Saturday, 8 August 2009

Radioactive life

Plants take in CO2[i], combine it with H2O, and produce CH4, He, O, head and gamma waves.
CO2 + 6 H2O -> CH4 + He + O +emr + heat
Where emr is electromagnetic radiation. In the gamma range here.
In the process it sprays out a neutron. These bond with 12C to form 13C[ii]. So if we know the local background count, we can figure out the half life on 13C, and the ration of 12C to 13C will give us the date the plant matter was last alive.
But animals combine the carbohydrates, produced by bonding CH4 with H2O, with O2 from the air, to get at energy[iii] – and on the way also do molecular nuclear fusion!
CH5OHn + (n-1)O2 -> 13CO2 + nH2O + He +emr + heat
So Animals also produce 13C[iv].
Nature produces gamma waves plus He and O, wherever it is doing molecular nuclear fusion. This O bonds with O2, to give O3.
So wherever life is doing molecular nuclear fusion, we get He and O3[v]!
So locally, we can get increased background counts, which go along with higher levels of neutrons.
They bond with 13C, to form 14C[vi], which is very unstable! So we see an increased rate of decay into 12C. In the deep, at peat bogs, at water falls, and in fields in the country.
So molecular nuclear fusion explains why radio carbon dating works, but also says why we need to amend the dates we have given to objects![vii]

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