Sunday, 30 May 2010

Physical Fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
CERN gets $150 billion a year to look into nuclear fusion. All the time nature turn water into He and O, plus heat and electro magnetic radiation: It does molecular nuclear fusion!
Chaos wins out!

Think off water as O, bonded to two tiny H atoms: They are exposed, and subject to colliding, if we have fluid turbulence. And nature is full of turbulence.
Then we from he and O, plus a lot of heat and electro magnetic radiation: We actually forms He2+, and OH2-: The OH2- falls towards the ground, but the He2+ rises into the air.
In heavy rain storms, we have the chaotic interaction of water molecules. So that the H atoms interact more strongly than the strong atomic force drives them apart.
So we get molecular nuclear fusion!
2H2OHe2++OH2- and 2OH2-H2O+O.2-+2e-
And O.2-+O2O3
The He2+ floats to above the clouds, the negative electrical charge ends up at the ground. Once we have 5,000 Volts, and 100 Amps, we get a lightening bolt: All the while, our nose can smell the O3.
So the down stroke discharges the charge built up by rain doing physical molecular nuclear fusion.
But this sets up a steam plasma. The chaotic flow of electrons up through a steam plasma does so much molecular nuclear fusion! We are talking about 1.2 x 1020 Watts.
At a guess, that is the total power usage of the US for a decade! From one lightening bolt.
But they are 2 cm wide, and 1,5 km long! But if we set up a 10 cm long tube, we can get 6,000 MWatts continuously.
Once started such a tube will continue shining, while we top up with water. So power with no CO2, or toxic death! No fossil fuels burn.
A flame of fossil fuels doe molecular nuclear fusion, but there are far better, cleaner and cheaper ways to do nuclear fusion.
MIT are looking at an H plasma tube. This will work – but rather too well! A steam plasma tube is a far better idea.
But nature abounds with molecular nuclear fusion!
Fields of green crops in the light do it – and produce O3, O., CH4 and He. The O3 can be detected by the human nose.
Water falls produce He and O3 – back to the nose again! And the water at the base is 20 C warmer than the top – and forms a region of warm mist.
Breaking waves do the same! He and O3, plus heat again.
So that $150 billion can be used to give man fusion power. Nature has been doing it for 3.8 billion years- from H2O!

Air Fusion

Jonathan Thomason Salford Quays
In Polar air, there is little radioactive background count! What there is comes from the sun and space!
At the deserts, there is little plant growth, so no real isotope difference from Polar air! But it is moist.
All the water molecules collide, leading to H on H events. We get nuclear fusion from the Hs, to form He! So the extra O goes on to form O3 – ozone.
Molecular nuclear fusion also produces so much heat! Which is why Polar air is so cold, equatorial air so hot.
We also get this in the arable country side, at water falls and with breaking waves, and deep ocean currents, where we also see molecular nuclear fusion.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Carbon dates explained

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Carbon dates

Life takes in CO2, and combines it with water – doing molecular nuclear fusion! This generates Gamma Wave Radiation and alpha particles, that changes 12C to 14C.
If we correct for the background molecular nuclear fusion rate, we can establish when the substance was last alive.
Both plants and animals do biological molecular nuclear fusion. So if we apply correction for local radiation rates, the decay of 14C to 12 C, will tell us when the substance was last alive
Plants take in CO2, and combine it with water, to form carbohydrates. They excrete O2 – their waste gas.
So the more CO2 there is in the air, potentially the more life there is! But ice ages increase the free CO2 in the air; warm periods decrease it, as we get fewer and more plants on Earth.
So CO2 reacts to the climate, and we see more free CO2 during a cool phase. Globally it is at 2 parts per million today. That is 0.000002%. This is a trace gas.
Since the industrial revolution man has emitted more CO2, and as Harvard have documented, there is 15% more life on Earth than in 18C, when we had a little ice age.
So there was more free CO2 in the air. It should be noted that there can be no global increase in CO2 from fossil fuels burning.
We get more life on Earth, not more free CO2 in the air. Therefore CO2 has no effect on the climate!
It is a climate follower. So in photosynthesis we see
Where l=UV light E=energy γ=gamma wave radiation
So CO2 is the gas of life, and Global Warming was thought up by nuclear power – but they are the agents of death. And as explained above, there has bee n no increase in free CO2 due to man.
No He2+ is also called an alpha particle. This either bonds with carbon, or the oxygen, or it is excreted with the O.
So we get
12C+He2++e‑à14C and 16O+He2++e-à18O
But 18O decays in 48 years, 14C in 5,000 years. So carbon dates can date human artifacts, and some fossil life. For older material, we use phosphorous dating, which will give us a date for when rocks were last molten!
As the interatomic interactions of fluids, can exceed the weak atomic force, and we see inter nuclei interactions high enough to alter material half lives, down to seconds from 100,000s of years.
So if we have fission waste, we should melt it, and keep it molten with steam bubbles.
As steam in turbulent flow does loads of molecular nuclear fusion, and we see the creation of He2+ particles, and O.
A lot of physical processes do molecular nuclear fusion! Water falls, breaking waves and other turbulent flows do
So it turns out that molecular nuclear fusion is the dominant energy system on Earth! Burning fossil fuels produces He2+, from the turbulence of steam in the fossil fuels flame.
Here we produce CO2 – but this is how life does molecular nuclear fusion! Turning it into methane and helium.
Both plant photoblasts and animal and bacterial mitochondria take in CO2 and H2O, and either produce methane, or excrete the methane and helium, and use the free energy to drive an animal body.
So CO2 turns out to be the gas of life: Global Warming turns out to be the public relations of nuclear power.
Fission is a fatal technology. We can use a Windermere kettle to make the entire fission material safe, and get all the energy we need from molecular nuclear fusion.
Which is free, safe and clean: And is how nature powers itself!

The Earth does fusion

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Throughout the universe, suns shine through atomic nuclear fusion on stars. But all life on Earth does nuclear fusion from water – molecular hydrogen.
On Earth nature does loads of nuclear fusion – but going from water or steam in turbulent flow!
The unexpected
On my degree, we were taught that stars did atomic nuclear fusion. We were not taught molecular nuclear fusion existed! But it turns out it is all through nature!
In photoblasts, mitochondria, animal blood systems, deep sea current, air in the light, and ,most importantly, where we boil off water.
In 2001 Prof Zimmerman told me that fluid turbulence can give nuclear fusion. He was expecting me to do more work on this idea – but then my PhD got ended: For reasons never explained.
The barrier here, is the strong atomic force. And also the protection given by the orbiting electron.
With H, there is only one electron, with He only two! We do see nuclear fusion up to Fe, but here we need to force the electrons away from the nucleus. We need high pressure gas flow – like we see on suns.
Outside suns, we do not have the pressure or temperature to do nuclear fusion.
But atomic nuclear fusion is not the only game in town! In 2003 I asked my contacts why we did not see molecular nuclear fusion. But then I found the natural world was full of molecular nuclear fusion.
Usually from water, but we see Gamma Wave Radiation in ammonia, hydrocarbon, ethanol and water refineries. That is NH4, (CH2)mH2, CH5OH and H2O.
So where ever we have compounds of hydrogen in turbulent flow. It turns out plants and animals also go from H2O, using biological or physical catalysts.
Boiling of water does molecular nuclear fusion – just! Really we want a pressurized system to do nuclear fusion.
This is why diesel engines out perform petrol engines, as the turbulence does flame molecular nuclear fusion. And this area has not been researched.
Diesel engines only fire, as the turbulence of high pressure oil does molecular nuclear fusion, which causes flame molecular nuclear fusion, and ignition of the non volatile oil.
So man has tried linear flow of H gas and got little nuclear fusion – basically the process is endothermic.
They have used pressure, but insist on linear flow. This is not the way suns work!
We want to induce spin on the circulating H nuclei. This produces turbulence in the gas, which give us massive amounts of nuclear fusion.
CERN have it so wrong! Really they want a small torrous, and room temperature H gas: As we want the H nuclei closely packed.
This will do nuclear fusion, and release massive amounts of heat and Gamma Wave Radiation. (I include here X-rays and other high frequency electro magnetic radiation)
We are much better off using charged steam molecules! Which are hydroxyl molecules – OH-!
We pressurize these molecules, and introduce them into the fusion torrous, with spin.
Steam will dissociate, so we get a 2H+ and O2- gases. These will spin in opposite directions, giving us more collisions.
The O and H bounce off each other, but the H on H collisions occurs at above the strong atomic force for H! We get nuclear fusion. Producing He, and any deuterium or tritium will spray off surplus neutrons.
We produce loads of Gamma Wave Radiation – and this interacts with He nuclei, to produce 3He. These decays – spraying off the extra neutron.
Here we realize I nearly did the right degree! Engineering materials covered some aspects of radioactivity, but not as much as a physics degree would have done.
The collisions of the naked H+ nuclei with valiancy electrons of the O, will from more neutrons. Which do not bond with the fast moving electrons, but instead bond with nuclei, making them into unstable isotopes.
We thus get H++e-àn0
We also see OàBeàHe.
The He goes to 3He, which goes to 2/3H, which fissions into heat and light. So we are doing damped nuclear fusion.
This will not kill all life within 5 km, and will run at moderate pressure. H atomic nuclear fusion is too energetic.
H2O molecular nuclear fusion is much better – which his why nature is driven by it.
Burning fossil fuels doe flame molecular nuclear fusion – and so man has done nuclear fusion since he burned hydrocarbons and carbohydrates.
So nature does nuclear fusion – usually from water! Producing a whiff of He and O – water falls and breaking waves – plus the deep sea and fields of green crops are my best examples.
So there is nothing hard about nuclear fusion! But you will never mange it with linear flow of atomic or molecular H.
You want turbulent flow. Particularly around FCC or biological catalysts. But the most important catalyst – as told to me in 2001 by Prof Zimmerman is fluid turbulence.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Plasma tube

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Lightening is a steam plasma: And here a 1.5 km, 2 cm wide plasma, releases 1.2 x 1020 Watts. This is the biggest number I have ever seen! Exceeded only by the numbers of stars in the universe.
Scale it down to a 1 cm wide, I meter long steam, plasma in a tube. This will release 6,000 Giga Watts: Enough for a large, American city. From water.
Power with no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear power from u – which kills. Nuclear invented Global Warming for the stupid to believe.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Why fission?


After Chernobyl, they were despirate to be 'green'. They are not, they are toxic death. They produce toxic waste, that is dangerous for 100,000s years!
In contrast, a water fall converts water into He and O, with loads of heat! Totally non toxic, and free. It produces 3He, like the deep does – that also does molecular nuclear fusion.
Green plants in the light do it too! Taking in CO2 and releasing He, O and building carbohydrates and life!
CO2 is life. Nuclear power is expensive, toxic death. Climate change is their fiction. Nuclear fusion, as MIT is doing from a H plasma, is 20,000,000 times cheaper!


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In the light, green plants take in CO2, H2O and light. And they do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion.
They excrete O, excess CH4, He and produce heat and Gamma Wave Radiation. Most of the CH4 is used to build carbohydrates with more water!

Monday, 24 May 2010

No CO2

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In an H plasma, the H atoms collide so hard, we from He, and release loads of heat! We do nuclear fusion.
This is power with no CO2, so no Global Warming or climate change. ‘climate change’ was only ever pr by nuclear power, and the world is in a cooling phase now.
So rather than admit Global Warming was wrong, nuclear power renamed it – but it is just antoher name for weather, and has nothing to do with man or CO2.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

CO2 sink

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Global Warming was devised by physics guys, who knew no biology. They did not know about the carbon cycle.
Plants take in CO2, and combine it with water:
CO2+3H20-->CH4+He+2O2 +O+Energy+γ
The metane is combined with more water, to form carbohydrates - CH4(H2O)m
Oxygen is thus excreted by plants, and is the greatest polluter in Earth’s history!
Animals do
The upshot is, life takes in CO2: Sea plants and bacteria are better thean land plants! When ice melts, is displaces less water than the sea level it displaces, so Global Warming would cause a sea fall!
But plants sink all the CO2, so the global climate change we see, is linked ot solar emission cycles – not man’s CO2!
The major Global Warming gas is water vapor – without which htehre would be no life on Earth. This is because the turbulent flow of water vapour does air molecular nuclear fusion.
So there can have been no CO2 change since the industrial revolution: Problem for “Global Warming”! It is totally spurious Public Relations from nuclear power.
Real Global Warming, rather than the Public Relations from nuclear power, is all linked to evaporation of water from the sea and lakes of the Earth.
Meanwhile, nuclear power is toxic, polluting, and with little events like Chernobyl, the most fatal technology allowed on Earth today.
In contrast the deep does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Releasing He, O, γ and heat, for free!
No toxic end product. Molecular nuclear fusion is done by green plants, and your own blood system – it is that safe!

Little suns

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
At hot smokers, the steam rising up through high pressure water sets up a steam plasma! As the bubble collapse, they turn water into He and O.
We get off massive amounts of heat, and radiation! The steam plasma supports a massive ecosystem, and acts like a little sun.
On suns, a hydrogen plasma sets up nuclear fusion! And we get massive heat and radiation. It is only because we are so far from Sol, that there is life on the surface of the Earth.
But there are massive amounts of life local to the hot smoker! Supported by molecular nuclear fusion caused by collapsing bubbles of steam.
When you boil liquid water on the surface of the earth, we get a blip of molecular nuclear fusion as the water boilers: All water boilers today do molecular nuclear fusion.
No fusion torrous! No high temperatures or pressures. Those are a result of nuclear fusion, not its cause.
The major catalyst IN THE UNIVERSE for nuclear fusion is fluid turbulence in a gas plasma. An H plasma is too energetic.
A steam plasma will supply all the heat and power we want.
With no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear power from u. And it is 20 million times cheaper than other power generation systems.
Totally non toxic and it produces no CO2: But there again, plants take in CO2, and excrete O2, as they support all life on Earth.
So mans CO2 has created more life on Earth, but there is no more CO2 in the air that 200 years ago, so there can be no effect of the weather.
That was a lie from nuclear power, who were trying to make themselves ‘green’ after Chernobyl.
They are not. The are expensive, toxic, death.

CO23 is life!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2. So since the industrial revolution, man has put out 20% of the 2 parts per million CO2 in the GLOBAL air: Only local levels in cities can be higher.
So since man started burning fossil fuels, all he has done is return the organic carbon to life! There is more life on Earth.
There is no more CO2 in the air. CO2 has not historic effect on the weather, and as there has been no change in free CO2, there can have been no effect on the climate.
That was a lie form nuclear power an its stooges! Nuclear power kills, pollutes and is toxic, Global Warming was its attempt to make itself green.
So they attack the gas plants take in to grow: But still they are toxic death! EDF talk about organic carbon – but they are French Nuclear!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Clean power

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

In 2001, I knew boiling water gave off radiation! I even knew it produced steam with a 20 C super heat, and made He. Thus on my PhD I proposed using a Carnot, helical turbulence, heat exchanger in place of a cooling tower.
Thank you for the idea of helical turbulence by the way. So we get off 20 C in the boiler room, and also in the turbine hall.
If we use Nimonics today, we should give them a Ti plate. The best blades are ceramic, coated with a layer of TiO by the way!
Then we can run the blades at 2,200 C, rather than 1,800 C. Turbine hall give off Gamma Wave Radiation as we do molecular nuclear fusion by the way.
We have a mixture of turbulence and FCC fusion here. So steam engines run off nuclear fusion by the way! Or should I say, expansion steam engines – as condensing engines do not.
So a helical turbulence heat exchanger will actually do molecular nuclear fusion, but we end up with the system heat, boiling, FCC and turbulence, plus cooling molecular nuclear fusion.
This is why PWRs use a steam cycle, and produce too much heat for E=mc2
But we do not need to do toxic nuclear fission. On return from Egypt my head was full of the idea from 2001.
Run a water boiler as a Windermere kettle, and loop back 40% of the steam (At a guess)
Use the rest, after a small vent to ensure we have sufficient super heat, to generate power: This we use to drive a house or power a car!
We then condense the used steam on a helical turbulence heat exchanger, and return 85% of the heat to the boiler room. This is the system heat, plus 20%.
So we immerse the hot end in the water boiler, and have a closed system, that turns water into He and O. Both totally harmless –and are produce by all power stations on Earth today.
So we add a bottle of water a year. No petrol, no CO2, and no toxic death.