Friday, 21 August 2009


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Radioactive water
As you boil water, this does molecular nuclear fusion. This drives Earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers and heats the water for the city of Bath, UK.
This heavy water decays, emitting very low powered gamma waves, which are likely blocked by the skin. Has anybody bothered to look?
Incidentally, this tells you how to stop Earthquakes. At tectonic boundaries, you build up a pocket of super heated water at 250 c. When the pressure is released, we get an eruption or Earthquake.
So it is so simple! We use ground based sonar at tectonic boundaries to locate such pockets.
We drill down, and install a vent line. We gradually vent the pressure, and stop the Earth event. Simples! (That was a Merkat joke for you guys in the UK!)

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