Saturday, 27 June 2009

Nuclear fission and fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Nuclear fission splits heavy elements into small fragments, and this releases energy. But some of these fragments combine to form very toxic compounds. Nature does not do it, and neither should you, if you wish to live.
Interestingly enough, nuclear power uses the fission tubes to boil off water. But NASA has found that boiling off water, even electrically gives off radiation. Here my thanks go to Prof. Zimmerman, who explained it to me in 2001, at my PhD at Sheffield University.
Nuclear fusion occurs when ato0ms join together. All atoms up to Fe, give out heat as they fuse. But only H and he give out enough light to drive back interstellar antimatter.
So beyond He, we get brown and black stars, which go nova! Or even super nova, and return their mass to the universe as electro magnetic radiation. What causes the atoms to fuse, in fluid turbulence on the surface of the sun.
We have a boiling mass of mostly H, and this overcomes the strong atomic force, so two Hs form one He. And 4% of the mass ends up as energy. So that is 4 times as much as for nuclear fission.
This is so toxic and dangerous. It produces toxic death, though occasionally a plant blows up, and poisons half a continent. Remember Chernobyl? That is the general sort of idea.
Even if a plant does not blow up, it is replaced ever 25 years, and gets it fuel, purified from half way around the planet.
Which means it releases as much CO2, as burning fossil fuels. The latter releases organic carbon back into the air, so plants turn this into life, and excretes the O2 we breathe. So CO2 is the gas of life.
It follows the natural climate, which has been cooling, naturally from 2005: Global Warming was a piece of Public Relations from nuclear power, and their stooges are still pushing it! They should go outside, and look at the cooling weather.
But nuclear power has never liked nature. As it is too good at killing it – and you.
On Earth, we do not have atomic H around; most of the H is boned with O, to form water.
We get the turbulent flow of water in deep lakes. And we get gamma radiation, and the emission of He and O. The he is lost to space, so the only possible source for it is the deep, and molecular nuclear fusion.
The deep does molecular nuclear fusion, so it all comes down to nuclear fusion from water. So deep water gives us deuterium and tritium. Because nature does molecular nuclear fusion down there.
So do man’s boilers and steam engines. This is why nuclear power uses the toxic fission rods to run a steam process. They are doing molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why they get out too much radiation E=mc2 and all that. But in a steam cycle, you consume some of the water, so E=mc2 does work!
So we do not need to do nuclear fission. We can make a self powering steam cycle, that generates power via molecular nuclear fusion.
The end products are He and O. Interesting enough, burning fossil fuels also makes He and O – as the flame of steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion for us.
It is a good job, as the enthalpy changes of fuel and O, into the exhaust gas says the burning fossil fuels should take in heat.
Luckily the flame does molecular nuclear fusion: Which his why we get He and gamma waves, plus so much heat.
A diesel cycle does more than a petrol cycle, as we do more molecular nuclear fusion. Knowing this we can cut fossil fuels out of the power cycle, and just consume very, very little water.
OK, what is the best way to do it? I think a steam plasma tube should replace all metal oxide fission tubes, tomorrow. This burns water into heat. With only power gamma waves, like your heart produces, and heat as end products.
And there is enough water to last for 20 billion years, which is a waste, as the Earth will be swallowed by the sun in only 4 billion years.
So I am going to start looking at H plasma as a way to do nuclear fusion, under Prof Zimmerman, September 2009.
So steam cycle are how man does nuclear fusion today. Safe, clean, cheap power.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Who needs

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
the South Pole? There is little life there, as a massive block of ice floats in the sea. In the late Jurassic there was no South Pole, and there was 65% more life on Earth, than there is today.
The South Pole traps cold at the South Pole. If it just cooled water, that water would flow back to the equator, and cool the hot lands. The warm water would then carry solar heat back towards the Poles.
There would be more global rain, and more life on Earth. This means more plants to take in CO2, which is the gas of life!
Plants take in CO2, build plant bulk, and excrete O2. Animals eat the plants, and convert their waste gas, O2, back into plant food – CO2.
After Chernobyl, nuclear power got its stooges to make up stories about CO2 causing the weather. Thus they obviously did not have stooges who knew biology.
CO2 TRACKS the natural climate, as we get a wax and wane of plant growth. So free CO2 levels goes UP in an ice age, down in a warm period.
So ignore the fatal fiction of Global Warming. We want to sort out the climate of the Earth. Which turns out to be really, really simple.
The South Pole formed when the dinosaurs died. Warm water flows back from the equator, causes very little ice to melt, and this trickle of cold water flows back to the equator.
So I am an engineer, and it is crying out for us to strip mine ice from the South Pole. It is floating, so as it melts it contracts.
As a massive chunk of ice, it traps the cold at the Pole, when we would prefer it to flow to the equator. So we mill the perma frost, and drop it in the seas. In the spring, summer and autumn, it is 3 C, so the ice will melt, mix with other water, so we get more cold water flowing back to the equator.
Here it picks up solar heat, and flows back to the Poles in the warm sea current, like the Gulf Stream.
So we get cooler hot lands. Where the air is very moist, so we get more natural rain. At the Poles the air today is very cold and dry. But warm air holds more moisture, which forms rain.
So we get more rain at the Poles. So we put the climate back to the Jurassic age, the golden time in Earth’s past. My worry is that all these new plant will take in so much CO2; there will be a shortage of the gas of life!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Global Warming is wrong

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In 1976, nuclear power wanted new plants! We were at the end of a 28 year cooling phase of the weather, and 1976 was the hottest summer this century.
So they seized on some minor work, saying that CO2 was the cause. They did not burn fossil fuels, so they were the guardians of the weather, they were green. As they did not release CO2.
Only trouble is, they turn over their plants every 25 years. And each plants cost $8 billion up to deal with. They left this out of their sell, as national governments paid to decommission the early plants, which were designed to make Plutonium for bomb use.
The latter commercial plants had to pay for their own decommissioning, so in my university essay of 1983 the whole thing loses money.
The interesting thing is, nuclear plants bubble steam through water, and NASA showed 18 months ago, that gives off radiation.
As it does molecular nuclear fusion! So here is how to do nuclear fusion. We can skip the fission rods, and just bubble steam through liquid water. We recycle 18% of it, and the rest we use to generate power. We then use a Carnot system to return 85% of the heat to the boiler room.
We end up with a fission plant, which powers itself off water. No CO2 or toxic death: Safe, clean and cheap.
The warming phase ended in 2004. So we have had a statistically significant period of cooling. This will go on until 2032.
CO2 follows the wax and wane of plants, which excrete the O2 we breathe in. So nuclear power releases as much CO2 as a conventional power plant.
The plant turn over is a massive release of cO2. We mine, purify and ship the U half way around the plant.
Conventional plants are built at the pit head. So nuclear power has a massive Carbon foot print.
Meanwhile gas, oil and coal plants heat water until it boils, and we get rising bubbles of steam through liquid water – we do molecular nuclear fusion!
So burning carbon fuel does clean molecular nuclear fusion. Plants take in the CO2, and turn it into life and excrete O2 – CO2 in the gas of life.
Global Warming was fiction from nuclear power. Put about by stooges or the thick.

And so the world cools

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
The sun has short term solar cycles, with a wavelength of 28 years. So we had the hottest summer on record, in 1972. So the natural weather should have warmed to 2004.
2005, the world started cooling naturally! CO2 follows the wax and wane of plants, so goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period.
Nuclear Power made up Global Warming, and showed they had no understanding of the weather: CO2 follows the natural climate. Tell the nuclear stooge, Al Gore when you see him.
He is not alone! Academia will write fiction fo0r their nuclear bosses, in exchange for money. After the end of the cold war, Greenpeace needed more money, as the Russian money had dried up.
So they took the penny fro9m nuclear power – the guys who sank Rainbow Warrior. Take a bow EDF.
Then in 2005, the world started cooling – and no new nuclear plants yet, despite the $100 billion UK nuclear power had spent on ‘greening’ themselves.
All was not lost though! One of their academic stooges came up with ‘climate change’. Climate change happens – it is a natural process. Man lives with it, he does not make it.
So all the Greens out there who expose Global Warming are just doing the Public Relations for Nuclear Power.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Fusion torrous

We have a small torrous, which we pass steam around. It has a negative charge, so as we circulate it around, we can give it spin, via and electric coil.
Turbulence is the major catalyst to Nuclear Fusion, which is whart we get here. We do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, so we only get off enough heat to power a street or small industry unit. So we take off hot steam, and run a generator, and heat a space heating system, before we return the cool steam to the torrous.
We take off the Na we get off as fine powder, and add water to the steam.
The alternative is to pass the gas to a Carnot system, take the heat out of this, and then pressurize the gas, and power a boiler room. We add the water we condense from the heat pump to the boiler water, after taking out all solids.
So we want a small torrous: But unlike CERN, who have spent 30 years and 400 million dollars not doing Nuclear Fusion, we give the circulating gas spin! If they gave their H gas spin they would be half way there, but their torrous is too large. They should go small.
The deep sea does Nuclear Fusion from high pressure water. We do it from steam in turbulent flow. Nuclear Fusion is that easy, what have CERN being doing – except enjoying good lunches from your money!
This was all told to me in 2001 by prof Zimmerman. Get him on

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Arc Lighting

By ‘JonThm’ on Jonathan Thomason
In old style arc lights, in rain the light would flicker and go out. What would happen is that the moist air would get in the electric arc.
As you put an electric field across this air, you set off molecular nuclear fusion! So the light would glow bright, but then the high temperatures would force the air out, and the arc would go out.
To check this, you need an old style street light, some radiation strips, and a water spray. You spray the water on the outside of the light.
As you get moist air, the light fires! You are doing molecular nuclear fusion from water. You are doing the nuclear fusion that CERN can’t do.
Pretty pointless really! What we want in a plasma tube filled with steam. As we strike an arc, the tube will go very bright. For this reason I would put the tube in a tank of water: With all the electric wires in rubber sheaths.
We strike the arc, and then we get high temperatures and pressures. The bit of science I am interested in, is what driving current do we need to maintain the arc, and at what pressure does this fall to zero.
So the arc maintains itself, converting water into light of various frequencies. I think this will go up into the high ultraviolet. This does not penetrate water.
We top up the arc with liquid water, which we feed in via a metal tube, so the water becomes steam before it enters the tube.
Fluorescents run at over 200 C, albeit with driving current. We should get up t o560 C with water.
Welcome to the fusion age! And this is the PhD I want to do in September.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Cars do fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Car engines are neat. They take in CHn (Petrol or diesel) and convert it, via a flame into CO2 and H2O plus He!
Isn’t CO2 a problem? Only according to nuclear stooges. Plants take in CO2, and plants can take all the CO2 we can give them. There was 0.0002% in the air before the industrial revolution.
Now there is only 0.00037%. Though this value will rise in the coming ice age. As there are fewer plants. The sun gives the weather, and it has a 28 year, short term cycle.
This means the globe started cooling in 2005: As people who go outside in the world know. For me in India, Kenya, Hong Kong, California, the East Coast of the US and the UK.
In California, the people have long since stopped believing in Global Warming! But world governments are addicted to Carbon taxes, so they ignore the fact that the world is cooling.
In the UK the Met Office is predicting temperatures will hit 40 C! If only they were right, rather than being paid by nuclear power to do their PR.
Somebody tell them, the first ice to melt is in the seas, and contracts as it melts. So Global Warming would increase plant yields, and make the seas fall. Look at how stuff was in the Jurassic.
The energy of hydrocarbons and air is more than the energy of the chemical exhaust. So IC engines would take in heat. But they give out radiation as they do molecular nuclear fusion.
So they produce power, diesels more, as they run at higher pressures.
So CO2 is the gas of life: Nuclear Power is the death of life!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
The weather goes through 28 year cycles, cooling and warming. Nuclear power invented ‘man made global warming’ to get new plants. 2005 the world starts cooling, so they gave us ‘climate change’. This is just natural weather.
How gullible are you?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

And so it Cools!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Solar cycles have short term cycles of 4 and 7 years. This means the weather has a cycle of 28 years. So we had the hottest summer in 1976 (As anybody alive then knows). So you would expect the cooling to end in 2004.
At that stage, academics were certain the next ice age was here. They eat well out of it for 20 years, but then we got ’76.
A maverick academic was flying around the world measuring CO2: This is quite hard, as in 1980 I was doing Chemistry, and CO2 is a trace gas.
Before the industrial revolution there was 2 parts per million CO2 in the air, today (Data New Scientist) there is 0.00037%. To get higher readings, take the readings in a city centre.
Both plants and bacteria take in CO2, and excrete O2. In the deep, there is little CO2, and little life! CO2 is how nature does nuclear fusion.
Historically CO2 follows solar cycles, and the wax and wane of plants. It does not force the climate: So it goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period.
Nuclear power is toxic death! It kills all life, and is so dangerous, as it uses toxic nuclear fission, where it splits up U, to give lighter elements. It also bonds these fragments together, to it forms P etc.
It uses the fission to drive a steam cycle: But a steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion! It converts water into He and O. This releases so much energy, so the nuclear fission is a toxic side show.
Nature does molecular nuclear fusion with green plants, water falls and in the deep sea: It is green! Photosynthesis is really light induced molecular nuclear fusion from water.
So nuclear power have invested over $100 billion in publishing Global Warming: It has got its academic stooges to write articles on this phantom science. Trouble is, the world is cooling now (New Scientist 2/10/08).
This leaves all the governments taxing carbon fuels a bit exposed! CO2 emissions have gone up fro 4 years, but world temperatures have gone down.
How do you spot a nuclear stooge? They still talk as if Global Warming is real and happening. It isn’t.
Welcome to the next ice age. But now we have fatal plants producing toxic death! They are nuclear power, who should just be called ‘Death’.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Improving life

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In the late Jurassic, there was no South Pole, and 65% more life on Earth. Less evolved life, but life.
This is the same life nuclear power wishes to kill! Nature does no do nuclear fission from Uranium – too toxic and dangerous. It does molecular nuclear fusion from water.
We can learn from nature how to do this! It produces power with no CO2, and no toxic death. Plants take in CO2, so CO2 is the gas of life; O2 is the waste gas plants excrete!
Now if we send ships to mill the permafrost, the polar cold is released. The ice chips contract as they melt, taking polar cold to the hot countries.
This returns as warm water, bringing warmth and life to the cold lands. So if we mill the permafrost, we can improve life on Earth.
If we allow more plants to be built doing nuclear fission, we are going to poison and kill the Earth: Is this what you want?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bacterial fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
This goes back to my M.Eng., in 1983. Clare, my first university girlfriend, was doing biology. She proudly told me ‘Of course growing bacteria give off radiation’.
This floored me ; ‘why?’ Oh course I said, and got on with the job in hand, which was to bring a smile to her face.
Now it seems so simpler, because due to Dr MatZinger I learned some immunology. Bacterial mitochondria take in CO2, and release He, O and CH4. This CH4 went down to the deep.
As methyl hydrate it went down to magma chambers, broke down into CH4 and water, and in the presence of Pt metals, link up to form the long chain hydrocarbons. Otherwise we just get natural gas – mostly CH4.
So like plants, they take in CO2 and release O. This forms ozone above the sea, or we also get this at water falls, where we do molecular nuclear fusion forms water alone, and form He and O.
So bacterial mitochondria do molecular nuclear fusion! So do plant photo plasts. Nature does nuclear fusion, by taking in CO2, and converting it into CH4, and then carbohydrates.
Dr MatZinger got very ex cited when I started talking biological molecular nuclear fusion at her: But there is a lot of work for the world to do.
Molecular nuclear fusion from water produces He3 and O. We lose the He to space, and the O3 forms the ozone layer. So safe, and natural.
Nature does not do nuclear fission from uranium: Because that is toxic death. We should all do molecular nuclear fusion, as that way is nearly free, and totally harmless.
Your heart does it ever time it beats!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Sort out the weather

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
There has been a panic, inspired and funded by nuclear power, the world was warming. There was an academic panic in the 70s; the next ice age was due. Late, but here it is! The world has been cooling since 2005.
The Earth’s air conditioning system is the deep sea tides. These distribute cold around the planet, and the water, warmed by the sun; take its heat back towards the poles.
But this system is partly broken! In the Jurassic there was no South Pole, so heat flowed around this planet very well, and there was 65% more life on it.
Then the dinosaurs died, and the South Pole formed. In the ‘nuclear winter’ that followed the comet strike. Chernobyl gave a small taste of this, and lead to the early deaths of 100,000 people, through mostly increased cancer rates and heart disease.
The South Pole ties up polar cold, and stops it flowing back to the equator. There is little life on the Pole, it is a white dessert.
So obvious idea, mill the ice: Drop the chunks in the sea, and they contract as the melt, and take the polar cold to the equator.
So the hot lands get to be cooler and lusher. Due to the increased flows of warm water, the Poles get to be warmer and wetter – full of life, where no there is dessert.
And because life ties up rain fall in their bulk, we also get lower sea levels.
So we mill the ice, nature does the hard work of forming it for us. So the answer to Global Warming was lying there all the time. But Global Warming was never a real problem.
It was Public Relations cooked up by nuclear power, and their stooges. Stooges, stand up now, so we know who to hate!
Nuclear kills, but you are the assassins!

Sunday, 7 June 2009


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
This group was formed by nuclear power, to give out research money. They were to research Global Warming, which was their Public Relations to get new plants of death.
The world warms and cools, on a short cycle of 28 years. More precisely, there are solar cycles at 4, 7, 100,000 and 400,000 year cycles. Quite how scientists have figured out the latter two, I do not know.
So there is a composite short period cycle of 28 years. So this suggested the world would stop warming in 2004. Guess what, the world started cooling in 2005.
Which leaves the IPCC with a problem: They have to dish out money to research nuclear fiction.
They were also never independent; they were set up by nuclear power to be biased. I pointed this out to them, so they renamed themselves ‘International Panel on Climate Change’. They should just have gone for ‘Nuclear Stooges Are We!’.
They did not publicize this, in the same way they ignored the fact the earth was warming.
So let’s do science! The ice caps tie up polar cold at the arctics. Cold we would rather flowed back to the equator. But if we mill the ice, it will fall into the sea, and melt as it takes the cold with it!
As the ice was floating, it will contract as it melts. So sea levels will not change, as they haven’t fro the last 28 years.
I repeat: Global Warming was never science. The IPCC are just stooges to nuclear power. They are not doing science, they are just trying to kill YOU.

nuclear lies!

117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Jonathan Thomason M.Eng
I was doing a PhD in 2001, into Global Warming. I found there was no basis for it!
CO2 trails the natural wax and wane of plants, as there is less and more plants around. Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2.
The major Global Warming gas is water vapor! Infact CO2 has no measurably effect.
There is only 0.00037% of it in the air, and up to 10% water vapor. In the light, the turbulent flow of water molecules does molecular nuclear fusion.
This is safe and clean! Producing O and He: The latter is lost to space. You breathe in the latter.
Plants in the light take in CO2 and H2O, and produce He, O and CH4; and give out gamma waves and heat.
Water falls turn water into He, O, plus gammas and heat again. Where ever we smell ozone and there is no strong electric field, nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion.
Animal blood systems do it, forming free radical O, plus He and CH4; while giving out gammas again.
So all life on earth do molecular nuclear fusion: But no life does nuclear fission, as this is toxic to life: And we should not do.
Molecular nuclear fusion is safe clean and cheap: Taking in H2O, and turning it into He and O. So power with no CO2 or toxic death.
So in conclusion, Global Warming was Public Relations by nuclear power, trying to be green. They are not! They are toxic to all life, starting with yours!

Saturday, 6 June 2009


Do nuclear fusion on Earth today. Turning water into He, O3, gamam radiation and heat.

Green Fusion

Green plants in the light take in CO2 and H2O, and form He, CH4 and O as they do biologocial nuclear fusion from water.
You breathe out He and CH4, as your blood system does it!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Improving life

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
The Earth moves heat around this planet via the deep sea currents – as I was taught in 1985, at Sheffield University.
At the end of the Jurassic, there was no South Pole, so the solar cold flowed back to the equator. So the temperature range from the equator to the Pole was 10 C lower.
There was 10% more O2 in the air, as there were more plants taking in CO2, and excreting oxygen. So there was 65% more life on Earth.
All that life ties up water, so sea levels were 100 meters lower: Earth’s golden time.
Then the comet wiped out the dinosaurs, and caused a ten year “nuclear winter”. It was not caused by nuclear processes here, but Chernobyl shows that is the sort of climate change nuclear power causes, as it leads to the death of 100,000 people – through increased cancer rates and the other diseases of age.
That is why nuclear power has spent $125 million trying to persuade us they are ‘green’. They are not. They poison, pollute and create toxic death, before a plant even blows up! Remember Windscale and Three Mile Island?
The West invented ‘nuclear death’ before the Russians gave it a try.
So now we can mill the ice cap, and drop the ice chucks in the sea. They will contract as they melt, as they flow back to the equator.
Sea levels will not change; we just convert all the ice caps into water, with no sea level change. We export polar cold to the equator.
We improve the air conditioning system of the Earth, and get more life on Earth, and lower seas. All that life requires more CO2, which is the gas of life.
In contrast nuclear power is the technology of death. Life a big, lethal torture rack, which kills YOU!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ice contacts! As it melts

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

My sympathies go to Bristol University UK, who must employ the thickest geologist ever – Dr Jonathan Bamber. He obviously did not bother with High School Physics, and does not read the science press.
New Scientist Oct 2nd 2008 said the world had been COOLING since 2005. No he says global warming will cause sea levels to rise by 5 meters.
Over the last 28 years, sea levels have not risen by 0.0001 mm. During that time the world climate was in a natural warming phase. Which ended. Dr Bamber should really be allowed to go outside some day soon!
If the Earth warmed, the first ice to melt would be in the sea. So it would CONTRACT to water at 4 C. The remaining ice would fill in the gap, hence no change in sea level.
The extra cold water would flow to the equator, pick up solar heat, and bring it to the Poles. So we get cooler hot counties, warmer cold ones, and more global rain.
This was taught to me in 1985 at Sheffield University, by the geologists. So to cool the earth, we should mill the Poles, to increase the air conditioning system of the Earth.
In the Jurassic, as Dr Bamber will have lectured, there was no south Poles, we sea leve3ls were 100 meters lower, as there was 65% more life on Earth, tying up the rain fall.
Global Warming was never real. It was Public Relations by nuclear power. CO2 follows the natural climate swings. If we mill the ice at the south Poles, we cool the Earth, and get more plants taking in CO2.
If I was Bristol, the last person I would chose to teach geography is – you guess!

Improve Nature!

From JonThm' on
It is the way nature works! Solar heat warms water at the equator, and is pushed out of the way by other cold water. So we cool the equator, and heats the Poles.
In the Jurassic, this system worked well, and there was 65% more life on Earth. Then the dinosaurs died, and in the decade long 'nuclear' winter we got, the South Pole formed. Today, any attempt to warms the Earth, will just reduce the size of the perma frost at the Poles.
Natural climate change has only occurred due to solar effects, or volcanic eruptions. CO2 trails behind, as plants take in CO2, so CO2 is a good marker of the weather.
It never forces the climate – that is a lie from nuclear power and their stooges. The irony is, they release so much CO2. By turning over their plants at twice the rate of conventional power plants, and mining, processing and transporting U ore.
So nuclear power release as much cO2 as conventional plants – something they did not realizes till they had given the world Global Warming.
The world started cooling, naturally in 2005 – bang on the money for the 28 year short solar cycles. So they gave the world climate change, saying CO2 affected the weather. Ignore them. They are stupid and want us dead!
Now they saw the North Pole is melting – it is part of the natural cycle. But it gave me an idea. Mill ice from the Poles, and dump it in the seas.
It will contract as it flows back to the equator, cooling the hot lands. It will increase the warm currents towards the Poles, so they will warm. And the whole world will wet.
So we get more plants taking in CO2, which is going to be in short supply! There is only 0.00037% of it today in the global air.
So all the oil companies pay from ships to mill ice from the South Pole and the Labrador current. This will cool the world, and stop ice bergs. As the ice chips are not a danger to shipping.
So it is acting as nature does, only better. All we need to do is shut down those fatal nuclear power plants!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Cool the world

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
You want the world cooler? Aren’t you satisfied that the globe has been cooling since 2005: Go travel more and see! I have been to Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Moricious, California, the East coast of America, and everybody in Europe says ‘Not you again!’ when they see me now.
The Earth pumps cold around this planet in the deep sea, sea currents. Cold sea water at 4 C has the maximum density – it is even denser than ice. So as ice melts, it contracts!
But having ice caps at the Poles ties up that Arctic cold. They are the white deserts. If we get rid of them, the animals can walk or fly off!
So we mill the ice in to ice chips. They flow in the seas, melting and sinking as they go. If we mine the Labrador Current, we get rid of ice bergs! As all the ice has gone off as ice chips, which are harmless to ships.
So we release massive amounts of cold. That cold flows back the equator, where we cool the hot lands. The warm currents that flow back to the Poles are thus strengthened.
So we warm the cold lands. We get more global rain, and there are more plants, to take in CO2 over the Earth.
So we fix the cO2 problem, though it reacts to plant growth cycles, so follows the climate, it does not cause the weather.
Global Warming and ‘climate change’ are lies from nuclear power. So all the ecologists talking about these things are either stupid, or paid stooges to nuclear power!