Sunday, 13 December 2009

The life saver

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into He, O, heat and very low power gamma waves. Your kettle does it, so the gammas can’t fight their way out of a kettle.
We apply fluid turbulence to steam or high pressure water, and the atoms knock together so hard; some of them fuse their Hs, into He! So we take a H from two atoms of water.
So power with no CO2: But you tell the Global Warming crew about this, and they go on about CO2! And then go on about nuclear power.
Fissioning U or Pu into other atoms does release a bit of heat, but it creates toxic death, and waste that must be stored for 100,000 years.
It releases ¼ of the power. And it has to mine, purify and ship U ore from around the world. So it releases AS MUCH CO2 as burning fossil fuels.
If you burn gas, deep water bacteria take in the CO2, and convert it back into methyl hydrate.
Life sinks CO2: Plants take in CO2, release O2, and build plant bulk – so they support more life on Earth. It is called the carbon circuit – and is how life works!
In the Jurassic there was 80% more life on Earth – so that means animals were breathing out 95% more CO2 than they do today. And sea levels were 65 meters lower.
Though there was 10% more O2 in the air.
Today 95% of the CO2 comes from animals enhailing it. So man’s CO2 has not increased the trace of CO2 in the air – the 0.000037%.
Plant yields have gone up 8% since the industrial revolution – so free CO2 in the air has not shifted! How could it – plants take in all the CO2 they can get.
Above 1%, plants start to get saturated, but there is only 0.000037% in the air.
So Global Warming was devised by nuclear powers, who know no biology. So free CO2 has not shifted – so how could the climate have need affected by it?
Through history CO2 trails the natural weather by 4 years: That’s right, it follows the wax and wane of plants, that follows the weather.
So CO2 goes up in an ice age – and that is coming now! So CO2 rises in an ice age, so how could it cause warming? It follows the cold.

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