Friday, 31 July 2009

Gas plasmas

An H plasma does atomic nuclear fusion, and is well suited to large energy users. A tiny fraction of the power can be used to do electrolysis of water to give new H gas[i]. So once stated, no external power is used, and there is no CO2 of toxic death produced.
As mentioned above, life on Earth is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2, and excreting O2. Nuclear Power tried top say is green, as it does not produce CO2[ii]. It doesn’t. It just produces toxic death. It is so not nice to life!
For personal use a steam plasma may yield only 1,000th of the heat of an H plasma. This is a good match to personal use! It takes in a trickle of water, and produces all the heat and power for a house.
Rather than using a mains tap, we are better off using bottles of distilled water. They are very cheap, and our use of the water will mean we need a new bottle every ten years.
We will have no utility bills. A small plasma fusion plant is best sited in a garage our out building due to the radiation out put. But this will be far lower than the low power gamma waves we get from a kitchen today.
As expected, there has been no work published in this area – though I did give one reference to this area above.
A steam plasma will result in loads of neutron formation, and heavy hydrogen. The oxygen will also become heavy due to the neutrons, and fission down into Hs.[iii]
A steam plasma is easy to set up, and the driving current we need to maintain the plasma should be a function of the steam pressure. In use we could run a small steam process using steam plasma tubes, and generate a massive excess of current, enough to power a street.
There are no references here, as this is novel work to the world: Work the engineering material department of Sheffield University is well placed TO DO! It is also where I though of molecular nuclear fusion!
Taking personal energy use out of the grid will make such a difference to power generation. Using H plasma[iv] tubes should produce clean, and CO2 free power generation.[v]
So safe, clean, cheap power with no toxic death!
The reference on H plasmas above is for the IAEA Nuclear Fusion body. So they were aware of H plasmas, but did not think they were important. Or more likely, they were too simple and cheap to warrant further work.
In a H plasma, we get
P+ + e- -> n0
where p = proton, e=electron and n- neutron.
In a steam plasma we also have a O plasma. Here we see
16O + 2n -> 18O
& 18O -> 28Be + E1 Where E1 = energy equivalent of 2 n.
We then do
n + 4Be -> 23He + E2
22H + E3 -> E4
E1 + E2 + E3 + E4 is the energy equivalent of O, expressed as heat, raw energy and electro magnetic radiation.
Basically we do O -> E∑

Is it was not for all the neutrons, these fission are endothermic. As it is, they are very exothermic.
Every fission converts the neutron equivalent of 2 Hs into energy. It is the H plasma which generates all the neutrons, that makes all this work.
So I was wrong, a steam plasma is as exothermic as a H one. And it is the sort of stuff chemical engineering should be studying.
None of the work is published on the web, yet. AS IT HAS COME OUT OF MY HEAD. How interesting that IAEA has published stuff on an H plasma doing nuclear fusion.
I was surfing about steam plasmas, and I found there was a whole body of work out there on the sterilizing effect of a steam plasma[vi], due to the high levels of gamma radiation we get.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Nuclear fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

I was told this 8 years ago, during my PhD into Chemical Engineering. ‘H in linear flow will never do nuclear fusion’. Sorry CERN, no matter how hot or pressurized the H gas, you will never get nuclear fusion.
‘What they want is turbulent flow’. There are several ways to get this: Give the H nuclei spin as the go around the loop. Or replace the torrous with a helical twist.
I was told ‘Flow along a helical will give turbulent flow. But the bloke never put these ideas together.
So pumping H gas around a helix will heat the gas, and change some of it into He. No more details, as I hop to resume my PhD in September.
So nuclear fusion is here, and is so simple. Requiring a TWISTED PIPE, AND PUMP, ALONG WITH H GAS, WE MAERK VIA ELECTROYSIS OF WATER.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Simple fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
This is not a research interest of any of my contacts, so I give it to the world!
In 1983 on my M.Eng. I was told compost heaps give off radiation. I didn’t understand it, so I passed on.
In 2001 Prof Zimmerman told me that H gas in turbulent flow does nuclear fusion. Why he hasn’t told CERN I am not sure. Ask him.
So in compost heaps we have steam in turbulent flow, and we get radiation – so we are doing molecular nuclear fusion! This idea came from three Italian professors: Clever guys, thinking outside the box.
So I am busy writing my PhD thesis, and I got to a comment about compost heaps and radiation. So I Googled it.
There are loads of comments, about how He increases the rate of composting.
He in turbulent steam will do so much nuclear fusion! Cheap, clean, and produces power with no CO2 or toxic death.
So the compost heap at the bottom of your garden is doing low levels of weak energy nuclear fusion. Not dangerous, but important to know.
So a car engine does molecular nuclear fusion! Great! So Ti plate the working surfaces of the engine, and double its power, or halve its fuel burn.
Ti plate the Nimonic blades used in jet engine today, and get a plane to fly at hypersonic speed. If you view my video blog, you will see how to do it from water alone.
So hypersonic travel, with virtually no fossil fuels burn. No CO2. No Global Warming.

Friday, 24 July 2009


Jonathan Thomason M.Eng 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Molecular nuclear fusion
Throughout the universe, the major catalyst to nuclear fusion is fluid turbulence. On all suns the mass of H gas is in a state of boiling, as it does nuclear fusion.
On Earth when we have molecular hydrogen in a state of boiling or flowing in a turbulent fashion, we see the release of gamma radiation and He, as we do molecular nuclear fusion.
We see this with NH4, CH5OH and hydrocarbons flowing in magma chambers in the deep, we see the release of He and gamma radiation, plus molecular fragments, as we see molecular nuclear fusion here.
But the most important place we see molecular nuclear fusion is in water systems.
With plant photo blasts, we see the release of He, CH4 and O, plus gamma radiation during light hours: When plants take in only H2O and CO2.
The deep sea gets in on the act, again releasing He and O, plus gamma waves. Here we have deep water, in turbulent flow. Thus a major input of energy on the land and in the sea, is from molecular nuclear fusion on Earth: Though for photosynthesis, additional energy from light emitted from the sun is also required.
On Io, it is thought that gravity from Jupiter causes liquid water to exist below the surface ice. If we sent a drill to Io, we would find there are high levels of dissolved He supporting volcanism on Io.
Back on Earth, the boiling of water gives the required level of turbulence for molecular nuclear fusion to occur: This idea was induced by a comment from Prof Zimmerman, that the turbulent flow of H gas would give nuclear fusion: Where as the linear flow of H gas used by CERN never would.
So the steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion! And the release of gamma radiation was taught to me at Sheffield University, in 1983.
This release of radiation from Ti turbine was also mentioned to me in 1983 by an engineer at NEI Parsons, now part of Siemens power generation.
It was also taught to me that Ti turbines and car engines give off gamma radiation as they work: Though all references to this have been scrubbed from Google: Why and by whom I do not know.
Water, ammonia and ethanol stills all give off gamma radiation. The bubbling of steam raises water to boiling very quickly, and is termed the Windscale kettle. This technology was devised in the 1950s (sic).
The Windscale kettle is a very efficient way to do molecular nuclear fusion. So it would be possible to keep the water in a state of boiling by recirculating part of the steam, and using the rest to generate power.
Somebody in the US tried this out, but as they did not cool the spent steam on the cold end of a Carnot plant, and thus recover 85% of the process heat of the power generation steam, they required to recirculate more than 10% of the produced steam.
I term this idea the ‘recirculating steam cycle’. It is a simple and effective way to engineer molecular nuclear fusion.
While I was thinking about this area, I remembered in 1983 being taught that fluorescent lights give off gamma rededication, as they turn Na gas into light.
As they work they turn Na -> He -> H -> light. In mid life as we have a significant partial pressure of He and H, we see a tube display run on, where it produces light with no applied current.
This year Oxford University has got £1 billion to try out H plasmas and nuclear fusion.
They are aiming for a one shot plasma, every three hours. A more efficient route would be to use an H plasma tube, and the driving current is based on the pressure of the H gas.
So once we have enough H gas in the tube, a tube will do nuclear fusion with no applied current.
This is the idea input fro a heating tube in a power plant. It produces no CO2, and none of the toxic death of nuclear fission.
It is clean, safe, cheap, clean nuclear fusion. Once we have the plant running, we top up the H of the tubes, and have no fueling costs.
The places where biology does molecular nuclear fusion is essential to life on this planet, and this are needs a lot of research.
Physics can stop funding CERN, and investigate how the turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water does nuclear fusion.
All man’s chemical engines do molecular nuclear fusion. Burning fossil fuels would take in heat if it was not for molecular nuclear fusion.
A rocket motor does molecular nuclear fusion as the fuel is burnt. This tells us why high pressure rockets give more thrust, as the fuel is burnt.
Using these ideas it is totally possible to design a jet airplane, which flies into space at hypersonic speed, using water as its only fuel.
The industrial revolution was powered by molecular nuclear fusion, as is technology today. What is lacking is an understanding of how it works.

Tamiflu does not work!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Two weeks ago, there were 50 reported cases in the UK. Now there are 100,000 a week. Of which 800 need hospital treatment.
Interestingly enough, the hospital cases are static. So swine flu is a low potency type of the flu virus, and Tamiflu does noting.
It takes 2 weeks to produce an effective drug against a virus. With Swine flu, this has not been made, so Tamiflu can sell loads of courses of treatment.
This is as effective as a placebo. And now the government has set up a help line to advice people to take Tamiflu, even fro conditions that you GP can treat.
So Tamiflu KILLS.
Flu is a disease of the winter, not high summer. So maybe Tamiflu even cause sswine flu!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cure to Flu

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In the UK every year, 5,000+ people die from flu. But people who have flu fro more than 2 weeks, stand a 5% chance of getting heart disease or cancer. This it is because these conditions occur from a viral or bacterial rump, left behind for the full infection.
So to stop cancer, we need to cure infections. Luckily Flemming did this in the 1950s – but medics hadn’t realized it.
Penicillin is seen by the human immune system as an antibody: That is a chance of evolution. It is such a strange coincidence; medics would never have thought to look. But Flemming’s assistant was not too good at his washing up, and Flemming realized they had found an antibiotic.
If he had realized it was an antibody, we would give Penicillin to cure all infections! Instead we think it has a direct action against bacteria. It doesn’t.
It has no dire3ct action at all! It toggles the cytokine system, and we get IL-2 and IL-4. The IL-4 makes the active antibody and IL-2 actions it. It is a low potency way to give IL-2 and IL-4.
And only works for infections doing cell damage. So we are left with cancer, which because it is caused by a viral rump, does not.
If we give a drip of IL-2+, we make an action the antibodies against cancer. There are 6 common ones, so pills of these 6 antibodies will cure all cancer. One course of pills and the cancer is gone.
In the same way a course of the specific antibody will cure heart disease. But there are 3 common ones here, and you can catch rump infections again, so you can catch cancer again.
One neat thing to do, is whenever you feeling ill, take a course of Penicillin. It will cure you of the infection. And stop cancer etc..
Because Swine fever is a full infection, Penicillin will cure it. More importantly, it will cure all flu bugs!
We are not asking you to have a new jab every year, we are asking you to take a course of pills when you are ill.
Over use of Penicillin is a problem, so every year, doctors can take a blood sample, get at the specific human antibody for this year, and have a course of pills for this year.
With Tamiflu, people are dying: It only nearly works. A course of Penicillin will work 100% of the time! A fix Swine flu: This was never a problem!
5,000 people a year in the UK die from regular flu. 50 have died NEEDLESSLY from swine flu this year.
Swine flu is a marketing exercise by the makers of Tamiflu, which ends up killing people. Don’t be clever. Take Penicillin and live.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sheffield U. are not interested in life

When I was on my PhD, I found Global Warming was PR by nuclear power – not the incurable problem that their stooges assured us it was.
The world was transfixed by this idea, which academia agreed with. I started doubting this, and my PhD got ended. In the last 8 years the seas have not risen by 8 feet! It has not risen at all in recent times.
Since 2005 the world has been cooling: Not a word from academia. In 2001 I thought up how to reduce CO2 from power generation by a factor of 8. Nothing has been done with this idea.
So of course I was going to tell the word, as Sheffield University was not interested! No credit for curing the incurable problem.
This year I thought up how to mill perma frost to cool the Earth. No response at all from Sheffield! There is a lot of work to be done on this idea, and Sheffi9eld is ideal for this. But no interest.
Who are you protecting? It seems you are acti9ng as a stooge to nuclear power. This is NOT the role of any academic institution.
~In 2003 I began working on the idea of Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Never any contribution from Sheffield. You have no right to be sent my ideas, for you just to sit on them.
Again there is a lot of work to be done here: The Internet only has the basic idea. This will change the world.
I did all this work with 30% brain damage. I AM A CRIPPLED ALUMNIA OF SHEFFEILD UNIVERISTY.
You should be celebrating my ideas, instead the university sits on them, to stop the world getting them. So the world gets Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Which his clean power with no CO2 or toxic death! Talk to w.zikmmerman@sheffeild,ac,uk about this.

Fixing the climate

I thought up the idea of using a Carnot pump to replace a cooling tower in 2001, and the idea has not been sued yet! It could reduce by a factor of 8, the fossil fuels burnt to generate power.

Instead of a cooling tower, we have one of you helical turbulence cooling towers. We pass the heat of the spent steam to a low pressure Carnot gas.

This condenses the steam to give us the low pressure end to the steam cycle. We cool it to 100 C, as there is no pressure gain from here. Though as we are going to go down to ¼ bar, we may have to look at 85 C, to get liquid water.

So we get a lower pressure than we get today. So we will get out more generated power.

We then pressurize this gas, using some of the generated power, and return the heat to the boiler room.

We recover 85% of the heat. But the turbine hall generates steam 10 C at the outlet, due to the FCC and turbulence fusion we do.

If we use Nimonic turbine blades for their strength, we should give the inlet side a thick Ti plate, to get FCC molecular nuclear fusion going off!

So turbines do molecular nuclear fusion, but by using one of your helical turbulence heat exchangers, we can reduce the fossil fuels burn, and CO2 output by a factor of 8.

This requires 2 weeks of calculation, and then Siemens to build a plant. It will reduce the CO2 emitted and fossil fuels burnt to produce power: The latter is so dear today.

And I thought of this, and told you about it 8 years ago! email to

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A matter burn

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Oxford University is spending £1 billion to shine an expensive laser through H gas, to get at nuclear fusion. It may work. But it is stupid!
A fluorescent light uses a Na plasma, and gradually we do a matter burn, and the tube loses weight and stops working.
In mid life, it shows run on, where it will shine even with no applied current! This is where we have He and H gases in the plasma.
The best plasma to do a matter burn from is Oxford’s H plasma. This causes H1/2/3 -> He 2/3/4. But they also flux back the other way, gradually turning the electrons and protons into neutrons, and convert these into heat.
This is the source of my matter burn. So we convert H gas into heat. We can use a phosphor to turn this into light, or drive a steam process to get power – the best route.
So we start off with an H plasma, but H is a pain to store and transport. So we top up with water.
A steam plasma is less energetic than an H plasma, but all the neutrons about means we will get all the heat and power for a house.
For a 1 off £30 charge. If we sit the tube in a water bath, we drive a steam process, but also capture any free neutrons, to make the water slightly heavy.
This is how things are in a steam power plant today, as boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion.
So I guess this makes your kettle at home an even cheaper fusion device!

Saturday, 11 July 2009


If swine flue was a normal type of the flue, 2,500 people would have died from it in the UK by today: Instead we have just had our first fatality.
Wasn’t he given the standard antiviral H1N1? B y now medics should have injected the virus into rats, and got the specific antiviral, which will cure it.
We can go back to basics: This virus does not provoke an immune action, which would produce IL-1+, and so IL-2…21. But the immune system uses positive feedback.
We give a drip of IL-2 and IL-4: The IL-4 take novel antigens to the antigen presenting centers (Usually the B cells and dendrites).
These make the specific antibody. The IL-4 loads these on the white blood cells, which go and engulf cells showing the novel antigens: OK, put simply, the go and eat it.
As they do so, they bring the cell fragments back to the APCs, who make more antibodies, until the infection is history. This idea also works for HIV, cancer and heart disease.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Global cooling

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
After Chernobyl, nuclear power got their stooges to invent Global Warming, to get new plants of death built. It failed. It is rubbish; only the stupid would believe it.
As from 2005, the world is in a natural cooling phase, which will run until 2032. Did Gordon Brown not notice the snow this year? Maybe he should be allowed out more.
It appears No 10 is being run as a secure mental unit for the least popular PM in UK history.
Neither the UK or US believes the nuclear fiction anymore: There own met. Offices attest to the fact we have GLOBAL COOLING now.
The G8 want to restrict CO2, to limit the temperature rise to 5 C. The latest figure is that there might be a 0.0001 mm sea rise in 1,000 years. But ice contracts as it melts, and the first ice to melt is in the seas, so sea levels fall!
But now we have global cooling. And it is historical fact, that sea levels fall now.
But since 2005 CO2 levels have risen, and global temperatures have fallen. Only the seriously mentally challenged or paid stooges to nuclear power would talk about Global Warming as if it was real.
Meanwhile Oxford University has got £1 billion to study how H plasmas do nuclear fusion on Earth today.
I have an interest here! I was working in this area, and in September I recommence my PhD into this SCIENE.
Real SCIENCE. Not the fiction the addled brain of Gordon Brown is paid to tale about: By nuclear power.
So Nuclear Gordon – the friend of death!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Nuclear Power kills

By JonThm on
After Chernobyl, nuclear power tried to find reason why anybody in their right mind would build a new plant of death: The only reason is if you want life on Earth to die.
So they paid their academic stooges to make up sorties, saying CO2 caused Global Warming. For no reason. There is no historical basis for this, CO2 FOLLOWS the wax and wane of the climate, which follows the solar cycles.
These cycles said the world would warm until 2004, and then it was cooling to the next ice age. Guess what, the world started cooling in 2005.
Only short areas would show warming, globally cooling.
But Global Warming had been such a success! OK, no new plants, but idiots who know no science though nuclear power was green: It isn’t – plants take in CO2 to grow.
CO2 is so green! It supports all life on Earth. Plants excrete their waste gasO2, which animals evolved to breathe in.
So in 2005, one of nuclear power’s stooges came up with ‘climate change’. It doesn’t say anything, other than CO2 MUST affect the weather in some unspecified way.
It doesn’t. But nuclear fission kills all life across half a continent.
Meanwhile, nuclear power used their money to buy off academic censure. They spend a lot of money on universities, so their silence was bought.
However Oxford University did some work on H plasmas. I had put out stuff on steam plasmas, but they got nuclear fusion from H gas.
This is power with no CO2, and better still no TOXIC DEATH.
Remember, nuclear power want us all dead. Global Warming was their PR. But you are not stupid so you realised all this of course.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Cutting emissions

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Plants take in CO2, and build plant bulk and excrete O2. We breathe in their waste gas, and eat their bulk. So by releasing more CO2, we are increasing life on Earth.
In the Jurassic there was more CO2 around, so 10% more oxygen, and 65^ more life on Earth.
Bacteria ties it up as methyl hydrate, so when the dinosaurs died so did 80% of life on Earth. The methyl hydrate is a white solid, which abducts down to the Deep Earth.
Here it breaks down to release CH4 and H2O. The CH4 may link up to form long chair hydrocarbons, or stay as natural gas.
It does not affect the weather, free CO2 in the air tells us about the wax and wane of plants: So it goes up in an ice age.
Nuclear power got their stooges (Mostly Al Gore, who flunked high school science) to write about Global Warming, and the world thinks it is true.
It is not: It was devised to get more plants of death built for nuclear power: It is the way of death!
So the world has a problem with CO2, because they do not credit it with supporting ALL life on Earth.
Nature does molecular nuclear fusion, converting CO2 and H2O into CH4 and O! When we burn these, the turbulence of the flame converts more H into He! You breathe out CH4 and He as a result! And plants excrete them, along with the O!
Where ever you smell ozone, something is doing molecular nuclear fusion! Plants in the light, water falls and breaking waves all do it. On Earth today. What the hell are CERN doing?
To see nuclear fusion, go for a walk in the country side, by a water fall or breaking waves. Or even your heart, as it beats does molecular nuclear fusion.
But you have bought into the nuclear Public Relations, and assume cO2 is warming the Earth. But since 2005 emissions of CO2 have gone up year on year, and global temperatures have gone down.
Reducing CO2 emissions from car engines is easy. We borrow an idea from ‘cold fusion’ – which the US military have now proved works!
We Ti plate a petrol or diesel engine. We tweak the carburetor to a lean burn, and yet still get more power, and less CO2 out.
A good rule of thumb is that a Ti plate will halve the Co2 for a given power. And all present cars can be converted, and get twice the MPG.
Meanwhile Oxford University has got an H plasma to do nuclear fusion. This will be my area of work from September.
Meanwhile halve your CO2 emissions and Ti plate the engine. I was taught this in 1982 on a metallurgy degree. Before Chernobyl.
More nuclear plants? Only if you wish to die, and take the rest of us with you.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Oxford has done it!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Through my PhD work at Sheffield, and the ideas of Prof. Zimmerman, I settled on steam plasmas as an interesting way to do molecular nuclear fusion.
But nobody has done any work on them. By a group based at Oxford University and in Ireland, can do nuclear fusion using an H plasma, with a laser.
I think there are better ways to get nuclear fusion than to use a laser. But it works! It does nuclear fusion on Earth, today.
Without high temperatures and pressures. And releases no CO2, and makes no hazardous radioactive waste.
The deep sea has done nuclear fusion while there has been sea water over 10” deep: We should just have asked the biologists ho0w it happened.
Global Warming – spin from nuclear power, who wants to earn money from killing you.

Matter burn

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Nuclear fission does loads of nuclear fusion: Fusion joins nuclei together, fission splits them apart. This is why we build Pt from U – we join atomic fragments together.
The sun does fission from H, to build all the heavier elements. It builds He, and this releases lots of energy. But let’s look carefully:
H1 + H1/2/3 -> He2/3/4 He3 decays in 0.004 seconds, He4 in fermoseconds.
So He2/3 + n -> H1 + H2/3 So it takes that energy in again, though it does use a neutron – n.
We get H2/3 -> H1 + n1/2 . So we get our neutrons to carry on creating fission from H.
So why does the sun shine? Not due to nuclear fusion. As the fission of He etc takes that energy back in.
We get h1/2/3 -> light + n1/2/3
And that light energy is from E=mc2 So when we burn H to light, we get out so much energy. In the form of electro magnetic radiation (emr) and heat. Matter is closed loops of self initiating electromagnetic radiation. The electric field induces the magnetic field with a 90 shift, and that decays and produces the electric field – self perpetuating wave induction.
Suns turn the H into light and heat energy. In the depths of space, the free emr combines to form H.
So we see we do not want to do nuclear fusion, unless we can get rid of the he, before it fission back to H. If we liberate the He, it floats off into space, and is taken in by the sun.
But the fusion and fission are both set off by neutrons. The fission and fusion of U is too dangerous to do: So why the heck are we doing it? Do we want to die?
If we fire up an H plasma, we get naked protons and neutrons about, which do the fusion and fission trick above.
But we get more! A direct proton and electron collision forms a neutron. Which bonds with the H1+, to give us H2/3+.
This does fusion and fission. But it also does a MATTER BURN. Here H2/3+ -> light + free emr. We get matter into heat energy.
We need more H, but we convert the matter into power, with no CO2 or toxic death. Where do we get the H from? We do electrolysis of water.
Over time, we gain H from space, and at naked flames, get back our H2O. So no toxic, radioactive waste.
So nuclear fusion is a side show! What we really want to do is a water burn.
Oxford University is looking at H plasmas and laser light. In September I want to look at H plasmas with other catalysts.
So the fusion age is with us! Only really we have passed beyond this to the matter burn age.