Friday, 21 August 2009

Stopping Earthquakes

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I have sent this one, four times! As yet with no response. Earth events, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are driven by geothermal steam.
We know that eruptions are preceded by steam venting from the eruption area. This does not release the pressure, it allows the geothermal water in the magma chamber to boil, and increase the pressure.
If the magma chamber has no pool of lava in, we get tectonic adjustment, so an Earthquake, rather than an eruption.
We also know that eruptions, like avalanches, give out gamma radiation! Here is the proof of molecular nuclear fusion! Nature does it big time. Also in breaking waves, or at a water fall.
Will doubted it, but nature does molecular nuclear fusion all around! As your heart beats, it does molecular nuclear fusion. As does the blood as it flows around your arteries.
The way to stop Earth events is to use sonar on the ground around dormant volcanoes, or Earthquake zones.
We are looking for the fluid filled magma chamber. Luckily as sound waves pass through bodies of water, they do molecular nuclear fusion! So show us as bright spots on the sonar trace.
The same thing happens with microwave, radar scans. Molecular nuclear fusion again will!
Once we have located the chamber, we drill down, and install a vent pipe. It must have a valve on, as we only release the pressure slowly.
Otherwise, we make the water boil, and we cause an Earthquake. If I had still been on my PhD, this would all have come out in 2004.

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