Saturday, 29 August 2009


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

The gentel buffeting of rain drops, will produce 20 Watts over the whole rain storm.
But the knocking together of water drops does molecular nuclear fusion. So we get electrical fragments of water. The He2+ rises to above the cloud, and the 2 x OH- falsl to Earth.
So this is the motive force for the lightening. It would take about 250 K Volts to arc across the warm air. But all the molecular nuclear fusion we set off means we only need 5,000 V. And the amperage is tiny.
Once we have the electrical pathway of charged molecules form, we get an up stroke of 1.3 Terra Watts. This is like 1 million, million Watts.
The upstroke forms a steam plasma, which does loads of molecular nuclear fusion.
So we get ozone, light and radiation. So lightening is nature doing nuclear fusion. But we all knew that anyway.
The neat bit is that we can strike up a steam plasma in a glass tube, and replace the burning of fossil fuels. This only sets off flame molecular nuclear fusion anyway.
We produce no toxic end product like nuclear power, and no CO2.
Life had no problem with CO2 – it supports all life on Earth. Only the stooges to nuclear power have a problem with it.
But nuclear power is toxic death! For this work, sheffeild University didn't give me my PhD! Why not? It saves life on Earth. and makes power very cheap. And ends nuclear fission - which kills!

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