Sunday, 27 June 2010

Personal power

For personal use, a small steam cycle will self-power. So no CO2 or toxic death. We use boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion. In this, as confirmed by NASA, boiling water gives off nuclear radiation.
New Scientist explained why in 2008: As rising bubbles of steam condense to water, the bubble shell collapses. So H atoms from the H2O, collide above the strong atomic force for H.
So they form He and O, plus Gamma Wave Radiation and heat. We are doing Nuclear Fusion from molecular H!
Nature does loads of it, at deep water, waterfalls or breaking waves. All life uses CO2 to do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion! This is why we see O. and so O3. Your heart and arteries do it!
And boiler rooms the world over give off nuclear radiation – as I was taught in 1983(sic). I term this boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
This is why water goes mad as it boils, then the Molecular Nuclear Fusion stops, and we settle down to a simmer. It produces steam with a superheat of 20 C! This means the steam is 20 C hotter than the boiling point for water at that pressure.
So we have a boiler, but we take off 20% of the steam, and bubble through the liquid water. This is to keep the water in a state of boiling! We also have tubes filled with hot gas – more on this below.
We take off the other 80%, and vent it through a nozzle. This reduces the pressure, so the steam has more super heat. We do this, as water drops will abrade even Ti metal – so we want it nice and hot.
It abrades the Ti, as boiling water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and so we would be doing Nuclear Fusion on the Ti metal, and melt it. And this is in the text books!
We then drive a steam turbine, which gives off so much nuclear radiation as it generates power. That is why life loves a steam turbine; it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion on Earth, today.
We then pass the spent steam over the cold end of a Carnot system. When we double the pressure, we double the temperature of the gas – hence the hot gas for our fire tubes earlier.
This works, as water expands 1,000 fold as it boils, but compressing the gas only takes 1/500th of the generated power, to recover 85% of the system heat.
We also pump back the condensed water, but all the produced power is from the boiling of water. This does boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So safe, clean, free power: With no CO2 or toxic death. No oil or gas burn. No use of fission fuel rods. We use water: A cup full a decade!
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Friday, 25 June 2010

1st year biology

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In Biology in high school you are taught the carbon cycle in the first year. Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2.
Animals evolved to take in O2, combine it with plant matter, to get at energy. Both of these steps actually do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
In the 18th century, man started burning stuff to release more CO2, and we had the little ice age! So CO2 would have gone up.
In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on Earth, so there were a lot more sinks for CO2 – but it was 10 C warmer than today.
Since the 80s when Global Warming was first thought of by nuclear power, man’s CO2 has gone up by 10%. We have just had the hardest winter for 100 years – and next winter will be colder.
So more CO2, and the climate is cooling naturally. Climate Change never got beyond the name. If it ever said anything, it would be wrong.
So the carbon cycle disproves Global Warming! It says global CO2 is fixed by plants, reacting to the natural climate.
The only people with money to waste on such rubbish are nuclear power. Trouble is, their plant building, mining, purifying and shipping U ore releases as much CO2 as if they burned fossil fuels!
They are uneconomic – if they decommission their plants, they are the most uneconomic way to make power today. And then they pollute, kill are turn out toxic waste, that is dangerous for 100,000s of years!
They spend money on academics; though obviously not even high school biologists.

Global CO2

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Green plants evolved with CO2 at 40%. Before the industrial revolution, CO2 was down to 2 ppm. A figure given by available minerals for plant growth.
According to Harvard, as man has used better fetilzer, plant yields have gone up by 15%. This is since the industrial revolution.
CO2 only rises, like in the 18th century, whne solar cycles cause an ice age. In warm periods, CO2 goes down. So CO2 is both a trace gas (0.000,002%) and a climate follower.
CO2 has never made the weather – no matter how load the paid stooges to nuclear power shout. Cities are such a small area, global CO2 levels can only be measured in the middle of the PaCIFIC.
New Scientist published the readinga couple of monthas ago – 2 ppm. It has not changed! Plant yields may have been boosted, but there is no more CO2 in the air.
Which leaves the stooges with a problem! They have published figures saying local CO2 levels are higher, but high school biology just says that will boost plant yields.
And going back through history CO2 reacts to the natural climate. Nuclear Power should go study biology, and try knowing what they are talking about.
I repeat, no more CO2 than before the industrial revolution!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Life Does Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

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In the 1980s, nuclear power had a problem. After Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island, it was seen as toxic death. And ecologists hated it. If nuclear power did not get new plants soon, it would cease to be.
Margret Thatcher approved SeizeWell B, but the protests were so large, not even she dared do that again!
So they got their stooge to write articles on how CO2 would warm the weather, make the seas rise and kill us. But in history, CO2 has been 20 times higher than even today, and seas were 10 meters lower, and we had an ice age.
CO2 is taken in by plants, so the free CO2 in the air goes up in an ice age. CO2 is a climate follower. In 1998 the climate turned – right on time at it follows solar cycles: And CO2 follows them with a 4 year lag.
By 2005 even nuclear power gave up on GW and gave us ‘man made climate change’. They said it was linked to CO2 – after all GW had been a big success!
They had no means of operation, or any historical data to back up their idea. In fact, some of their stooges were still pushing GW!
They stated Copenhagen was their final throw of the dice. But at Copenhagen the word said they did not believe the CO2 fiction. So nuclear power ignored it, and went on with their PR.
Their lies were linked to money, so their stooges carried on. They did not get any biologists on side – as a Prof. from Harvard said ‘To suppose a trace gas had any effect on the weather is silly. To say it matters more than anything is just stupid!’
Nuclear power now has bigger problems! In the US, the nuclear plants that were licenced for 25 years, are still going after 30. This is so dangerous! Within 5 years we will see another Chernobyl, on US soil!
Didn’t they learn anything from 3 Mile Island? Nuclear fission makes very powerful, toxic bombs. It is uneconomic, and a vote loser! Nuclear power gives money to all political parties, but none will break ranks and build a plant, like Thatcher did.
But oil and gas are still dear: Though 40% less than nuclear power – which is only economic with government subsidies. So what is the choice? Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
At waterfalls, the stream of water converted it into He, O and heat plus low power electromagnetic radiation. So they do Nuclear Fusion on Earth, from water. The deep seas do it too.
As do green plants in the light. And animal blood systems – your own heart does it, as it beats. Man’ steam engines also do it.
It turns out the crucial thing is high pressure steam or water in turbulent flow. Hot smokers in the sea have bubbles of high pressure steam rising through liquid water.
As the steam rises it condenses, and the old bubble walls collide strongly! So H atoms hit each other at over the strong atomic force for H. So we form He, and give off heat!
We also get O, which bonds with O2, to give O3 – ozone, We can’t detect He easily, but we can smell faint traces of O3.
So Molecular Nuclear Fusion is clean, safe, nontoxic and free: Power with no CO2, or toxic death. All the ecologists now have a clean way to get at power, without the hated nuclear fission: Which kills, pollutes and is toxic! And is very dangerous to do.

Climate lies

Jonathan Thomason ‘JonThm’ on T/F 0161 848-0416

Nuclear power wanted to differentiate themselves, so chose a gas. We had suffered Windscale in the 1950s, in the 80s we had Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island: The latter was an American nuclear plant built by Westinghouse. Who presumably are still building fatal plants around the world!
They have used their money to escape censure: After Chernobyl, they get away with killing and polluting on a continental scale.
They saw to get new plants then had to be ‘green’: They had to embrace, and be embraced by the tree huggers. But now, they are ‘toxic death’.
They looked around for something to differentiate them from oil and gas and chose CO2. They did not realise they produced massive amounts of the gas.
They used to turn over their plants every 25 years: Now 30% of the nuclear plants in the US are older than this, and they are hoping the regulator will not notice! Their environmental PR has been so thorough, they might to!
So they said CO2 warmed the weather. In history, warm periods have been nice – cold periods are a problem. As ice melts to water, it shrinks.
So ice melting in the seas would decrease sea level. So where did the stories of sea level rise come from? Simple, who would be scared of sea falls? They reckoned they would get new plants in 20 years, and the natural climate has a 16 year cycle of cooling and warming – linked to solar cycles.
Man lives with the weather, he does not make it – no matter how big his ego!
So from 1998 the weather started cooling: Simple one, get into the world centre for climate records, in Sussex University and edit the data.
Also make the UK met office dependant on the money from nuclear power. The academics already were - so they were easy!
So you fill universities with people who are paid stooges to nuclear power. And the other academics are not going to call time.
A Prof. at Harvard said the CO2 science was silly! Plant yields had increased by 15% since the industrial revolution. And a trace gas was not going to have any effect on the weather! But who listens to good science, that isn’t funded by big bucks!
The make or break was Copenhagen. When the world voted that GW and CC were rubbish! But nuclear power is still bleating on about CO2 science, as it has not invented any other reason to allow them to exist.
Nuclear power is uneconomic, toxic and polluting. And when a plant blows, move to the other side of the world. The only reason to do nuclear fission is to make N and H bombs.
Repeat, it is uneconomic! So try and boost the price of conventional power, so they become economic.
But there is a new kid on the block! Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Nature turns water into He and O gases, and loads of heat. The O bonds with O2, to form ozone, which we can smell!
So water falls do it! This is why the water heats up by 20 C as it falls through the air, and we end up with O3 and He.
We get the same in the country side! It turns out photosynthesis is light induced Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Our own hearts and arteries do it! It is that safe, clean and free! So fossil fuels are suddenly fighting to be economic, against science which is nearly free.
And nuclear power from U? Toxic and uneconomic. The only people wittering on about Climate Change today, and stupid, or paid stooges to nuclear power.
So all ecologists who went on ‘ban the bomb’ marches, and now doing free adverts for nuclear power.
CO2 is life, Global Warming, Climate Change and nuclear power are death. CO2 is the food gas of plant, O2 is their waste. Which we evolved to use, and turn back into CO2 – the gas of life!

Nature is fusion driven

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Green plants in the light take in CO2, combine it with water, to make CH4, O and He – plus a lot of heat. They do light induced molecular nuclear fusion.
In contrast, animals take in CO2, H2O, and produce He, O CH4 and a lot of heat. With every beat of your heart, and as blood flows around your arteries.
Growing bacteria take in CO2 and He, and give off gamma radiation as they build carbohydrates! Again, CH4, He and O.
Life is fusion driven. The animal blood system shows that the turbulent flow of H2O does nuclear fusion.
Are you listening CERN?

World Fraud

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Africa is known world wide for fraud, but they have managed to get the world cup of football. Now all the results are novel!
The football minnows are getting red cards, and the minor team as getting unexpected draws or wins.
Italy, Brazil, Germany and France! Even the US drew against the UK. It is all fixed! My guess is that South Africa will win the ‘Fraud Cup’.
Never again will the World Cup be hosted in such a country! This World Cup will go down in the history books as the least fair ever!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Safe fusion from H2O

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
On Earth there is loads of nuclear fusion going on – but from H2O, not H gas. In the deep seas, water falls plus all life forms on Earth. Your own heart does molecular nuclear fusion as it beats!
The molecular nuclear fusion going on in your arteries is important for the development of cancer: Though there is stuff we can do here!
It produces 3He and 18O. The 3He decays, before the He is lost to space. We gain H, and at lightening strikes get back H2O.
The 18O be breath in with no harmful effect. Unlike U and Pu, which produce toxic death: As they are about bombs, and produce a lot more energetic nuclear radiation as they decay.
So water falls do loads of molecular nuclear fusion! Which is why the water heats up by 20 C as it falls through the air.
Fields of green crops in the light do light induced molecular nuclear fusion – which is totally harmless, but powers all life on Earth. That is why we get He and O3 in the countryside – all the molecular nuclear fusion going on.
So fission is expensive, toxic, pollutes and kills: It is good for bombs, not for generating power. They have bunged all the politicians and scientists not to remind you of this!
So nature is powered by nuclear fusion! CERN can’t do it, but a water fall can! The trick is to get high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.
Hot smokers in the sea do this, and act as little suns, by firing up a steam plasma: Massive ecosystems, away from the sun! But biologists do not understand nuclear fusion, and physics do not understand biology.
But I am an engineer, so I talk to both of them! And they talk to me.
If we fire up a steam plasma it converts water into heat and light: With no toxic end product!
The nuclear radiation it produces is as low powered as that from a water fall! It will not get through the skin. And once started will not draw current, as it converts water into heat.
And there is enough water to power man, until the Earth is swallowed by the sun! By when we will be living on Titan and the outer planets.
So power with no CO2, and no toxic death. And free. Nuclear fission IS toxic death, and too expensive.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Life is impossible!

from JonThm on

No chemical reaction is vigourous enough to emit gamma rays, and can’t produce He! The only source on Earth, was thought to be nuclear fission in the deep! Which is toxic for life.
Green plants, animal blood systems and bacteria all do this trick! The take in CO2 and H2O, and release CH4, He and O - the latter forms O3 in the air. So life does molecular nuclear fusion from water!
Where ever we can smell O3, either the physical or biological world is doing molecular nuclear fusion.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Green Fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In the light, plant photoblasts use a photon of UV light, to do molecular nuclear fusion! This causes nuclear fusion to occur, from hydrogens bound up in molecules.
So here we form He, O, Gamma Wave Radiation and heat. So all these are on record!
All life on Earth does molecular nuclear fusion from water. But so does man’s steam cycle.
So we get heat and power, with no CO2, and none of the toxic death of nuclear fission.
This works with 236U, or other unstable isotopes. The U ore is mined, and a sequence of centrifuges purifies the U ore, so we get more of the unstable isotope.
In fission reactors, we form Pu – which is unstable in all isotopes, and is great for bombs. It his so toxic though!
And its fission rods are toxic for 100,000s of years! Nuclear power is toxic death.
In contrast life is power by safe, clean, free molecular nuclear fusion! The deep seas, green plants, bacteria and your own beating heart does it.
We see mf in your arteries – which is a part cause of cancer: We also require left over genome from your infective past.
Luckily we can get the immune system to clear these viral rumps. See the rest of my blog files!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Easy fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

We don’t bother with H gas: Nature doesn’t! We see loads of nuclear radiation from steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow – so we are going to do molecular nuclear fusion.
I thought this up in 2001, on my PhD into Global Warming. This got ended when I conclude that Global Warming was Public Relations from nuclear power. It is, but they control too much research money into engineering.
So we take steam at 120 C, and pass it through a contact with negative change, so we get H2O-. We introduce this into a torrous.
I would favor a ceramic torrous; though I don’t yet know what temperatures we are going to see.
So we drive the steam around the torrous. But at the same time we give it spin. So we are going to give the gas spin. So the steam flows around, in turbulent flow.
Turbulence is the major catalyst for nuclear fusion in the universe. We are gong to get magnetic and electric fields, plus a lot of heat. We don’t need a laser, we just need fluid turbulence.
My thanks here to Prof. Zimmerman – a good idea.
We are doing molecular nuclear fusion, so we are going to see temperatures of the 800 – 2,500 C range: we need to try one and see. It is very pressure linked.
We draw out some of the hot gas, filter out the lithium metal we will get, and drive a steam process.
So for the current to drive the gas around a 1 m torrous, we will generate 150 MWatts! With no CO2, or the toxic death of present nuclear power.
Forget lasers – that was just an academic idea to spend your money. A few electric fields will generate power from water.
Doing the molecular nuclear fusion the deep, water falls, green plants, animal blood system and growing bacteria all do.

Do we want HD-3D?


No: Somebody should have asked us! For the rare occasion we would want it, we go to the cinema.
At home it involves junking our present new gear! I bought a DVD to replace my CD player, and have use it twice! Really just to check it is all working.
Do I want to replace my TV? To get a higher definition picture, I can only see from one foot away from the TV. And pay extra to get the signal. Hell no!
Do I want ‘£D’ TV, which uses 1 out of ten tricks the brain employs to judge depth: And as a result get convulsions or a fit? I am not that mental, though I would be with ‘3D’.
And now they are going to change the spec for glasses, so they will work on your friends TV. It is evolving technology we do not even want. Or need.
Kit we do not want, that is very expensive, and will make our viewing dearer. And we will gain no benefit from.
It will go the way of HD-DVD, or 50s 3-D cinema. In two years, the media will be writing about why it never caught on.
Color TV, good idea. 3D TV, HD no.

Stopping volcanoes

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Land is pushed up from the sea by geothermal steam collecting in a magma chamber. Then the hot spot moves, and volcanism does down.
Occasionally another hot spot moves so it is charging the magma chamber, and we get a dormant volcano. This periodically erupts, as the geothermal water finds a way out to the surface.
The applied pressure drops, and all the magma chamber water boils. It is like Champagne as you take the cork out.
So we find dormant volcanoes, and drill down to the magma chamber, we locate using ground sonar.
We have inserted a valve, so we can slowly vent the pressure. This stops all future volcanoes at that spot.
Where we see the ground swelling we do this! And the land at Yellowstone Park is swelling. That is the sight of a mega volcano, which will take the US with it as it blows!
Drill down, and vent. Or die. The choice is yours!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Steam Fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Nature on Earth does loads of nuclear fusion – but from molecular hydrogen – usually water. It produces 60% of the heat Earth gets.
The original idea was from Prof Zimmerman: He said ‘the turbulent flow of H gas does nuclear fusion’. So CERN etc. should not be using nice smooth linear flow! They need a bit of spin with the hydrogen nuclei, to get turbulence and nuclear fusion.
The boiling surface of suns has H in turbulent flow, and we get nuclear fusion. Further down we have H under higher pressure, but the lack of turbulence means we do no nuclear fusion.
I wondered in 2003, why we did not see nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen. Prof Argent suggested I call this ‘molecular nuclear fusion’ so it was not ambiguous.
How there is an energy barrier to get over here. We need the kinetic interactions of the exposed H atoms to be above the strong atomic force for H. This is easier than with atomic H, as the valiancy electron is displaced towards the O atom.
So how will we tell where we are doing it? We will get He, O. nuclear radiation and heat. As there is no chemical source of He, it denotes and area of nuclear processes.
The water flowing around the Earth’s magma does it! So we see He, O, and nuclear radiation 2,000 that we would expect for local nuclear fission going on in the deep.
So this means the deep does nuclear fusion. And this would top up the radioactive isotopes, as all nuclear fission in the deep would run down after 10 million years.
We would expect no radioactive isotopes in the deep, if deep molecular nuclear fusion was not supplying extra neutrinos, and nuclear radiation.
There is no Pu in the deep – as its half life is too short, and it has all decayed. We find U, and in the reactor core of fission plants, we brew up Pu. Which we will need to replace every 5,000 years.
It is good for weapons, but so toxic, we really don’t want any around: Life certainly does not.
Let’s go nearer home. Our own bodies have blood in turbulent flow, with pressure waves. So we would expect to see molecular nuclear fusion.
We do, but only in the arteries and heart. The veins do not breach the energy barrier for molecular nuclear fusion. How can we tell?
Your blood system gives out Gamma Wave Radiation, and you breathe out CH4 and He: The CH4 comes from nature doing molecular nuclear fusion, using CO2 and H2O.
1 CO2+3H2OàHe+CH4+O.+γ+E1.
Plants in the light do this one! See my document ‘CO2 and Ice’
But the physical world gets in on the act, though it uses the water fall equation
2 H2OàHe+O3+γ+E6
So this goes on at water falls, breaking waves and in moist air, in the light, in turbulent flow. We only see this near the equator, due to the energy threshold. This powers hurricanes, which see do not see more than 30 degrees from the equator.
The most important places are in rain storms. The rain drops collide, and do 2. This provides the O3 we swell, and also fixes NOx, so light gains access to nitrogen. This is nature’s fertilizer!
Now the He2+ rise to above the clouds and the OH- falls to the ground. When we have 5,000V and 100 amps potential difference built up, we get a lightening strike.
This forms a weak down strike, of the slow movement of electron holes, towards the ground. But once it has reached there, we have an electrical pathway, and a 1.5 km steam plasma, 2 cm thick, discharging the bulk of the current.
One guess I saw for this is 1.2 x 1020 Watts. This seems in the right ball park. The power usage for the US for a decade, discharged in two seconds!
But lightening strikes are out of our control, but we can set up a steam plasma in a tube. 1m long, by 1 cm wide, will generate 6 MWatts continuously. Though it will use up some of the water.
I think cup full a year or decade – we need to fire one up and see. I told Sheffield University this in 2003, so await their results with interest.
It will take a day to set up, and a month to get results. So I dread to think what they are doing – other than saving life on Earth.
In the deep, steam bubbles pass into the high pressure sea water, and sets up a steam plasma which runs continuously like a little sun, and supports a massive ecosystem away from solar radiation.
All biology is driven by molecular nuclear fusion: Going on in plants, animals and bacteria: So I think fungi will do it too.
So life is fusion driven. All life. And no life does toxic nuclear fission: Which kills and pollutes for millennia. And occasionally kills half a continent.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Burning coal

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
To get more heat from coal, wet it down first! As it boils, the water converts into He and O
H2OàHe+O+E1 as it does molecular nuclear fusion
As the steam rises in a turbulent way, it doe molecular nuclear fusion: And gets converted into He and O gases – at the same time releasing masses of heat.
The O combines wit the C, to burn the coal at higher temperature.
So this suggests to get more heat from gas or oil, include water in the spray of fuel! This was known to the Nazis, but they didn’t understand what was going on!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Clean fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

On my PhD, Prof Zimmerman told me the turbulent flow of high pressure h gas did nuclear fusion. I thought about this.
Nature uses the turbulent flow of water to do molecular nuclear fusion! At water falls, breaking waves and the deep all give off nuclear radiation, as then turn H2O into He and O gases.
So free power, with no CO2: And none of the toxic death of nuclear fission: Which is so toxic, fatal and expensive.
In contrast, your own beating heart does molecular nuclear fusion, for free! You breathe out He and CH4, which the body makes from CO2 and H2O.
But we never considered molecular nuclear fusion: After all stars do nuclear fusion from H gas! But on Earth we see so much He and nuclear radiation produced from the turbulent flow of water.
So we should not be doing nuclear fission! Molecular nuclear fusion is safe, clean and cheap. And produces 4 times the power, weight for weight. From regular H2O, compared to enriched U.
Leave u to bombs! Nuclear fission is good at killing! Unintentionally a lot of the time.
So how best to do molecular nuclear fusion? Well we know a fluorescent light turns Na gas into heat and light – plus nuclear radiation again! Very low powered, which is why we are not bothered about the radiation.
So it looks like a steam plasma tube will replace the burning of all fossil fuels, and doing nuclear fission with toxic metal oxide tubes.
I told this to Sheffield University in 2001: So they should be ready to publish by now.
Can’t understand why it has taken them so long.

Cure cancer

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Immune wonder
The immune system can even eat bone! But it is not let loose, until the body sees danger. Then it turns IL-1 into 2 x IL-1+.
This makes IL-2…21. But once started, it ramps up to full power, until the danger is gone.
If we give a drip of IL-4, the active antibody to a new structure in the body is made. But we need to give IL-2 to action it! They the body makes the other IL-s for us!
This acts against the pathogen rump left behind by other illnesses. Viral rumps cause cancer, IBS, liver disease etc… .
If we from a bacterial rump in the arteries, we see heart disease. So a drip of IL-2 and IL-4 will sort all of these out!
At the same time, it will sort out traumatic head and spinal injuries.
I Fix
IL-2 and IL-4 will fix cancer, heart disease etc.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Prof Fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In 2001, while on a PhD, Prof Zimmerman told me that passing steam up a helix does nuclear fusion!
Certainly we see nuclear radiation off steam in a lightening strike, or at a hot smoker.
The importance here is that we get power, with no fossil fuels burn, or nuclear fission. The latter uses U or Pt, to produce bombs, or very toxic power plants.
That when they explode, pollute a continent. Before Chernobyl happened, we had the Windscale disaster of the 1950s.
Here we boiled off water to cool the fission down. But boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion, in the same way passing steam through a helix does nuclear fusion!
So we convert water into He, O, and a lot of heat. This explains why Windscale was such a disaster, they renamed it Selofield.
So wait, nature does nuclear fusion from water! Via molecular nuclear fusion. Power with no CO2, and no Global Warming. And we stop doing toxic nuclear fission.
` Thanks Prof, that is probably the most important idea I have ever heard. So what did he do with this idea? Nothing. Why?
Ask him.

French Nuclear

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Plants take in CO2 and excrete O2: So CO2 supports all life on Earth. Free CO2 in the air FOLLOWS the natural world climate.
So this means CO2 can only go up in a nice age. So Global Warming and ‘man made climate change’ are Public Relations by nuclear power. Who are the only people now pushing CC – as Global Warming was so wrong by 2005.
So EDF are French Nuclear Power. So not green: they are toxic death, in my, and most of the world’s opinion.
They sank ‘Rainbow Warrior’ – the Greenpeace Ship.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

H plasmas


An H plasma has naked protons and electrons in chaotic movement. The H nuclei are basically just a single proton.
This is interesting, as we get load of atomic interactions:
H++e- --> n0
1/2H+n0 --> 2/3H
Then we get radioactive decay
3H --> 1H+no+γ+E1
We get
21H --> 3/4He2+gamma rays+E2
So we are burning H into high frequency electro magnetic radiation and energy. But on Earth, we don’t really see this – though on suns we do.
The experiments in Ireland (Which have now vanished from Google) found this was very exothermic. MIT and Oxford are now doing experiments on shooting a laser into H gas.
Why? When we wish to look at plasmas on Earth, we use an electric field! So the simplest way to study nuclear fusion on Earth is via a tube submerged in liquid water.
This is interesting, as the place on Earth we see H plasmas, is a lightening strike. The down stroke discharges the 5,000 V and 100 Amps, set up by water droplets colliding in heavy rain.
This does
H2O --> He2++O2-+E3
The O then bonds with O2, to form ozone – O3. We get the same molecular nuclear fusion at water falls and in fields of green crops.
We then set up a steam plasma; which is a mixed H and O plasma. This liberates 1.2 x1020 Watts.
If we set a mixed plasma in a tube, all the neutrons cause the O to fission into more H, and so electro magnetic radiation and heat.
So a 1m steam plasma tube will liberate 6 MWatts of power: In the right energy range to power a street or company. With no CO2 or toxic waste.
It uses molecular nuclear fusion, the safe energy system that water falls do! So cheap, non fatal, and no CO2.
Global Warming was thought up by nuclear power to get more nuclear fission plants. But by 2005 even nuclear power had given up on this idea, and switched to climate change.
No historic justification – which is why nobody with half a brain even listens to them!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Nature does fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Throughout nature, we see the turbulent flow of high pressure water produce massive amounts of heat, nuclear radiation, and He.
The production of Gamma Wave and X-ray Radiation is too energetic for chemical processes, as is the amount of heat we get. It is the province of nuclear radiation.
There is no chemical source of He! It is lost to space. The only He we see is the result of nuclear operations.
But we see 10,000 times too much for the nuclear fission going on in the deep: There isn’t that amount of Thorium about.
And we see Gamma Wave Radiation, He, O and heat from the Earth’s Mantel! Where there is no appreciable nuclear fission going on.
And all the time the Earth is brewing too much He! For fission.
But not for molecular nuclear fusion! Here we convert H2O into Gamma Wave Radiation, heat, He and O. In other words, the Earth is fusion powered!
The Earth gets more heat from molecular nuclear fusion from water, that it receives energy from the sun. We didn’t see it, because we did not look!
I looked because of the production of He from, the seas and the deep.
Passing H gas around a torrous was never going to work! On suns we have H gas in turbulent flow. It then creates massive heat and pressure.
But the deep does molecular nuclear fusion from water, at 3 C, and 2 bars! As the pressure builds we see more molecular nuclear fusion, but it kicks in ten feet below the surface.
CERN want to do fusion? Simple: You need room temperature and 2 bar pressure H+ nuclei, but give them spin as they go around the torrous. So we have turbulent, not linear flow.
Linear flow was never going to work: Prof Zimmerman told me in 2001 that turbulent flow gave nuclear fusion.
He was meaning of H gas, but nature does so much molecular nuclear fusion, using a steam plasma. Plasmas give turbulent flow above the strong atomic force which keeps H+ apart.
Get kinetic interactions above that energy, and we do nuclear fusion. Not hard. Nature does it at hot smokers, with green fields in the light, animal blood systems, water falls, deep water, in the light air …
Man does it via the steam cycle. So if we produce a recycling steam cycle, that uses a Carnot heat pump to return the vast bulk of the heat from the spent steam, as I suggested in 2003, we need burn no fossil fuels.
No CO2. A whiff of He and O – like we get from the sea. None of the toxic death we see from nuclear fission.

Lets Do Fusion

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I was taught on my M.Eng, at Sheffield University in 1982, that as steam went around a bend, we got off nuclear radiation.
I was doing a PhD under Dr Zimmerman in 1982, and he told me fluid turbulence can give nuclear fusion. This stopped me in my tracks!
I left Sheffield, but continued to think. In 2003, I thought about molecular nuclear fusion. Here is we have atomic or molecular hydrogen in turbulent flow, if we have H on H interactions we will see nuclear fusion.
We see this at hot smokers, and with deep water currents! Here we have fluid turbulence, and high pressure water.
So this is why steam engines give off nuclear fusion! But their nuclear fusion is largely accidental. A fire tube boiler does so much molecular nuclear fusion though.
To do molecular nuclear fusion, we wan to pump water up a helix – as Prof Zimmerman told me.
So we can take off some of the heated water, vent it to lower pressure, and drive a steam process.
This generates power, to drive the pumps we want to distribute the heat. All the time, the helix replaces a fossil fuels boiler.
So we get power, with no CO2!