Friday, 28 August 2009

Ecological idiots

By ‘JonThm’ on

After Chernobyl, nuclear power realised it had to make itself ‘green’. Problem, they are fatal and toxic.
So the picked on CO2, ignoring the fact plants takes it in to support all life on Earth – life nuclear power kills.
So in the 80s they used the natural warming phase, and an idea from ‘Soylent Green’ to say CO2 caused the greenhouse effect. News Week magazine thought up the name ‘Global Warming’.
But the short term cycles of the sun makes the climate repeat every 28 years. So the natural warming would end in 2004.
And in 2005 the world started cooling: So nuclear power gave the world ‘climate change’. No science, just the name, and $260,000 to back it!
They used their money to pay academics to write articles. So no doubt all the Global Warming scientists have retired, or now have gone over to ‘Climate Change’.
Remember, CO2 supports all life on Earth. Nuclear Power kills it. And the world is cooling now.
Lightening does Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. Now we know this, so can we. Power with no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear power.

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