Saturday, 22 August 2009

Melt the ice

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
We have a chain of steam plasma tubes, and we anchor them on the edge of the ice sheets. They are attached to buoys, and occasionally we will need to reattach their telescopic anchor points.
So the tubes turn water into heat, with no power once fired up. Now we will melt the ice, so it will run back to the equator at 0 C.
It doesn’t sit there as a block of cold in the sea water at 3 C, but it will run back towards the equator, picking up heat as it goes.
Exporting solar cold to the world. So we warm the Poles, and cool the equator. Suddenly the warm sea currents are not melt by a block of ice, but flows free3ly, taking solar heat to the cold lands.
By freeing up these heat flows, we even out the temperature around the Earth. We warm the Poles, and cool the hot lands. All by freeing up the flows of cold to flow back to the equator.
Prof. Zimmerman is annoyed with me, as he is a genius, but would rather I had not told the world his ideas to do atomic nuclear fusion from H gas. My idea of doing atomic nuclear fusion from water he had not thought of. But Prof Z is also aware of the bigger picture.
Even though it was an extension of fluid turbulence. You see, curing Global Warming destroys the income stream of universities.
And he works for a university. So the call went out in 1980, study Global Warming, but do not cure it.
Molecular nuclear fusion so does. And nature does it big time. In the air and seas. As I said last time ‘simples!’
Come to think of it, nature is melting the North Polar ice cap. So it is happening naturally. Brilliant. Prof Zimmerman is also aware, tghere is a lot of work to be done on H plasmas.

Yes we sort out GW overnight, btu then ti is on to the 20 years research to find out how it all works.

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