Sunday, 31 May 2009

Nuclear reach

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Like you I thought Global Warming was a serious ecological problem, so I got on a PhD into it. When I started saying it was Public Relations from nuclear power, my PhD suddenly got ended. At my old university, who should have looked after an old, crippled student of theirs.
You see, nuclear power is a big academic spenders, so academics ask ‘How high?’ when nuclear power told them to jump. The greatest check on truth was bought.
But this was not enough, through funding agencies they got control of Greenpeace, and even got their stooge as chairman.
They were talking ecology, so ‘green’ charities went along with their fiction. The natural climate has 28 year swings, so nuclear thought they would get new plants by then.
They were wrong! The weather changed in 2005, so nuclear power started talking about climate change, with no theoretical reason.
It didn’t matter, they just bought stooges, and we believed them. After all, academics tell the truth. Except if there is a big pay cheque on offer, as here.
So how do we improve the Earth’s air conditioning system? This puts solar heat in the oceans, and takes it towards the poles. Polar cold makes its own way in the opposite direction.
But if we look at history, there was 65% more life on Earth at the end of the Jurassic, when there was no South Pole. The Polar ice blocks stops the cold flowing back to the equator, trapping it in the cold lands.
We would rather than cold flowed back as cold water. So the answer is simple: Listening China?
We mill the South Pole is small chucks of ice, and drop these in the seas. They contract as they melt in the warm currents, and flow to the equator as water at 4 C.
So we get cooler hot lands, and warmer cold ones, for the price of a strip milling plant imported from Austria.
Australia will be cooler, and so will get more rain naturally. The temperature over the Earth will be more temperate, and so there will be more plants out there, the limit to their growth will be the small trace of CO2 in the air.
Through history, this level has followed the climate be 4 years: It trails the weather, it does not make it.
As the stooge Al Gore knew, when he made ‘an inconvenient truth’ – with is just Public Relations for nuclear power. Send your CDs back today, and ask for your money back!

The climate is nature

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Since 1976, nuclear power has tried to get its stooges to convince us Global Warming is real, and caused by CO2. It was very successful, until 2005, when the world started cooling, though China now releases more CO2 than the US.
So they pushed ‘climate change’ to say CO2 affected the weather in a bad way. But 2007 was a bad hurricane year, since things have been quite – as is the natural cycle.
The climate is controlled by the sun; CO12 follows the wax and wane of plants.
This means that the media is giving free adverts to the men of death! Whose technology KILLS.
The climate is controlled by solar cycles and nature. We live with it. Or how big is your ego?

Stopping hurricanes

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

This uses some academic work which states that you do not get hurricanes below an air temperature of 30 C. The sea gives the hurricanes its force, but if we have a zone of cold Air, the hurricane never reaches the land.
In the US hurricanes are driven by the gulf of Mexico. But we now ho0w to create cold from heat – it is the Carnot cycle which drives all refrigerators in the world.
But it takes IN ENERGY. But the trick here is to discharge the air at the outside of a cylinder, and then pass the air over a wind turbine.
So we generate power. Because we do it at the outside of the plant, we get all the heat we need to run the plant – we only put heat in to start the plant. Once started, driving the wind turbine actually cools the air, as we take useful power out of the air.
So the plant sits there, running unpowered, tanking the heat from the air, and putting it in a refrigerant gas.
We then take this gas into the seas, and dump this power into the seas. It is like San Fran├žois, where the air heat goes into the cool sea water – I was there i9n November – great city.
So here along the coast, at coastal cities, we cool the air to below 30 C. This tends to boil off sea water, so we get a zone of cod mist. This deflects all hurricanes, and deflects the storm back out to sea.
Away from man. The plants are so cheap, using existing technology. And once started, they run fro free.
The plants are bought out of local taxes, and stop the town or city ever being trashed by a hurricane. And we no longer lose lives, to hurricanes.
Which are driven by air molecular nuclear fusion!

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Global nice

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Let’s start off by saying there is nothing nice about nuclear power! They mine chemicals from far flung places, and process them to be more toxic. Then they transport them half way around the world. So they release as much cO2 as the oil companies, KHz per KWh.
But after Chernobyl, they wanted to be seen to be green, rather than the toxic, murderous bastards they really are.
So they seized on some miner work, predicting that the world would warm due to CO2. There is only 0.00037% CO2 in the global air, so the guy who dreamt this up suddenly died, leaving the family business to his son
Trouble is, he did not do biology! Or he would have known take in all the CO2 they can get, and excrete O2: That’s right, we breathe in the waste gas of plants. There is more.
During the day, green plants excrete He, and Ch4, from H2O and CO2. Reread that – plants use CO2 to do molecular nuclear fusion. Which his why they give out heat and gamma rays.
We eat the plants, breathe in their waste gas, and breathe out their food, CO2, and produce fertilizer for them to take in.
CO2 is the gas of life. And it follows the wax and wane of plants, which follows the climate. What the nuclear stooge Al Gore did not tell you, is that CO2 follows the natural weather, with a four year lag.
It does not make the weather, it follows it.
On nuclear fusion, man also does it! The steam cycle takes in H2O, and converts it into power, heat, gamma waves, H and O: We are living in the fusion age.
This actually goes on IN us, as or heart beats! Our blood system makes He and CH4, which we breathe out.
So all plants and animals do molecular nuclear fusion: Which is the life nuclear power wishes to kill.
Trouble is, solar cycles predicted the Earth would start cooling from 2005: Right on the money it did.
So now the nuclear industry is trying to tell us CO2 causes bad weather, when they had invested £125 million telling us it would warm the Earth: Which is so did not do.
To prevent extreme weather, strip mine the South Pole for ice. This will export Polar cold to the equator; make the hot lands cooler and wetter.
The sea water flow back warm to he Poles, so making the Poles warmer and wetter. So plants would love it.
And none of the toxic death given us by nuclear power.

Increasing life on Earth

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In the Jurassic there was no South Pole. It formed on the death of the dinosaurs. Ever since the world has lurched from ice age to warm period. We have just had the warm period, so it looks like another little ice age is coming!
But if we unlocked the Polar cold at the South Pole, we would cool the equator, and warm the Poles. Ice ties up that cold, we would rather was released.
It is so simple! And we can fix it using existing technology! We strip mine the South Pole for its ice, and dump that ice in the seas.
It flows back to the equator, contracting as it melts! We increase the warm current going to the Poles.
So we cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones. We will get more plant growth, and do you know what, they naturally take in CO2, and excrete O2. Global Warming was only ever fiction from nuclear power, but we cure it anyway.
Hurricanes do not form under 30 C, and all that extra cold water is going to stop extreme weather./
So a better world, with 65 % more life on it, and less excrete weather.
Which I think is what we all want!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Sorting out the climate

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

The weather has short term cycles of 4 and 7 years, giving a medium cycle of 28 years. It also has cycles of 100,000 and 400,000 years, given by solar cycles.
Plants take in CO2, so CO2 levels in the air TRAIL the climate by 4 years. But nuclear power was desperate for new plants after Chernobyl.
Rightly, we should not do this science. It is toxic, polluting, a terrorists dream, and then we get a plant going off!
Windscale was quite annoyed, because before Chernobyl, it was the biggest peace time accident. So they renamed themselves ‘Sellafied’ after Chernobyl sprayed radioactive dust over half of Asia.
One of my top videos is on the failure if nuclear power to pay for their own decommissioning, which was my essay from 1982. If they pay for their decommissioning, they lose money.
They paid academics to write articles on CO2 forcing the climate. There is a rule on academics, you don’t rubbish others paying work. So there was no check on this dangerous fiction.
My research showed the weather would cool from 2004; it actually started cooling in 2005 – so I was a year out.
So nuclear power changed to ‘climate change’; they said CO2 would affect the weather in some way, for some unknown reason.
How long have they lived on the Earth? It is called weather, and has nothing to do with CO2.
Meanwhile ecologists are still obsessed by Global Warming: As nuclear power bought Greenpeace etc. Or they pay fro adverts for their fiction.
In the late Jurassic, the climate was the best in Earth’s history: The hot lands were cooler, and cold lands warmer, and sea levels were 100 meters lower.
Because there was no South Pole! This block of ice ties up power cold in the ice cap, and stops the cold water flowing back to the equator.
So the idea is so simple: We will the ice, and dump it in the seas. It was floating, and as it melts, sea levels do not shift.
We release the polar cold, to cool the hot countries. As we increase the flows of warm water back to the Poles, we stop the next ice age, which his just begging.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Pathogens mess with the human chemical systems, to gain an advantage on the immune system. I can see why stopping heart repair would be an advantage, but not why stopping long bone growth would help them.
But it appears it does give an advantage. After the full pathogen is gone, fragments of the pathogen DNA get left behind as a viral or bacterial rump.
So the parents are assured that the dwarfism is the result of their DNA. It isn’t. It is the DNA left behind by an infection. The body does not bother wit it, as it does no cell damage – thanks to Dr MatZinger here.
So we get back to my idea of IL-1 and IL-4: This makes a lot of enzymes. The IL-4 makes the active antibody to new structures in the body. So it makes it in cancer, HIV, diabetes and dwarfism. Different antibodies for each of the problems.
The IL-2 the causes the white blood cells to action the specific antibody. So IL-4 is like the instruction to make a specific drug, and IL-2 gets the body to action it.
So it also works for heart disease, MS, IBS, SARs, and all infective disease. Included swine flue. This is such a non event. It is medics trying to justify their jobs.
With dwarfism we make the anti9body to target cell making the antisense to the enzyme which causes long bones to extend.
So the viral rump here stops long bone growth. But we can produce antibody pills which will remove these cells from the body.
The long bones will thus extend. So we cure dwarfism, in the same way we cure heart disease, MS … and stop cancer – by curing all infections.
Penicillin will cause the body to make the specific antibody to all infections, whether viral or bacterial. So penicillin will have a fair crack at curing all infections today.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Simple fix to GW

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
The ice blocks at the Poles ties up the polar cold. Like an igloo keeps heat in! If we mill this ice, and it drops in the sea, it contracts as it takes polar cold to the equator.
It is returning things to how they were in the Jurassic, Earth’s golden time. When there was 65% more life than on earth today.
As the ice we mill was buoyant in the seas, sea levels do not change. The only problem is how to do this. I thought about this when I was in the US.
We send a ship down to the South Pole, or over to Green land – the latter is easier.
We clam the ship to the ice surface, and mill ten meters of ice from the ice caps. We use telescopic arms and milling clamps here. We mill the ice, and dump it on a conveyer belt.
This drops the ice in the seas. When we have milled the ice down to sea level, we move on. Ice acts as a liquid, so in the next week the ice will rise from the seas.
What we do not see is that the exposed ice down below melts. So gradually we are reducing the thickness of the ice sheet.
For Greenland this is 2 km, so that is a lot of ice to go at! So the ice drops into the sea, and melts as it flows towards the Poles.
We do not form ice bergs, and so we make shipping safer. As ships can pass through the ice chips without even noticing.
So if we do the Labrador Current in winter, we stop ice bergs. And save the world a fortune – the milling ships are petty change from this money.
So we export polar cold to the world. There is only 0.00037% CO2 in the global air, which has been cooling naturally from 2005. My data said the solar circles should have started the world cooling from 2004 – so I was a year out.
Global Warming is a natural cycle, but nuclear power financed publicity about it, to be ‘Green’ and get new plants of death built. Nuclear fission is fatal technology, and U is best left in the ground.
Nuclear power should be using steam plasma tubes to do molecular nuclear fusion. As described in that Google article on ‘nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen’.
Which I down loaded in Sheffield, but it took me two years to realize the idea had merit: So MNF was really not my own idea!
Once we fire up a steam plasma tube, it runs unpowered, turning water into heat. The heavier elements should fission away, the mass burn meaning it takes in little energy from the atomic nuclear fusion.
So while we top up with water, the tube carries on releasing IR light. Fluorescent tubes do this today, with applied voltage, to go from Na gas. So again, I was not being totally original here.
The tube can’t give up a China syndrome, and any problem, we want a small powered hammer to break the tube, and release water vapor!
So no U, and no toxic death. Obviously no CO2, the gas of life: Which his best left to life. Though by releasing CO2, man has acted as a super animal, since the industrial revolution, which used steam power, so was driven by molecular nuclear fusion.
So we are at the fusion age. I just pointed out to you what was actually going on.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Cool the world!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Bet you haven’t heard, as nuclear power is still pushing Global Warming, as the only way in 25 years they hope to get new plants.
The world has been cooling from 2005.
If you want the world cooler, mill the perma frost, so the ice falls in the seas, and cools the equator, and warms the cold countries.
Plants will love it, but there is too little CO2 – the gas of life! Now that wasn't hard was it!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Milling ice

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

I was giving this some thought while I was in the US, and an edited version of this file goes out on blogger.
Along the Labrador Current, as winter sets in, we run a series of ground based milling rigs, along the coast. For inaccessible spots, we use a ship mounted rig – see below.
As the snow forms, and starts to build ice blocks in the sea, we mill these. The ice chips fall into the sea, and take their cold back to the equator. The way it works, we will see increased flows of warm water into the current.
Without the standing ice block, the climate there will warm, and become more temperate to life.
At the South Pole it is harder. At the North Pole we can use tethered ground ice milling rigs. So we export global cold to the hot countries. So we warm the Poles, and will get more global plant life. Plants take in CO2, and we will stop the lurch from ice age, to warm period: The former are the problem to life.
In the warm, more plants grow, and tie up rain in their bulk, so sea levels go down. All through history. But nuclear power, which made up Global Warming to kill us all, don’t do history, or intelligent thought.
It would appear neither do academics, who wanted the money from nuclear power, to research nothing of import!
So at the South Pole, we position clamp points, using telescopic arms. We mill 2 meters down to sea levels, and move on! As the ship mills the ice, the ice under the sea rises, as ice is buoyant.
So what we achieve is the gradual reduction of the South Pole, and the ice chips flow to the equator, contracting as they melt.
So we cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones. So we increase global rain, and plant life: And the plants take in CO2, which only ever reacted to the amount of plant life, and never controlled the climate.
We should all be doing molecular nuclear fusion: My favorite is via a steam plasma tube, which burns water into heat, at high temperature, drawing no current once started.
Nature does not do nuclear fission – too dangerous, toxic and fatal. As so ungreen!
Photosynthesis is really light induced molecular nuclear fusion: As plants turn CO2 and water into CH4, He, O and heat. So CO2 is the gas of life.
In just the same way, nuclear fission is the science of death! We should no do it, unless we want to die a slow and unpleasant death.
Just like Green Peace USED to say, until they were bought by nuclear power – via the funding agencies.

Friday, 22 May 2009

The death of reason

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

There is a belief out there, that Global Warming is both real, and incurable. It is not real. Never mind about the rest.
Nuclear power seized on some minor work in 1980, to be both green, and safer than conventional power. This was a hard sell!
Nuclear power is toxic and dangerous, before a plant blows up, and sprays death on half a continent.
Meanwhile conventional power release the CO2, plants need to take in to grow! They excrete O2 – that is right, we breathe in the waste of plants. CO2 is the gas of life!
Without it, there would be no life on Earth. Coincidentally, new nuclear fission plants would kill all that life.
So why is Green Peace not saying this? Nuclear power has bought them off, and has appointed their own chair person. If you support Green Peace, you are doing the Public Relations fro nuclear power.
To correct for the fluctuating climate on Earth, we need to strip mine the South Pole. This did not exist in the late Jurassic, and ties up all the polar cold in a massive chunk of ice, floating in the seas.
If we strip mine this, it contracts as it melts, and Aristophanes sorted out in 239 BC, that buoyant stuff does not change sea levels. As the ice melts it contracts, so we get back the ice which was floating above the surface.
This will take the polar cold to the equator, where things need to be cooled. And it will cause more warmed water to flow back towards the Poles. So we will cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones.
We will stop the next ice age, ands cause life to expand on Earth, as we get more global rain. All these plants will take in CO2, which is going to be in short supply.
Turning CO2 into He, CH4 and O is how nature does molecular nuclear fusion. B y burning the fossil fuels, we also do molecular nuclear fusion.
So burning fossil fuels is how man does nuclear fusion today. Will no toxic death. That is best left to nuclear power.
Who are dangerous, toxic and should be shut down today.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

UK bound

Well, that is trip 2 to the US over. I saw New York, Washington, Orlando and Miami. I am sat in the business lounge of Miama airport now, looking forward to tjhe trip home.
Back tyo work as a video reporter in Salford, DC was nice - look out Polly. If you still want me ...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Well I did it 6 years ago, but now I am back in Orlandon - with no spell check on this machine! Sorry guys: No photo either, as their domain blocks stops me Googling Orlando.
Nobody has yet recognised me, so I am slighted! Mind you it is a differnet Hotel, and I am not in Miami for a couple of days. The mouse is looking thinner, as the credit crunch has affected his tips! So less cheese for the fury one.
They have just hit my consort with a room bill, from my room: Why do they think I paid for another room? We do not sleep together. She likes to read, I like to sleep. When I get back to the UK, I will have to email Fran, and offer her a trip to EuroDisney.
They will do rooms for single father's and their daughters, so that is what we will be: Me with my 18 year old, hot daughter. If she behaves, I will renew my offer that she should come stay with me: Her father is not around, and her mother has leukemia, and is living out the rest of her life in Egypt: 'Hi Sally!'
So the mouse thing hey! With the credit crunch, all those folks are coming back to Disney. We are off to Sea World when Debra moves herself - I would get her up, but I do not know where her SEPERATE room is.
She is not my lover or anything like that. She is not a paid escort, which is why she likes being me consort. I must look up tjhat word when I get home! So normal blogging will rsume, soon.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

This is the way

I am sat in the business lounge at Heathrow, flying to the US. Flying is so stressful! But not with Virgin. I have just had a very nice full English, and a glass of wine.
I was thinking of an Ardeberg Whisky, but you should not drink while flying – DVT being what it is.
The only problem is, our plane will be here before Debra can get a pedicure. We will have to sort her out on the way home! Maybe we will get lucky, and she will be mugged by foot doctors in New York!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sorting out the climate

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Nuclear power took the natural warming phase of the climate and called it Global Warming – the great insoluble problem.
But in 2005 the climate turned, so we now have global cooling. But by milling the ice caps, we can return the climate to that of the late Jurassic, though the lack of CO2 may limit life on Earth.
Certainly we can cool the hot countries, and warm the cold ones. This will stop future ice ages. It is very, very simple.
Giving the world this idea will change life on Earth: Make it a lot better. And it is not even hard. Nature has the systems all set up, but polar ice caps introduce instability into the weather. We can sort this one out.
Mill the ice, and allow it to melt and take its cold back to the equator.

Improving life

By ‘JonThm’ on

Life on Earth lurches between warm periods and ice ages: The latter are the problem. In warm periods, we get more plants and animals alive, and they tie up rain fall, to stop it running into the seas – so sea fall.
But in ice ages, the ice block at the Poles reflect the light from the sun back into space, so the Earth gains no warmth. The Earth only gets out as solar emissions climb, and the ice is overcome.
If there was no ice at the Poles, life would be better. The warmth of the suns would flow to the poles, pick up cold, sink, and return to the equator as dense, cold water.
But the ice ties up the cold. It does not support life – hence we get the ‘white deserts’. So the idea is really simple, break the ice apart, so the small pieces will flow back to the equator, melting as they go, so contracting.
Arcamedes sorted out 2,500 years ago, that if stuff floated, it was buoyant, or not. So as the ice melts, it forms the more dense water, which exactly fills the gap left by the melting ice.
So the idea is REALLY simple: We have ships, which have a counterbalance milling gip. This grinds up the ice, to make small ice chips, which fall into the sea, and off to the equator with you!
So we increase the flow of polar cold to the equator. We also stop large ice bergs, if we mill the ice from the Labrador Current. We get sea water with ice chips in, which will not sink ships.
And we cool the equator. The increased flows of warm water that flow back to the equator also warm the cold lands. So plants will love it! We will get more plants, taking in CO2 – the gas of life.
And we end the fluctuations of the climate from warm periods, to ice ages. We have just had the usual 28 year period of warming, given by the short term periods of solar cycles.
But there are cycle with 100,000 and 400,000 years – hence the chaotic weather.
Nuclear power tried to tap into the short term cycle to get new plants! And invented the phantom science of sea level rises. Well now we have global cooling, and nuclear power still causes toxic death – and we should not do.
The sea does molecular nuclear fusion using high pressure water. We can do it, via the steam cycle. Power with no CO2 or toxic death.
Nature doe loads of nuclear fusion, no fission, as it is too toxic! We should follow suite, and leave the U in the ground, and do MNF.

Monday, 4 May 2009


Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

The seas of the world are a massive reserve of heat. The effect of the global CO2, at 3.7 ppm (Data New Scientist) is not even gong to be lost in the environmental noise.
The earth regulates its heat by a shipping heat towards the two massive blocks of ice – the Poles. If we want to cool the planet, mill the Poles, to form small chucks of ice.
These will melt as they drift towards the equator. So we get warmer Poles, and a cooler equator. So we will get more plants, though the limit to life on Earth is the minute 3.7 ppm CO2 in the air.
Global Warming was Public Relations from nuclear power, and its stooges: To scare the stupid.

The world loves the idea!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Of milling the Labrador Current. So we reduce all potential ice bergs to ice chips. These float back towards the equator, melting as they go.
So rather than cool the air, all the cold flows back to the equator. Ships no longer have to dodge ice bergs.
And we end the phantom science of Global Warming: Though nature already seems to have done that: The climate is given by solar cycles, and CO23 levels in the air FOLLOW the wax and wane of plants.
All this, and no PhD!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Nuclear kills …

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

After Chernobyl, the only way nuclear power could hope to get new plants, was to get the ecologists on their side.
But Chernobyl caused death. Pollution and a nuclear winter in the area: There was the answer, the climate!
1976 was the hottest year on record, just as scientists were predicting the next ice age. So that meant we were in for a warm period, as the cold one had ended.
The weather has 28 year cycles, and it turns from warming to cooler with an exceptional year.
There was scientist flying around the world measuring CO2 levels – for why we will never know. It was probably because nuclear power was paying him to.
They thought they did not release CO2. But the mining, processing and transporting of the ore releases CO2, and is dangerous. The 25 year turn over of nuclear plants releases masses of CO2, so they release as much as if they burned carbon fuels.
Nature does not mind, as plants take in CO2, and excrete O2: CO2 is the gas of life.
But nuclear power was never bothered about little things like fact. They said CO2 would warm the weather. And got their academic stooges to write articles.
This was pay back time for all the money they spent on academia. And for 28 year, nuclear power thought they were on a winner, as the weather did seem to be warming.
Not as warm as 1976, so they just deleted that year from their records.
Then we hit 2004, - a hot summer. Great. Then every year after that has seen cooling.
Well it is a short term effect. No. 4 years is serious. Global Warming was never meant to take breaks. Well it is Elninio, and a shifting Jet stream. Again, that was never in the Global Warming idea.
So now we have global cooling. Nuclear power ignores the fact. Just go outside, and see for yourself. In India, Hong Kong, California, The UK, Moricious, and in two day New York – well I like to look around the world and see.
I would read history books, but there is no point: All they show is that CO2 levels in the air follow the wax and wane of plant.
Nuclear power use nuclear fission – which is bomb technology. They should be doing molecular nuclear fusion – which nature does from water.

Export Polar cold

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Somebody got back to me within 4 hours on youtube, to ask me where I got the idea to strip mine the ice from the poles. I told him I though the idea up!

But what a brilliant idea! We cool the hot lands, and so the increased flows of warm water from the equator will warm the cold ones.

In both areas, there will be more cloud and rain, and so more plant growth! The habitable area of the world will be increased, and there will be enhanced sinks for CO2.

The poles sit there as reservoirs of cold, while we run air conditioning systems to generate cold in the warm countries. Why not just use nature.

Unlock that cold. As we consume they ice, new ice rises! And all the time the extra precipitation at the poles will make more ice.

By mining it, we don’t use it up! We encourage more to form. And because we are just mining the ice that is supported by the sea, we don’t cause sea levels to rise.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Polar cold

The ice caps are massive, untapped bodies of cold on the Earth.

Polar cold

The ice caps are massive, untapped bodies of cold on the Earth.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Chip the ice

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
It is so simple! Chip off the ice from floating in the sea at the North and South Poles. This will float towards the equator, and melt before it hits the shipping lanes.
We mill the ice at the Labrador Current, and let the chips of ice float off and melt, and never bud ice bergs.