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The Earth does fusion

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Throughout the universe, suns shine through atomic nuclear fusion on stars. But all life on Earth does nuclear fusion from water – molecular hydrogen.
On Earth nature does loads of nuclear fusion – but going from water or steam in turbulent flow!
The unexpected
On my degree, we were taught that stars did atomic nuclear fusion. We were not taught molecular nuclear fusion existed! But it turns out it is all through nature!
In photoblasts, mitochondria, animal blood systems, deep sea current, air in the light, and ,most importantly, where we boil off water.
In 2001 Prof Zimmerman told me that fluid turbulence can give nuclear fusion. He was expecting me to do more work on this idea – but then my PhD got ended: For reasons never explained.
The barrier here, is the strong atomic force. And also the protection given by the orbiting electron.
With H, there is only one electron, with He only two! We do see nuclear fusion up to Fe, but here we need to force the electrons away from the nucleus. We need high pressure gas flow – like we see on suns.
Outside suns, we do not have the pressure or temperature to do nuclear fusion.
But atomic nuclear fusion is not the only game in town! In 2003 I asked my contacts why we did not see molecular nuclear fusion. But then I found the natural world was full of molecular nuclear fusion.
Usually from water, but we see Gamma Wave Radiation in ammonia, hydrocarbon, ethanol and water refineries. That is NH4, (CH2)mH2, CH5OH and H2O.
So where ever we have compounds of hydrogen in turbulent flow. It turns out plants and animals also go from H2O, using biological or physical catalysts.
Boiling of water does molecular nuclear fusion – just! Really we want a pressurized system to do nuclear fusion.
This is why diesel engines out perform petrol engines, as the turbulence does flame molecular nuclear fusion. And this area has not been researched.
Diesel engines only fire, as the turbulence of high pressure oil does molecular nuclear fusion, which causes flame molecular nuclear fusion, and ignition of the non volatile oil.
So man has tried linear flow of H gas and got little nuclear fusion – basically the process is endothermic.
They have used pressure, but insist on linear flow. This is not the way suns work!
We want to induce spin on the circulating H nuclei. This produces turbulence in the gas, which give us massive amounts of nuclear fusion.
CERN have it so wrong! Really they want a small torrous, and room temperature H gas: As we want the H nuclei closely packed.
This will do nuclear fusion, and release massive amounts of heat and Gamma Wave Radiation. (I include here X-rays and other high frequency electro magnetic radiation)
We are much better off using charged steam molecules! Which are hydroxyl molecules – OH-!
We pressurize these molecules, and introduce them into the fusion torrous, with spin.
Steam will dissociate, so we get a 2H+ and O2- gases. These will spin in opposite directions, giving us more collisions.
The O and H bounce off each other, but the H on H collisions occurs at above the strong atomic force for H! We get nuclear fusion. Producing He, and any deuterium or tritium will spray off surplus neutrons.
We produce loads of Gamma Wave Radiation – and this interacts with He nuclei, to produce 3He. These decays – spraying off the extra neutron.
Here we realize I nearly did the right degree! Engineering materials covered some aspects of radioactivity, but not as much as a physics degree would have done.
The collisions of the naked H+ nuclei with valiancy electrons of the O, will from more neutrons. Which do not bond with the fast moving electrons, but instead bond with nuclei, making them into unstable isotopes.
We thus get H++e-àn0
We also see OàBeàHe.
The He goes to 3He, which goes to 2/3H, which fissions into heat and light. So we are doing damped nuclear fusion.
This will not kill all life within 5 km, and will run at moderate pressure. H atomic nuclear fusion is too energetic.
H2O molecular nuclear fusion is much better – which his why nature is driven by it.
Burning fossil fuels doe flame molecular nuclear fusion – and so man has done nuclear fusion since he burned hydrocarbons and carbohydrates.
So nature does nuclear fusion – usually from water! Producing a whiff of He and O – water falls and breaking waves – plus the deep sea and fields of green crops are my best examples.
So there is nothing hard about nuclear fusion! But you will never mange it with linear flow of atomic or molecular H.
You want turbulent flow. Particularly around FCC or biological catalysts. But the most important catalyst – as told to me in 2001 by Prof Zimmerman is fluid turbulence.

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