Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Nuclear Wrong!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

After Chernobyl, the only way that nuclear power would get new plants, was if this toxic, fatal industry became green. Problem – they are fatal!
So they seized upon some bad science by a maverick academic, who predicted that CO2 would warm the Earth.
Plants sink CO2 down to 0.00037% today! More CO2, more life on Earth. So nuclear power had to invest enough in academia, so all the physics departments would keep biology quiet: I worked!
But green plants evolved over 600 million years ago, and took CO2 down from 40% to 0.00037%. New Scientist published this fact, but nuclear power kept paying fro articles about Global Warming, so they were4 kept out of the game!
Which was fine, as from 1976, we moved into a 29 year warming period. So from 2005, the world started cooling. Well this was an easy one, just don’t tell people!
Those people who went out of doors could be fobbed off by ‘climate change’. That CO2 mysteriously gave us weather! Ignore the fact that the weather is linked to 28 year period solar cycles.
Global Warming was such a simple theory: ‘More CO2 emissions, higher temperatures’. Ignore the fact that nature has 4 trillion units that sink CO2. It is the gas of life, O2 is the great polluter.
That is right, we breathe in the waste gas of plants and bacteria.
So Global Warming was wrong! Its weakness was that it predicted stuff, which did not happen! Where is the 15” sea rise we were promised by now?
Life ties up rain fall on the land. So more CO2, more life, lower seas! But nuclear power does not do biology! Why should it, it kills life on Earth. So it has no interested in it, or you. It wants you dead!
So what of ‘climate change’? It said that CO2 would make for more extreme weather. Ah! That is testable. And it is already wrong.
2007 was a bad hurricane year, as happens naturally. And 2008 + 9 have been quiet ones.
More CO2 should have meant that every year since the industrial revolution has been more extreme. This hasn’t happened.
Nuclear fission is still toxic, polluting and dangerous. And does cause toxic death, before we get a Chernobyl going off. Or a 3 Mile Island, or 25 leaks from Sellatape, or what ever it is called today!

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