Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Nuclear fusion

By JonThm on YouTube.com Jonathan Thomason

In 2001 I was doing a PhD into Global Warming under Prof Zimmerman. In 2003 he agreed with me that Global Warming was Public Relations by nuclear power, and a good source of academic funding, but so not true!
The world has been cooling since 2005 according to New Scientist. By the 28 year solar cycle frequency, we would have expected the world to cool from 2004. Maybe the weather is allowed to be one year out in 25!
Certainly what we have got now is Global Cooling. As CO2 levels have climbed. CO2 follows the natural climate, nuclear power invented the fact it controlled the weather.
It does not, but they were desperate to be ‘Green’ to get new plants of death! CO2 supports life on Earth, nuclear power kills it. You choose!
He told me that nice linear flow of H gas around a fusion torrous was never going to give nuclear fusion. What they wanted was turbulent flow.
He then went on to describe how passing steam along a helix gave turbulent flow and better heat flow. He didn’t use a Geiger counter! He has told me how to do molecular nuclear fusion.
He has given the world access to nuclear fusion. By going from water we get 1,000 times less heat, but this means we can engineer plants around it! Atomic nuclear fusion kills all life within 15 miles.
Molecular nuclear fusion will allow us to generate all man’s power from water, with no CO2, and none of the toxic death of present nuclear power.
It will produce He3 and O18, life the deep sea and your own beating heart do! Basically all living things on Earth do molecular nuclear fusion. Like Green plants in the sun, which produce CH4, He3, and gamma rays from CO2 and water.
Here is clean energy fro the future! The He is lost to space, we gain H, and get back our water. So it is the power source which never runs out.
Molecular nuclear fusion in the air drives the winds, in the seas drives the waves. So all renewable power sources tap into nature’s molecular nuclear fusion.
We can make a self powering steam cycle, and get at molecular nuclear fusion direct, with no unwanted end product! Our production of He will we lost in the seas production of He, which does not interact with anything before it is lost to space.
I repeat, your own blood system does it – it is that safe. Clean and cheap. And we have done in, unknowingly, since the industrial revolution.
The fusion age is here! Tell CERN. A large helix with linear flow was, in the Prof’s words, never going to do nuclear fusion!
Green plants, water falls, breaking waves, animal blood systems, growing bacteria, steam, IC and jet engines all do molecular nuclear fusion. Basically, all life on Earth.
The life nuclear power is so anxious to kill: Starting with you.

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