Saturday, 31 July 2010

Basic knowledge

    Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2. Animals eat plants, and combine plant matter with O2 – the waste gas of plants. The limit to life on Earth is the efficiency of plants fixing CO2.

    So cO2 levels have not changed since the little ice-age. Hard data has been published on this. Even in new scientist – who have been pushing ACC.

    Any scientist who does not know these basic facts does not deserve a place teaching at high school. So any scientist who has ever thought Global Warming or Climate Change had merit, should not be working in academia.

Radioactivity runs down

As atoms fission, they covert their radioactive nature, into heat, and less radioactivity. So after ten billion years, all the material than formed the earth had no radioactivity.

The dun lit up, but after 3 billion years, all the fission would have run down. However the turbulent flow of high pressurte water at the Earth's mantle does Molecular Nuclear Fusion! So this tops up the radioactive nature of deep materials.

With plants we take in 12CO2 and 1H2O. But we do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the plants photoblasts, so we form 14C – hence all life gives the same carbon date – which measures the decay of 14C, when the material is no longer alive.

This confirms that all living matter does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The major ones are plants, which feed the 14C down the line. So life does Nuclear Fusion!

The national ignition centre in the US is looking at shooting lasers into deuterium. This may, or more likely, will not work. All they need do it follows NASA's lead.

As I was taught in 1983, boiling water gives off nuclear radiation. It actually does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, forming He and O.

All life does biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion, forming He and O! Come on, carbon dates show life is radioactive!

There is no fission, and we get He, O and γ. So we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. It is not rocket science, though we can use steam Molecular Nuclear Fusion to drive a rocket!

My old supervisor is busy saying all chickens are radioactive. Though it is very week – and comes from the Molecular Nuclear Fusion done by corn. Are you listening CERN, plants do Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

CO2 is life

In 'Animal and plant evolution' (mailto:Biology%20@%20The%20University%20of%20Waikato%20%7C%20Earth%20Science%20@%20The%20University%20of%20Waikato) we learn 'known fossil cells belong to a prokaryote, and come from rocks in Western Australia that date back 3500 million years'.

So green plants have been taking in CO2 for a long time! They excrete O2: But at the end of the Cretaceous, life hit a brick wall! Plants could only take in the CO2 during the day, they had released at night. So animals evolved to take in O2, combine it with carbohydrates, and release more CO2 – the gas of life.

Green plants had started with CO2 at 40%, but for the last 200 years, there has been only 0.0002% in the free air. So what's happened to man's CO2. Harvard have answered that one: 'Plant yields have gone up by 15% in the last 25 years'

So in other words, there is no more CO2 in the air, but there is more life on Earth. Nuclear power must be fuming! They got their stooges to write about how bad CO2 was – but it is the gas of life.

By its rapid turnover of power plants, they release as much CO2 as if they burned fossil fuels. It is all that concrete – it takes a serious fossil fuels burn to make.

So there stooges did physics. To them CO2 was a pollutant, that just hang about it the air. This is so stupid! Green plants have sunk all man's CO2. So this leaves AGW and ACC as just wrong! But there again, the world has worked out Global Warming was just wrong! Prof Taylor, just resign, or learn some real science.CO2 does not warm stuff, or we would never have an ice-age.

It is a climate follower. Nuclear Power is just toxic death! Expensive, toxic power. It might make big bombs, but it is so toxic.

Interestingly enough, all life on Earth does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Plants do


The CH4 forms carbohydrates. Animals do the other leg of the carbon cycle


So you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter: Clean, safe, free power: With no CO2 or toxic death. So the steam cycle does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So man has been doing clean Nuclear Fusion since the 18th century.

Think Stupid

Dr Sam Thought-for-the day PhD BasTard

Neil Learner – post doctoral student

Neil So Sam, 'The Philosophy of GW eh!

Sam Indeed, not enough thought has been wasted on the idea: It is an orphan idea- cast adrift in a sea of indifference.

N Interesting – I heard that it was phantom science cooked up by nuclear power.

S They have given the bulk of the research money – but they are forward thinking people

N Who are paying to research CO2 stories – which they benefit from. Curious.

S Why so?

N I remember when I came to the university; you were the chair of CND.

S Oh that was never about civilian power plants. Than was about nuclear tanks!

N Are there any?

S Thanks to us no! Job well done so on to earning the collage some nice nuclear money.

N Does that glow in the dark?

S God I hope on, or I could have save a fortune lighting my 4th century gothic mansion us

N I thought you lived in an ex-council house, prefabricated corrugated cardboard

S I do, but it has aspirations! Never knock an idea – you work at University you should know that.

N Hmm. I have just come across from biology, and said if I ever saw you to thank you for the laugh

S How so? Am I particularly humorous?

N No. It is just plants take in CO down to 0.0002% between ice-ages.

S When it falls?

N When it rises. This means there has been no increase in free CO2 in the air

S But there must have been – all those CO2 emissions!

N at the parts per trillion level. Plants have taken in all man's CO2, and created more life on Earth. So we are left with the paltry 0.0002% in the free air. No increase for 200 years?

S so no 'man-made Global Warming or Climate Change'?

N No. Just the natural climate and more life on Earth.

S Even better! No hope of any horrible nuclear plants, and we get loads of research money. So the important thing is, we never met, and we never had this chat.

N So you get to keep the money – better never even met you!

Friday, 30 July 2010

No increase in CO2


Since the little ice-age, the free CO2 in the air has been fixed at 2ppm – 0.0002%. So all man’s CO2 emissions have led to more life on Earth.
The climate cools and warms – not even noticing man has evolved! We can’t change the weather, we just live with it!

Stopping Hurricanes

    These are naturally occurring phenomena, which have a cyclical nature – hence 2003 was a bad year, but since then, things have settled down. They only occur at above 30 C!

    You see moist air above 30 C does Molecular Nuclear Fusion at ground level – that's right, hurricanes ARE fusion driven. Nothing to do with CO2 or you driving a car.

    So we use a good bit of 18th century technology. It is called the Carnot heat pump. Prof Zimmerman advised using helical turbulence – which is a good idea!

    We enclose a helical spiral of Al tube in an open cylinder. The gas we feed into the cylinder is cold, so air is drawn through and cooled! So we discharge massive volumes of cold air. We draw in the gas, through a wind turbine. So we generate power, sufficient to drive our gas pump.

    This compresses our Carnot gas, which gets to above 250 C! Try pumping up a bicycle tyre, and the tire valve gets not for the same reason! We end up with a smaller volume of pressurised, hot gas.

    Which we pass through a large body of water – either the sea or a large lake. At night the dessert gets cold, so the lake will release the heat we have stored in the day time.

    In the sea, the water will flow back towards the Poles, and release the heat in the cold lands. If we invert this devise, we can draw the heat out into a low pressure gas, and release it at high temperature via a helix filled with hot gas.

    Here the gas will rise, and drive our turbine the other way. So we have two devices, the air cooler, and the air warmer. Once started, these devices drive themselves. So we store the power in a battery, for the next cold start of the air cooler.

    We condense loads of pure water from the air cooler, so we want to limit the cold air to 0 C. But we can produce it in massive amounts around conurbations.

    So it will mix with the ambient air, and produce a pocket of cold, dense air, which will deflect hurricanes back into the countryside. So we stop the massive loss of life.

    We also make the areas more like San Francisco – my favourite city. Bright, but not that hot.

No Climate Change – or Global Warming!

Curing Global Warming

    The idea I had devised in 2001, was to replace a cooling tower with a Carnot heat pump: My supervisor advised a helical turbulence heat exchanger was the way to go. And this would have reduced fossil fuels by a factor of 8 – I thought.

    In 2003 I formulated the idea of Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which Prof Zimmerman initially said was not important. But by then I had got involved in biology, and knew that all life on Earth did Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water.

    If it was not important, very little life would do it: Your own heart and blood system does it – which is why we see so little cancer of the heart: The Molecular Nuclear Fusion there has a cauterising effect, which stops cancer.

    Man's steam cycle also does it. Strangely enough, the Dr has never commented on this point – though we are both engineers and chemists: So this science we both knew.

    When you weight in all the Molecular Nuclear Fusion that goes on with the present steam cycle, and the boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion caused by the hot end of the Carnot system returning 85% of the system heat as above boiling Carnot heat to the boiler room, we get a steam cycle that releases no CO2.

    This is a world important idea – which I have been given no credit for.

    But there is more! As plants take in CO2; they have sunk all man's CO2 since he started burning stuff, so Global Warming and Climate Change are science with no base! They both assume there has been an increase in free CO2 in the air. There hasn't!

    According to Harvard, there has been a 15% increase in crop yields, but plants have sunk the extra CO2 to the 2 ppm we had before the industrial revolution.

    This got written up in New Scientist, that the CO2 level over the Pacific was at 2 ppm. If you took reading more than 5 miles away from a conurbation, they you would see no increase in global free CO2 at all in the last 200 years!

    Emissions is nuclear speak, trying to justify their assentation about CO2 being bad for life on Earth. Trouble is, plants sink CO2, and nuclear power kills
life on Earth. Emissions just support more life on Earth we have.

    So no Global Warming, no Climate Change.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nartural Climate

    The world climate has always cooled and warmed: Fro billions of years before man evolved. My experience is that things have cooled since 2005.

    The Northern Hemisphere has just had the worst winter for 100 years after 30 years of Global Warming. England has only had the worst winter for 30 years! My prediction, this year will be in for a lot of snow.

    Academics with large research grants insist we have Global Warming. They should try going out of the labs into the real world some time! The real world is cooling, what planet they are on, I don't know.

    CO2 is the gas of life. Plants take it in, and excrete O2: Interestingly enough, they produce CH4 and He, and give out gamma waves. When they only take in H2O and CO2. So they do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water.

    The deep sea does the same, though it only turns water into He and O: It does not sink CO2 – though deep water bacteria do. This last point is interesting! At the end of the Cretaceous, plant growth hit a brick, wall, until animals evolved. They breathed in O2, and excreted CO2 – the gas of life.

    So free CO2 in the air FOLLOWS the wax and wane of green plants. So free CO2 goes up in an ice age. And down again in a temperate period. The opposite from the predictions of Global Warming.

    Sea levels fall when there is more plant life. So CO2 is a plant follower, as are sea levels. Global Warming said the seas would have risen by 15 feet by now. They haven't moved 0.0001 mm – I live by the sea you should note here.

    So CO2 is a climate follower. So it has been fixed at 2 ppm in the global air. Only local increases are possible – which mean nothing for the global climate.

    The UK is part of the globe, so if Global Warming was true, it would have warmed. We have just had the 4th year with no summer. So Global Warming is false.

    You may get local changes – we call it weather. Nothing to do with man. And as free CO2 levels have not changed in 200 years, the premise of 'Global Warming' and 'Climate Change' is wrong. It was PR by nuclear power, which are desperate to be green. There has been no increase in free CO2 in the air.

    Problem is they are toxic, polluting and expensive: They are overpriced, toxic death.

    The steam cycle, like green plants, waterfalls, breaking waves, growing bacteria, moist air in the light and growing bacteria all do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So we can make a self-powering steam cycle, to make power by turning water into He and O: Like the deep does.

    So no CO2, and no toxic death. Why do I worry – as there are no commercial contractors interested in building nuclear fission plants, which are too unpopular and expensive.

    Nuclear fission from U will die as all the power plants reach their 25 year life expectancy: If you allow a power plant to operate outside its design life, you, and half the planet will die.

    My money is on another Chernobyl within 2 years – probably in the US or Japan: Enjoy.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Impossible 'Climate Change'

Scientists employed by nuclear power, told us for 28 years, CO2 would warm the weather: This happens to be the natural half wavelength of the weather. So you would expect the weather to cool from 2005.
It did! So rather than admit they were wrong, the stooges moved their PR to Climate Change – saying for some unknown reason CO2 would make the weather more violent.
2003 was a bad hurricane year. Such things are cyclical, and that was expected. Since then things have calmed down. So now the weather is both calmer and cooler: That is the NATURAL climate change.
For CO2 to have any effect, we would see it through history! The ice and minerals preserve the cO2 levels. Problem is, CO2 REACTS to the natural weather: Fewer plants, more free CO2.
You see it is not the CO2 output that affects things; theoretically, it is the free CO2 in the air. Plants take it in to support all life on Earth. More CO2 more life!
More life less free CO2 in the air. So now above the middle of the Pacific would be the characteristic CO2 level for the globe.
0.0002%. 2 parts per million! The same level as before the industrial revolution. This data was published in new Scientist 3 months ago. So no change in FREE CO2, no Global Warming or Climate Change.
It is self-serving PR by nuclear power. This has got the Innovation Centre doing their adverts. People’s Voice are acting as a nuclear stooge.

Monday, 26 July 2010

We smell fusion!

There are loads of instances in the countryside where we can smell ozone. Let's think about waterfalls. As we have all seen and smelt them.

We were not aware they gave off Gamma Wave Radiation, and made He, and heated the water up by 20 C. The same thing happens at the seaside. In both places, we form O, which bonds with O2 to form O3.

We don't have any H about, as the H2 from water has ended up as He! This does not react with O. If we had 2Hs, we would get a thermonuclear blast every 5 minutes – and water falls would be the most dangerous place on this planet.

So the kinetic interaction of water forms He!

H2O-->He+O and O+O2-->O3

Waterfalls do Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water! The deep also does it. Biology is driven by it. But the reaction is a bit more complex:


So life is driven by Nuclear Fusion! Your heart does it, so as an engineer from BNFL told me, you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter. Green crops in the light and growing bacteria do Molecular Nuclear Fusion! And so give off nuclear radiation.

CERN have it wrong! As Prof Zimmerman told me in 2001(sic) if we and H gas in turbulent flow we would do Nuclear Fusion! Because on suns, we have a boiling mass of H gas in turbulent flow.

My favourite is a lightening strike, which does 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power – in 2 seconds: Via a steam plasma. So scale it down, and a steam plasma tube will do 106 Watts of heat generation – from regular water.

A cup full a decade – with no toxic death - as nuclear power makes today.

Lightning star

I was doing a PhD into chemical engineering, and really I would like to get some firm data here! Wikipedia says a lightning upstroke is 1.2 x 1020 Watts. This seems a reasonable number. When scaled down, this gives a 1 m steam plasma tube a heat output of 106 Watts. This converts water directly into heat, with no toxic end product.

The Hs nuclei bond with electrons, to give us neutrons. These bond with the O nuclei, so we get radioactive isotopes, which fission down to more H. So be burn all the matter into heat.

We also get Gamma Wave Radiation, but low powered ones – as dangerous as you get from a pan of boiling water. The kitchen is a dangerous place!

Saucepans and ovens both do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But here the gammas can't fight their way through a paper bag. I was taught this at school, in 1978.(sic)

Your heart and arteries do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, which is so safe! It powers all life on Earth. But the most violent form is lightning.

So we harness this is a glass tube, and remove the need to burn fossil fuels. So safe power – with no CO2, and NO toxic death (The latter from nuclear power). Plants take in CO2 to support all life on Earth.

So since the industrial revolution man has been releasing the fossil fuels, back to life on Earth. So there is more life, though photosynthesis ensures there is no more CO2 in the air.

So where did Global Warming come from? Nuclear power – who are toxic death. Climate Change – their fiction as the Earth cooled.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Steam fusion 2010

In 2001 you told me that H gas in turbulent flow did Nuclear Fusion: Interesting. There is an energy barrier to get over, but this is only about 1 bar of pressure!
I tried extending this theory to molecular H: Like NH4, C5H5OH, plus Cm(H2O)n and obviously water. We know that refineries here all produce nuclear radiation as the gas is in pressurised turbulent flow.
You thought this was not important! Excuse me; Molecular Nuclear Fusion powers all life on Earth: We need to tie up with biology to study this science. Once we know it is a real process there is so much science to do.
How do we know it is real? All life gives off nuclear radiation! Green plants in the light produce Gamma Wave Radiation, He and O: Hence we get O3.
Animal blood systems give off Gamma Wave Radiation. So you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter: Which you have had for over a year, so it is seconds to confirm this.
I passed on what I was told at NEI in 1983: That all boiler rooms gave off Gamma Wave Radiation. Polly tried this with a flask of boiling water, but the Gamma Wave Radiation we got off was too low in magnitude.
A central heating boiler room is a much better idea. The stuff about molecular H giving off ne when the gas was in turbulent flow was told to me on my degree in 1983.
So I have made my videos, and got 158,000 hits – that is too small a number: But I guess my stuff is too technical for Youtube – and Google video shut down.
So all men’s steam engines give off Gamma Wave Radiation: Compressive steam engines don’t, hence they are not used any more. We want expansive engines, and boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So this is my science! It is what I know about. You try and tell me it is not important! But it drove the industrial revolution, and it powers all man’s chemical engines today.
It also predicted that the most powerful engines would run at highest pressures – like diesel engines.
We never knew this, so there is loads of stuff we do, that does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which we had never even suspected.
Chemistry gets in on the act with photochemistry: Which is your area of expertise. For me the production of X-rays by chemical reactions can now be explained!
Did you never wonder? X-rays are beyond chemical empathy changes. They are harbingers of nuclear stuff.
From my M.Eng., I was always an opponent of nuclear fission: Too expensive, toxic, an d plain dangerous.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion is safe, clean and FREE! That is the sort of science which will for ever put Sheffield in the top rank of world universities. It was never suspected, let alone researched.
I am still awaiting your reason we should not be looking at it! Which is why I gave away steam plasmas to the world: Important science which will save life on Earth.
What is your big contribution to life here!
CC of e-mail to my prof

Life is fusion driven

Is fusion driven! It does Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. All life – plus man’s chemical engines – most interesting the steam cycle.
Plants and bacteria do
CO2+3H2O-->CH4+He↑+O↑ Most of the CH4 goes into carbohydrates. The O ends up as O3 – ozone: This we can smell in the countryside.
Animals do the other half of the carbon cycle
2Cm(H2O)n+O-->mCO2↑+pCH4↑+qHe↑+(n/2)H2O Sorry this equation is balanced – this is for you to do!
So what life has done is convert 2Hs into one He on each leg of the carbon cycle. We lose the He to space and gain H! And at lightning strikes, get back our water. This is why life needs so much water.
We observe that the much maligned CO2 is the gas of life: It is how biology does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The idea was mine, but the name is from a suggestion from Prof Argent – thanks Bernard!
The physical world gets in on the turbulent flow of water: In the deep, at waterfalls, hot-smokers, or in moving air.
H2O-->He↑+O↑ Again, the O goes into O3. So where we are smelling ozone, the physical world is doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water.
Man’s steam cycle does this one: Which is why we get off Gamma Wave Radiation, heat – though the he and O go unnoticed.
Boiling water does this one, as steam bubbles rise, and condense as the water comes to the boil. So as NASA observed, we get off Gamma Wave Radiation. Boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion is the most prevalent form of Molecular Nuclear Fusion on Earth.
There is no chemical source of He and Gamma Wave Radiation. We should not get off anything about the infrared from chemical reactions, but we even get off X-rays, as we do chemical Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
We get off Gamma Wave Radiation from ammonia and hydrocarbon refineries – other forms of Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
I keep referring g to the Molecular Nuclear Fusion the steam cycle does. This is why PWRs won over AGRs – it gives off too much power. E=mC2 does apply, but only if you include the amount of water you do Molecular Nuclear Fusion with.
So a conventional power plant does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – though with the animal type of the carbon cycle. So we get off He and Gamma Wave Radiation.
The He we lose to space, and the Gamma Wave Radiation is very low powered! Only as dangerous as boiling a kettle – or cooking a meal in the oven.
I should note here that microwave ovens do so much Molecular Nuclear Fusion! So do allow you food to stand before you eat it.

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Steam engines

Here is a puzzle, burn a load of coal in the air, and we get steam in turbulent flow, a bit of nuclear radiation, and 250 c. Burn the same coal in a pressurized boiler, and get a higher temperature. But for a steam train, with a high density of burning we get 630 C.

We put the fumes in fire tubes, and pass it through a boiler filled with steam, and we get more radiation, and 3,000 C. We also get off loads of He and nuclear radiation.

So the steam cycle does Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. But it produces CO2, which plants take in to grow: This means CO2 levels in the air have not changed in 200 years – though they were higher in the little ice age, when there were fewer plants around.

But if we bubble steam through high pressure water, in the deep dark sea, we get loads of heat and nuclear radiation. We get He from hot-smokers, green crops in the light – and animals breathe it out: They do not breathe it in though.

And all life on Earth gives out radiation, as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. Plants take in CO2, though animals breathe in O2 – the waste gas of plants, and breathe out CO2 – their food.

So all man's extra CO2 has led to more life on Earth, just photosynthesis means there has been no more free CO2 in the air. No possible effect of CO2 on the weather – only the mentally deficient, or badly advised, could ever think there was any effect here.

So life does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: And for hot-smokers, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, with no CO2 produced. Safe, clean, free power. Nuclear fission is toxic death, which is why no life on Earth does it.

Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water is safe, clean and free, so ALL life does it. Now we know how, we can build power plants which do it!

Already the steam cycle does it, and generates all our power.

Steam engines get up to 3,000 C, from flue gas at 700 C! What happens is we get the turbulent flow of steam, which does Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

bad science

Simple high school biology says that plants take in CO2 – to support life on Earth: The free CO2 at 0.0002% is a function of the efficiency of photosynthesis.
So more CO2 = more life on Earth! There are ten times the number of plants we need to ensure that CO2 levels have remained constant since the little ice-age.
So where does AGW and ACC come from? People who will say anything to get at money from nuclear power. And we entrust the minds of the young to such vested interest people: I repeat, ‘Climate Change’ is not possible! Photosynthesis ensures the next time CO2 goes up, is when we have an ice-age.
Every ice-age of the past has seen CO2 levels up to 0.0004%. So it does not cause warming, free CO2 is a function of the amount of life there is on Earth.
So Global Warming is nuclear power PR: Put about by the commercial interests of lethal nuclear power. Rather than admit they were wrong, they gave us ‘Climate Change’.
People who espouses such rubbish are the last people we should employ in education. Get rid of them: We need real scientists.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Microwave fusion

Microwaves releases radio frequency radiation. This is constrained by the metal mesh inside the oven, so why do new microwaves come plastered with radiation warnings?
They agitate water and fat molecules so hard, the outer Hs collide at above the strong atomic force! They from He – they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion! That’s right; a microwave oven does Nuclear Fusion. Don’t panic too much, so does a normal oven or grill – for the same reason.
So they are really efficient at turning electricity into heat: As they set off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in your food. Microwave cooking guides have instructions to let the food stand!
This is because the food ends up slightly radioactive, but the radioactivity dies away in a minute. All the cooking off food does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – so here is a major factor in the cause of cancer. Microwaves do most – you have been warmed.
It also means that every steam cycle over the world does Molecular Nuclear Fusion! As does a lot of nature. Very low power radiation results, but it means a self-powering steam cycle does enough Molecular Nuclear Fusion to generate power with no fossil fuels burn, and no nuclear fission.
The latter is too toxic – and nature does not do it! It is the most expensive and toxic way man gets at power. But Molecular Nuclear Fusion is the way life powers itself, and is free.
You can prove this by holding a Geiger counter to a working microwave oven, as such meters only respond to nuclear radiation.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Bad GW science

Plants take in CO2 to support all life on Earth. They excrete O2, and animals evolved to do animal respiration, turning plant bulk and O2 back into CO2.
Which is cool, as it means that free CO2 in the air levels have not risen since the 18th century, though Harvard says plant yields have gone up by 15%. So AGW and ACC are plain wrong! They say that rising CO2 levels affect the weather.
By 2005 the seas weren’t rising, and things were cooling, so the stooges to nuclear power changed to Climate Change from Global Warming. They hadn’t thought of a theory, so now they are pushing Global Warming on a cooling world.
It is naked PR by nuclear power, who want new plants yesterday, as in the US a ¼ of the plants are over 30 years old, and operating after their licences have expired. So they are accidents waiting to happen.
But Global Warming was their only shot at being ‘Green’. They are fatal, toxic and kill on a continental scale! They are so not green!
But they had money, so they paid tale academics to invent Global Warming – and scare the stupid to death. Without Global Warming being true, they are going to be shut down. They are toxic death, and life will be so much better without them.
Life is powered by Molecular Nuclear Fusion! Turning water into he, O and heat: In a field near your. Also in your own beating heart. So safe, non-toxic, and done by all life! Plants, bacteria and animals. I suspect fungi too, but ask a biologist about this!
So all the academics who have got 3 tillion dollars for their spurious CO2 studies: Universaties do paid research, but they also do fact driven stuff.
If they pass off nuclear PR as true, they should not be working in academia! They may do other good work, but a profession of ACC as having merit is enough to get them replaced. We should not entrust the mind of the gifted on them for one more second!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The myth of the warming world

There is only 0.0002% CO2 in the global air! At 2% there might be measurable effects on the IR properties of air. So we are 10,000 times below this level.
This level is fixed by photosynthesis. So for 400,000 years global CO2 has been fixed at 0.0002% outside of an ice age: These happen, but sea bacteria are better at fixing CO2 than plants are! So during an ice we have fewer plants, but the slack may be taken up by life in the seas!
The evidence suggests that CO2 may rise to 4 ppm in an ice age. Here the data is from geology. But the rocks we can sample would be buried in ice, so it is likely that rock analysis would yield lower data than the real CO2 level – which may still be at 2 ppm.
They say CO2 rose in the little ice age, but the evidence is second or fourth hand!
Interestingly enough, CO2 in a warm period will be only slightly lower, a figure derived from the efficiency of photoblasts. Here I will give way to biologists, as this science is outside my experience. Free CO2 in the air is a function of how strongly the carbon cycle of life works.
What I can state with certainty, is that CO2 levels in a warm period do not rise above 2 ppm! There is more life, so the carbon cycle may be more dynamic. AGW and ACC are both based on rising free CO2 levels in the air – which never happens.
Suggesting CO2 leads the weather is plain silly! It is caused by solar cycles. And the periods here are 4 and 7 years – giving a short term cycle of 28 years.
Nothing to do with man or his engines. Nuclear power seized on their climate fiction in a warming period – caused by the Chernobyl accident in 1983. (I think)
Historically ice ages are a problem, warm periods are not. Sea levels are controlled by the amount of life tying up water on the land. Nothing to do with CO2 (See my comment about the carbon cycle above)
Nuclear power wants new plants ever 25 years: In the US, 20% of the nuclear plants are over 30 years old – an accident waiting to happen. If the regulator is doing their job such plants will close. Nuclear power is the most expensive, toxic and polluting technology we allow to operate today – as it makes good bombs. Nuclear power and death go hand in hand.
In the UK, only Sizewell B is under 20 years old. So if we get no new plant, in 5 years Sizewell B will be the only operating power plant: Hence their desperate push to try and sell Global Warming to the world: A fight in which their academic stooges are helped in.
We observe if we let scientists lead the argument, we all end up dead: With loads of uneconomic, fatal plants polluting and killing us.
But life does not do nuclear fission – to toxic and dangerous, and very polluting. It does Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water.
This produces 3He and 18O, plus heat and low power Gamma Wave Radiation: Your kettle does it – as does every water boiler in the world. So unlike the Gamma Wave Radiation from nuclear fission, life is set up to cope with Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
It has to be, as all life on Earth does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: Your own heart does it. And it goes on with the pressure waves in the arteries: Veins fall below the initiation energy for Molecular Nuclear Fusion though. A water fall must be over ten feet tall before it does it.
So MNF turns regular water into He, O and heat. Non-toxic, and is how nature is powered. The really incredible thing, to me, is that man’s steam cycle does it! I told Prof Zimmerman this in 2003, and he has now had a Geiger counter for two years, so will have confirmed it.
Why has he not told the world? There is a lot of research money at stake, when Global Warming is rubbished. But there is 100 times more money to research Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
We are looking at $200 billion annually! All the funding that CERN wastes today.
Engineering is full of MNF – as is biology. The problem was realizing it is real, and going on today. In a heart – well in your body actually!
Green plants in the light do it, animal blood systems, growing bacteria, deep water, water falls, man’s steam cycle, moist air in the light. Or put it another way: All life on Earth.
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The world climate

Mention CO2 to you, and you talk geology: Which is interesting, as you are not a geologist. You are also not a physics professor, but even methrologists know little about the weather. So you knowledge base is 0.00000%!
Talk to biology, and they give you 4 lecture courses on the carbon cycle! You see CO2 supports all life on Earth! Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2. We breathe in the waste gas of plants, and don’t realise that O2 is the greatest polluter in Earth history.
Biologists were publishing papers on this in the 1920s! So chemical engineers know nothing about CO2! The mineral emission of CO2 is so small, it has NO significance.
I should have jumped down your throat when you were saying about free CO2 hitting a peak in warm periods. No. Use your brain.
In warm periods plant biology hits a maximum, and so free CO2 a minimum! It is the limit to life on Earth.
In prehistory, as green plants evolved, CO2 levels in the air reduced from 40% to 0.0002%. A trace gas! No possible impact on the weather. Simple fact, attested to by Harvard.
Who also document the fact plant yields have gone up by 15% since the industrial revolution. This is all the CO2 man has emitted from his machines.
This means in the countryside, CO2 levels have not changed, since the little ice-age of C18. Historical fact! That is published in books from 1900. By biologists. Why did you think you could speak on the subject of ACC?
Which means while man has emitted CO2, free CO2 in the air has not changed: Just life on Earth has increased.
So who thought of AGW and ACC? Who ever thought of AGW has by now retired in shame, as the world is obviously cooling. ACC was academia admitting they had the weather wrong – without ever admitting it!
So ACC says that increasing levels of CO2 in the air … There have been no increases in CO2! There couldn’t be! Photosynthesis sinks CO2 down to 2 ppm.
So you have measured higher CO2 levels in cities! So what! They are such a small volume of the air, sampling by an engine exhaust may give you a nice reading, but globally CO2 is left unchanged.
CO2 supports life: Which means engineers have NOTHING to say about it.
You even tried to deny that a working engines gave off Gamma Wave Radiation as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. A fact I was TAUGHT at Sheffield in 1984!
Your own heart gives off Gamma Wave Radiation as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This means there is a load of science you might have something to say about, except you ignore the science. Sorry, sticking your head in the sand means you should not be working at a University.
Trying to talk about biology when you don’t even know about the carbon cycle is so embarrassing! I learned growing bacteria give off Gamma Wave Radiation as the grew, in 1982.
So what has been your contribution to life or REAL science on Earth?
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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Plants sink CO2

At the end of the Cretaceous, life hit a brick wall! Plants could only take in during the day, the CO2 they excreted at night, when plants take in O2, to do respiration of carbohydrates.
Life got over this, as animals evolved to eat plants, and do respiration all day and night, and breathe out CO2: This is called the carbon cycle.
It is why there is 25% O2 in the air, and only 0.0002% CO2: A level which has not changed despite man’s emission of CO2.
This built up so slowly, there just get to be more plants: And so more animals to eat them.
So there is no more CO2 in the global air! You counter, what about all the readings people have got.
They are local readings obtained in cities, by engine exhausts. How do I know? As there has been some work published on the lack of change in global CO2.
Also 80% of CO2 is from animal respiration, and man’s CO2 has climbed so slowly. Then who thought up Global Warming? Stooges to nuclear power.
Who did not factor in all the extra CO2 from nuclear power: Building new plants, mining, purifying and shipping U ore half the way around the planet.
When nuclear power heard about this point, they said ‘There are some nuclear ships!’ Indeed there are. And there are a whole load of conventional CO2 engines used by nuclear power.
If you carbon audit nuclear power, it releases as much CO2 as a pit head coal power station!
But there has been no increase in global CO2, but all the stooges did not do biology! So it never occurred to them that CO2 was the gas of life on Earth.
No CO2, no O2, and you are dead! The great polluter is O2 – CO2 is the gas of life.
So no increase in global CO2, which is only ever a trace gas, so not effect on the world climate. And CO2 is a climate FOLLOWER! Prof Zimmerman will understand this one.
All the geologists have monitored rock formation and climate, and found CO2 tracks the efficiency of photosynthesis, and the natural climate.
You see PhD students are meant to trawl all related disciplines, and physics is such a small one. Compared to biology, geology, engineering, metrology – this is the only important one here.
Global Warming was PR fiction from nuclear power, as I said in 2001, as my PhD got ended for no reason. That is a really great way to treat a crippled alumni isn’t it!
‘Come back after you have had a bad car accident, and your old university will treat you like defective shit!’
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Monday, 12 July 2010

Interview with Dr Nuke

Rep Repotor: So Dr Nuke, you are the spokesman for nuclear power.
Dr Nuke: No. It just so happens I am researching the field.
Rep So they fund all your research?
Nuke No, I am funded by research bodies?
Rep Who just their money from nuclear power.
Nuke Don’t care, all I care about is that they continue to fund my research.
Rep So you are never going to find anything which is not in the interests of nuclear power.
Nuke On the contrary, if I found anything of that nature, I would dry it to their attention before I published it.
Rep And have you?
Nuke Really – have you ever read anything against nuclear power in anything I’ve written.
Rep Well, more of that later.
Nuke No tell me, I need to know! My future income
Rep Is safe from me. It has been over 25 years since Chernobyl polluted half a continent, and if that doesn’t stop the world doing nuclear fission, what will?
Nuke Somebody finding out how to do nuclear fusion: 4 times as much power with no toxic waste – but if CERN can’t find out how …
Rep Nuclear power fund CERN don’t they?
Nuke Of course, if they find out how, we, no they, want to know how!
Rep So I believe you were involved in the early work on Global Warming.
Nuke Yes: After Chernobyl nuclear power realised it had to make itself green, if it was to continue to make loads of money.
Rep So nothing to do with helping life?
Nuke well as nuclear power found out, CO2 was going to kill us all!
Rep Interesting: As plants take in CO2 and excrete O2, and so support all life on Earth.
Nuke who told you that?
Rep My biology teacher at school.
Nuke A teacher – how low can you get. No CO2 will warm the Earth, cause the seas to rise, and kill us all!
Rep Interesting, as the world is cooling, and the seas are not rising, 30 years after Global Warming was proposed. By people with large research grants from nuclear power.
Nuke Coincidence! We were trying to warn the world of the impending apocalypse.
Rep The integrating thing is, nuclear power release masses of CO2: By mining, purifying and shipping ore: And reprocessing used fuel rods.
Plus their rapid turnover of power plants – every 25 years. Whereas conventional power plants last 70 years.
So in actual fact, nuclear power releases as much CO2, as if they burned fossil fuels. Nuclear power has never published a carbon audit on itself.
Nuke And never will! They are too busy trying to tell the world about Global Warming.
Rep Their own PR, which is wrong! They said every day, CO2, at 0.0002% globally controlled the weather.
With no historical backing.
Nuke we never measured the CO2 accurately – there is so little of it in the air!
Rep Because plants take it in! So since the industrial revolution global CO2 levels have not change.
Nuke Ah yes, but local levels – like an engine exhaust have changed.
Rep But the world climate is meant to be controlled by CO2.
Nuke You see – even you said it.
Rep And your historical data is …
Nuke In the post. I think you are too bogged down with instant effects, Global Warming may have taken a 25 year rest, for reasons we do not understand.
Rep You can sample air bubbles from ice cores, and get at the cO2 levels over the last 2,000 years. So you can link the climate and cO2 with hard data.
Nuke We could do. But that data has never been obtained.
Rep Well actually it has – from the South Pole. Which the last time I looked was part of the globe. And over the last 30 years, all that data was at hand.
Nuke Alas, nobody thought to write it down.
Rep So no data at all, just naked self-interest from nuclear power, who fund academics through the research bodies.
Nuke But we are above self-interest! We are scientists. So if we found CO2 had no effect on the climate, we would tell the world.
Rep Like 50,000 academics did in an open letter for Al Gore.
Nuke well I suggest you take that up with Al Gore.
Rep So how much money do you get from nuclear power?
Nuke Not a penny.
Rep And from, the research bodies?
Nuke I can’t remember at hand. I think the vast bulk of my income, which is why it is important I do not bias my work for self-interests.
Rep Except towards the interests of the bodies paying money into the funding agencies.
Nuke Take that up with the University Chancellor: Who has always been very supportive of how we get money in.
Rep So from 2005 the world has been cooling.
Nuke Or 1998, we are not quite sure! The raw data appears to have got lost over the years.
Rep From a nuclear bomb proof shelter.
Nuke Indeed, total tragedy.
Rep So Global Warming is wrong.
Nuke No. It was just simplistic. Hence we gave you Climate Change. This says Global Warming may take some time off, while we see more violent weather.
Rep Interesting. So the world weather being more placid would not fill in with your ideas: Back to CO2 studies. Any historical data, or means of action?
Nuke As I mentioned above, there was no historic data – other than that produced by geologists – but I do not know about geology.
As to a means of action – we wait to see! I am sure there will be one along any time now.
Rep Harvard doesn’t buy your stories?
Nuke Well they are not on large research grants from … the funding bodies.
Rep So Climate Change died before it was out of the starting gates?
Nuke Yes very sad: So we are forced back on Global Warming – now with a time break for unknown reasons.
Rep The weather has warmed and cooled all through history, geologists say unconnected with natural CO2 levels.
Nuke Well they are not physics are they! And don’t get funded by the funding agencies.
Rep So to summarise:
Global Warming is self-serving PR from nuclear power
Nuke And real scientists
Rep on research grants from the funding agencies, and so nuclear power. The seas didn’t rise, and the world is cooling. Global Warming is so wrong, you guys gave us Climate Change, to tide you over to when the world will warm again naturally.
Nuke What you are failing to be balanced about here is that we are REAL scientists.
Rep Like the 50,000 independent scientists who signed an open letter to Al Gore.
Nuke They were just jeallous! They want some of the $15 billion a year we get to write stuff about man’s impact on the weather.
Rep Which is an oxymoron.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Nuclear lies

After the Chernobyl accident, nuclear power realised it had to be seen as green, if it was not to be shut done, before it killed us all. So they picked on CO2.
They did not realise by mining, purifying, ship pig the ore half the way around the plant, and turning over power plants every 25 years, they released as much CO2 as if they burned fossil fuels.
They did physics, not biology. With my education, I have to do both. Now plants and bacteria take in CO2 to grow. They excrete O2.
So this means all man’s extra CO2 has resulted in more life on Earth, but no more CO2 in the air! Its level is limited by photosynthesis, not availability of CO2.
This means since the industrial revolution, CO2 levels have been fixed – though they did rise in the 18th century, as we had the little ice age. But free CO2 tracks the wax and wane of plants, it does not make the weather.
So no more CO2 in the air, so no Global Warming or Climate Change. So who publicises it? Nuclear power and its paid stooges. It is PR fiction from Toxic Death plc. They make up scarey stories about rising CO2 levels – though this is only possible in an ice age.
Copenhagen ended with a non-binding treaty being signed by countries with big nuclear industries, to limit CO2 to leave only a 2 C temperature rise.
But CO2 has NO effect on the world weather. How could it, plant fix the free CO2 level a 0.0002% globally: A level with has been fixed since the end of the little ice age.
Nuclear power’s paid stooges are still going on about CO2. So when you hear about Global Warming or Climate Change, change the TV channel, or buy a decent newspaper.

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Monday, 5 July 2010

Nature's Fusion

Nature is powered by doing nuclear fusion from water. This is why all life gives off nuclear radiation and forms 14C. This is why carbon dates work.
Global Warming was fiction from nuclear power, who wants you dead!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lightning fusion.

In a lightning strike, we get a down stroke: About 5,000 V, and 100 Amps. This in ½ M.Watts! But this down strike sets up a upstroke , where all the ground charge discharges to the cloud tops. And that liberates 1.2 x 1020 Watts.
That is only an educated guess, but it looks to be the power usage of the US for between a decade and a century – in 2 seconds.
Where does that initial ½ M.Watts come from? Not the jostling of rain drops – why would that produce a charge? A bit of heat, but not the heat we see.
Actually we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The rain drops knock together, occasionally striking the exposed Hydrogen’s together so hard, they fuse to form a Helium! They do
2H2OHe2++2OH- and 2OH-+O2H2O2-+O3↑
The charged water falls to the ground, and the charged Helium rises to above the clouds. We smell the ozone, but the helium leaves no trace.
So the cloud tops pick up the positive charge, and the ground – with all the charged water drops, a negative one. Until we have 5,000 V.
The wet air then conducts charged particles, so we have a down stroke carrying the positive charge to the ground. Not very powerful.
It sets up conductive steam plasma in the air, at 2 bars pressure, and 150 C temperatures. When this touches the ground, we get our massive upstroke!
Rather than the gentle drift of ‘holes’, we get an upstroke of electrons. Now we get our 1.2 x 1020 Watts. This produces a massive thunderclap, and light flash – as set up a steam plasma.
This does Molecular Nuclear Fusion big time! We are producing massive amounts of He as we liberate the power usage of the US for a century, in two seconds.
People occasionally survive the down strike, but upstroke with vaporise, well anything! This travels up through the moist air.
Lightning is a force of nature, but it shows us, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion on Earth today. The deep seas do it at 3 C. Lightning strikes do it at only 2 bars pressure. But it can’t be contained. Oh yes it can!
If we strike up a steam plasma in a 2cm wide glass tube, we produce 6 MWatts of heat! So we should sit this is a bath of water, or have a rapid flow of cool steam over the surface.
Once set up, it maintains itself – while we top up the water level. Molecular Nuclear Fusion is not as energetic as atomic Nuclear Fusion – but that is too much power. On suns we strike up an H plasma on the surface.
It goes up to 10 Million C – that is the heat it produces. Deeper down in the sun, we do not have the plasma, and the temperature falls. It would go on at 2 bars and room temperature – but it will soon heat up.
Its nuclear radiation is fatal to all life. But Molecular Nuclear Fusion goes off in the deep – at hot smokers. Here the escape of steam bubbles in to cold water, causes the steam bubbles to collapse.
And the old walls hit hard enough, to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion again! So we set up steam plasma in the sea, which supports a massive ecosystem away from the sun.
So Molecular Nuclear Fusion is non-toxic! And produces none of the toxic death we see with nuclear fission from U.
You want to see it in action? Go boil a kettle. As the water boils, we get the collapsing steam bubbles again, and do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
When we heat the water more, it settles down to a simmer. So every cup of hot drink you make is in part heated by Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Your microwave oven does the same! All ovens do a bit of Molecular Nuclear Fusion, but the health implications of eating radioactive food are the biggest health problem of the 21st century.
All steam engines do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, so man has done Nuclear Fusion since the 18th century. But now we know about it, we can generate power using Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and no burn fossil fuels: So no CO2.
And none of the toxic death of present nuclear power. They devised Global Warming, to hide the fact they were toxic death!
Since the world has cooled, they have gone over to Climate Change – which says ‘If you burn fossil fuels you will surely die!’
No, if you do nuclear fission from u or Pu, you will surely die, and take me with you!

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Friday, 2 July 2010

Fail for GW

Any hypothesis is seen as valid, if there is historic data, a feasible means of action, and present historic data. Global Warming and Climate Change fail, spectacularly.
There is no historic data suggesting CO2 makes the weather. There is data suggesting free CO2 levels in the air follow the wax and wane of plants. And this follows the natural climate swings. No suggestion of a feasible means of action for 0.0000037% CO2 affecting the weather has ever been proposed.
You see Climate Change says that above all else, CO2 determines the weather. And it makes the weather warmer.
History suggests free CO2 rises in an ice age, when there are fewer plants. In the 1950s there was a post war surge in CO2 release.
But we had a cold, cold spell. The worst winter was 1962, which did not coincide with a sudden abatement of CO2 release. CO2 is totally disconnected with the weather.
We should pause here to look at vested interest: Global Warming was devise by nuclear power to get more nuclear fission plants built! As a lot of nuclear plants in the US are operating after their licence has expired.
After Chernobyl the only way to get new plants was to make Nuclear Power ‘green’. CO2 is green, as plants take it in, and excrete O2. CO2 and plants support all life on Earth this way.
Nuclear power is very expensive and polluting. It is toxic death – even without a plant blowing up – as Chernobyl did. 3 Mile Island and Windscale show how a plant pollutes without blowing up. In Washington DC.
Nuclear Power spends a lot of money on academia, to buy off their scrutiny. So Global Warming got to be their big cash cow. Then the weather turned – between 1998 and 2005.
2009 was the worst winter in the Northern Hemisphere for 100 years! I still have people messaging me to say it was the warmest winter on record.
In Korea it was the coldest winter they have ever recorded! Why say something that crazy – your income is linked to Global Warming.
This is a shame, as even nuclear power gave up on Global Warming in 2005: They went with Climate Change, to say CO2 suddenly made the weather more unpredictable. Though not warmer.
After all there were hurricanes. Always has been, usually more than now! 2003 was a bad tornado year – it is a natural cycle.
So the weather cycle carry on as ever. Harvard documents the fact that crop yields have gone up by 15% since the industrial revolution. This is what we would expect, as the vast bulk of CO2 is from animals breathing out.
So nuclear power has kicked Climate Change into the undergrowth, without telling the politicians. And gone back to Global Warming – which does not wash in a cooling world.
So they have resorted to saying cO2 will kick in later. With no historic backup – they can just say what they want now with no scrutiny, so do.
Now we find nature does loads of Molecular Nuclear Fusion! With waterfalls, breaking waves, in the deep, with growing green crops and bacteria, plus Washington DC. With no CO2 or toxic death.
The most useful way is via a steam plasma – like at hot-smokers or lightning bolts. 1.2 x 1020 Watts in two seconds!
So safe, clean, free power.
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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Nuclear lies

After Chernobyl, nuclear power was desperate to make itself green. It big push for new plants was Copenhagen. The world said ‘no’, but nuclear power ignores this!
By turning over its plants every 25 years, mining, purifying and shipping U ore, means it releases as much CO2 as the rest of the power industry - It ignores this.
The natural weather started cooling by 2005 – it ignores this.
Life is powered by nuclear fusion from water – as lightning strikes do. Power with no toxic death, or CO2 – nuclear power ignores this.
New Scientist pushes Global Warming so it is an in house magazine for nuclear power, NOT a true science magazine.
Global Warming was the great insoluble problem. It was not a real problem, and nature cured it by itself, nuclear power ignores this.
Plants take in CO2 to support life on Earth, so free CO2 goes up in an ice age – nuclear power ignores this. But it means there has been no increase in free CO2 in recorded history.
Guess what, nuclear power ignores this too!
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8th the CO2

From ‘JonThm’ on
This idea is from 1986, on my M.Eng. Instead of a cooling tower, we use an efficient heat exchanger.
My thanks to Prof Zimmerman, who told me in 2000(sic) the best sort of heat exchanger to use was a helical turbulence heat exchanger.
So we loop the hot Carnot gas back to the boiler room, and boil off the water. This loses 15% of the process heat. So we reduce by a factor of 8, the amount of ff we burn.
So we reduce man’s CO2 emissions to preindustrial levels! Using science worked out in the 18th century. So no Molecular Nuclear Fusion stuff required – though nature does so much of this!