Monday, 16 March 2009

Simple Fusion


A nice simple way to prove Molecular Nuclear Fusion is with a flame of H or natural gas: The former has no chance of fission! And makes a white flame.
This is all out on youtube, but nobody has used a Geiger counter on it!
Ways I already know about are
1) The deep, which produces H and O. As well as gamma waves
2) Green plants in the light! Take in CO2 and H2O, and produce He, O, CH4 and gammas. So
photosynthesis is really light induced Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

3) IC engines. Though diesel do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion than petrol ones!
4) Steam engines! This is why the industrial revolution happened!
5) Steam lances on to steel! This one was told to me at Bleanavon in 1982.
6) Helical reactions. Also boiling and vaporisation
7) A double helical heat exchanger – which was Prof Zimmerman’s big thing. He never used a
Geiger counter in the 19 years he was looking at these.

8) Animal blood systems
9) Growing bacteria
10) Moist air in the light
11) Steam escaping into the air or sea water

So life on Earth would not exist without M
olecular Nuclear Fusion! Why has nobody noticed before?

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