not realise their rapid plant turnover made them a massive emitter of CO2 – so they picked on that!

CO2 was meant to warm the weather: Only problem was, there was too little of it – only 0.0002% in the free air – and it went up in an ice-age. But before they checked the basic science, they had the weather warming by 2 C a year, and sea levels going up by 2 cm a year.

Nuclear power had one big card to play – they paid massive money into the funding agencies, and they got their stooges to write stuff on CO2. But with more CO2, we get more life on Earth, and lower sea levels. I got Harvard to check for me – OK, I was actually talking to a medic, and just copied my messages to him for interest. But after 2 years, he came through!

For the last 200 years free CO2 in the air has not altered! All man's CO2 has resulted in more life on Earth. And more life means lower seas. All those school teaches knew Global Warming was rubbish – though they probably did not realise it came from nuclear power.

They knew there was money there, so they taught all the school children nuclear rubbish. This is sufficient reason to get them dismissed. CO2 is the gas of life, nuclear power is the industry of death.

All the teachers who have gone on about Global Warming are stooges to nuclear power. Then in 2005 the world started cooling, so nuclear power gave us Climate Change. To say the weather would be more extreme. Only problem is, it is cooler and calmer.

And I repeat, no more CO2 in the air than 200 years ago! How do you like you science? I bet not fictional from nuclear power. All those teachers are stupid and criminal, filling the heads of the young with nuclear rubbish.

They should change career. Sweeping the streets by nuclear power plants is a good use for them!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Letter to Chris Huhne

Conflict of interest

    After Chernobyl, nuclear power used SERC to invent the phantom science of Global Warming. Then as the world cooled from 2005, this became Climate Change.

    The Science and Engineering Research council is in charge of paying professors, and then paying for the PhDs they supervise. This worked if it was government money – as the audit commission (Scrapped this week) over saw what they did.

    But when the got in private money, they funded phantom science. Global Warming is just one example!

    This week I got a message from Harvard, that CO2 levels had not risen since the little ice-age of the 18th century. So no Global Warming or Climate Change. How interesting I had to use a university outside the UK to confirm my ideas!

    So CO2 has not effect on the climate, as green plants have sunk man's CO2: All we have, is crop yields gone up by 15%!

    So SERC have done a conflict of interest. Talk to your legal people, this brings down the biggest firms or undertakings!

    The Liberal Party is against nuclear power, but you are pressing for a new generation of plants of death: On phantom science! To get this through, you have to scrap the audit commission – which you have now done.

    So there is no man-made climate change! What there is, is a fatal nu clear power seeking to warp the democratic purpose – using you!

    This letter has gone out obn the internet!


Jonathan Thomason    117 Merchant's Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester     M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416


Monday, 16 August 2010

OK, I give up!

    SERC is the Science and Engineering Resources Council – hands out billions every year to fund higher degrees. It gets money from the government and industry, to fund real science.

    It takes money from nuclear power, to invest in Global Warming and Climate Change. Global Warming ended in 2005, despite academics still trying to pretend it is real! If it was, nuclear power would not have given up on ¼ billion UKP of their research money. Trouble is, Climate Change only ever got as far as the name! 2004 was a bad hurricanes year – right on the natural cycle. Since then things have settled down.

    So nuclear power is looking longingly at the phantom science they abandoned!

    CO2 follows the wax and wane of plants, so follow the natural climate – it never forces it! CO2 is the gas of life, without CO2, there would be no O to breathe, or plant bulk to eat. In short no life on Earth!

    So the stooges to nuclear power cooked up some phantom science about CO2 – which it thought it did not emit. Unfortunately by it mining and purifying, and shipping of ore, it makes loads! Then the 25 year turnover of plants – it emits as much as a conventional power plant.

    So the CO2 stuff was fiction, put out by the agency that is meant to safeguard science! With all the professors it employs. So nobody would be able to call foul on the idea – and we would get a new generation of toxic death plants.

    Only trouble is, HARVARD University are into real science, and get no money from SERC. They found that green plants have sunk all man's CO2! There is no more CO2 in the air, than at the end of the little ice-age. So no AGW or ACC.

    Why did they look? I like to think it is because I told them that green plants sink CO2. Whatever – there is no AGW or ACC – Global Warming or Climate Change in normal speak.

    And SERV is totally corrupt. But university are looking more and more towards industry to fund them. They should flag up such research as self-serving drivel. As distinct from true stuff!

    So Global Warming is nothing to do with man or CO2 – but the world had already figured that one out!

Engineering funding

In 2001 I told Prof Zimmerman that replacing a cooling tower with an efficient heat exchanger would reduce fossil fuels burn to generate power by a factor of 9! We could use this idea, to reduce fossil fuels burn by vehicles by the same amount.

You reaction – you ended my PhD! Despite the fact I was using 18th century science which had been taught to me!

But CO2 is the gas of life – it was never a problem! Out of cities, cO2 in the air has remained at 0.0002% - as confirmed by Harvard! Only by taking reading in town, near diesel exhausts were you going to get higher readings.

Through history, CO2 has been a climate follower – it has never forced the climate. So it goes up in an ice-age.

SERC had all this science at their fingertips, but preferred to do the PR for nuclear power, rather than do real science. Where is the ethics of SERC? They were giving out billions of our money!

With no oversight, as to whether the science was real. From 2005 even nuclear power gave up on Global Warming, and morphed their PR into 'Climate Change'. Without ever admitting Global Warming was wrong.

All the time CO2 globally stayed at 2 ppm – as SERC knew – but kept quiet about. Preferring to get the nuclear money, and allow life on Earth to be threatened by a new generation of nuclear plants – which kill, pollute and are uneconomic.

All the time using nuclear money to buy off dissent. And occasionally end PhDs when real scientists called foul. Like mine.

So we have a CORRUPT BODY, FULL OF FANTASISTS PRETENDING TO BE SCEINTISTS. Is there any way back for SERC? Probably not, in today's economic conditions. There is a place for a funding agency – I propose the 'Séance and engineering Funding agency'. SEFA.

With proper ethical oversight, and real scientists. Will was one such, but SERC used money to manipulate him – and all world science!

It cost nuclear power 10 million UKP a year – what a bargain!

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Replace the cooling tower

    This was Prof Zimmerman's idea – 9 years ago! I had returned to Sheffield University after surviving a near fatal car accident – so this was restarting my life. My PhD got aborted for no explained reason! For something this happened using my name, when I was 200 km away!

    We replace a cooling tower with a large helical turbulence heat exchanger. Down one helix we pass the spent steam, Up the other keg we pass a low volume Carnot gas.

    It is large, so we are going to use 1-2% of the generated power. But there is loads of Molecular Nuclear Fusion going on! In the boiler room, turbine hall, and even in the heat exchange device itself.

    This is why double helical heat exchanger work so well – passing steam along a helix does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So we need to collect the water and vent the He and O gases, before we return it to the boiler room.

    Prof Z proudly told me in 2008 he had a Geiger counter – which he could have used to prove the ideas. Dr MatZinger has tried boiling water, but had not been able to measure the Gamma Wave Radiation – though NASA had!

    So the boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the boiler room gives us 20 C, and the Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the turbine hall gives us another 20 C through Face Centred Cubic Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

    How much we do in the heat exchanger I do not know!

    We need to cool the spent steam to liquid water. At 4 bars this will be to 110 C, but we may produce a much lower pressure – and so need a lower temperature.

    When we pressurise the Carnot gas, we can use some to superheat the steam! I would favour recirculating the boiling steam, so we keep the boiler in a state of boiling, via just the steam bubbles and applying no heat.

    So we could use all the Carnot gas to superheat the steam.

    I do not know what temperature a steam plasma tube will run at! We could potentially have them in the superheat chamber – but we have so much Carnot heat I do not think we need them!

    So the system will generate loads of power! Easily supplying the 2% our heat pumps need to work. So once started, the system will run of the Molecular Nuclear Fusion heat.

    To keep running the heat supplied by turning h2O into he and O, will offset all our efficiency losses. And the whole plant will run off doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion on the working fluid.

    So no CO2, until the annual cold start. So no possible AGW or ACC – but that was only ever phantom science from nuclear power, as free CO2 in the air has not changed in 200 years.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Nuclear Fusion is here

2 years ago, I pointed out we get a massive release of nuclear radiation from a steam turbine: And yet the entry steam is only slightly heavy – boiling water deco Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and so makes the steam slightly heavy.

But we get off 20,000 times more radiation at a guess! I looked into a steam turbine, and that is all I remember of the rest of the day. So a steam turbine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

The steam molecules flow up the Face Centred Cubic metal in a turbulent way, and that gives us Molecular Nuclear Fusion! If you introduce higher temperature steam on to Nimonic turbine blades, you do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

But Ti plating the Nimonic would double the Nuclear Fusion we see. Using ceramic blades with TiO on the surface would do 6 times more! I have said before that using a Carnot heat pump in place of a cooling tower would reduce the fossil fuels burn by a factor of 9.

So probably Ti plated Nimonic blade would totally replace the fossil fuels burn, once the system was running. So power with no CO2, using science I learned in the 1980s!

Global Warming is phantom science invented by nuclear power – as CO2 levels have no changed in 200 years: It is total, fatal, fiction.

Biology Sinks CO2

As Harvard has confirmed, plants sink CO2! They take it in, and release He, O and make carbohydrates. So they support all life on Earth! The He comes from plants doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water thus


So nuclear fusion at 10 C, with no H gas – but from H2O. So CO2 is how nature does nuclear fusion! Animals only evolved to metabolise O and carbohydrates, to provide more CO2 for plants.

So plants take in CO2 every day, down to 0.0002%. They got busy with CO2 at 40%, so they can take all the CO2 we can throw at them! Harvard found that CO2 had remained at 2 ppm since the little ice-age.

So no AGW, and no ACC – that is science skeek fro Global Warming and Climate Change. So all the stuff about CO2 was PR fiction from nuclear power – as I said in 2001.

CO2 is the gas of life, nuclear power is the killer of life.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Thermodynamic water

The boiling point of water is controlled by the pressure! So if we have access to low grade heat, we can heat salt water to 30 C. We pump this into an open ended tower 3 meters tall, and the water will boil!

The exact figures can be calculated from


Where T is the Kelvin temperature, and R is the gas constant. So we don't need 100 C! We just need a small tower, and a pump. So T=degrees C, plus 273.

As we pull out water vapour, and vent it against a metal scream, the water condenses! So we will have to have fins on the plate, to dissipate the water we get.

But it will be pure water – the salt will run out of the bottom of the tower, into the sea.

Molecular Nuclear Fusion

Is the most important energy system on Earth.
All biological systems do it! Green plants in the light, animal blood systems and growing bacteria. Your own heart does it, via pressure waves inducing turbulence Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This is why we see so little heart cancer. The Molecular Nuclear Fusion has a cauterising effect.
It goes on in arteries, but not in veins. Dr MatZinger and Prof Weiner are interested in this angle. It means you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter.
I was told this by an engineer who worked at BNFL, I haven’t got around to checking it! Though Prof Zimmerman will have done.
I first tuned into Molecular Nuclear Fusion, after my M.Eng. in 1982, and my abortive PhD in 2000. Prof Zimmerman is very keen to point out, I have actually started the PhD. This is due to financial problems at my end.
I left Sheffield for no explained reason, but got making videos for People’s Voice Media. I am out on Saturday making my next community video.
Man’s steam cycle generates nuclear radiation in the boiler room and turbine hall. Now gas gets do release nuclear radiation, but 1000th of that we see when we are boiling water.
As explained by New Scientist in 2004, the release of radiation cuts in as the water approaches boiling. The interaction o9f the old steam bubble wall as the bubble collapses does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So every boiler room in the world does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: As I was taught in 1983. Though the peak of the radiation emission is as the water approaches the vapour point for the pressure applied to the water.
So steam engines do most Molecular Nuclear Fusion – and will outperform even diesel engines. The steam pressure of a diesel system means diesels do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion than petrol engines.
I saw an article in the media suggested that oxidising fossil fuels would take in heat, by the enthalpy changes. Prof Zimmerman debates this, but has never come through with the enthalpy data.
Certainly a Geiger counter will show the emission of nuclear radiation by man’s chemical engines. IC have a fuel burn, but steam engines have none in the expansion cylinder. So there is no reason for the nuclear radiation we see here.
I repeat, the spark for a diesel system is caused by diesel molecules doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion in pressurised gas. Prof Z has been teaching about the diesel cycle for 20 years, but has never explained this point: Or the emission of nuclear radiation.
The physical world gets in on the act! We see Molecular Nuclear Fusion at waterfalls and breaking waves. We see Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the deep, which is partially caused by bulk movements of high pressure, turbulent sea water.
The point about turbulence was brought about by Prof Zs interest in fluid turbulence. So his double helical flow heat exchanger does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: It one of the helices is fed with steam as the heat transfer media – or high pressure water.
This idea dates back to 2001, and will reduce fossil fuels burn to run a steam cycle, by more than a factor of 9! Despite his own contribution to this idea, Prof Z has never commented on this idea.
Harvard is interested, because it means the major energy input to life is from Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. I thought up Molecular Nuclear Fusion, starting from 2003 – as it seamed so foreign to what I had been taught.
It means high temperature is a result of Nuclear Fusion, not its catalyst. Pressure is a catalyst. But only a secondary one.
The major catalyst is Prof Zs fluid turbulence. He will not take any credit for this idea -0 which I find galling!
It seems to be related to Global Warming. But that is not science – it is PR by nuclear power. Since 2005 the world has entered a natural cooling phase! These phases at 28 years long. So this Christmas will be cool!
So I will be in Egypt again: My usual Christmas break, as my lady friend does not like Tenerife – though my last girlfriend, before she died, adored it!
I was sending my stuff on the climate to Harvard, and Prof Weiner backed up my idea that green plants sink CO2, down to the minimum for photosynthesis.
They found CO2 had not shifted for 200 years! So both AGW and ACC are phantom science, with no root. They are based on an increasing level of CO2 in the air, which has remained constant from the little ice-age – when it was higher.
Interestingly enough, the carbon cycle for plants is
For animals it is the same! So you breath out He, CH4 and O. Plants excrete these gases. So CO2 is the gas of life – it is how nature does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Prof Zs contribution here was to shout at me for not balancing a nuclear equation: Outside what I had been taught. So nature is full of the release of He: Which has no compounds – and all the He is lost to space.
So the only way for there to be He, is if life makes it from H2O. There is a massive amount of work to be done here.
It can make life safer, cheaper and cleaner. We can stop using toxic metal oxide fission tubes, and go over to clean steam plasma tubes – using regular water. Once started the plasma self-sustains, while we top up the steam pressure, with regular water.
So no CO2 and no toxic death. Nature does it in the deep, for free! It goes on in the air, all biology and all kinetic interactions of a high energy state of water.

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416

Monday, 9 August 2010

Ice makes no difference

    Archimedes figured this out 3,000 years ago! Unless you were asleep during physics, you were taught this age of 11. Ice displaces water, to exactly equal its weight. It is less dense that water – hence it floats!

    So when it melts, it exactly fills the hole it displaced. So when ice sheets calve that is release ice bergs, the ice berg will in time melt, and not change sea levels at all! Ice sheets are supported by the sea.

    Ice that melts on the land, it causes the land to rise. Thus in the Jurassic, there was more CO2 in the air, and sea levels were 65 meters lower, caused by all the extra life there was.

    Now Harvard has found free CO2 in the air has not changed for 200 years! All man's CO2 has lead to more life on Earth! So burning fossil fuels released that fossilized life, though there is no effect on the weather.

    So what about AGW? A physics joke, which ended in 2005, as the world cooled naturally. ACC? AGW II – as all those guys could not admit they were nuclear stooges. You have been had!

    The Earth shuttles cold around the planet, as the cold water flows back to the equator, rises, picks up solar heat, and returns to the Poles, to pick up more cold.

    This heat conveyor is interrupted by ice! It traps the cold at the Poles. Until we get a massive chunk of ice break off, and we have to divert all ships around it. It has happened for all time – scientists call it calving! There is less of it going on today, as the world cools.

    So we would rather we had no ice blocks at Greenland, or at the Labrador Current. They from ice during the winter, and release bergs in the summer.

    If we mill this ice, we drop the ice into the seas as small ice chucks. These flow back to the equator, and melt into water at 3 C. No harm to ships, and we improve heat flows around the Earth.

    We make the Equator cooler, and Poles warmer! Exactly as we wish. We mill the ice; nature transports it free of charge. No change to sea levels – as the ancient Greeks figured out 3,000 years ago!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Reducing fossil fuels burn

The first bit of science is to explain stuff we were taught in 1983: When you boil water, you get a massive release of radiation! Burning the gas alone releases a tiny fraction of the nuclear radiation.
NASA confirmed two years ago, that boiling water even electrically gave off nuclear radiation. Welcome to Molecular Nuclear Fusion!
The turbulence of boiling causes steam bubbles to collide and collapse, so we overcome the strong atomic force for the exposed Hs! The Hs stick out from the O molecule, and tend to interact as we expose water to turbulence.
Prof Zimmerman theorised that fluid turbulence could overcome the strong atomic force for H gas: Oxford is now investing 4 billion UK pounds, in seeing how a H plasma does Nuclear Fusion: It happens to be the idea I sent them, as they were already securing funding.
In nature where we have fluid turbulence involving high pressure water, or collapsing steam bubbles, we see heat and nuclear radiation – plus light flashes.
The big example is the deep sea: Particularly hot-smokers, where geothermal steam bubbles collapse as they pass into the ocean, and support massive ecosystems away from the sun.
From our degree, you should remember that steam in turbulent flow releases nuclear radiation: Particularly steam engines.
How interesting that the bulk of our power is generated by a steam cycle, that gives off nuclear radiation. From you early days at NEI, you should know particularly in the boiler room and turbine hall.
Siemens now use Ni alloys, which do more turbulence Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But they do not do Face Centred Cubic Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So an easy way to double the power of a turbine, is Ti plate the turbine blades!
Or better still, switch over to porous ceramic blades, coated with TiO.
But there is a simpler idea, using 18th century science – that got my PhD ended – for no explained reason. Other than the fact it would kill off Global Warming as an idea.
Last week Harvard revealed that free CO2 in the air had not changed for 200 years. Green plants had sunk all man’s CO2.
This was another idea I have been playing with for two years. And totally kills of Global Warming and Climate Change as rational ideas! No more CO2 in the air, no possible effect of CO2 on the weather.
The idea is very simple – we replaced a cooling tower with a helical turbulence heat exchanger (Explained below)
So rather than throw away 90% of the fossil fuels heat, we recover 85% of the system heat. But we do 40 C of Molecular Nuclear Fusion of turbines of the 80s, so probably 80 C by now.
We pass the steam into a double helix. Up the other leg, we pass a low temperature Carnot gas. So this condenses the process steam, to give the steam cycle its low pressure end. We pump this water back into the boiler chamber, after venting the he and O gases. We produce these today, and they will be in your cooling tower water.
It is the product of Molecular Nuclear Fusion – 3He, 18O, heat and nuclear radiation.
We pressurise the gas, and get 95%+ of our system heat back! Today we may get all our system heat back.
So all the Molecular Nuclear Fusion that goes on, offsets our efficiency loses. So only on each cold start, do we need to burn fossil fuels.
Usually it sits there, producing very little 3 He and O: Like we get from the sea, green plants in the light, growing bacteria, animal blood systems, waterfalls or breaking waves: Areas in which we see Molecular Nuclear Fusion naturally today.
But the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we do in the deep makes Molecular Nuclear Fusion the most important energy system on Earth. I have published a lot of this on the web. To get input from around the world.
Trouble is, I am getting physics professors! My blog is ‘ JonThm’ Enjoy.

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Rain fusion

A rain drops collide with each other and the ground, they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Forming He2+ and 2 x OH-. The He2+ goes to above the clouds, the OH- falls to the gornd, or forms ozone.
This is the charge which drives lightning. So lightning is fusion driven. Clean, safe and free power!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Plasmas do fusion

A steam plasma

I an H plasma, the chaotic flow of protons and elections converts them into neutrons. These neutrons bond with other protons, thus
1nO+1p+-->2p+ 2p+=2H+
and we get
But an H plasma is just too energetic. And H is a pain to store transport – and has to be made. If we use water, we get a mixed H and O plasma, where we have a lot of the same physics going on.
But we burn the mass of the O into heat energy and low power Gamma Wave Radiation. The deep sea does this at hot-smokers.
Here steam bubbles collapse into sea water at 3 C, and do boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This in turn sets up a steam plasma – which supports massive ecosystems, away from solar radiation.
Here the mass of the O in burned into heat, by the action of the neutrons bonding with the O nucleus. Thus
16O2++2n0+γ-->18O-->28Be2++E2+0/1n0+γ the gammas rays are taken as assumed below.
And then
Before you ask, I have an M.Eng. in this stuff, and used to work for INCO. We do much the same from an ammonia plasma, but fission N away to heat and H, due to the action of the neutrons.
As we progressively fission the heavier elements, we see a reduction of atomic mass, that releases loads of heat! So we do not fission cleanly, but release heat and nuclear radiation, plus some spare neutrons.
But is a mixed H plasma, we have loads of lose neutrons about!
The release of heat plus radiation, and production of He and nuclear radiation from a hot-smoker is on record. An H plasma would seem obvious, but a steam plasma is easier to engineer and mage for man.
But we know that stars make heavier elements, but a mixed plasma burns heavier elements. But luckily on stars, Nuclear Fusion only goes on, on the surface, and heavier elements for in the interior.
This is why a sun’s corona is hotter than the suns interior – though it is at higher pressure. High temperatures are a product of Nuclear Fusion.
The deep sea does loads of Nuclear Fusion at 3 C! It does man that Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the seas contributes more heat to life on Earth, than the sun does!
The seas shuttle solar heat around the planet, but also do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – the most important energy system on Earth: And totally unstudied.

Monday, 2 August 2010

No more CO2

    Plants take in all the available CO2. Animals only evolved to turn O2 – the waste gas of plants, back into CO2 their food. Thus CO2 has remained at 2 ppm for 200 years: Man's CO2 has resulted in more life on Earth, but no more free CO2 in the air.

    So no AGW or ACC. Anybody who argues is a stooge to nuclear power: I await your comments: But note, no person talking about ACC should be allowed near education. I said this in 2001, and gto my PhD ended – for being right. Explain.