Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sea fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In the deep, we see the turbulent flow of high pressure water. At areas of high flow, we see the production of O, He, gamma rays and heat.
So the deep seas do molecular nuclear fusion. If is safe, cheap and clean. It is how nature powers itself.
We see in with green plants, animal blood systems, water falls and deep rivers. Plus all man’s steam engines. So the industrial revolution was fusion driven.
The gamma rays are low strength, and the He we lose to space. Animals breathe in the O, and we all get to live.
Life does not do nuclear fission from U etc.. It is too toxic and dangerous. Life is fusion driven.
Though this creates heavy water in the deep, it goes off from regular water – as plants show. So clean safe power, with no CO2 or toxic death.

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