Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Carbon dating

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Plants take in CO2 and H2O and produce He, CH4 and O! The O goes to form O3 in the air, and the CH4 goes to form hydrocarbons – with the formula Cm(H2O)n
Deep sea bacteria do the same, producing CH5OH. Which breaks down in mantel pockets to form CH4 and H2O again. If there is Pt metal around, we polymerise the CH4 to form long chain hydrocarbons.
Animal life combines CO2 circulating in the blood, with H2O, to form He, CH4 and O.
So all life on Earth froms 14C. While it is alive! When it is dead, it forms 12C. And the rate of decay is based on the half life of 14C, which 1s 5,700 years. History uses carbon dates with no explanation.
It just works – because all life on Earth does molecular nuclear fusion from water and CO2.
Which is great, except we get physical molecular nuclear fusion, which release gamma waves. Which massively decrease the half life of 14C.
Which means that stuff buried in a peat bog 50 years ago, will carbon date to 2000 years ago.
Water falls and the deep sea and lakes do the same. So we need to correct for the local background rate, assuming there has been no substantive chage – like diverting a river, or more of the shore line.
So in other words; Nature is full of molecular nuclear fusion! And carbon dates are nearly useless.
So now we know how they work, and why they don’t!
We also know how biology and nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water.

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