Thursday, 30 April 2009

End Ice bergs

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

I have been saying that ice ties up the cold of the Artic for 4 years! So the idea is so simple, mill the ice at the North Pole, so the chips will float to the equator, and have melted by the shipping lanes.
The sea will be more viscous, but really nobody travels in those climates! And if they do, they are in an ice breaker, and will not even notice.
So by milling the ice, we let the cold float to towards the hot climates. So we will end up warming the cold lands, and cooling the hot ones.
We will have no string of ice bergs! Infact one good idea would be to mill the ice bergs before they leave the Labrador Current. This will end ice bergs one and for all!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Swine flue

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
If we give people with swine flue a drip of IL-2 and IL-4, we will make the acti9ve human antibody. The white blood cells will also action it.
If we sample for this antibody, that alone in pill form will cure swine flue. It is in Riot et al, ‘Human Immunology’ vr 4.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Steam is fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

All’s man engines use the steam cycle. We assumed it was due to the massive expansion of the working volume we got. We were wrong.
Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion! So really engines which use steam are fusion engines!
This is why we wet down coal before we burn it! We do more fusion. Here’s an idea, when we burn gas or oil, have a mist jet, which introduces water drops into the flame.
We don’t damp down the flame, we get more fusion! As the water boils we get more expansion, and do more fusion.
The flame will end up hotter, and much more massive. Boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion – boil a pan of water with a Geiger counter at hand! It is because we get steam in turbulent flow!
So once we get a flame, we can expand it using water. Salt corrodes plant, so use water, preferably distilled here.
The other bit of science I am interested in is how a steam plasma works. On suns, a hydrogen plasma does nuclear fusion. The pressure and temperature are the result of the plasma, as CERN has spent $18 billion proving, they do not give you nuclear fusion!
If we have a fluorescent tube, we have a Na plasma. If we sample the gas from a tube which has stopped working, we will find mostly He and H gases – which we have made from Na gas.
I say mostly, as we will have formed a C deposit: That is mostly C13 and C14. These will fission away quickly.
So we are doing nuclear stuff! We go from Na, so we have to heat power. We have to burn the tube in, to create He and H gases. So mid life the tube will run on with no external power.
Then the pressure drops, and the tube stops working. Did no scientist out there wonder why?
We do fission from low atomic numbers. We could top the tube up with more Na, or even he and H gases, but this is not easy. Na is a volatile metal, so we could have Na below one of the electrodes, and do this one.
However a steam plasma should give us run on, from H2O! So we top up with water, and the tube will run unpowered for ten years!
The heavier atoms will pick up lose neutrons, and fission away to he gas! We do a mass burn, so they will be weakly exothermic, but the H from the water, will give out so much heat.
I thought of this up 2 years ago, and emailed it to my university friends: Who have ignored it! It would only have taken a month to get this science working, and produce lights which draw no current.
Nature uses high pressure water and steam to do molecular nuclear fusion. So we can get all our power, with no CO2, and none of the toxic dearth of present nuclear power. Which kills and pollutes.
They invented Global Warming. Nature has no problem with CO2; it supports all life on Earth, and produces the O2 you breathe. And it FOLLOWS the nature climate that the sun makes.

Food danger!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Microwaves come plastered with radiation warnings. But they assume this is from leaked microwave radiation. It isn’t!
They set off molecular nuclear fusion in the food.
So take a microwave, and put a ready meal in it, with a radiation dose strip on. These are not sensitive to ionizing radiation.
Then put a strip in the centre of the glass panel. Then microwave the meal. When you develop the strips, you will see that microwaves do molecular nuclear fusion.
This is the biggest undisclosed health problem of our times. Alternatively, us a Geiger counter, which also does not pick up ionizing radiation.
Compare the radiation dose of the meal, before and after cooking. And remember, Prof Zimmerman said molecular nuclear fusion was fantasy. But there again, H bombs work by doing nuclear fusion from a tank of water.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Life does it!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

So we know that molecular nuclear fusion goes off all around us! Wil l described it as fantasy, which just shows show ignorant of knowledge out of his area he is.
Green crops in the light give off gamma rays, and release He, O and CH4 at the pert per trillion range: This latter data is from New Scientist, so there has been a lot of resent work on biological CH4.
You breathe out He and CH4: Through you breath in O, and drink water: And your metabolism makes CO2.
So the CO2 CH4 cycle is how nature does nuclear fusion. We never though to look, but nature does so much molecular nuclear fusion!
Deep sea bacteria take in CO2 by osmosis, and from methyl hydrate, He, and O, and give out gamma rays and heat! At their mitochondria.
So molecular nuclear fusion is about life on Earth! All life does molecular nuclear fusion.
Will does not want to accept it, but New scientist has published work on the release of He and gammas from the steam cycle.
Here nuclear power has scrubbed references to molecular nuclear fusion from the literature. This is stupid! As it provides safe, clean, cheap power with no CO2 or toxic death.
Once they switch to molecular nuclear fusion, they will make ten times as much money, safely! Steam plasma tubes will replace toxic, dangerous fission tubes./ Nature does not do nuclear fission, it does molecular nuclear fusion. So should we.
At water falls we see the creation on O.(free radical oxygen). Which bonds with O2, to form O3. If water was broken into h And O gases, they would explosively recombine, regular thermonuclear blasts, and water falls would be the most dangerous places on Earth.
Followed by the countryside. They aren’t, as H2 -> He, which is inert and lost to space.
There is so much new science to research here, though it totally destroys the phantom science of Global Warming.
The only possible reason not to tell the world is if you are a stooge to present nuclear power.

Nuclear lights

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Professors say that doing nuclear fission from Na to pure energy is impossible! But they use fluorescent lights.
These give off radiation while working, but unless you have a Geiger counter at hand, like they do, you will not know this.
You will know that over time they build up a carbon deposit. Curious, there was never any carbon around!
The tubes need to be burnt in. Why? Because this turns the Na gas into He gas! If you sampled the gas from a burnt in fluorescent tube, you would see He and H! How on, that means we are doing nuclear fission, going down. So we get He, H and light. So it never makes any toxic death. No CO2, safe power.
Then the tube loses life, and stops working! Time for a new tube.
The thing to do is run a STEAM PLASMA. Once started it draws no current! Turning water into heat and IR light.
The C deposit will fission away, so here we have clean power – from water. So what precisely have the professors been doing for the last century?
Oh yes, should point out, steam plasma tubes sort out Global Warming, and end the need to do nuclear fission from Uranium, which kills and pollutes. And is dear.

Dr Polly MatZinger

The Salford video reporter & columnist

JT Polly is a world leading immunologist from Washington DC, who I met recently in Nottingham. She is without doubt the cleverest person I have ever met, and I mix with professors and doctors.
Polly Hi cutie. What can you tell me?
JT you are a doctor from Washington DC, who works on cancer.
Polly yes. I am convinced that the immune system can eat cancer.
JT Why? I thought cancer was self.
Polly No, no no. There has been some good work done showing that all cancers share 6 enzyme changes with infective disease.
JT So you are saying that infections leave genome behind, and they get together to form cancer.
Polly You got it! The bits of genome tack on to the end of the DNA, and set up a part infection – a viral rump.
People only give birth to live young, because we have viral RNA IN our DNA. So reptiles lay eggs and don’t get cancer.
Sharks give birth to live young, and do.
JT So let’s get this straight: We acquire cancer from old infections we have had, each contributing a bit of genome. When we get the golden six, we get full cancers.
Polly Nearly right, the way cell become inactive with age leaves the door open for the formation of viral rumps.
JT I see: You realize I studied immunology don’t you.(Polly shakes her head). Have you tries (JT scribbles something on a scrap of paper and hands it to the lady).
Polly Wow! Where did you get this?
JT Sheffield University.
Polly Fancy coming and working in the US? This is really going to change and fix the diseases of age!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Nuclear waterfalls

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
At waterfalls, the kinetic interaction of water molecules turns the water into He, O, heat and gamma waves – plus heat. This is why we get a warm ball of steam.
He lose the He to space, and the O. forms O3 – ozone, with oxygen from the air. How can I be sure we are not just forming 2Hs and O?
Simple: A mixture of H and ozone is the most explosive gas mixture known to man. If we were just splitting up water, we would be making a gas more explosive than rocket fuel!
We would observe thermonuclear explosions of gas at water falls every 5 minutes. They would then be the most dangerous places on Earth.
Followed by sea shores and the open country side, where we also observe molecular nuclear fusion!


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
When nature does molecular nuclear fusion, it produces He, O. and gamma radiation. The He and gammas are hard to detect! Scientists have measured them, but people ignore it!
Biologists have measured the He, O. and gammas from green plants in the light. Also that you breathe out He and CH4, but people ignore this science. And dispute the fact from BNFL that you can take a pulse with a Geiger counter.
Which leaves us with the O. How if we got H and O, that is rocket fuel, so you would see regular explosions at water falls! Where we get gammas and molecular nuclear fusion.
But we get He and O., so the He is lost to space, and the O. bonds with O2, to form O3 – ozone. We can detect this with the human nose. At water falls, breaking waves on the sea, and green plants in the light.
We also get O3 around enclosed power transformers in the rain. With enclosed diesel engines and in turbine halls where we get engineering molecular nuclear fusion.
So molecular nuclear fusion is all around us. And even in us, as our hearts beat. CERN could do it, if they followed Prof. Zimmerman’s advice, and gave spin to the circulating ring of H gas.
This would give us fluid turbulence, which is the main catalyst for nuclear fusion in the universe. He told me this in 2001 (sic). He is

Ozone is fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

When nature has water in high pressure, turbulent flow, it turns that water into He and O: It does molecular nuclear fusion. Either from high pressure water, or steam.
The He is lost to space, and unless we have a musical instrument close, and very acute hearing, it is of no consequence.
Not so with the O! It bonds with O2, to form O3 – ozone. We get it at water falls, breaking waves and green plants in the light.
There is a lot of incredulity out there, but plants also produce He and CH4 – most of the latter is used to build carbohydrates.
You also breathe out He and CH4: You may not believe it, but biologists will confirm this.
At water falls we get He and O, not 2H and O: As the latter is rocket fuel, and prone to exploding.
Swaps produce CH4 and O – which his flammable swamps pass.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fixing me


In 1988, I suffered 30% brain damage, and the doctors gave me two weeks to live. If I did live, I would be a dribbling wreck in a wheelchair, for life. They were so worng.
In my accident I fractured my scull, and this meant that cerebral spinal fluid leaked into my blood system. The body sees this as a call to action.
It drops the blood brain barrier, and send in the white blood cells to cleared damaged cells away! Which was exactly what I needed.
The cells are then replaced by the brain stem cells.
I was drugged into a coma, and give a high protein diet, both of which help no end.
So there is something important here! Fro head and spinal injuries, give a drip of SCF – which we can produce in a chemical factory.
So we give others the help I got, without the fractured scull: which caused my brain to swell, so it nearly coned and killed me.
So we have to watch the dose we give, and also give anti inflammatory drugs – like I was given!

Monday, 20 April 2009

The fix!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

If we give an infusion of matched bone marrow cells, we cure HIV.
This works as the body sees free bone marrow cells as an indication we have cell damage. It sniffs around for viral DNA, finds HIV, and then makes and actions the antibody to HIV.
It does this by making IL-2 and IL-4, as I told youtube a year ago. This also works for MS, cancer, heart disease, IBS, arthritis …

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Nuclear lies

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In the 80s, nuclear power realized that to get new plants, they had to get the ecology movement on their side! They had to be ‘Green’. But they are fatal, and create toxic death.
So they picked on CO2. But this is the gas of life! Plants take it in to make O2, and build plant bulk – so all life on Earth depends on Co2 in the air.
It cycles with the wax and wane of plants, so it reacts to the weather- so they lied, and said it made the weather. Though CO2 TRAILS the natural climate swings by 4 years.
They chose to ignore the fact that mining, processing and shipping U around this plant releases as much CO2 per KWH, as burning fossil fuels. Then they turn over the plants every 25 years – big CO2 hit! So they ignored this.
They got their stooges to write articles on CO2 warming the weather, and even bunged Green Peace and Friends of the Earth to go along with the big lie.
The weather has 28 year cycles, and they though they would get new plants by the time the weather turned.
They were wrong! The globe started cooling in 2005, so they called their phantom science ‘climate change’, and made out that CO2 makes the weather.
It does not. It is a trace gas. Water vapor is the big global warming gas – but they ignored this simple science. Well, they were lying big time, so go for it!
The next thing was to pay ecological stooges to protest against fossil fuels burning. Why? Plants take in CO2! More CO2, more life on Earth. But they were in full lying mode here.
And they assumed the ecology movement is thick. I have an M.Eng. and don’t want nuclear power to poison and kill us.
With the help of Green Peace!

Plasma Fusion 2

A steam plasma does nuclear fusion, on Earth, today!

Deep life

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Think of water as two hydrogens, bonded to a large, central oxygen. Add a dash of turbulence, and you get hydrogen on hydrogen events: Like we do on the surface of the sun.
So we convert some of the H2Os to He2+ and O2-, plus heat and gamma waves. The O2- bonds with O2, to form O3 – ozone. It also has a large negative charge.
This charge rises from the deep as OH2-, and gives rain clouds their large negative charge, and this drives lightening.
It the deep, turbulent flow of sea water does molecular nuclear fusion. This gives the Earth 25% of its heat. We also get molecular nuclear fusion in the air, which makes moist countries warm and cold countries very cold.
Life in the deep uses bacterial and animal mitochondria to do molecular nuclear fusion. So life in the deep is driven by molecular nuclear fusion.
But green plants in the light do light induced molecular nuclear fusion: We call it photosynthesis. So we are fusion driven too.
Infact all life forms on Earth do molecular nuclear fusion. Physics can’t do nuclear fusion.
They should add a dash of turbulence to their H gas, as we get on the plasma on the suns surface. Meanwhile, they should give fusion research over to biologists!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Steam turbines


Steam turbines do Molecular Nuclear Fusion today: They produce radiation in the boiler room and turbine hall: But all boiler rooms give out radiation.
To maximise this we should use ceramic blades coated wit TiO, and run it hot!
To maximise present turbines, we should use my idea from 2001(sic). I suggested we replace the cooling tower with a helical turbulence heat exchanger.
If we use this, I thought we would reduce fossil fuels burn by a factor of 8! I didn’t know about Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the boiler room and turbine hall.
This ensures that once started, there is no fossil fuels burn, no CO2! Or the toxic death of nuclear power, who use steam turbines! So they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion today.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sheffield does fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In 2001 Prof Zimmerman told me that helical turbulence gave better heat flow. In 2003 I told him he had found out how to do molecular nuclear fusion. He is a professor at Sheffield University, UK.
Since when he has told nobody: But the US Military has now got Cold Fusion to work.
‘Cold Fusion’ is electrical, hot water, molecular nuclear fusion. So very weak! Boiling molecular nuclear fusion, as done by nature at hot smokers is a lot better.
Me, I am interested in plasma molecular nuclear fusion, as the sun does atomic nuclear fusion from atomic H!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Morally wrong

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Giving man access to nuclear fusion on Earth is such a boon for life, it is morally wrong to charge: CERN have charged £20 billion NOT to give it to man.
Yet nature does it for free. But Prof Zimmerman did everything to divert me from this area.

Deep is heavy

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

I learned this stuff, due to the PhD I started with Prof Zimmerman in 2001: Why it ended, never did find out! Ask him on
‘The turbulent flow of high pressure water, or steam’ he told me in 2001(sic) gives better heat flow. He then said ‘Linear flow of H gas is rubbish, they want turbulent flow, to get nuclear fusion’.
Thus he knew more than he was telling me, as the turbulent flow of steam etc. gives us molecular nuclear fusion!
So CERN have it so wrong! They want to impart spin to the H nuclei, and use a small torrous, to get nuclear fusion. They probably know this, but would prefer expensive experiments which don’t actually work.
So the deep sea does molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why it takes in CO2, and liberates CH4, He and O: The CH4 gets tied up as methyl hydrate, a white solid.
When we get this up to the air, we get back our CH4 – basically natural gas. At magma pockets, we get CH4, which forms long chain hydrocarbons, if we have geothermal Pt about.
So there is a massive supply of CH4 on the sea bed, which regenerates! As we burn the gas, bacteria do biological molecular nuclear fusion, and turn it back into CH4 for us!
So gas is green! And regenerates. Turning water into He and O.
Where we have high pressure water, or steam bubbles bubbling up from hot smokers, we do molecular nuclear fusion!
By high pressure I mean over ten feet deep. This is why deep water is heavy. Some of te4h water ends up as He, O, and spare neutrons.
These bond with other Hs, in other water molecules, to form heavy water: Water with one of the Hs being deuterium or tritium.
So for all time nature has done nuclear fusion from water or steam! Before chemists found that electrolysis of water did a bit of nuclear fusion, nature was there.
Tell CERN, they are wasting time and money, and are killing the world through Global Warming. Molecular nuclear fusion generates power with a whiff of He and O, so not Global Warming!
Nature foes so much of it! Man’s molecular nuclear fusion will not even be noticed by the earth.
Forget electrolysis: Bubble steam through liquid water, and do molecular nuclear fusion. As done by every water boiler in the world, today, and for all time.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Flamming fusion!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In 1983 on my M.Eng., I was toild flames of natural gas gave off radiation. This made no sense at the time.
In 2001 I was back at sheffeild University, and Prof Zimmerman said turbulent flwo of steam gave better heat flow. Get him on
I went off singi9ng on stage, and in 2003 madfe the connection: Steam in turbulent flwo does molecular nuclear fusion!
That is the steam molecules collide in the flame or turbulent flow, and some of tehm end up as He, O, plus heat and gamma waves.
Gamma waves can only come from, nuclear processes! Chemistry is not energetic enough, though Chemistry deos set off molecular nuclear fusion!
By the way, the name came via Prpf. Argent, who always rated the essay I did for him in 1982 on the failure of the nuclear industry to account for their own decommisionnig costs! They turn over the plants every 25 years, so lose money doing nuclear fission.
And kill, and pollute …
So flames do nuclear fusion! So I send Prof Zimmermamn off to get a Geiger counter from the next buildings. In 6 years he has failed to walk 50 yards. So I resorted to getting stuff from Google!(sic)
I got you this quote yesterday
1. Newsvine - Salt Lake Tribune - Feds puzzled by gamma radiation ...
A puzzle has sprung from the flames of the Milford Flat Fire: What's pumping radiation into the air? The National Nuclear Security Administration said Thursday its radiation monitors in the area are showing gamma radiation spikes seven times higher than the normal background. But before anyone runs to the doctor, it's worth pointing out that even those spikes, if someone breathed them for seven hours straight, produce less than one-2,000th of the radiation dose a Utahn normally gets in a year. "You're talking about a very small dose," said NNSA spokesman Darwin Morgan.
1. Rate of Propagation of Propane-Air Flames Irradiated with a 10000 ...
propagation of Bunsen flames from mixtures of propane and air over a range ... effects of beta and gamma radiation. The disintegration schemes of gold- ...
What we are seeing here is that flames of fossil fuels pump gammas out, at 7 times background.
This is the smoking gun for molecular nuclear fusion. There is no way non nuclear processes can pump out gammas!
When we want to detect flames, we look for gammas! Loads of things put out IR, but only nuclear processes put out gammas! The energies are just too high for chemical processes to make.
How interesting that impoliticly, we look for nuclear processes to detect flames!
We can get them from a fission pile, or a flame of non-fission oil or gas. These articles don’t explain why – my molecular nuclear fusion does!
Forgive me for not replying to your last e-mail, but you dodged my last message. We are seeing molecular nuclear fusion here, in every chemistry lab in the world.
In the same way last week we are doing molecular nuclear fusion with all life on Earth, and you didn’t even reply here!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Outside the box

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Prof Argent taught me to think outside the box: In areas abutting to what you knew about.
Thus I applied my systems work to cancer – as Dr MatZinger started talking systems – that was exactly my degree!
Applying nuclear fusion to biology waited on New Scientist publishing work on biology taking in CO2, and excreting O, He, cH4 and gamma waves: Plus light flashes.
So it turns out that biology does so much molecular nuclear fusion: But Sheffield’s lack of interest shows me what unique individual Bernard Argent is!
It also turns out that Will Zimmerman is an unintended genius! He told me that for nuclear fusion, we want turbulent flow, not linear flow.
He should have been at CERN, he could have saved them $10 billion!
Now it turns out biology does so much nuclear fusion – and Sheffield does not even respond. As this is outside even Will’s area, I have put it out on blogger, so the world can have the idea.
So the world knows how to do nuclear fusion. Which means nobody in their right mind will do nuclear fission – which his fatal stuff!
So we all get to live happily ever after, though I don’t even get my doctorate. Tell me; precisely what does Sheffield give them out for?
If they don’t even respond to the most important science idea ever!

Game over!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

The world already does so much nuclear fusion! By via molecular nuclear fusion! So biology wins out!
In the deep seas, we see the producing of He, O and gamma waves. Bacteria take in CO2, release CH4, He, O and gamma waves.
With green plants in the light, we see plants take in CO2, release O and He, and make CH4 – most of which ends up as carbohydrates. Again they release gammas.
All this is on record! It has been covered by New Scientist in the last year. Physics can’t do nuclear fusion, but nature does loads of molecular nuclear fusion!
Every living organism on life does molecular nuclear fusion! There is nothing hard about it!
Will said add some turbulence to steam, and we do molecular nuclear fusion! OK, he said get better heat flow, but if he had sued a Geiger counter, he would have picked up the gammas.
All his double helices would make He and O.
I think that is game, set and match to biology!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Fusion in the deep!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
This seemed so impossible to me, it took 3 years to accept it!
The deep sea produces He, O, gamma waves and light flashes. So life in the deep is supported by fusion heat! We see this most at deep smokers, where the bacterial towers will show radioactive traces.
Green crops also produce He, O and gammas – this is all from New Scientist in the last year. The also produce CH4, most of which is sued to make carbohydrates.
Deep water bacteria produce CH4, He, O and gammas – though here the CH4 gets tied up as methyl hydrate.
When we bring this white solid to the surface, we get back our CH4 – natural gas. In magma chambers this formed oil, which we are now burning back to CO2.
Plants and bacteria take it in, to support life on Earth! We breathe in the waste O2!
The weather warms and cools naturally, and nuclear power invented Global Warming to get new plants of death built, before the weather started cooling in 2005!

Friday, 3 April 2009

All due

Due to the ideas of Prof Zinnerman, I figured out how to do nuclear fusion! Watch

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Beutiful JO!

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

At university I wrote and acted. I was so in love with the most beautiful girl ever. I went out with her best friend – we had a strange, naive manage en tois going on!
The one week my girlfriend had me: We had been doing sex things for a while, so it was expected.
She was from a clever family, but I was young and balked! I asked her fro tea, but she was busy. So I asked another of my girls.
We ended up in bed, due to effects of the wine, and I ended up married to her.
My grill was not going to allow that, so she did the thing of being waiting in my bed, naked. She had her way with me, but the next morning played it cool. I nearly changed to her.
But instead I married Sue: Who left me when I was crippled in a car accident.
I got together with Alex, who seduced me: This time I noticed.
But now she is dead, so I am flying Diane around the world - with her boyfriends OK. If she didn’t keep wriggling, she would be wife three!

Molecular nuclear fusion

Nature deos loads of nuclear fusion on Earth, from high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sea Heat

This mornings email to Prof Z:
Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

I got thinking about this, after your email saying you were not happy with getting the heat from the seas via a self powering Carnot system – my idea from 2001.
Now the cold water would flow back towards the equator, and take heat out of the air there! So we warm the cold lands, and cool the hot ones for free! I intend having an apartment in the US, so this idea appeals.
I was thinking about Florida, but really liked San Francisco, and am in New York on may 7th: My holiday got brought forward. So I will be in Washington DC on the 11th!
England is obviously very interesting in Air Warmers.
You didn’t like the idea, because … You never did explain why! But the seas do loads of molecular nuclear fusion.
So passing high pressure water up a Ti plated helix will do molecular nuclear fusion. OK, you said a helix, my degree said Ti!
This is such a nice bit of science to do! So I will put this out on blogger, until you show interest!

Fusion on Earth

The dee psea deos nuclear fusion from water: Makngi He, O and heat. So safe. clean & cheap. So does all life on Earth!