Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Warm us

By JonThm on YouTube.com Jonathan Thomason
The scientists with links to nuclear power assured us CO2 caused Global Warming: They ignored the fact the natural weather cycle was due to turn in 2004.
1998 was the warmest year on record, and since 2005 we have been in global cooling. Now we are in a big freeze!
Global Warming was invented to get new nuclear power plants – which are fatal. But Copenhagen was when the world delivered its verdict. Totally unimpressed by Global Warming: And the data from the UK met office showed a cooling world.
Using the logic of Global Warming, every year since China industrialized and stared releasing CO2 should have been warmer. 1998 should not have been singular – that is 11 years ago.
So using their logic, we want more CO2 – and higher temperatures. And to stop the seas falling.
This one was a sham\e. In recorded history CO2 levels have varied in the air, as has sea levels – totally out of step. In the same way temperatures have varied by solar cycles, and 4 years later CO2 has followed.
So the last thing Gordon Brown should be doing is taxing carbon fuels: He wants more CO2 in the air. Though he will have to kiss goodbye to the £22 billion profits he gets from carbon tax.
But people are dying here! More CO2 and lower carbon taxes.

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