Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Plasma fusion

In 1984, on my M. Eng., somebody told me that fluorescents give out gamma rays. They produce radiation. I said 'Sure' and walked on, as it made no sense!
In 2001 I was back doing a PhD under Prof. Zimmerman – who took until 2003 to agree with me that Global Warming was PR by nuclear power: Basically anti-CO2 stories.
As they assumed they did not release any! But by mining and processing U ore, and shipping it half way around the planet, and most importantly replacing their plants every 25 years, they release as much CO2 as a conventional power plant.
He told me about the importance of turbulence for nuclear fusion. On the sun we have a H plasma, which does atomic nuclear fusion.
When we boil water, as confirmed by NASA in 2007, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So the crucial thing about the sun is the turbulence on the surface. This is why the interior, at higher pressure, is cooler. It all comes down to the boiling mass of H gas on the surface.
A fluorescent tube has a plasma of Na gas. Through its life it turns this into H and He, and light. Which is why we need to burn a tube in, to fission the Na into He!
That's right guys, a gas plasma does nuclear fusion and fission from low atomic numbers! Here the isotopes have half lives measured in hundredths of a second, rather than thousands of years.
The tube mid life runs on, when there is no external current applied. Then when it has lost weight, as it turns Na into light, it is time for a new tube.
But H plasmas are too exothermic! We can't engineer around them! Also H is a pain to store and transport.
Most of the H on Earth is bonded with O, to form water. That's interesting! We see loads of Molecular Nuclear Fusion on Earth!
In the deep sea, with green plants in the light, with animal blood systems and growing bacteria. Also with breaking waves, water falls, and where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow!
So I would have got there, but Prof. Zimmerman would have saved me two years! If my PhD had not been ended for no reason, and I went off to sing on stage and become a video reporter.
So this is 2009. 8 wasted years!
The sciene I would like to look at, is a steam plasma! At a certain pressure, the tube will display run on, while we top up the steam level, all the mass ends up as light.
All elements up to Fe give out heat as they fuse. And as lower atomic numbers decay, they convert some of their mass into heat and light.
A steam plasma tube should do a mass burn, converting the water into heat! Because we do not top up with steam, we top up, slowly with water. The plasma heats the water, so we effectively add steam to the plasma.
The tube should sit there, turning water into heat, with no external power or fuel burn, once started.
But, you say, we can't do nuclear fusion on Earth yet! Nature can – see above. And man does when every he burns hydrocarbons or carbohydrates, or runs a steam engine.
This is why burning fossil fuels works so well! We are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But at the expense of creating CO2.
Which plants take in, to leave 0.00037% in the air today. There is no build up of CO2 globally! Only locally.
More CO2, more life on Earth! The weather does what it wants, which today is cool.
We can get all our heat and power using safe, clean, cheap steam plasma tubes. Which run off ordinary water. Not deuterium etc..
So you no longer need mains power or energy. You can run your own little captive steam cycle, and make your own heat and power, from water.
Boiling water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, but a steam plasma produces a lot of heat, from water.

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