Saturday, 6 February 2010

The world cools

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After Chernobyl, nuclear power got its stooges to say CO2 made the weather warm! This was due to a very weak effect when CO2 was at 2%.
As a professor at Harvard noted, the data suggests it is between 0.00002% and 0.000037% (3.7 ppm – this may be 0.0000037%). So where is the historic data?
Look, there isn’t any! Global Warming is Public Relations by nuclear power, designed to kill.
They came up with the idea as the world warmed. This natural phase ended in 1998. By then too many scientists needed it to be true, they just ignored reality.
The local weather just changes where the heat is on the Earth. So if you sum the world weather, using weather satellites, we will see if the globe is warming or cooling.
It got warmest in 1998: Since then the Global Warming crew has been saying the cooling we see is due to weather. This is silly!
Weather doesn’t affect the global climate! It just spreads the heat of the sun out in different ways.
One area would warm, another would cool. But this winter the whole of the Northern hemisphere has cooled! The globe has cooled.
This is not weather, it is the global climate. Scientists who try and say the globe is warming, are in the pay of
nuclear power!

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